Out Of My Head

Out Of My Head

Didier van Cauwelaert / Feb 28, 2020

Out Of My Head Martin Harris returns home after a short absence to find that his wife doesn t know him another man is living in his house under his name and the neighbors think he s a raving lunatic Worse not a s

  • Title: Out Of My Head
  • Author: Didier van Cauwelaert
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Martin Harris returns home after a short absence to find that his wife doesn t know him, another man is living in his house under his name, and the neighbors think he s a raving lunatic Worse, not a single person family member, colleague, or doctor can vouch for him Worse still the impostor shares all of Martin s memories, experiences, and knowledge, down to the lastMartin Harris returns home after a short absence to find that his wife doesn t know him, another man is living in his house under his name, and the neighbors think he s a raving lunatic Worse, not a single person family member, colleague, or doctor can vouch for him Worse still the impostor shares all of Martin s memories, experiences, and knowledge, down to the last detail He is, in fact, a convincing Martin than Martin himself Is it a conspiracy Amnesia Is Martin the victim of an elaborate hoax, or of his own paranoid delusion

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        Didier van Cauwelaert est un romancier et dramaturge fran ais, n d une famille d origine belge.Didier van Cauwelaert is a French novelist and playwright with Belgian roots.


    1. I do not include synopses with my reviews. Read what the professionals wrote. It's better than my mumbo jumbo.Actual rating: 4 starsOkay, okay, okay, the first step is admitting, so here goes: I am addicted to reading made-into-movie bookster I watch the movie. I know, I know - I'm a disgrace to readers everywhere. I am also a Liam Neeson freak, like most other warm-blooded women out there. So it goes without saying that when I saw the previews for "Unknown" I had my schedule cleared within min [...]

    2. Pretty good read here. Only thing that I believe kept this from being a 5 star review was the fact that I had started watching the movie and was a good 45 minutes in before I decided to stop and read the book before going through the rest of the film. I should have made that decision a hell of a lot earlier though, because there are SOOOO many differences in what I saw as compared to what I read that I just kept having this battle in my mind, saying "Wait, that didnt happen like this" or "Where [...]

    3. Read this book some time ago. Saw it on a bookshelf tonight, was reminded that I had read it and that I disliked it SO much that I'm willing to take time out of my evening to review it with one star. Easily one of the worst books I've read.

    4. (Really this should be 3.5 stars.)Botanist Martin Harris and his wife Liz arrive in Paris. As they're on their way to the apartment loaned to them by unorthodox botanical theorist Paul de Kermeur, Martin realizes he left his laptop at the airport; he hails a passing cab, driven by middle-aged divorcee Muriel. But the journey's cut short when a stolen lorry forces the cab off a bridge and into the Seine. Muriel saves Martin's life but he's in a coma for a few days. When he recovers he finds that [...]

    5. This book was about 4 stars until it reached the end. It wasn't anything we haven't seen before but it did have some suspense and made you wonder what was going on. The ending though seemed like the author was in a rush to end it. All this suspense leading up to pretty much nothing. They don't even tell the events of the end except for the MC's brief recap of what happened. I don't think I've seen the movie adaptation but I probably will watch it.

    6. Honnêtement, j'ai choisi ce livre un peu au hazard. Et puis je l'ai commencé en étant un peu dubitative, et au bout de seulement 10 pages, j'était déjà complètement engagée!J'ai adoré la partie scientifique du roman, on sent que l'auteur a vraiment fait un travail de recherche.Le rythme soutenu, les personnages tellement authentiques et.ins, l'intrigue bref un très bon roman.La fin laisse un peu a désirer par contre. Pas au niveau du dénouement qui est vraiment excellent et inattendu [...]

    7. Après un terrible accident et un coma de quelques jours, Martin découvre qu'un double a pris sa place auprès de sa femme, de ses voisins et collègues de travail. Grâce à la gentillesse d'une chauffeuse de taxi et de son psychiatre, il va découvrir la vérité sur son identité dans un retournement de situation inhabituel chez cet auteur, cependant mené d'une main de maître. Si l'ouvrage n'est pas excellent, il est agréable à lire.

