La Linea

La Linea

Ann Jaramillo / Feb 21, 2020

La Linea Miguel s life is just beginning Or so he thinks Fifteen year old Miguel leaves his rancho deep in Mexico to migrate to California across la linea the border in a debut novel of life changing cliff

  • Title: La Linea
  • Author: Ann Jaramillo
  • ISBN: 9781596431546
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Miguel s life is just beginning Or so he thinks Fifteen year old Miguel leaves his rancho deep in Mexico to migrate to California across la linea, the border, in a debut novel of life changing, cliff hanging moments But Miguel s carefully laid plans change suddenly when his younger sister Elena stows away and follows him Together, Miguel and Elena endure hardships andMiguel s life is just beginning Or so he thinks Fifteen year old Miguel leaves his rancho deep in Mexico to migrate to California across la linea, the border, in a debut novel of life changing, cliff hanging moments But Miguel s carefully laid plans change suddenly when his younger sister Elena stows away and follows him Together, Miguel and Elena endure hardships and danger on their journey of desperation and desire, loyalty and betrayal An epilogue, set ten years after the events of the story, shows that you can t always count on dreams even the ones that come true.

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        Ann Jaramillo teaches English as a Second Language to Mexican American seventh and eighth graders in Salinas, California, many of whom are migrants LA LINEA is her first book.


    1. Summary: This adventurous story of a brother and sister's amazing journey across the US/Mexico border is a fictional account based on real events. Ann Jaramillo weaves sibling rivalry, sacrifice, humor, irony, and drama into a tale that both informs and enlightens the reader about the dangerous journey that many Mexican Americans have taken to come to the United States. Spanish words are used within the text to tell the story in a way in which the Non-Spanish speaking reader can use word-solving [...]

    2. This is a compelling story of fifteen year old Miguel and twelve year old Elena, two siblings on a gruesome journey from Mexico to California. Risking their lives, encountering thieves, gangs, police, thirst, hunger, physical danger, wild animals, border patrols and desert storms, the children manage to reach their destination. They cross la linea and reunite with their parents. The book is written by Ann Jarmillo who developed a deep appreciation for Mexican culture, language and complex family [...]

    3. I really didn’t know much but when I read the first few pages,I liked it. I enjoyed this book because it shows how immigrants try to get to a better place. I give it 4 stars because even though it’s exciting, there are some parts not too good. Miguel takes care of Elena, he is very supportive. Ann Jaramillo really expresses all of the character’s feelings. She really knows how to make the character feel at certain points. Read this book if you like suspense, adventure, or like to know how [...]

    4. La Linea by Ann Jaramillo is about a boy who is Mexican named Miguel who is trying to make his journey to the north to reconnect with his parents in California. Here is how his journey began, he first told his family he was going to the north by himself but his sister would like to go with him because of jealousy. Also, Miguel explains she can’t go with him. After of which, he goes to Don Clemente, who is the “El Chapo” of illegal immigration for money to cross the border. Then, Miguel tak [...]

    5. Quick read but a read that is worthwhile. I hope people will take the time to read this book, especially those who believe “illegal” immigrants are the terrible people Trump and the GOP make them out to be. When it comes down to it, people are people, and we need to take care of one another no matter our country of origin since countries are arbitrary lines made by humans.

    6. La Linea is a novel for people who lives in one place and wants to travel to another place or even somebody who likes interesting books. The story is based on Miguel who is 15 and his sister Elena who is 13, they decide to cross the boarder to be with their parents in California who left them when they were little.Miguel wants to travel by himself but somehow when he's on the bus Elena pops up, On the way they met a man name Javi who wanted to do something similar to them. They decide to ride th [...]

    7. The book I read was la linea and it was written by Ann Jaramilo.It was published by Roaring Brook press in New milford, connecticut. My opinion of this book is good beause it talks about a illegeal fiffeen year old boy Miguel dreams about seeing his parents in calforina in the morning of this fifteen birthday he determined to go across the border to go north leaving his abuelia and his sister name Elena. mean while her sister Elena follow Miguel to go north with him. leaving abuleia alone at her [...]

