At Piper's Point

At Piper's Point

Ethan Day / Jan 24, 2020

At Piper s Point Ten years and many boyfriends later Cassidy Winters finally returns to the ancestral home of his late grandmother Sadie Hart despite the best efforts of his father to prevent it Cassidy s plans of

  • Title: At Piper's Point
  • Author: Ethan Day
  • ISBN: 9781925031263
  • Page: 149
  • Format: ebook
  • Ten years and many boyfriends later, Cassidy Winters finally returns to the ancestral home of his late grandmother, Sadie Hart, despite the best efforts of his father to prevent it Cassidy s plans of a quiet, seaside ceremony to wish a final farewell to Sadie quickly unravel Interruptions run roughshod, beginning with Neil, who walks out of the ocean and straight into CaTen years and many boyfriends later, Cassidy Winters finally returns to the ancestral home of his late grandmother, Sadie Hart, despite the best efforts of his father to prevent it Cassidy s plans of a quiet, seaside ceremony to wish a final farewell to Sadie quickly unravel Interruptions run roughshod, beginning with Neil, who walks out of the ocean and straight into Cassidy s bed The dominos topple one by one when the little dog he rescues from the hounds of hell brings him to Ben, the hunky vet who rescues Cassidy right back News of his arrival spreads faster than Cassidy s legs, bringing his boyhood friend and first love Nate Sommers to his doorstep leaving Cassidy spiraling into a multi layered love snafu As if the island wasn t getting crowded enough for Cassidy s good taste and bad decisions, best friends Ollie and Spencer arrive in time to witness the uninvited return of Cassidy s most recent ex, Teddy, who s refusing to stay dumped Fists fly and all hell breaks loose amid mojitos and martinis while Cassidy finds himself planning a huge party to celebrate Sadie s life Accusations are aimed as arguments and libidos boil over, but even through the chaos Cassidy knows exactly who he wants While he s certainly willing, he isn t sure if he s ready or able for love and life at Pipers Point.

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    1. Is it just me or is Hart's Island like the gay mecca? I mean, every non-coupled person that Cassidy sees ends up being gay! Where is this place and how soon can I visit?"At Piper's Point" was an adorable, light romance from Ethan Day. My favorite part of this book I think was the humor. I found myself reading with such a big smile on my face that my mouth starting hurting from grinning too widely. It is just such a fun book."Jesus," Nate said, throwing his hands in the air as he stared Neil down [...]

    2. I've been putting off writing my review of this book hoping I would come up with the right words to say. But that's just it. All I can come up with is "ITS AMAZING"! Beautifully written, this is my favorite Ethan Day novel to date.

    3. So I've finally figured out what it is that resonates with me when I read an Ethan Day book, EVERYTHING is familiar. From the music that these boys listen to, to the cocktail choices, to the allusions to "Shrinkage!" it all brings back very good kinds of reminiscing for me.I love Ethan's books because they are funny, and sweet, but have real struggles and pain that he presents in a way that is just delightful to read.This book finds Cassidy Winters coming home to Piper's Point to reclaim his gra [...]

    4. Ultimate uproar. Gloriously gay. Healing homecoming.Do you believe in soulmates? That one person was created for you and you alone?I do.This story celebrates that belief and I savored every bit of it. A tale about best friends bonding eternally before they knew what wonders that involved. They drift apart for a few years, but grief and death unite them once again.As much as this was a hilarious comedy, it was also deeply layered with notable lessons. It touches on the challenges of surviving gri [...]

    5. I must confess, I've owned this book since the day it was released but put off reading it because of thinking Cassidy would turn out to be an uber-slut in the book and from the fear I'd get more sex from his one night stands than between the two MCs. I'm happy to report that I was completely wrong on that front. ^_^I really enjoyed this book. It was funny but at the same time lightly angsty and an easy read. I smiled and I laughed but my heart also clenched a few times.I loved Cassidy and Nate. [...]

    6. Update: First read in October, 2012, this review is for the audiobook which I completed on 4/8/16:I first read this story in 2012, as I was just discovering the joys of reading M/M romance, and it was also the first story by Ethan Day that crossed my path. Now, over 1500 books later, I found this to be just as refreshing, just as humorous, and just as poignantly emotional as it was the first time I read it. Couple Ethan Day’s sense of humor with the delivery of Michael Lesley’s imaginative n [...]

    7. 3.5 starsWhile I enjoyed this book and the story overall, I had a tough time engaging with Cassidy and Nate as a couple. Ethan Day's writing style, however was engaging and fully of wit. I enjoyed the story of Cassidy's mourning his grandmother and trying to come to terms with the way he has been living his life and what he should be doing to move forward. This was my first book by Ethan Day, but I look forward to reading more.All of the characters had clearly written personalities and all of th [...]

