Cutters Don't Cry

Cutters Don't Cry

Christine Dzidrums / Jun 06, 2020

Cutters Don t Cry year old Charity Graff engages in self harm More specifically she cuts herself to numb emotions In a series of raw journal entries the confused teenager writes to her estranged father filling him

  • Title: Cutters Don't Cry
  • Author: Christine Dzidrums
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 19 year old Charity Graff engages in self harm More specifically she cuts herself to numb emotions In a series of raw journal entries, the confused teenager writes to her estranged father, filling him in on what s happened in her life since he left her nearly 18 years ago Throughout the course of her letter writing, Charity chronicles her penchant for cutting, a serious19 year old Charity Graff engages in self harm More specifically she cuts herself to numb emotions In a series of raw journal entries, the confused teenager writes to her estranged father, filling him in on what s happened in her life since he left her nearly 18 years ago Throughout the course of her letter writing, Charity chronicles her penchant for cutting, a serious struggle with depression and her inability to vocally express her feelings.

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        A proud Angeleno, Christine Dzidrums was born raised and lives in the Los Angeles area with her husband, two sons and daughter She holds a bachelor s degree in Theater Arts from California State University, Fullerton She previously wrote the biographies Joannie Rochette Canadian Ice Princess,Yuna Kim Ice Queen, Shawn Johnson Gymnastics Golden Girl and Nastia Liukin Ballerina of Gymnastics Her first novel, Cutters Don t Cry, won a 2010 Moonbeam Children s Book Award in the Young Adult Fiction category She also wrote the tween book, Fair Youth, and the beginning reader books, Timmy and the Baseball Birthday Party and Timmy Adopts a Girl Dog Christine also authored the picture book, Princess Dessabelle Makes a Friend She recently competed her second novel, Kaylee The What If Game.


    1. "I don’t view my cutting as a destructive force. The physical act keeps me safe from emotional pain that feels more threatening to me than anything a razor could inflict."

    2. I just loved Cutters Don't Cry! I found Charity to be very real and very relateable, and there were a few times her own story mirrored my own. There were times I couldn't stop crying, and Dzidrums did a great job at capturing the range of emotions Charity felt. I've never self-harmed but it's so easy to understand why Charity does it. And Dzidrums did a wonderful job with showing the downward spiral Charity was in. I thought the use of a journal was such a great way for Charity to share her thou [...]

    3. I have read five or six self harm books but Cutters Don't Cry was the first one to help me understand why people do it to their self. My older sister has self harmed for as long as I can remember but it wasn't until reading Charity's inner thoughts that my sister's motives finally clicked with me. I recommend this book to anybody struggling to understand the thoughts behind a loved one's self harming.

    4. Dealing with the same problem of self harm I recommend this to any one who wants to get in the mind of a self harmer. There are different reasons for self harming but this book helps a person see that it leads to an addiction. A need. And alot of people don't understand that. I wish they would. So hopefully this book will do the trick. Great read. So real and relatable.

    5. I felt that it was an okay book. I think the author really nailed the emotions and why she was cutting, but I feel the ending was rushed and a little awkward. Overall an okay book but I have read better books about SH

    6. Cutters Don't Cry is the best book I've read about cutting. Charity's range of emotions were described spot on and made my cry several times. I also loved the honest get to the point writing. It was a fascinating read but wish the book was longer.

    7. This book hit me in the gut. I lost count of all the times I cried. At times I felt like Charity was writing for me because I am still trying to find my voice. I love this book.

    8. I liked how Charity wasn't cutting because she had a secret tragedy in her past and she was a depressed college student and did not know why she was depressed. This book is very honest without a big gimmick tragedy behind the feelings. It is for my 2nd favorite self harm story. Look at my profile picture to see my 1st favorite.

    9. This book is an amazing and very accurate view at the life of someone who cuts. The book portrays cutting as a lifestyle and not just as a phase, which is a huge misconception today. Through the perspective of Charity, we are able to explore her rationale for cutting herself and the emotions that have led her to the lifestyle. We read her journey through journal entries that are written as letters to her dad. I found this book to be a wonderful representation of why some cutters cut. There were [...]