    8. Miguel's parents left him and his little sister in Mexico while they went to California to start a new life. That was nine years ago. Miguel is now 15, and finally, his father has sent for him. Miguel will make the dangerous journey north to the border. It would have been hard enough alone, but when Miguel's sister Elena steals away after him, it might be impossible. Without enough money for two, they'll have to take even more risks in the hopes of reaching la linea.This is such a slim little bo [...]

    9. La Linea is nominated for the Minnesota children's selection award, the Maud Hart Lovelace award. Because of this, I guess I was expecting more. Miguel and Elena have lived for years with their grandmother in San Jacinto, Mexico while their parents have lived in California. They dream of the day they will receive the call from their parents to join them, because they have raised enough money to bring them to California, although through illegal channels. The understanding is that Miquel will go [...]

    10. I piked this book because it is really interesting topping and because the cover is a really good interesting cover and because many of my friends told me it is a really good book.The genre of this book is a Fiction because it is kind of based on a really story but the story is made up with fake characters.When the book starts the setting is in San Jasinto and and when he try to cross the line he will be in California.The description if the main character is that he turned 15 years old and that [...]

    11. Ann Jaramillo paints a wonderful, stirring portrait of what it's like to risk everything in order to cross national borders. Miguel is a fifteen year-old living in his central Mexican town. But his parents currently live in California. Leaving his abuela, and taking his life's savings, Miguel plots his journey dependent on the local Don. However, things become more complicated after his younger sister, Elena, follows him. Dodging gangs, corrupt police, Federales, and train hoppers, Miguel and El [...]

    12. Miguel is a 15 year old who lives in the town of San Jacinto, Mexico. When he was small his parents went to live in California, leaving him and his sister, Elena, behind. He had been anxious to go with his parents for many years, now the wait is over. After Miguel realized he could’ve gone free all this time there was no time for thinking. It is going to be a tough trip, but even more with his tagalong sister with him. Crossing La Linea to the United States may sound fun. WRONG. It is filled w [...]

    13. La Linea is a story about a boy named Miguel who eagerly awaits the day when his father will send money back to Mexico so that Miguel can join his parents in California. When Miguel finally gets an opportunity to make the journey to California, he is met with many surprises and challenges along the way. Among the first of many events, he realizes that his sister, Elena has attempted to make the journey as well. Miguel and Elena grow even closer as they travel the dangerous, life or death, journe [...]

    14. Fine little story, but I wish it had been better. The short chapters and first person narration may allow some weaker readers to find this book, especially if they are motivated by the story of teens enduring what too many must to get to el norte. Many teens will recognize stories told by family and friends. There's danger aplenty, although I don't remember more than passing profanity.But it only gets three stars because the characters aren't realistic enough and I couldn't really feel connected [...]

    15. La Linea was a story about 15 year old Miguel who lives in Mexico and leaves to come to California to be with his parents. He must cross La Linea, the border, to get to them. He begins his journey only to find that his sister Elena has followed him. The two of them encounter dangers on both sides of the border. Since they are crossing illegally over the border into the United States the obstacles are big and most often deadly. Elena and Miguel lose their friend, fellow immigrant, and protector t [...]

    16. Miguel is finally having the chance to cross La Linea to be with his father in America who left him behind in Mexico over six years ago. Unfortunately, his sister can’t live with being left behind by herself and hijacks his trip north. They face distressing dangers like train gangs, robbers, and Mata Gente. Along they way they need to be careful about who they can trust in order to survive and reach their dream. Appropriate for high school aged students, Jaramillo authentically tells the story [...]

    17. This was a fast one. I read it in an evening. This is the story of Miguel, who has high hopes of crossing the border into America. His parents left him behind seven years ago, and now it is time for him to join them in the unknown world of California. He has high hopes that the crossing will go well. Little does he know the many twists and turns his journey will take. First, he finds that his sister has followed him, then there are robbers and police, and sleeping under the stars. This short boo [...]

    18. I really like this book is because it is about a boy named Miguel and his sister named Elena. They are trying to cross the border across to mexico. I can relate to this book because my family had cross the border.They had a rough time crossing over. I have heard story's about their journeys north across the border. This story changed the way I see people trying to have a better life in the U.S. I enjoyed this book because it was really inspired.It inspired me to read similar book about this thin [...]

