Hamelin's Child

Hamelin's Child

D.J.Bennett Debbie Bennett / Feb 27, 2020

Hamelin s Child Michael Redford died on his seventeenth birthday the night Eddie picked him up off the street shot him full of heroin and assaulted him Now he s Mikey and he works for Joss With streaked blond hair a

  • Title: Hamelin's Child
  • Author: D.J.Bennett Debbie Bennett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Michael Redford died on his seventeenth birthday the night Eddie picked him up off the street, shot him full of heroin and assaulted him Now he s Mikey and he works for Joss With streaked blond hair and a cute smile, he sleeps by day and services clients at night Sometimes he remembers his old life, but with what he s become now, he knows there is no return to his comMichael Redford died on his seventeenth birthday the night Eddie picked him up off the street, shot him full of heroin and assaulted him Now he s Mikey and he works for Joss With streaked blond hair and a cute smile, he sleeps by day and services clients at night Sometimes he remembers his old life, but with what he s become now, he knows there is no return to his comfortable middle class background Then he makes a friend in Lee A child of the streets, Lee demands from friendship than Mikey is prepared to give But the police are closing in on them now and Mikey s not sure any who he really is streetwise Mikey or plain Michael Redford Hamelin s Child was long listed in the UK Crime Writers Association Debut Dagger Award A thriller set in the seedy world of London s drug rings, this book contains strong scenes and adult material approx 85,000 word novel

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    1. DJ Bennett's novel, Hamelin's Child, is a well-written, dark, brilliant story about heroin, kidnapping, (forced) child prostitution and the sheer strength of the human spirit. While this might sound like a handful, the story is told gracefully and as gently as possible, in my opinion, to maintain authenticity without unduly jarring or triggering the reader.I found the main character, Michael, likable and sympathetic. I rooted for him the whole way through, and admired his guts and his dogged ref [...]

    2. I did not like this novel at all. there were some very unsympathetic charecters in this story and i'm not even talking about all the men who drugged and raped the protagonist. there are two ways to review a book, based on personal feelings and quality of writing, very different things that unfortunatly in this story align perfectly. I like dark stories; when i'm in the mood the darker the better this story though dark missed the mark compleatly. This story could have been good with it's elements [...]

    3. Wow. Hamelin's Child is dark, raw, shocking, and a fascinating read. Tricked and drugged on his 17th birthday, Michael Redford wakes up and finds himself thrust into the worst kind of nightmare imaginable. Forced to go to extraordinary lengths to survive, I wondered all the way through the book if he ever would or could. The horrors he faces are horrors that could easily happen to any vulnerable kid in a moment of rebellion, weakness, whatever you might call it. Nothing about the story is predic [...]

    4. I'm rounding up because the riveting parts of this book were RIV-ET-ING. The main problem I had was that the parts with the sister were just in the wrong book. They didn't have the same feel as the rest of the story. There were well written and would have been fantastic in a different setting, but this showcase was not the place. Still, I thought it was pretty damned good. ETA 11/10/12 to correct my lousy typing.

    5. I was browsing when I came across this book. The author very kindly sent me a review copy and I couldn't wait to start it. With some glowing reviews on I started it with a bit of trepidation at what to expect. Debbie Bennett has written one hell of a story here, one that will pull at your heartstrings and have you experiencing every emotion possible as you read. At times the story becomes so difficult you almost want to put the book down, but it is just too gripping to do that. Michael is appr [...]

    6. Brilliant writing at its bestI choose this rating because its not my normal authors, and definitely not my type of book. However, I have fallen in love with this writer, the story took me on the journey along with Michael, regardless how harrowing it was in detailed. Makes me feel so lucky!!

    7. At first I wasn't sure if I would be able to read it because of the subject matter, but I am glad that I did. It touches on horrors that people tend to shy away from since it is easier to think these things don't happen. I will at some point read the next book in this series.

    8. Good book, good story but not for everyone to read, about the scum who destroy kids and their families lives, and this is going on in all big city’s, in the book a bit to much information about the sex but other than that a very good story.

    9. Hamelin's ChildI criedSo much Pain, anger, angst, regrets, unsure of the future, wanting go back in time--All part of the healing process. Great Read!

    10. Michael Redford meets Eddie in a nightclub on his seventeenth birthday, who spikes his drink and kidnaps him, pumping him full of heroin and raping him several times. Once he comes to, three weeks later, he is pimped out by Eddie and his cohort Joss in exchange for heroin fixes. His only ally is the more experienced yet younger boy Lee, who also lives in the flat that he is held hostage in. Throughout all of this, Michael’s sister Kate tries to track down the brother that the rest of the world [...]

    11. Chiswick, England. Eddie introduced himself to Michael “Mikey” Redford (17) in the bar.Michael was wasted. Jenny (Michael’s ex-GF) was trying to make him jealous by dancing with another guy.Eddie & Mikey left they bar, caught a cab & were now at Eddie’s place. Joss shot Mikey up with heroin. Edward Felsen (40+, gay) did other things to Mikey also. Joss Harper (drug dealer) was calling all the shots in the household.Lee Martin (street kid, drug addict, gay) shot him/Michael up. Ka [...]

    12. 17-year old Mike is kidnapped by a pair of shady guys who locks him up in an equally shady apartment, gets him hooked on heroin and proceeds to pimp him out. Meanwhile, Mike's big sister Kate teams up with a hot detective to try to find him while dealing with her own issues. It's not a bad plot. It did hold my interest in the beginning. Too bad that by the time the story reached the halfway mark, that initial interest had turned into disgust, disbelief and a general dislike of every character in [...]

