Mo Wren, Lost and Found

Mo Wren, Lost and Found

Tricia Springstubb Heather Ross / Jun 04, 2020

Mo Wren Lost and Found This is the story of what happened after Fox Street Mo Wren knew that eventually she her dad and her sister Wild Child Dottie would have to move from beloved Fox Street She just never expected it

  • Title: Mo Wren, Lost and Found
  • Author: Tricia Springstubb Heather Ross
  • ISBN: 9780061990397
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This is the story of what happened after Fox Street.Mo Wren knew that eventually she, her dad, and her sister, Wild Child Dottie, would have to move from beloved Fox Street She just never expected it to happen so soon.At the Wrens new place, things are very different The name of the street East 213th has absolutely zero magic And there s no Mrs Petrone to cut her hairThis is the story of what happened after Fox Street.Mo Wren knew that eventually she, her dad, and her sister, Wild Child Dottie, would have to move from beloved Fox Street She just never expected it to happen so soon.At the Wrens new place, things are very different The name of the street East 213th has absolutely zero magic And there s no Mrs Petrone to cut her hair, no Pi Baggott to teach her how to skateboard, no Green Kingdom to explore She s having trouble fitting in at her new school and spending a lot of time using the corner bus shelter for her Thinking Spot Worst of all, Mo discovers that the ramshackle restaurant Mr Wren bought is cursed Only Dottie, with her new friends and pet lizard, Handsome, is doing the dance of joy.For the first time in her life, Mo feels lost and out of place It s going to take a boy who tells whoppers, a Laundromat with a mysterious owner, a freak blizzard, and some courage to help her find her way home for good.

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        Sister James Bernard, my first grade teacher, taught me how to read Our class had 60 children yes and we went up and down the long rows, taking turns reading aloud There was absolutely no reading ahead, which was torture I was always dying to know What happened next though with Dick and Jane, the answer was usually, Not much As I grew up, I began to wonder not only what happened, but why, and much much later,inhabiting other people s stories wasn t enough I began to make my own.


    1. Wonderful sequel to WHAT HAPPENED ON FOX STREET (although the book stands alone just fine). Mo and Dottie are delightful characters and Springstubb's writing is strong, descriptive and enjoyable. In particular, I loved her use of different analogies:"Mo's heart crouched inside her, like someone at a surprise party waiting to jump out and yell." (p.134)"Being in motion, being a traveler, you weren't here and you weren't there. Life stayed at a distance." (p, 158)"Far overhead, a plane buzzed like [...]

    2. In this book "Mo Wren, Lost and Found by Tricia Sppringstubb is a truly amazing book. It first talks about Mo Wren, her younger sister, and Mr. Wren moving to a new house far away from where they use to live. Mo is having a difficult time getting used to the new place and already misses her best friend, Mercedes, and all her friendly neighbors back in Fox Street. Read the book to find out that moving to a new place is a great ideaor the complete opposite.

    3. Feeling displaced? Tricia Springstubb has the story for you in this sequel to the sweet debut What Happened on Fox Street. Mo has to move, and like many a moving story, the adjustments are hard. And she isn’t the only one who was going to miss Fox Street. (sigh). Fortunately, Springstubb creates the old kind of charm in a new kind of place. Maybe change can be for the better.With a protagonist who thinks, and who worries, the moving is going to be especially dramatic, thus she will be a great [...]

    4. At the Wrens’ new place, things are very different. The name of the street—East 213th—has absolutely zero magic. And there’s no Mrs. Petrone to cut her hair, no Pi Baggott to teach her how to skateboard, no Green Kingdom to explore. She’s having trouble fitting in at her new school and spending a lot of time using the corner bus shelter for her Thinking Spot. Worst of all, Mo discovers that the ramshackle restaurant Mr. Wren bought is cursed. Only Dottie, with her new friends and pet l [...]

