Sleepless at Midnight

Sleepless at Midnight

Jacquie D'Alessandro / Jun 07, 2020

Sleepless at Midnight The ladies in London are abuzz over Mary Shelley s Frankenstein especially Miss Sarah Moorehouse Her imagination is fired up so when she spies Matthew Devenport Marquess Langston mysteriously snea

  • Title: Sleepless at Midnight
  • Author: Jacquie D'Alessandro
  • ISBN: 9780061231384
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback
  • The ladies in London are abuzz over Mary Shelley s Frankenstein, especially Miss Sarah Moorehouse Her imagination is fired up, so when she spies Matthew Devenport, Marquess Langston, mysteriously sneaking home in the wee hours clutching a shovel, she simply must investigate Impelled by curiosity, the adventurous lass steals into his bedchamber only to be caught red handeThe ladies in London are abuzz over Mary Shelley s Frankenstein, especially Miss Sarah Moorehouse Her imagination is fired up, so when she spies Matthew Devenport, Marquess Langston, mysteriously sneaking home in the wee hours clutching a shovel, she simply must investigate Impelled by curiosity, the adventurous lass steals into his bedchamber only to be caught red handed by the impossibly handsome and totally naked nobleman.The Marquess Langston has important things to worry about than a group of literature loving ladies But Matthew s grand plan to rescue the family from ruin could be lost when he discovers Sarah hiding behind his bedroom curtain What is this meddlesome woman up to And why are his desires inflamed by a chit who is too inquisitive for her own good Well, two can play at this game and when Matthew captures the beguiling Sarah in all her naked glory, the night of mischief has only just begun.

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        Growing up on Long Island, New York, I fell in love with romance at an early age I dreamed of being swept away by a dashing rogue riding a spirited stallion When my hero finally showed up, he was dressed in jeans and drove a Volkswagon, but I recognized him anyway We married after both graduating from Hofstra University and are now living our happily ever afters in Atlanta, Georgia, along with our very bright and active son who is a dashing rogue in the making.


    1. This was okay. If "okay" doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement, consider my standards. Every newfangled (i.e written 2001 or later) mass-market Regency romance I read starts with a flat 3-star rating. Given the repetitive tropes & expected level of angst, I feel this is a fair starting point. However.r before have I managed to cough up a 3-star rating by the end. NEVER.So congrats, Sleepless at Midnight! You've successfully made me NOT yank my hair out, pitch the book across the room, or [...]

    2. I love this book it wasn't too heavy at all and the h/h liked each other from the begining and though you could read that she wasn't a real beauty he thought she was a oerfect beauty the whole time. They just fit together perfectly. Definitely going on the keeper shelf!!

    3. THIS PLOT HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE BUT NEVER THIS GOOD. WITTY AND PASSIONATENobody does verbal sparring like JD, brilliant.Miss Sarah Moorehouse, her sister and her 2 friends are the only members of the Ladies Literary Society of London. Instead of poetry and other novel approved by Society they are reading scandalous material and the book they are now reading is The Modern Prometheus or "Frankenstein". Matthew Devenport, Marquess Langston, must marry an heiress to pay off his dead fathers debts, bu [...]

    4. "Beautiful? I cannot fathom a single reason why you would call me that." "I know. Which only serves to make you more beautiful. But don't worry. I can think of enough reasons for the both of us."My first book by this author, and I really enjoyed it! I loved the hilarious bantering and the slowly evolving relationship between the protagonists. It had some laugh-out loud moments, some sweet and tender moments, and some heart-breaking ones, and I enjoyed every second of it."You think I'm a nincompo [...]

    5. I absolutely adored Sarah. Practically every new scene with her had me adoring all the time. She was so hilarious and likable. The entire scene in which she's spying on him?He was a nincompoop who’d ruined her perfect escape and distracted her with his nakedness. His eyeball-searing, knee-weakening, brain-numbing, breath-stealing, magnificent nakedness. Which he’d had the nerve, um, decency, to cover up.Hilarious.The author did a great job of writing her and actually showing me what was so g [...]

    6. La historia comienza cuando unas jóvenes damas deciden leer el libro de Mary Shelley "Frankenstein", dejando volar la imaginación para planear como crear al Hombre Perfecto, durante sus estancias en la propiedad de Matthew Davenport.La narración de la escritora es ágil y original logrando mostrar los sentimientos de los personajes en sus descripciones, con lo que consigue que disfrutemos durante toda la trama.Sarah Moorehouse es una mujer solterona para la época, no es nada agraciada pero t [...]

