Titanic Survivor: The Memoirs of Violet Jessop Stewardess

Titanic Survivor: The Memoirs of Violet Jessop Stewardess

Violet Jessop / Apr 09, 2020

Titanic Survivor The Memoirs of Violet Jessop Stewardess I did not like big shipsI was secretly afraid admits Violet Jessop in this unique eyewitness account of the most written about disaster of the twentieth century Joining the Royal Mail Line in at

  • Title: Titanic Survivor: The Memoirs of Violet Jessop Stewardess
  • Author: Violet Jessop
  • ISBN: 9780750946636
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Paperback
  • I did not like big shipsI was secretly afraid admits Violet Jessop in this unique eyewitness account of the most written about disaster of the twentieth century Joining the Royal Mail Line in 1908 at the age of twenty one, Violet Jessop spent her entire career at sea, travelling on than 200 voyages She was a stewardess for first class passengers on the Titanic I did not like big shipsI was secretly afraid admits Violet Jessop in this unique eyewitness account of the most written about disaster of the twentieth century Joining the Royal Mail Line in 1908 at the age of twenty one, Violet Jessop spent her entire career at sea, travelling on than 200 voyages She was a stewardess for first class passengers on the Titanic when it sank on its maiden voyage in April 1912 after hitting an iceberg Her description of the sinking is chilling as she sees to the needs of the passengers before finding a warm coat for herself While in the lifeboat, someone threw her a forgotten baby , and she watched, fascinated as the ship went down as if by looking I could keep her afloat Four years later, she was a wartime nurse aboard the hospital ship, Britannic, when it struck a mine and sank to the bottom of the Aegean These memoirs give us a unique glimpse of life below decks aboard one of the great ocean liners From Jessop s unusual vantage point, we learn what life was like for those who worked on the ships hilarious fellow stewardesses, cramped quarters, wartime alerts, impossible passengers the haughty, gimlet eyes of a certain well known society woman , philandering shipmates, exotic ports, unrequited love and tragic deaths.

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    1. I was a little skeptical when first approaching this book, because seeing as it was republished in '97 the whole Leonardo Dicaprio Titanic thing was in full swing, so I was thinking that possibly the producers would manipulate the memoir to serve as a promotional tool (I know, my mind works in strange ways).Thankfully I was wrong. The memoir barely concerns itself with the Titanic (as you read it, you quickly discover you're reading about Violet Jessop's life at sea, not the great unsinkable), d [...]

    2. The most amazing thing about this story is Violet Jessop, not only was she on board the Titanic sank but she was also on the Britannic 4 years later as a nurse. She was also on the third ship the Olympic when it collided with another ship.She sounds like a fascinating woman, who after a long hard life had a great deal of experience.Have to admit though if I was about to go on a cruise I'd make sure she wasn't on board.

    3. I went to a book stall, saw four books on the Titanic, and was persuaded after a promise of a deal to grab all four up. The seller told me after I decided to buy them, "Good, a woman who knows her mind." And so, that's how I got to reading the memoirs of Violet Jessop ;)It was the part about the Titanic that I wanted to read of her life, but since only two chapters are actually about the Titanic, I can see why it's considered a memoir. It's about a stewardess with struggles and feelings and hear [...]

    4. I really enjoyed reading this biography, but I knew before I read it that the memoirs were of her whole life, not just of the four days she worked on the Titanic. I can understand that promoting this book as if it is all about the Titanic would leave some people disappointed. Violet Jessop was cursed to live an interesting life.

    5. What a pleasure to read! This is the memoir of a remarkable woman who neither altered history nor achieved fame and fortune, but rather worked hard, was kind to all, and made the best of life along the way. Jessop was born in Argentina to Irish immigrants and later immigrated to England with her mother and siblings after her father died. Her widowed mother was unable to make ends meet for herself and this prompted Violet to ultimately put her own educational goals aside and step up to become a s [...]

    6. Thank God. Thank God she survived not one, not two, but three ship wrecks. When I listen to her describe the sinking of the Titanic while she watched from a boat bobbing in the water next to it, it gives me a whole different perspective than just what writers write about it. She also introduces you to her people on board these ships and you can finally connect with the people who LIVED on these ships. These ships were their homes. But the description of the sinking of the Britannic is what is ho [...]