    5. Mo Wren, Lost and Found, is a highly satisfying sequel to Fox Street. It is simultaneously quieter and crunchier than Fox Street, which is perfectly in keeping with Mo’s age and development.The Wrens have sold their house on Fox Street and moved to East 213th, a street with no name, only a number. Although Mr. Wren is putting everything he has into opening a sports bar and family restaurant called The Wren House, Mo is worried. It takes more than hard work and faith to get a business off the g [...]

    6. This sequel to What Happened on Fox Street follows Mo and her family as they move to an apartment over the previously “cursed” restaurant (The Wren House) that her widowed father hopes to open. Mo, who avoids change, is miserable in the new neighborhood. Her whole life had been spent on Fox Street where she knew and liked everyone. Warm memories of her mom, her best friend, her “crush”, her neighborly grandma, and the “Green Kingdom” at the end of the cul-de-sac make her dread her ne [...]

    7. This review also appears on my blog, Read-at-Home Mom.Mo Wren, Lost and Found is the sequel to What Happened on Fox Street, and it sees the Wren family beginning its new life in a new part of town. Dad works hard to make his dream restaurant a reality, while Dottie adjusts surprisingly well to life in a new school. Mo seems to be the only one who is lost, as she copes with being away from Da, Mercedes, Pi, and everything else she loved about Fox Street.Like the first book, this is a very introsp [...]

    8. Mo Wren has lived her whole life on Fox Street but things have changed. Her mother died and her father is left raising Mo and her sister, Dottie, all on his own. He decides to follow his dream and start his own restaurant in the city away from Fox Street. Mo must learn to adjust to the new lifestyle as her father learns to trust the young woman she is becoming in this heartfelt coming of age story.I, instantly, fell in love with the characters in this story. Mo tries to be mature while dealing w [...]

    9. This is the second book in the Wren family series. Moving away from Fox Street is devastating for eleven-year-old Mo Wren, but her dad finally has his dream. He's opening a family bar and grill. There's a small apartment over the bar, so the Wrens move in and take on the huge task of readying the bar for its grand opening.The building requires more maintenance than expected and Mo's dad isn't as handy as he needs to be. They keep running out of band aids, trying to treat his nicks, bruises and s [...]

    10. It seems like it is so hard to find children’s books about happy families these days. First the junior high books and now the elementary school books have taken on the task of presenting Families with Big Problems. Parents Getting Divorced. Abusive Parents. Alcoholic Parents. Even Homeless Families. Mo Wren is an exception. Yes, Mo’s mom has died, but that’s not the focus of this book. The plot centers on how difficult it is to move and make new friends when you are a child. A very common [...]

    11. This was such a sweet and touching story. It's the sequel to What Happened On Fox Street, but it can easily be read as a stand alone. I guarantee after you read Mo Wren, Lost and Found that you will really want to pick up the first one!We find Mo Wren about to leave her home on Fox Street. Her house and the surrounding neighbors have been the anchor for everything in her life, and now she has to figure out what to do with herself in a different place. She is bombarded with uncertainties and does [...]

    12. his is a modern Ramona story - it is absolutely enjoyable on all levels. A great chapter book for early to mid-elementary age students to read. This is a classic in the making.The antics and adventures of Mo Wren will keep any child's attention just as Beverly Cleary did with her books. This little girl is always up to something or into something making each page an exciting page to read.I especially liked the fact that this book deals with a child's hopes and fears. Children who read this will [...]

    13. Mo Wren is leaving Fox Street, the neighborhood where she grew up and was almost always happy. After her mother's death, her Dad has a need to try something new. So he buys an old restaurant in need of renovation and begins to pursue the dream of owning a sports bar/restaurant. Though little sister, Dottie, doesn't seem phased by the change, Mo is having a hard time adjusting to this new life and she longs for what was left behind on Fox Street. Slowly, however, she opens herself up to this new [...]