    8. Trascinante ed affascinante, ma rovinato da un finale che più banale non si può. Una storia di terrorismo e killeraggio ben scritta e ben costruita e poi, a 10 pagine dalla fine puf!, la caduta rovinosa della chiusura. Peccato.

    9. Interesante ficción sobre la suplantación de identidad. A mitad de la novela decae el interés para retomarlo al final.

    10. Gerade aus den Staaten nach Paris gezogen, landet Martin Harris nach einem schweren Autounfall im Koma. Als er nach sechs Tagen wieder zu sich kommt, scheint nichts mehr so wie es vorher war. Seine Frau erkennt ihn nicht, ein anderer Mann lebt nun mit ihr zusammen in der neuen Wohnung. Unter seinem Namen. Martin hat auch keine Papiere mehr, mit denen er sich ausweisen könnte. Auch die Polizei hält ihn für einen Betrüger und den anderen Martin Harris für echt. Seine einzige Hoffnung scheint [...]

    11. honestly this book was disappointing. I was bored of it quickly. this is the first time I could say the movie was better.This was one of the books I got during my Barnes and Noble haul online. Now I'm actually dreading reading this right now. I don't even want to write this blog post. Its not that I'm lazy but it literally made me want to return this book back to Barnes & Noble. I was disappointed with the book overall.This book made me want to throw it on to the train tracks. I didnt want t [...]

    12. Instead of the usual "short book trapped in a long book," this is a short book that needs to be a bit more. The Kafka-esque story of a man who, like the Steven Wright line, woke up to find that everything in his life was replaced by an exact duplicate - including himself!Woven into this slender novel are discussions of plant communication, cybernetics, and identity. One never knows if there are actual bits of science that the author has leavened into his tale, or fiction designed to keep us inte [...]

    13. The thing I really liked about this book was that it was super easy to read (I literally read the whole book while waiting for a flight and the flight wasn't even delayed). The thing I didn't like about this book was the concept was super scary and not scary like Stephen King, that I can live with this book was a whole other type of scary. Imagine waking up knowing who you are, but all the people around have forgotten. Your own family doesn't recognize you; in fact, your wife has replaced you wi [...]

    14. Easy read. A man survives a traffic accident and wakes from a coma as a result. He arrives back at his apartment to find another man who has taken his place. His wife does not recognize him. He goes to the police station and files a report. The imposter arrives at the station and accuses him of lying. He has no recourse but to enlist the help of the female taxi driver, Muriel. He has no money and no identification. He returns to a neuropsychiatrist who treated him in hospital for help. The neuro [...]

    15. A short, but intense read. I finished it in a day, not because it was so short, but because I simply couldn't put it down. Any one who likes psychological thrillers will love this. It reminded me a little of the Bourne Series. Now that I have seen the movie, I have to say, that this may be one of the occasions where the movie may be actually better than the book. The movie simplified some of the more complex plot lines, and increased the action. The book was good, but the movie was better. A mus [...]

    16. This is a case, for me, of a novel undone by a too-tidy resolution — without revealing what that resolution is, I'll say I was much more interested in the confusion of the story and of not having a clear sense of what was happening and why. That confusion was suggestive and thought provoking, but the ending was so specific and so reductive that it had the retroactive effect of making the whole novel become less interesting to me after the fact. Whereas the other novel I've read by the author, [...]

    17. I enjoyed this book but I want to reread it as I read it over a weekend where I was volunteer helper at Camp and was constantly interrupted and found it hard to concentrate properly when I was reading. It is classified as a thriller, and the storyline was certainly intrigueing, however I would normally associate more "action" in the thriller genre. I was never "on the edge of my seat", and the resolution was speedy and rather unsatisfactory. I think it would make an excellent film and with Liam [...]

