I Had a Favorite Dress

I Had a Favorite Dress

Boni Ashburn Julia Denos / Jan 28, 2020

I Had a Favorite Dress Open up a fresh and stylish story about growing up and keeping hold of your favorite memories As the year passes the narrator s favorite dress goes through a series of creative changes from dress to

  • Title: I Had a Favorite Dress
  • Author: Boni Ashburn Julia Denos
  • ISBN: 9781419700163
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Open up a fresh and stylish story about growing up and keeping hold of your favorite memories As the year passes, the narrator s favorite dress goes through a series of creative changes, from dress to shirt to tank top to scarf and so on, until all that s left of it is a good memory Assisted by her patient and crafty mama, the narrator finds that when disaster strikes heOpen up a fresh and stylish story about growing up and keeping hold of your favorite memories As the year passes, the narrator s favorite dress goes through a series of creative changes, from dress to shirt to tank top to scarf and so on, until all that s left of it is a good memory Assisted by her patient and crafty mama, the narrator finds that when disaster strikes her favorite things, she doesn t need to make mountains out of molehills she makes molehills out of mountains instead Structured around the days of the week, the story is also illustrated to show the passing of the seasons, a perfect complement to the themes of growing older and keeping hold and letting go of special mementos.

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    1. Boni Ashburn's sweet little romp (poetic, descriptive and just plain fun) depicts a little girl's favourite dress being repeatedly reused and recycled into various other (then) favourite articles of clothing (from a shirt to finally a hair bow, and when that hair bow falls prey to a puppy's sharp little teeth, the bits of remaining fabric are rescued and incorporated into a picture). While not actually presenting and describing the skills required to sew, to turn the favourite dress, the favouri [...]

    2. Thoroughly enjoyable! I loved the mama's creativity -- it was so much fun seeing what she would come up with next! -- and I loved that the little girl finds the perfect solution at the very end with her own style of creativity. The illustrations are charming and expressive and the poetic language is great for read-aloud. A wonderful book about sewing, repurposing, and using creativity to bring a smile when a situation has you frowning! ;-)

    3. As a girl grows up, and outgrows her favorite dress, her mother manages to create a new item of apparel using an ever-shrinking part of the outfit. Clever ideas, and a great suggestions for repurposing clothing. A wonderful story, with fantastic illustrations.

    4. I loved reading this with my 7 year old. Her comment: "It's really creative!" She was full of smiles as she realized the pattern in the story and started predicting what the little girl would make next out of her favorite dress. And then toward the end, she loved how she couldn't quite predict what she'd make next. After we read it, she wanted to go back and count all the things the little girl made out of her original dress. I also think my daughter could relate to the little girl feeling sad a [...]

    5. A lovely and cute children's picture book (with fun, wispy illustrations) about a sentimental girl who accepts change gracefully.

    6. This is a wonderful tale that documents just how fast our little ones are growing up. Literally. I can't tell you how many times I've said to my youngest that her pants are now too short for her. Her normal reply is that she doesn't care, but I end up sneaking them into the donation pile as soon as they are washed. Otherwise, she'll just keep wearing them and say that they are 'capris.' So this was perfect timing for us, seeing how growing out of clothes is normal and that you can repurpose them [...]

    7. Love it! This fun and funky story of a beloved dress outgrown and turned into other bits of girly clothing (including a "tassely scarf") drew my attention because of the breezy illustrations of Julia Denos (Just Being Audrey), but the text is winning as well -- poetic and rhythmic without full-on rhyming. I also appreciate the multicultural characters and the fact that Mom and Grandma are stable and resourceful. A wonderfully updated twist on the Joseph Had a Little Overcoat concept.Favorite quo [...]

    8. When a young girl's dress gets too short, voila!, it is made into a shirt. And when that shirt's sleeves get too short, voila!, a tank top and so the story goes until nothing remains of the dress. A excellent story showing how one things can be used many times and you shouldn't freak out about things, but figure out a solution.

    9. My daughter likes to hold on to her clothes. This story showed a creative and fun way to re-purpose a favourite garment without the trauma of giving it away. Lovely illustrations too!

    10. Loved it I read this with my two year old daughter. She kept saying, "I love it Mommy". We will be buying this book in print and finding others by this author. I personally love the illustration as well.

    11. A girl loves her favorite dress, but it is now too small for her. Her clever mother shapes it into new things the girl can wear. As the girl grows, the dress is transformed into a shirt, then a tank top, then a scarf, then socks, until it finally becomes a beautiful hair bow.A nice story about using creativity to solve a problem.“I had a favorite dress that was my favoritest dress ever. I wore it every Tuesday because that was my favorite day of the week.But one Tuesday, I put on my favorite d [...]