    7. This was nothing outstanding, but it was a solid, easy read. It is the story of a plain spinster and a super handsome lorda storyline that has been done before, but one that is usually still fun. I liked the chemistry between the characters and could really feel their attraction to each other. My one major problem was that the heroine always doubted why the hero thought her attractive. This doubt made sense at the beginning, but definitely not at the end (even in the epilogue!) after all the her [...]

    8. 4.5 stars. As picky as I am, I actually really enjoyed this book. Now, it wasn't a book that was the most interesting or had a great driving plot. This book was in its own right, had not that much going on. But I really liked it. I rooted for the heroine and hero and their happily ever after! These are my babies and they needed to be happy.Song that reminded me of this book: From Time by Drake Ft. Jhene Aiko. I say that because of the line in that song "I love me enough for the both of us." And [...]

    9. Good story. Good lines. Great characters. Excellent writing style. Very enjoyable.This book was full of lines that were entertaining or had me chuckling. To give readers a flavor, I’ve quoted two scenes below. The only downside was at least twice (pages 196 and 216,) there was a little too much pondering going on in Matthew’s mind.Story brief: Matthew’s father was in debt due to gambling. He was killed by a robber and Matthew is trying to run the estate. On his deathbed, the father told Ma [...]

    10. hmm. second book by the author and probably the last in a long while. I suppose it is a style thing and not to be held against the writer. Her style is a bit on the light side for me, telling a story without emotions involved. I suppose the writing is good, but I cannot become interested in the characters or the plots. Sarah seems to be a character borrowed from Amanda Quick's later romances: bookish, spinterish, eccentric, wear spectacles, odd, outspoken, on the shelf, unpopular and unpretty. H [...]

    11. I was somewhat disappointed by this book since I do like D'Alessandro's writing and it was highly recommended by many readers. However, I didn't find anything anything extraordinary about it.The entire story takes place during a house party in the country. Lord Langston has invited a group of eligible females in his country house in order to choose a wife. He has recently aquired the title of Marquess but with it came huge debts that a wealthy wife can pay for. But his father has also hinted tha [...]

    12. Reviewed for THC ReviewsSleepless at Midnight is another delightful Regency romance from Jacquie D'Alessandro and the first in her Mayhem in Mayfair series. It pairs a handsome Marquess who is facing the prospect of being an impoverished peer with a plain Jane spinster who has no money. She is also used to being overlooked and has given up on the idea of ever getting married. They are joined by a houseful of their friends and family as well as one mischievous but loyal dog. Add in a tender roman [...]

    13. This was cute. I liked the interplay between the leads. Some stuff was a little cliche, but it was a good weekend morning read!

    14. I decided to read this because my daughter is reading it and told me that it is her favorite. I need to introduce her to Julia Quinn!So, we have a spinster as our hero. She wears glasses, has curly hair, and is 26 years old. Obviously, she could never get a man! So, instead she focuses on intellectual pursuits, such as reading. She and her friends are at a house party thrown by a Lord who is looking for a wife. Sarah is only there as her sister's companion, because, again, spinster - invisible - [...]

    15. Enjoyable read, but there were definitely flaws (3.5 stars)I love historical romances where the heroine is different - whether it's by being eccentric, a wallflower, shy, not-the-everyday-beauty, having a stutter, interested in science, etc - as I find such characters a refreshing change. For this reason, I was very much looking forward to Sleepless at Midnight (Mayhem in Mayfair, Book 1). The heroine, Sarah Moorehouse, was indeed this type. The hero, Matthew Devenport, was also very likable and [...]

    16. D'Alessandro has an interesting concept with this first book in her new Mayhem in Mayfair series. If you are a fan of the hero falling for the heroine because of her personality and not her looks, meaning she is considered to be an ugly duckling, you will enjoy this romantic regency. But our author still sticks to the old plot device where the hero must find a rich heiress and marry including a somewhat annoying mystery. If she had let that go and kept to the sweet yet sensual love story, her la [...]

    17. This was a great story. Jacquie D'Alessandro always gives a great read and this was no exception. Loved the quirky 'plain' Sarah, and how Matthew went from seeing only her outer self to seeing her true beauty within. Each step in their relationship progressed naturally. There were no 'forced' issues etc to bring them together. Only thing stopping this from a 5 was the completely unnecessary Franklin (read it and you'll know what I'm talking about).As a whole though, this was a lovely read.

    18. I loved this book. It was an excellent combination of humor, passion and romance (of course!), and suspense. I liked the little moments where it seems like Sarah and Matthew are sharing inside jokes (like about seeing each other naked). The mystery plot involving the money and who might be the murderer was interestingI was kept guessing until the answer was finally revealed!