    18. Despite a somewhat rushed ending, an absolutely gripping story about a man who questions his identity, and then the idea of identity. This is the story of a man who wakes up from a coma to find that an imposter has taken his place in his apartment. Although the end was a bit of an easy solution, it made sense, considering the author’s occasionally absurdist style and situations. But it was so good, I couldn’t put the book down until I was done reading it (then, I had that little feeling of d [...]

    19. This book was made into a movie with Liam Neeson as the amenesiac who wakes up with his world upside down and inside out and his identity all gone except in his head. Because of the movie, the book was marketed as "unknown" not "hors de moi" or "out of my head" like this translation. Fascinating idea however, almost like a novella in length and edgy - can you change fate and be redeemed for your sins? I think this book works on several levels,as a thriller and a psychological study and as a stra [...]

    20. This was a neat little book! I enjoyed following along with Martin Harris as he pieces his life back together after his accident and the chicanery as the story progresses makes for an interesting ride. My only complaint is that the book is quite short and I feel that there's room for more fleshing out of the story.I listened to the audio version of this book, read perfectly by Mr Bronson Pinchot. I've not heard anything else narrated by him but I have heard that he quite good, this work was take [...]

    21. I've had this on my "to read" list for a few years but couldn't find it at the library, until last night, when it turned up sporting a Liam Neeson cover. I had no idea the movie Unknown was based on this book -- I'm assuming the thriller aspects are pumped way up is in the film (and I am assuming that January Jones is badly miscast). The book is intriguing, but after so much philosophical build-up about the nature of identity, the ending feels like an abrupt let-down (and how odd to call assassi [...]

    22. I didn't like it. kinda cliched, not that well written, was hard to fight through but perservered coz i like liam neeson and will be watcg=hing the movie tonite. someone must have seen something in this book that i didn't. the idea is an old one - man wakes up not sure who he is, finds someone else impersonating him etc etc. a few twists that caught my interest, but overall not that good. read if you like, but don;t blame me.

    23. I bought this book for a quarter because I couldn't get it at the library. Well, not in english anyway. It was a quick read, and it wasn't bad at all. It started out like a Twilight Zone episode, but ended up being something slightly more plausible. A man wakes from a coma to find another man living his life. When he confronts him he finds out that they both have all the same memories and claim to be the same man. I thought the idea was very clever; I'm glad I picked it up.

    24. “Out of my Head” by Didier van Cauwelaert got me hooked from page one, but left me a bit underwhelmed when I finished. I loved the plot and Cauwelaert’s writing were magnificent, but about halfway through I found myself asking why I was reading this. The suspense of knowing if Martin was crazy or not was what kept me going, but when I found out what had gone on I felt it was a bit predictable.

    25. This book was pretty fast-paced and confusing at many times. The relationship of characters was neatly connected of course, and the action was full.I didn't really understand any of the botany jargon, but it goes to show how much dedication the author put into his research. The final confrontation was really hard to understand as it was happening but the plot does kind of sort itself out, I still found it ridiculously thick in confusion.

    26. " J'ai tout perdu, sauf la mémoire. Il m'a volé ma femme, mon travail et mon nom. Je suis le seul à savoir qu'il n'est pas moi : j'en suis la preuve vivante. Mais pour combien de temps ? Et qui va me croire ? "Dédoublement, folie, manipulation mentale ? Explorant une nouvelle fois les mystères de l'identité, Didier van Cauwelaert a écrit un suspense hallucinant, l'odyssée d'un homme seul en lutte contre le mensonge de son entourage ou sa propre vérité.

    27. This story had a lot of potential, but the ending was not great. About 3/4 of the book was him running around trying to figure out who he is and then suddenly there was the BIG REVEAL, but it was done so confusingly and abruptly that I didn't really care who he ended up being. Maybe something was lost in the translation from French?

    28. A short, read in one sitting book. Martin Harris comes home from the hospital after an accident and finds someone claiming to be him in his home, and his wife not recognizing him and he can find no proof to prove he is really Martin Harris. A very convoluted plot - couldn't put it down till I got the answer to it all. A bit far fetched, but fun to read.

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