    8. Some Reviews for At Piper's Point- 5 Stars and a Recommended Read from Dark Diva Reviews"Wacky, loving characters, snarky humor, and screwball antics perfectly balanced by emotional depth make At Piper’s Point by Ethan Day the best book he has written to date."ddrreviews/2010/0- Aunt Lynn from Reviews by Jessewave gave it 5 Stars"Run, don’t walk, to pick up this latest story by the wonderful Ethan Day. You won’t be sorry."reviewsbyjessewave/?p=- 5 Stars from Michele-n-Jeff Reviews“Ethan [...]

    9. - Narrator: Michael LesleyOh man, this was hysterical.Review to come*audio provided by Michael Lesley in exchange for an honest review.

    10. This was a fun and sexy romp of a story and having Michael Lesley read it to me made it even better.There is a LOT going on in Piper’s Point for a small quaint seaside town and the one person at the center of the shenanigans is Cassidy. Everyone has the friend who is a drama magnet, and that is Cassidy. And I don’t necessarily mean it’s angsty bad dramatic drama, but there is always something (or someone) going on. Heading back to Piper’s Point to handle his beloved aunt’s estate doesn [...]

    11. Oh where to start? I found this book a little less mad-cap than Ethan’s other books. It was still hilariously fun and the characters seemed warm and real, but there was a rather serious (especially for Ethan) undertone to it.Cassidy Winters grew up spending his summers with his beloved, charismatic Grandmother, Sadie. He didn’t have a good relationship with his parents and cherished his summers with her at Pipers Point. When Sadie passes away, Cassidy is left with her home and finds himself [...]

    12. This was my first Ethan Day book, and it was recommended to me by some of my dearest friends (the Heather posse), and all I can say is "Wow"!!!!I had planned to read this book on my Kindle, concurrently with another book in paper form, but needless to say, after I began, this one took all of my attention!Day's writing is just fantastic. The book was very well written, and the imagery of Piper's Point and Hart's Island were perfect. I could visualize it all, and I felt like I was really a part of [...]

    13. 4.5There are many great reviews on this book already, so I keep it really short: This book is awesome! It's funny and lighthearted, but it still has substance and a real depth to it. And there were moments in there that really made me tear up. The characters (and there are quite many of them) were real and had all individual traits making them fun and an honest contribution to the story. Ethan Day has a casual writing style that makes every story, every character and every dialogue seem natural, [...]

    14. This book was lighthearted and had funny moments that had me laughing while reading. There was some emotional parts which added to the overall book. There are a lot of characters which add to the book and I loved the friendship between them all. I ended up wanting to know more about all the characters. I was sad when it added and would love another book to see where all these characters ended up. Overall a very enjoyable read.

    15. 3.75 starsCute, funny and heartwarming. It did bring a tear to my eye a few times but in a good way so all is good. :)Thanks Sammy Goode for the rec!

    16. As far as the actual story was concerned, I didn’t think it was too bad, quite funny in parts and I was really happy that Cassidy and Nate finally got it together. 3.5 stars for the story, null points for the narration as we people in Eurovision land say.Oh dear, now we turn to the ‘performance’ by Michael Lesley. Mr Lesley’s wildly flamboyant and exaggeratedly OTT performance as the narrator may have been funny at times, I’ll concede, on- it was a wickedly funny story so he couldn't r [...]

    17. For the love of all that is gay and holy, I loved this book. Cassidy comes from a rich, but cold family. He has known love and affection only from his grandmother, an independent and strong woman, larger than life. He spent his holiday at his grandmother's house, which she shared with a woman she gave shelter to, Natalie, and her son Nate, Cassidy's first love.When Cassidy, after many years, comes back to take his grandmother's ashes home, after she died in a nursing home where she was confined [...]

    18. ♡♥5 Stars - KAPOW!♥♡A "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" ReviewAfter years of battling with his father for custody of his stroke stricken grandmother, Cassidy Winters is finally bringing Sadie home to Piper’s Point. Home to her best friend and housekeeper, Natalie Sommers, and her son and Cassidy’s childhood friend and first lover, Nate. Even though Sadie has passed, she is an important part of the story. Cassidy’s memories of summers at “the shack”, Sadie’s name for her home, ma [...]