    19. While I found the storyline about the buried family treasure a bit over the top, it was an otherwise good read. Cute and sexy with a good dose of humor. In fact, I caught myself giggling out loud a few times. This book is perfect if you want to sit back and enjoy a little fluff!

    20. "Wildly romantic, this book is a must read for all romance lovers!"It's official. Barring my liking Confessions At Midnight (which I haven't yet read) more than this, Sleepless At Midnight is my absolute favorite book in the series. And after first reading books 3 (Seduced At Midnight) and 4 (Tempted At Midnight), which are both great reads, that's saying a lot!What do I like about Sleepless? Mainly the not-a-(classic)-beauty heroine. It is rare that we find this kind of heroine. Too often, she' [...]

    21. J'avais besoin d'une lecture détente et quoi de mieux qu'une bonne romance historique pour remplir mes attentesJ'avais déjà lu un livre de cette auteure par le passé et j'avais plus ou moins aimé ma lecture, mais Nuits blanches à Langston Manor a été un succès en ce qui me concerne!Ce roman est littéralement rafraîchissant, car bien que l'intrigue en soi ne soit pas très originale, elle a été si bien réalisée que cela a su me ravir au plus haut point! Nous suivons notre héroïne [...]

    22. Miss Sarah Moorehouse accompanies her sister the widowed, Lady Carolyn to a house party at Matthew Davenport, Marquess Langston. To cheer her sister and bring some liveliness to the gathering Sarah, Carolyn and the other two eligable heiresses attending the house party start the London Ladies Book Club (or some such) and read Frankenstien. At their first late night meeting they dicuss what the perfect man would be like and conspire to steal clothing from the male guests to "construct" the perfec [...]

    23. #1 Mayhem in Mayfair - Historical RomanceThe ladies attending a house party form a secret reading group, the Ladies' Literary Society. Their first book is hardly a topic for polite conversation in mixed company -- Frankenstein by the scandalous Mary Shelley.Sarah Moorehouse sees her host, Matthew Devenport, Marquess Langston, returning to the house in the middle of the night during a rainstorm carrying a shovel. Her imagination, fresh from reading Frankenstein, kicks into high gear, and she dec [...]

    24. My first book from Alessandro and I fell in love quickly with the writing style. Story line can get a little bit boring at times and that's why I almost gave 3 stars for the initial rate. However, the hero and heroine changed it. Their personality, their outspoken nature and conversation exchange, are admirable or should i say, rare. In most book I read specifically historical romance book, the characters always speak something that opposes their true thoughts. That annoys me immensely. Why not [...]

    25. I had the most sensuous and funny read - I kept on giggling like some teenager throughout the entire book, even burst out laughing out loud every once in a while' The only thing that took me by surprise, or rather kept me wondering, is the first intimate encounter (aka bath taking) Remembering J. Austen's creations - these "would you mind, if you would be so kind, if it didn't bother you blahblahblah, lets have some tea" I couldn't find this scene believable (although I would not say I didn't li [...]

    26. After reading the first few pages I was sure I was going to hate this, and then suddenly after the first chapter it was as if a different writer took over. A really enjoyable romp. My only big complaint is that a character who was barely mentioned suddenly became absolutely central to the plot about 5 pages from the end and by that time I had to really think to remember who that person was. I am all for limiting foreshadowing, but this was sort of ridiculous. Still, I loved the main characters a [...]

    27. The first of 4 books about a group of friends in the Ladies Literary Society of London. This story is about Sarah, the smart, glasses wearing, plant and animal loving plain sister to the beautiful Carolyn. During a house party she meets Matthew Devenport who is looking to marry an heiress or find a treasure his dying father said is buried within the grounds of his estate. Sarah and Matthew are the perfect match and their love story is a fun and natural progression from friendship to love. The au [...]

    28. What a surprisingly good read! By the blurb, I think this would have been one of those books that got consistently pushed down the to-read mountain. Instead, once again, Meg picked such a great read in out pick it for me challenge. This was so funny, and filled with witty dialogue that kept me on my toes. The banter between the H/h was just hilarious! I'm always impressed when an author can keep the sexy factor going with a couple that also has so many laugh out loud moments. But Jacquie D'Aless [...]

    29. I found Sarah and Matthew both more than a little ridiculous. The story failed to convince me that their relationship was either cute or truly romantic. Perhaps the hijinks were just a little bit too madcap for my taste. If you like giddy heroines who're absolutely, positively certain that they're going to catch out the hero in something - this might well be for you but, from the start, I couldn't suspend my disbelief long enough to enjoy the romance.

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