    19. The main characters in "la linea" is Miguel trying to cross the border. When he turned fifteen and was ready to reunite with hes parents in California, but sister wants to come with even though shes too young. Hes been wait for this for six years now. Is Miguel going to make it crossing the desert and see his parents. With all the stories he has heard of how some people are never seen again.

    20. This was a really great book it gets more and more interesting towards the end. When they finally get to California, i almost get tears of joy and sadness because there friend wasn't able to make it (they think).

    21. La Linea is about a brother and sister making an intense journey across the U.S. border from Mexico. They are only teenagers and have been waiting for years to travel to California where their mother, father, and twin siblings are waiting for them. Finally, their parents save up enough money to send to Don Clemente who will enable the safest path possible across the border. They experience several struggles along the way, especially in Mexico, and often cheat death and other misfortunes. Certain [...]

    22. Miguel wakes up on his fifteenth birthday to a note from his parents telling him that he will soon be leaving his younger sister and grandmother to join them across la linea, the border between the US and Mexico, in California. As Miguel sets out on his journey North, to reunite with his parents whom he hasn't seen in many years, things get complicated when his younger sister Elena follows him. They join forces and endure many hardships on their journey.I gave "La Linea" 3/5 stars, because while [...]

    23. La Linea is a story about a boy who finally has the money sent from his father to be able to cross the border and join his family. However, he must leave his sister behind. This story is about his Journey across the border with unintended company. After they get there they wonder if it was all worth it. I liked this book although it was hard to connect to their hardship. It made me sad how hard people had to work to come to the freedom of America and some cases find out it is not all they though [...]

    24. This is a story about a brother and a sister as they journey across Mexico to cross the border into the United States. They go through many challenges, between train gangs, dirty cops, and starvation and dehydration. They make many friends and enemies along their way. I personally really liked the adventure in this story. At first it was very slow, then it picked up its pace and became very interesting. I loved the growing comradery between the two siblings as they traveled hard and far. Content [...]

    25. La Linea by Ann Jaramillo is about In the book, the three main characters, Miguel, Elena, and Javier, have many adventures while trying to cross the border. And while doing so much together I feel like that is what got them to become their own “family”. They became the family they left and the family they missed and this impacted their whole relationship throughout the story. The 3 main characters also seemed to have matured throughout the book all of them changed how they thought, spoke to [...]

    26. La Linea follows Miguel and his sister on their dangerous journey crossing the border between Mexico and The United States. Packed with danger, the journey over la linea proves a challenging task, but the hope of a better life in The United States keeps Miguel and his sister going.La Linea was not a comfortable read, but I really enjoyed it. Because it is true to the journey, the grittiness of the book was sometimes hard to stomach, but it is a sad reality for many. Miguel and his sister were li [...]

    27. La linea is a novel about the hard trips and sacrifice two siblings must make to cross the border. In one moment, Elena had to kill an animal from the farm, it just shows how strong she is, like she was used to it, and she did it with no hesitance. In the farm Miguel wasn’t very good at doing work. Elena was pretty much a pro, and Miguel messed up many things. The only thing in his mind was to cross the border and go to California to be with his parents and even start a new life. After they le [...]

    28. Miguel is a teenager who lived in a poor town calles San Jancinto with his sister, Elena and Abulita. On Migue's fithteenth birthday, he got no presents, his family is too poor to buy one, but he did recived a letter from his papa in california. The letter from Miguel's papa siad "It's beem six years, eleven months, and twelve days since I left to go north across la linea. It's time for you to come. Go see Don Clemete. He will help you.". So after Miguel read that letter, he have to tell his sis [...]

    29. La Linea, written by Ann Jaramillo is a short novel based on Miguel, Elena, and Javier’s journey to el Norte. 15 year old Miguel, eager to see his father in California, tries to do everything to leave his poor rancho in San Jacinto so he can go live with his parents in the United States and finally is given a chance to do so. Along with Miguel is Elena, Miguel's 13 year old sister, also dreaming to go with her parents in California, but Elena leaving San Jacinto, is not the plan. As soon as El [...]

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