    14. This was the second o Wren book The first on was called “What Happened on Fox Street”. I loved the character of Mo. With her mother dead, she has taken on a more adult role in the family. She has always loved living on Fox Street so when her father moves them and decides to open a restaurant she is less than thrilled. She finds friends in the most unlikely place, the Laundromat. She realizes how good her friends are as they help with her father’s endeavor. Dottie almost seemed too good to [...]

    15. This was cute, it's a really charming family story and it's pleasant and entertaining. Mo and her family move to a new neighborhood where her father is attempting to open a sports bar*, where she has the expected ups and downs of going to a new school, meeting new people, etc etc. I liked that it's a pretty classic plot - it's wholesome enough to be found in a 1950s book - but it reads very current.I would probably give it four stars for the its enjoyability, but overall only three because despi [...]

    16. I didn't realize this was a sequel when I started reading, and now I want to go back and read the first episode, but I still enjoyed this and did not feel I was missing something.Touching and realistic with engaging descriptive phrases that make me slow down and savor the meaning and the image: page 1 about the '4 sale' sign: "At first the words had shouted, but by now they just sort of muttered." Many more such wonderful phrases are woven throughout the story.I can see enough material here for [...]

    17. Mo Wren never thought she would live anywhere other than the house on Fox Street, but now her father has dreams of opening a restaurant so they are moving across town to a new neighborhood and a new school. The cast of characters is quirky and memorable, and Mo's struggles to find a place for herself in her new environment is emotionally authentic. The reality of a single parent family struggling to make ends meet is also well-handled. A solid middle-grade realistic read.

    18. children's fiction (4th-6th grades). This is the second in the Wren family series, but stands alone just fine--I haven't read the first one, but guess that it had to do with how the two girls (and their dad) coped with the sudden loss of the mother.In this installment, Wren adjusts to a new school (and making new friends) in a different part of town. Colorful (diverse, even) and immediately lovable characters populate the story and make you feel like part of the family.

    19. Sometimes a return to children's books helps me to look at life more simply again. I would read the prequel "What Happened on Fox Street" first if I had it to do over. I will read that one next. This book is the sequel. Reminiscent of Beverly Cleary books, this one is full of people with real problems, real emotions and even more real solutions. You come away with a heart full of hope! You really need a kids book today! :)

    20. This is a sequel, but could also be read on its own. My absolute favorite character is Dottie - love her! - but all of the characters in this book are so well done. It is fun to watch Mo and Dottie get to know their neighbors and classmates and to see how so many people end up working together to make things a success. It's definitely a feel-good story, but it takes a realistically rocky path to get to that point.

    21. I adored What Happend on Fox Street so was eager to read this sequel. Mo is just as appealing as ever. I felt homesick with her as she left Fox Street and wished that Springstubb would find a way for her to return. But as Mo grew accustomed to her new neighborhood you could see where she might fit. I have 11 new students in my three reading classes this year. Can't wait to share this with them.

    22. Mo Wren's life is changing and she wants her old one back. Having left her beloved neighbors and neighborhood on Fox St. she tries to figure out a way to make her new surroundings a home she can live with. In a very different way, I love this series as much as The Penderwicks. I hope more adventures are coming for Mo and her family.

    23. The house has sold and Mo's father has moved the family from Mo's beloved Fox Street across the river to a new neighborhood where he will open a bar/restaurant. Mo's adjustment is bumpy and realistic. Characters are quirky and endearing. I thought I'd never want to leave Fox Street either, but the new neighborhood has some appeal. Springstubb's writing is at its best.

    24. I really liked these books and read them in one day. My daughter picked them up at the library and tried to read the first one, but didn't really get it, she's nine. I teach 6-8th grade English and can see this book being more for 5th-6th graders than third. Mo' s thinking just seemed a little older than her age.

    25. This book is the second in a series. However, it does stand alone because the Wren's leave their neighborhood and start a new life across town where their dad is starting a new restaurantTTOM LINE: May be good addition for readers across the age range.

    26. I just really liked this bookobably should have started with the first book in the series to better understand the beginning. But, I just loved the characters and the feeling of the book.

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