    10. An interesting book, that addresses an important issue. There is part of me that wishes that the protagonist was a male, especially as recent research shows that the number of males who self harm is higher than previously thought. This discrepancy is partly due, I am sure, to the idea that boys who self-harm are some how weak and lacking in ability to cope (of course, this is entirely erroneous, and an accusation that is as false for girls who self-harm too). Slightly over-written in places, but [...]

    11. Full review can be found here.Cutters Don't Cry is an emotional story of a young woman, Charity, who engages in self-harm. For me, it's a difficult thing to read about due to struggles of my own. However, I find a sense of comfort with books that don't romanticize the issues people with depression deal with on a daily basis. This book is one of those. Though I feel this story would have been a lot more engaging in a show-don't-tell type of style, it was still enjoyable and moving.As I've already [...]

    12. I REALLYYY planned to give this book 4 or 5 stars. However, then it got to the ending, and I couldnt give the book any higher than a 3. The ending was so simple and I just dont think, if this story was real, it could end perfectly.

    13. I have trouble dealing with feelings,so I create physical pain to distract myself from my emotions sad ):

    14. This book really surprised me for how open and candid it was. I'm glad it was so short- I don't know if I could have handled a normal novel length book of this nature.

    15. If I use this journal honestly, I can write all the things I could never admit out loud.How I envy people who don't suffocate their emotions.How I want to laugh again and truly feel it.How I miss even negative feelings, like anger, disappointment and frustration.How I yearn to put down my razor forever.Could I really have such things, though? It's seems impossible. For much of my life, I have trained myself to believe that:Cutters can't dream.Cutters don't feel.Cutters can't laugh.And most of al [...]

    16. In this YA novel we meet 19 year old Charity Graff,a girl who lives a life with no purpose or pleasure,with feelings of hopelessness.She uses a journal to write a series of letters to her father, describing her life since he left her and her mother when she was a baby.I can feel her pain as she puts down on paper the emotions she cannot express vocally.We see glimpses of her life before she withdrew from the world and see the beginnings of her troubles in her constant strive for perfection.When [...]

    17. This book was okay. There are definitely better books on the topic, however, there were a few redeeming qualities to this title. The portrayal of cutting was realistic and not sugar-coated. The main character was believable and oddly compelling. (Although I did not particularly enjoy the book, I read it in three days, which was due in large part to the characterization of Charity.) It's definitely worth reading if you're interested in the topic (and can get your hands on a copy of the book for f [...]

    18. This has to be the best book about self-harm that I've read. Yes it did make me cry several times cause I was so into it! Although the ending made me a little jealous Like Charity I've self-harmed for six years (I quit Jan. 9, 2012) but it took a lot of courage to open up to her mother, I still haven't done that I'd give this book more then 5stars but won't let me :P

    19. It was a quick read. I didn't really feel that the plot really led anywhereAnd the front cover just plain annoyed me. If that's supposed to be charity why does she just have a few plasters on her arm and the rest is perfect skin?

    20. This book is written in a style that fascinates me, half journal and half dialogue. I think the author deals well with the topic and doesn't overdramatize or oversimplify. I look forward to reading more by this author.

    21. Hits home if these are feelings or things you have ever done or experienced. Always important to talk. A good reminder that anyone any age can feel depressed.

    22. "Depression is an illness, just like any other illness. If you don't treat it, then you'll never get better."

    23. I really liked this, even though the resolution of Charity's problems came a little too easily to be mistaken for reality. Worth a read if you have an interest in the thinking behind self harm.

    24. This book helps you feel what cutters are feeling. Most people wonder why people cut; this book allows you to understand why.

    25. I wasn't really a fan. While I like books on these topics, and I've had my own run of experiences with it, I don't know, it just didn't really speak and stand out to me compared to others.

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