    12. The narrator in this picture book has a dress that she simply loves to wear, but when it becomes too small for her, her mother fashions it into a ruffly new shirt, then a tank top, a skirt, a scarf, socks, and a hair bow. At first I expected her mother to buy her something new, but I was delighted that mother and daughter found a way to turn something old into something new. I also liked how the daughter cleverly creates something from the remains of the chewed up ribbon in the end. I loved the [...]

    13. Lovely both inside and out. A young girl's favorite dress changes with the seasons and her own growing self to become a shirt, a tank, a skirt, a scarf and more. Boni Ashburn's story has a wonderful vibrancy to it, with the repeated refrain of "Snip, snip, sew, sew, new [insert clothing item here] hello!". I also loved the final outcome of the dress, which is sweet and simple. Julia Denos' illustrations are gorgeous and the coloring is divine. I wish I could live in this picture book. And I wish [...]

    14. Lest anybody think I am All Boy All the Time, this great picture book about a style-conscious little girl and her crafty - in both senses of the word - mama almost made me wish I had little girl style crises in my own life. But alas. My boys will wear a pair of pants until it falls apart on them - not because they love those pants but because they have not actually noticed that their butts are visible through the holes in the seat.Full review at Pink Me: pinkme.typepad/pink-me/201

    15. When a little girl's favorite dress becomes too short, what is a mother to do? The answer: use your sewing skills to repurpose it into a shirt, or course! I love the way the mom tells the daughter to not make mountains out of molehills, and finds a way to keep recycling the favorite "dress" into something else through each consecutive mishap! I wish sewing skills were more widely used and that moms and dads everywhere could do the simple fixes to make it possible for old, holey, short, or otherw [...]

    16. Personally, I found this a bit tiresome to reread over and over, but the kids kept asking for it. The fashion element definitely appealed to them (my nieces insist on wearing beautiful dresses every day) and the pattern storytelling allowed them to try to anticipate what would come next. The illustrations are beautiful - I love how they bring the character and her family to life.

    17. This darling book filled with colorful vocabulary and poetic language shows what happens when a girl outgrows her favorite dress and her talented-at-sewing mama repurposes it again and again to make a shirt, skirt, scarf and bow. I love what the girl does with the scraps at the end. I love the warm relationship between mother and daughter and the expressive illustrations.

    18. Quite similar to Joseph Had a Little Overcoat, except instead of an older Jewish man doing the repurposing, it's a chic African American pre-tween and her mother who keep getting the most out of a favorite dress. Might be fun to read the two books together.

    19. I love books that have a sewing component, recalling all the times my Mom sewed things for my sister and me.This charming story is a great testament to problem-solving. What happens when your favorite dress gets too short? Creativity and a willingness to make the best of a situation will resonate with readers.

    20. This is a modern version of the traditional overcoat story, which is made into a jacket, then vest, then tie, etc. In this case a little girl's dress goes through several transformations, ending up with pieces of the fabric in a collage picture the girl creates. Nice, exuberant illustrations.

    21. Absolutely terrific. Wonderful story with lively, colorful yet soft illustrations. An extremely popular seller in my bookstore.

    22. This story is about a girl and her favorite dress. She outgrows it and her mama turns it into something else. She outgrow that and her mama turns it into something else. Her dress becomes socks and a hair bow. Eventually there is nothing left of her dress so she find a way to remember it always.Multicultural literature because it is about people of color. Writing training.1- Ideas- This book's underlying idea is that you shouldn't give up when faced with a problem but instead work with what you [...]

    23. Hooray for picture books starring more girls of color!I Had a Favorite Dress is about a little girl who has a favorite dress that she wears on Tuesdays, until one day the dress is too short. Luckily, her Mom knows her way around a sewing machine, because "SNIP, SNIP, and sew, sew" the dress becomes a new shirt with ruffles. The girl now wears her favorite shirt on Wednesdays. Of course the girl keeps growing, and the shirt soon becomes a tank top, a skirt, a scarf, a pair of socks and a hair bow [...]

    24. Making Problems FashionableAdorable! Lovely illustrations that young girls will relate to. What happens when we grow out of our favorite fashions? Well, it isn't as easy for women, but little girls will appreciate this clever story. Mom insists that "instead of making mountains out of molehills, make molehills out of mountains." A treasured dress becomes a favorite shirt, a favorite top becomes a cherished skirt, and so on. It's a lesson of working what you got and finding solutions to everyday [...]

    25. I had a favorite dress follows a little girl's favorite dress as it morphs from a dress to a skirt, to a tank top, etc. Her mother shows her ingenuity by continually transforming the little girls dress so she can always keep it with her. Very much like the giving tree but with a fashion twist.

    26. I love this book so much !I love this book so much, I hope the authors make more books like this . Great for 7 year old little girls.

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