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Dust Winner of the Governor General s Award Winner of the Mr Christie s Award An American Library Association Best Books for Young Adults Nominated for an Edgar Award Mystery Writers of America Over

  • Title: Dust
  • Author: Arthur Slade
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Winner of the 15,000 Governor General s Award Winner of the Mr Christie s Award An American Library Association Best Books for Young Adults Nominated for an Edgar Award Mystery Writers of America Over 60,000 copies soldFor fans of Stephen King and Ray BradburyImagine a depression era town where it hasn t rained for years A pale rainmaker with other worldly eyes br Winner of the 15,000 Governor General s Award Winner of the Mr Christie s Award An American Library Association Best Books for Young Adults Nominated for an Edgar Award Mystery Writers of America Over 60,000 copies soldFor fans of Stephen King and Ray BradburyImagine a depression era town where it hasn t rained for years A pale rainmaker with other worldly eyes brings rain to the countryside and mesmerizes the townspeople, but the children begin to disappear one by one Only young Robert Steelgate is able to resist the rainmaker s spell and begin the struggle to discover what has happened to his missing brother and the other children Read the riveting first chapter of Dust and you re already past the point of no return Arthur Slade writes with the art and grace of a hypnotist, and you won t be able to put this book down It s sensational Kenneth Oppel, New York Times bestselling author of AIRBORN and SKYBREAKER.About the Author Arthur Slade was raised on a ranch in the Cypress Hills of southwest Saskatchewan and began writing at an early age He has been writing fiction full time for fifteen years and is the author of sixteen bestselling books, including the Northern Frights series, Jolted, and The Hunchback Assignments He lives in the magical city of Saskatoon, Canada.

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        Arthur Slade was raised in the Cypress Hills of southwest Saskatchewan and began writing at an early age He is the author of the bestselling The Hunchback Assignments series of books, Dust which won the Governor General s award , Tribes and Jolted He lives in Saskatoon, Canada which really is a real place Join his creative somewhat clever newsletter at what a zany newsletter


    1. "Do you like being young?" the man asked. Matthew didn't understand the question. He examined the stranger's smiling face. After a moment's thought he answered, "Yes." "I was never young," the man said. He tipped his hat back, showing glistening white hair. "Do you believe me? I was never young."Seven-year-old Matthew is pleased to be walking to town alone. He's busy envisioning how he will be waiting on the corner when his family finally pulls up with their horse and wagon. "See, Mom, I made it [...]

    2. A science fiction story with a slow buildup of the bizarre, reminding me of some of William Sleator's books. It would make a great movie!

    3. The story of a young boy whose little brother goes missing.I liked Arthur Slade's Hunchback Assignments series. He's got a great way of building a world around his characters. In this book, we are taken back to early 1900s Saskatchewan to a small farm community that is struggling with the drought conditions of the dust bowl era. A stranger comes to town and promises a way to make rain using his "rainmill" and all who help him build it will be rewarded with all the rain they need for their crops. [...]

    4. Meh.This YA novel reads like a poor man's "Needful Things", with a teenage protagonist in Canada during the Dust Bowl. Slade has a nice writing style, but he never really engages the reader with the characters, explains the motivations of the bad guy, or the alien threat.Not recommended.

    5. It's the Great Depression in a prairie town in Saskatchewan. A young boy named Matthew disappears. Robert, the older brother is plagued with guilt. A stranger comes to their town which is suffering through a serious dry spell. This stranger claims he can help by building a "rainmill" (huh?). The town believes him. (double huh?) All, except Robert and his uncle. Soon, more children disappear and the town doesn't seem to notice or care. Adults and children soon forget about the missing. All, excep [...]

    6. Dust by Arthur Slade Set in a dry, dusty  Canadian town during the Depression Era, young Robert Steelgate is missing his young brother Matthew. Yet the disturbing thing is that he seems to be the only person missing him. A stranger comes to town promising rain and that is the same time kids start disappearing. Coincidence, or not?This book was like a really good episode of The Twilight Zone. Things start off so plain, so dried out, so matter-of-fact. Then young Matthew, who insisted he be allow [...]

    7. I only read this as I am currently borrowing my little sisters kindle to test it out as I am thinking of buying one. She reads books like Tracy beaker etc so I decided to have a quick look though the free books on offer and came across this one. First off it is a nice quick read, I read it in about an hour or so while relaxing at home. I know the book is aimed more at young teens but it still interested me from start to end. The pacing of the story is great, from one chapter to the next you are [...]

    8. What a fantastical journey of the strength and soul of Robert Steelgate 11 yrs old the brother of Mathew younger who had disappeared along with other children in town after a strange man Abram comes with promises of rain and prosperity in a Dusty Canadian town during the Depression era, is where we see the story unfold.Robert Steelgate is an unusual hero,he has an insight or talent that allows him to see what others don't if it be threw the omen of blood eggs or the ability to see through what o [...]

    9. In the first chapter of this book Robert's younger brother Matthew is kidnapped by an odd sounding man who claims he never had a childhood. The reader and Matthew are the only ones who know what happened. A short while later Abram Harsich shows up and wows the town with his "Mirror of all things" that shows people just want they want most. This story is placed in Saskatchewan, Canada during the dust bowl. After this spectacle the people start to go somewhat loopy and behave as though everything [...]