    7. Violet Jessop was an ocean liner stewardess and nurse who achieved wordwide fame by surviving the disastrous sinkings of both the RMS Titanic and the HMHS Britannic in 1912 and 1916 respectively, as well as RMS Olympic collision on October 20, 1910. The book Titanic Survivor contains some passages of Violet Jessop memoir written in 1934, originally named Neptune's Greenroom. Violet Jessop life story is indeed a mesmerizing one and makes up for an amazing tale of endurance and survival. In additi [...]

    8. Bought in a second hand bookstore that was sadly closing down, this book immediately caught my eye as I walked in. It was in the ship section of the store, which just so happened to be in the front of the store or else I wouldn't have seen it. I admit to finding my favorite sections first in stores, never even looking at things like cars, ships etc because the other sections seem more important. This was a good deviation from habit!If you're looking for a book on surviving the Titanic, then look [...]

    9. Seriously, how many times can you be on a ship that sinks? This is the diary of a woman who was a ship stewardess and gives an interesting look at the world at that time. One bit that fascinated me was that she learned when the Titanic sank how much she missed her toothbrush after they were rescued. The next time she was on a sinking ship, she got her toothbrush before she went to the lifeboats. Isn't that so typical of life's the little details that seem to get you.

    10. Very scary memoir of a cruise-ship stewardess who survived the sinking of the Titanic, and then went on to -- barely -- survive the sinking of the Britannic. This features an enjoyable, very British kind of understatement and stuffiness. Should prove to be a great deterrent for starry-eyed young women wanting to work on a passenger liner.

    11. Random discount book I picked up that had the most amazing true story about a woman who worked on (and survived) all 3 great ocean liners. Surprisingly, the story remains intriguing even after her years of service on the ships. Loved the eerie ending.

    12. This was a very interesting story, as the editor points out though there are some things that are missing or seen from a different view because it is a memoir. Also she has some memories that are tainted by time (which happens to most of us). But this was interesting because Violet worked on ships during the turn of the century. She was on the Titanic when it sank, and she made it out. Her experiences were looked at from a later date. One of this things that was difficult to get to know some of [...]

    13. I wasn't to sure about this book as in the past I've read books with titles like this and they weren't even about the titanic. This book was no different had about 11 chapters before even talking about the titanic. Yes I know it's good to know a bit about the person before knowing there journey but I just though it was far to long. It had fascinating descriptions of the sinking and I it was very interesting and mind opening.

    14. A truly amazing look at a survivor's view of the Titanic. Violet Jessop managed to be present during 3 mishaps with ships while serving as a stewardess on board. A marvelous story about a woman and what she did with her life, what she gave up and the responsibility she carried. I think it is something that I had never heard of her before and her story was quite inspiring.

    15. Amazing update and presentation of the 1930's manuscript. Jessop was wonderful in her written word and details for the time. Although so much is 'missing' that we would expect today, the update notes make it a thoroughly pleasurable read. First time in a long time I had trouble putting a book down. Now to get a time machine and meet Jessop in person for the questions she has left.

    16. Only a small part is about the Titanic, but this book is a great peek back in time. Her life had trials that we never have to face today. She was a very strong and resilient woman.

    17. My Book Blog allthebookblognamesaretaken.blIn the past I have often had an issue with a book presenting itself as one thing, then becoming something entirely else. This is one case where I am utterly okay with that scenario. I was expecting another recounting solely of Titanic sinking, and was much looking forward to it. Pretty much all the accounts we have of survivors come from passengers, yet here finally was an account of the sinking from someone who worked on the ship. Yet, there are only [...]

    18. Titanic Survivor is a memoire written by Miss Violet Jessop who was on the Titanic that fateful night it hit an iceberg. Miss Jessop was employed by White Star Line as a victualizing stewardess for 1st class passengers. In other words she took care of the needs, in particular food and drink needs, of the rich and famous. In order to support her ill mother and siblings, Violet went to sea at a very young age and retired as a senior citizen. She was a beautiful woman as we see from her photos. She [...]

    19. The "Titanic Survivor" provided a rare glimpse into the Titanic's sinking through the eyes of one lucky survivor, Violet Jessop. I was surprised to learn that not only was Violet Jessop a "Titanic Survivor," but she also survived the sinking of the Britannia a few years later. Until this book, I thought the famed 'Unsinkable' Molly Brown was the only woman to claim that honor. Violet's memoirs were written not long after Titanic, but were rejected by publishing houses! What fools! Found after he [...]