    19. Looking for a book that will grab you from the beginning and have you laughing all throughout it? Then this is your book! Ethan Day delivers a story that will have you holding your belly and laughing out loud for a great portion of this book.If you have taken the time to read the blurb of this book, you may have noticed that Cassidy comes away as a bit of a slut and I guess he is a little bit. I think he could have been worse but I didn't think he was too much of a slut. However, because he is a [...]

    20. It was funny, it was hot, it was sweet, it was entertaining and it was well written.But something was missing to make it great - I cannot even say what exactly. Maybe that I didn't get the jump from "Let's stay friends" to "Lovers forever". The big finale was a bit boring actually and therefore "only" 4 stars.

    21. Funny book with excellent narration which had me laughing lots! I sooo wanna hang out Cassidy and his group of exes/ friends.

    22. This is my FAVOURITE book by Mr. Day. I don't know why I put this off for so long to read. I heard good reviews about it and now I know why. This story was well balanced between humour, sorrow, kindness and snarkiness. I'm not big on contemporary slice of life romances. If authors wrote them as well as Mr. Day, then I'd be reading many more contemporary romance.Cassidy is a walking contradiction for me. He is an only child of wealthy parents. Yet he isn't spoiled, mean or cruel. Instead, he's ra [...]

    23. 4 HeartsReview written forMM Good Book ReviewsThis was a very interesting story to read. I fell in love with it not in first sight, but in a steady pace as the story evolved. At first I admit I thought it was a bit too melancholic for me. As I went on reading I had resigned myself for a bittersweet kind of book, hence the hilarity that followed caught me unaware. I am now thankful I wasn’t eating or drinking anything while reading, because I don’t think I would survive the gathering of Cassi [...]

    24. 4.5 starsCassidy Winters returns to his beloved grandmother's home after a long and bitter legal battle with his father. It's been four years since her death and he finally has the right to bring her back home. His plans for a quiet memorial for Sadie and some time to figure out what to do with the house are soon shattered by the unexpected arrival of several men.First he meets Neil on the beach and they end up enjoying a fantastic night together. Soon after Cassidy rescues a little dog and meet [...]

    25. Perfection!From the description in the blurb, I was looking forward to reading this book but what was delivered was so much more than I was expecting. This was a story about family and friends and fighting for love.At Piper's Point is the story of Cassidy, a man returning to his grandmother's home for the first time in many years. Sadie had passed away years previously but it is only now that Cassidy is in a position to return. The first chapter is so evocative, filled with Cassidy's reminiscenc [...]

    26. At Piper's Point is a perfect summer read - not only does it have the island setting, but the romance is amusing, entertaining and above all, emotionally satisfying.Cassidy Winters is not my usual ideal hero - brought up in a moneyed family, incredibly attractive and unable to commit himself to any of his boyfriends for longer than a school year, he has two saving graces: his love of his eccentric grandmother, Sadie, and all she stood for, and his sense of humour. When he returns to Piper's Poin [...]

    27. A fun, entertaining M/M Romance novel that had surprising depth (well, to me, anyway) carefully hidden under the humor. While I grinned at some of the scenes, it also moved me to tears, and any novel that can me both laugh and cry is a good novel as far as I am concerned. Cassidy, a young almost-professor, returns to Hart's Island 4 years after his beloved Sadie's death (his Grandmother, but he was never allowed to call her that!) after a long legal battle with his father as to who was the benef [...]

    28. I just finished reading this book for the second time. had actually read this book a couple of years ago - it was one of the first Ethan Day books I ever read - and it was really due for a re-read. The thing about Ethan Day is he writes a really great funny & heartfelt story. He is able to mix emotions so smoothly. I find his characters are smart and witty and usually a bit snarky (which I love).When I read this book in 2010 my mom had just died a few months before (and my dad a year before) [...]

    29. I really enjoyed this book! This was my first Ethan Day read, and I can honestly say, I can't wait to read more of him!! Cassidy Winters returns to his grandmother Sadie (Don't call her Grandma!) home after her passing. Cass learns to deal with the death of the one person in his family that truly loved him. Cass also has to deal with the love of his life. Expectations and time play against the couple, as well as Teddy, Neil, and Vet. I laughed out loud and cried while reading this book. Cass and [...]

    30. Probably a good book if you're looking for a farcical comedy. Ok- that's oxymoronic, but I really wanted to say farcical. FarhKuhl. Ok, that was more fun than the book was. I know everyone else loved this, but I found the comedy forced, the 'he slept with everyone and they slept with so and so' nature distracting, and, in the end, I couldn't get into the MC's relationship. So, while it was perfectly well-written, and you may very well enjoy it quite a bit, i just couldn't get into it.

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