    10. This is the type of novel you would expect to study in school. The motif of good vs evil and all the imagery are well put together. It's not a book that I would pick up to read (it was a book club pick) and I can't say that I loved it or would recommend it. That being said, I did really like the character of Robert - and 11 year old boy who laments over his younger brother's curious disappearance and is immune to the mesmerizing of a man who comes to town to build a rain tower that will put an e [...]

    11. A young boy accepts a ride to town with a stranger and never makes it into town. He is declared missing but the townspeople, although concerned for him, are more concerned about the lengthy drought. A new man arrives at the town and promises to bring rain to their county. The missing boy's older brother senses something dangerous about him, especially when more and more children go missing. The feeling intensifies when he realizes that no one, not even the parents, care about the missing childre [...]

    12. What a great YA read. As a former middle school literature teacher, I highly recommend this book. Evil vs good is played out with the lives of the town's children! Any reluctant reader, boy or girl will be drawn to the mystery and magic of Arthur Slade's words. The last few chapters had me spellbound. Well done and hypnotizing. Skillfully crafted sentences, well chosen imagery create the basis. Well deserving of the awards it has won. Teachers and librarians mark this one down and a winner. Enjo [...]

    13. I read the book Dust by Arthur Slade. I would recommend this book to everyone who likes a little mystery and old time in their reading. I think it was really good. I can relate to how Robert is feeling when someone new comes in his life, especially after he just lost someone who was important to him. Robert did not realize how important his brother was to him until he was gone. Dust kind a has a twist in it also, you really would not expect it to happen but it goes very well with the story. In t [...]

    14. Why is eleven-year-old Robert the only person in Horshoe, Saskatchewan to remain impervious enough to the dazzling visitor and his promise of a rainmaking machine to wonder where all the town's missing people have gone, including his brother? Who can resist the premise of a spellbinding mystery man and a rainmachine in a horrible prairie drought?

    15. This book won the Governor General's Literary Award back in 2001 for Children's Literature. I loved it. Set in a small town in rural Saskatchewan of Horshoe something strange is going on. Robert's younger brother has gone missing and soon no one seems to even remember him. The story set in a depression era dust bowl farm community, has many unique twists and turns.The strange things started happening when Abram Harisch arrived in town; he appears to be taking control of the townspeople through h [...]

    16. ( Format : Audiobook )"ke dust on the wings of butterflies.""Simply stunning. A coming of age story like no other.Richard's little brother goes missing when on his way into town to buy liquorice and gum. He is not the only child to disappear in the area. But strangely, the folks in the drought wasted farmlands of Canada seem to forget their lost children when a rainman arrives and gets the townsfolk involved in building a Rain Mill.But Richard is different. He lives in his head, a world of adven [...]

    17. I was gripped by this story from the very start. Only someone who lives in Saskatchewan could possibly have written this. Just the name Dust. says it all. Yet Mr. Slade built an incredible story on the concept of dust. At first I thought it was a story of abduction, but as it unfolded, I realized there was far more mystery and magic, but sinister and otherworldly. I was only too sad when the story ended. Bravo, Mr. Slade. You deserved the Governor General's Award for this masterpiece.

    18. Shades of "Something Wicked This Way Comes"white houseQuick read but very enjoyable, in a scary way! Loved the way the main character, Robert, was portrayed. Captured the essence of the struggle of the transition from child to adult. Add to that, the fact that Robert was intuitive and inquisitive. Reminiscent of Bradbury 's "Something Wicked" in that the adults were unaware and the onus was on a child . READ, READ, READ this.

    19. Really enjoyed this book. Clever, creepy, a little like Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes, I enjoyed this sad, sinister and disturbing tale about the Canadian dust-bowl during the 1930s.Just how far WOULD a farming town go for rain? How much would they sacrifice?Would they give up their children, for green grass, and fat cows?Give it a read, if you haven't read Arthur Slade before, this is a good place to start.

    20. I think that this book was really fun to read and I really enjoyed. I wsh that they found the missing cahracter in the book quicker because I got a little board in the middle of the book. I think that how they found the missing character was really good but I wish that it was more suspenceful. Overall, I really enjoed reading this book and I would want to read another book similar to this one.

    21. This book instantly captured my imagination and did not let it go. This is a young adult book, and I highly recommend it for youth and adults alike. I actually listened to it on Audible, and greatly enjoyed it.

    22. An interesting readThe story was captivatingwhat was happening to the children and the townspeople of Horshoe? Robert is determined to find out with all the bravery and courage his uncle had. The book is good but the climax is a bit confusing and feels rushed.

    23. Good readRead this was very surprised that I read it to the end as not something that I would usually read but found it interesting to see what would happen

    24. Wow. Just wow.I started this book this morning, and finished it this evening. I've never read a book quite like this. What a unique read!

    25. I was hooked from the first few pages. An unusual, atmospheric story about good and evil set within the parched prairie landscape of Saskatchewan. Enthralling!

    26. A great short novel with an intriguing and original story. Worth the read. I actually wished it were longer!

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