    13. Excellent first in the series gritty crime drama from a new crime author for me, and I always love discovering new talent! Hamelin’s Child is the story of Michael Redford, one day an innocent seventeen year old and the next through no fault of his own he becomes a heroin addict known as Mikey. The journey into his new lifestyle was totally real and I learned a lot of details and information about the dark side of London’s underbelly.The author has a background in police work and the realism [...]

    14. By no means perfection but damn entertaining. This is the first novel by DJ Bennett and the inexperienced writer shows through with a handful of fairly hollow characters and a couple of well rounded and interesting ones. I found at times that shock (or brutal honesty) was employed rather than skill with character and at times the novel was a little cliched (although I hasten to add that it was not overly so). But whatever faults may or may not exist, one thing is certain, DJ Bennett is a storyte [...]

    15. Hamelin's Child is not a pretty book. I read a review that said the characters were flat and not engaging, but requested a kindle sample anyway, and the moment I was done reading the sample, purchased the book. I think the characters are very British, and not terribly emotional, but I truly could not put this book down until I finished reading it, and now I am writing this review because I can't focus on anything else. This story will be with me for a long time.Michael's story was gripping. I fe [...]

    16. This was a difficult read - the difficulty being in the story line, not the writing, which is excellent. Michael is celebrating his seventeenth birthday with a new girlfriend. She unceremoniously ditches him for another bloke. Dejected, Michael decides to leave, but not before he's approached by a man. The man offers to buy him a drink, which Michael reluctantly accepts - the man spikes his drink. Michael, under the influence, leaves the bar with him and is then persuaded to go to his home. From [...]

    17. It was okay, but the whole side-story with the sister and her love life couldn't have been more monotonously boring. Honestly, I skipped over those parts. Also I felt like all the characters were a bit flat and the end was abrupt with relationships never really reconciled like they should have been. And the police work was a bit of a facepalm, I really don't think the author knows much about investigations or especially mental health and rehabilitation of child drug addicts, because the issue wa [...]

    18. What happens when seventeen-year-old Michael has his drink spiked on a night out and finds himself forced into a very different life? Hamelin’s Child is a gritty novel that explores the dark underworld of rent boys and drug addiction.Bennett has an easy style and a sharp ear for dialogue. Characters from the bewildered Michael through the violent pimp to the decent but overworked detective are all too believable. The net result is a story that doesn’t so much hook you as grab you by the thro [...]

    19. Michael, a bored, middle-class suburbanite is looking for a seventeenth birthday thrill with a bit of underage drinking. He gets far more than he bargains for in this dark, seamy novel. Even though the explicit sex bothered me, the realism in the writing and the knowledge that, although this was a novel, the real thing was happening in the real world in a layer of society I never see, bothered me much more.I was pleased that the author gave the book a satisfying conclusion with just enough loose [...]

    20. Set in the seedy world of London's drug and prostitution rings, this is a harrowing and gritty story. However, as brutal as parts of this novel are, I found that I kept reading on, wanting to find out if Mikey could turn things around, get out of the horrendous situation he found himself in, and get some of his old life back.This is a well written, fast paced thriller with plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing. It's gritty and has adult content, but is never gratuitous.If you're [...]

    21. All I can say is wow. Hamelin's Child is much more than the plight of a kidnapped male child, forced into drugs and prostitution. It is a story that will remain on your mind long after you read it and make you want to protect your sons as much as you would your daughters.I was spellbound wondering and wishing 'Mikey' could escape his plight and then flabbergasted by the change of events when his opportunity for escape arrived. The twist and turns of the storyline is so unexpected. DJ Bennett did [...]

    22. Emotional wrought horrorThis is an absolutely fantastic read. Bennett has written the true horror of the century. Characters are fictitious but the players could be your own child whether the victim or the perpetrator. Gruesome in many aspects but made even more chilling when you realise it actually does happen and children are abused by those they love and trust. Hard to put down even harder to forget.

    23. This is the second book I have read recently about the upsetting sexual underbelly of the UK -- the other was a memoir by Simon Palmer, Losing the Hate -- and this one is a powerful and disturbing realistic fiction, full of suspense, with moments of emotional horror and deep pity. Prepare to be shocked and moved and to root for characters who deserve better than they get!

    24. Innocence LostThis was a terrific story involving two teens (Mike and Lee) and the adults who got them first addicted to heroin followed by limping the boys to "pay" for their daily hits. Only Mike has family who cares for him. Although this story was based in England, these types of situations are present in other countries as well. Very sad situations.

    25. This grim hard hitting tale of a youngster, kidnapped for sexual use, is not for the queasy, it pulls no punches. I found it an amazing piece of writing. Debbie Bennett catches the sense of drama, of shame and horror, and has the reader despairing for the future of the children involved, ever hoping that things will get better. A very moving tale of abuse and drug dependancy. Highly recommended.

    26. I absolutely loved this book. It's not a pretty read nor can you sympathise with any of the characters but it's something you just can't put down. Well I couldn't anyway. I'd never understood how young kids could just disappear until I read Hamelin's Child - now I do, so thank you Debbie Bennett.

    27. This is not a romance. It's a gripping, gritty tale that caught me up in it right from the start. I couldn't read it fast enough. It's very rare that I step out of reading m/m books.but I am very tempted to read the sequels to this story - and that tells it's own story.

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