Luna's Sokjan

Luna's Sokjan

Kerry Davidson / Jan 23, 2020

Luna s Sokjan Normally the supernaturals followed the human laws and didn t cause any trouble but when they crossed the lines they called me In Luna s Sokjans an urban fantasy McKenna a witch werecat who has tr

  • Title: Luna's Sokjan
  • Author: Kerry Davidson
  • ISBN: 2940011159367
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Nook
  • Normally the supernaturals followed the human laws and didn t cause any trouble, but when they crossed the lines, they called me In Luna s Sokjans an urban fantasy, McKenna a witch, werecat who has trained all her life to be one thing, a Sokjan She has just finished a very difficult case, involving the murder of a young girl and a compulsion demon When she is called to Normally the supernaturals followed the human laws and didn t cause any trouble, but when they crossed the lines, they called me In Luna s Sokjans an urban fantasy, McKenna a witch, werecat who has trained all her life to be one thing, a Sokjan She has just finished a very difficult case, involving the murder of a young girl and a compulsion demon When she is called to help Gabriel, the Alpha of the local werewolf pack, find three missing female packmates, her life will change forever Is Gabriel her one true mate and how does a mysterious thousand years old spirit fit into the picture When an enemy from for past wants to rekindle their deadly game of blood She will have to figure out how to do her job and deal with the new emotions that Gabriel has awakened in her, but is Gabriel ready for the dark magic filled world that she lives in Together they will have to deal with spirits, witches, werecats, demons, each other and the threat of an ancient vampire.

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    1. While I don't enjoy books about shape shifters, I enjoyed this one immensely.The beginning was a bit choppy, I think that McKenna's past could have been told in flashbacks but that was the only drawback of the book to me.Once the story got underway, it flowed beautifully and I loved it.McKenna's started out angry and dark and Kerry effortlessly transformed her into a (hilarious) character with heart but without making her weak and mushy which I think is a huge feat and one that made me love the [...]

    2. This was a pretty good story I think there was a great effort to have a unique urban fantasy story. My only big issue is with the grammer errors it was kind of frustrating to have to re-read to determine what was actually meant. With all that being said I still look forward to checking out book two

    3. Great story. Looking forward to the next installment. There were far too many typos and grammaros for my liking. Needed to be proofread another time perhaps. But the characters were fun and interesting. The story was engaging and it was hard to put the book down.

    4. My first e-book. Very disappointing. The book started really good but the author disempowered her heroine really early on. McKenna is supposed to be a kick-ass soldier for all that is good but she is easily distracted from what we were lead to believe was her life's mission; to bring justice. As soon as she meets the Alpha werewolf Gabriel, she is submissive despite her internal dialogue. She cant seem to do the job at hand alone and gets side tracked very easily. This is far from the persona cr [...]

    5. Not really sure how to rate this one. First off, shame on the publisher for letting this book go to print in such a raw form. The spellings of names change, descriptions of the same character vary, there are MANY typos, and some sentences are not even finished. Literally. However, the theme is pretty unusual and keeps me intruged enough to read past all of the typos and errors. I really wish this book had been split up a bit though. I am now 3/4 of the way through and there are enough plots for [...]

    6. I agree with other reviewers. The storyline itself is interesting and well thought out, but badly written. I can accept that independent authors do not have access to a professional editor but in my opinion no ebook should be published without being proofread. There are spelling and grammatical errors (e.g. "they're" instead of "their" and periods where there should be commas) that anyone should be able to correct with a word processor and formatting errors such as the same page being duplicated [...]

    7. So I really liked McKenna. She was funny and kick ass. I liked the fact that if she couldn't kill someone, she would at least get revenge for their wrong doings (like stealing her Milkey Way bars) I did not like the fact that something very important happens to a main character and it does not faze her too much. She had a minor hiccup in her stride but then got over something that would tramatize anyone else.

    8. Supernatural, meet fantasy. Kick-ass strong female lead that does not conform to just one "type". It seems to be a well versed story by a very new author that needed far more proof reading. Don't get me wrong, I fought may way through to finish this story and looking for the sequel. Recommended by those that enjoy the following: werewolves, vamps, spirits, were cats, witches and then some. Be prepared for a mix of these! This is not your straight forward viewpoint! Oh and demons too!

    9. I don't know what this lady is doing but the grammar in this book is terrible!!! You really need to proof read your work there are too many careless errors. The author really needs to learn the difference between TO and TOO!! come on! The story was good but for the sequel please proof read it would make the book a better read. I give this 2 stars because as a writer you should know better.

    10. I liked the idea of this book. But it was really hard to read, because the grammer and spelling were appaling. Seriously, my elementary school sister could write with less grammer issues. The idea of it was good though, so if the grammer was better than I would definately give it a better rating.

    11. Between all the Arguing.Eatingd Making out!!!!! The story line was so so. I really wanted to like this book it had so much potential to it. I thought the mystery to it was ehhallyey did it and that's the reason.ring. I believe I was very generous with the stars.but I am thankful I am done with this ride!! Happy Reading :)

    12. This book was terrible to read. The grammar, the editing, the spelling, it was all very, very bad. The plot was okay until the Mating stuff, then it went even further downhill.I don't know why I read it through to the end. I guess I'd hoped there was something that would redeem the story, but I was wrong.Sorry, Ms. Davidson, but this was terrible.

    13. An interesting werewolf story. I liked McKenna as a character but i thought shes was more bad ass at the beginning of the book and then again in the end. During the middle she flounders a bit. And her relationship with Gabriel's a little weird but overall an enjoyable read.

    14. Gave this read 3 stars but only because of all the mistakes in editing. The character of McKenna bothered me at times because of her inconsistencies. The storyline overall was a good one.

    15. Could have been a really great story but it's too poorly written. Looks like it's a first draft written by an esl student. Grammar errors everywhere

    16. Yes there were editing errors but I still really liked it. I like Mckenna, could be because we both love Milky Ways.

    17. Books about the supernatural or magical creatures are always fun to read. This was a good book. Wish there were more like it.

    18. This book was a little different but I really liked it. Some of the spirit stuff was creepy but I ended up okay with it in the end.

    19. She is a kick ass fighterI love her! Even with the errors, I LOVE this book. I can't wait to read her next adventures.

    20. I loved the book. I loved how strong McKenna was she didnt back down from anyone. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars was their was a lot of errors in the writing. it wasnt edited very well.

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