    20. After reading this book it's impossible to say that Violet Jessop led a boring life. These memoirs were fascinating to read, from Violet's childhood through to her employment as a stewardess, her time aboard the doomed Titanic, her role as a nurse during WW1 and her encounters with so many different and brilliantly bizarre people as her return to work as a stewardess took her around the world. Violet tells her story with wonderful wit and insight.Why have I only given the book 4 stars and not 5 [...]

    21. Bought as a tree book new off - it had a blueish cover, later finding it at half price used on ebay.I enjoyed the book so the extra cost was not wasted. Violet Jessop was a Titanic Survivor' and the book includes an exciting description of the sinking though this is only a small part of the book other parts of Violet Jessop's life were interesting.Her childhood in Argentina was affected by illness and the illnesses of other siblings. Her later years were spent at a convent school in Kent run by [...]

    22. Violet was born in 1887 in Argentina. Her parents were Irish immigrants and her mother had many many children (most did not survive) and Violet became a nursemaid, housemaid, basically a surrogate mother to her siblings. The book is a memoir about her amazing life. After her father dies and the families moves back to England, she realizes she needs to help support the family and she becomes a stewardess aboard ships. She spent 40 years on the ocean as a stewardess and she was so well-loved by th [...]

    23. It was an interesting opportunity to read about the life of an ocean liner stewardess back in the first part of the 1900's. And the title is not indicative of the book, because Violet's experiences surviving the Titanic (which I read avidly, wanting all the James Cameron-esque detail I could gather) was really just a passing incident. Her experience surviving the Brittanic was much more dramatic. But overall I was left wanting more. More details, more depth or introspection, more emotion, more a [...]

    24. Really it's 3 1/2. Violet Jessop was a stewardness on the Titanic's first and last voyage. She only takes one chapter for that event, but you won't be disappointed. These are Miss Jessop's memoirs, tho it seems she left a lot out, like a failed marriage and she is very discret about the love of her life. She was born in Argentina which she describes beautifully. Her parents were emigrants. After her beloved father dies the family moves to England. From there Violet goes into service on luxury li [...]

    25. Had a difficult time getting into this book, but was determined to finish and glad I did - the long awaited parts about Violet's experience during the Titanic and the Britannic disasters were actually just a small part of the saga of her life and came late in the story. Since most of her time as a steward on the big ships was during the Victorian era, much of the writing (and even the editor's comments) were in the language of the time, which was sometimes heavy. It was easy to get bogged down o [...]

    26. This book was so much more than I thought it was going to be! I thought the primary focus was the fact that she had survived two huge shipwrecks, but it's really a biography. It starts with her childhood in Argentina and goes through a lot of her adulthood working as a stewardess for various ships. The shipwrecks are only part of the story. The author pulled together her memoirs and made historical and clarifying additions, always in a different font, so you know what it him and what is her. The [...]

    27. I thought this was a great book. It is about an Irish woman who as a young girl started working as a stewardess on an ocean liner and ended up with a 40 year career. She describes how she survived the night of the Titanic sinking and 4 years later when the Britannic started sinking she couldn't believe this was happening again. Her quick wit, sense of humor, easy manner and courage are evident as she recounts many other stories about passengers and her life at sea. Some are funny and some are sa [...]

    28. Violet Jessop decided at an early age to follow her mother's footsteps and become a stewardess on passenger liners and during the course of her long career from 1908-1950 she was on all three of the major ships built by the White Star Line including Olympic, Titanic and Britannic and was on board both Titanic and Britannic when they sank.This book is told second hand by stories and writing left behind by Jessop and while some parts are disjointed it is an interesting look at life aboard the crui [...]

    29. Violet Jessop lived a fascinating life being a stewardess on a variety of passenger ships. She was on the Titantic and Britannic and still continued loving and working on ocean liners. She has great story to tell. Having the additional commentary from John Maxtone-Graham, a marine historian and author, surely helped with explanations and additional information about ships of the time. Ms. Jessop must have been a force while she worked in the victualing department, as it was called at the time, f [...]

    30. Wow, I first noticed this book back in 2008-9 when I was shelving biographies. I finally got the chance to pick it up and read it and I am so glad I did. What an amazing life this woman had. While the fact she survived two very famous shipwrecks is amazing, the rest of the details of her life, including those surrounding those two events are just astonishing. I am in awe of this woman's ability to survive.

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