The Books Of Magic

The Books Of Magic

Neil Gaiman John Bolton Scott Hampton Charles Vess Paul Johnson Roger Zelazny / Apr 02, 2020

The Books Of Magic When year old Tim Hunter travels through the DC Universe in order to decide whether or not to become the world s greatest sorcerer he is guided by the Phantom Stranger John Constantine Doctor Oc

  • Title: The Books Of Magic
  • Author: Neil Gaiman John Bolton Scott Hampton Charles Vess Paul Johnson Roger Zelazny
  • ISBN: 9781852864705
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • When 12 year old Tim Hunter travels through the DC Universe in order to decide whether or not to become the world s greatest sorcerer, he is guided by the Phantom Stranger, John Constantine, Doctor Occult and Mister E, and encounters Eclipso, Merlin, Deadman and other mysterious characters.

    • Unlimited [Classics Book] ✓ The Books Of Magic - by Neil Gaiman John Bolton Scott Hampton Charles Vess Paul Johnson Roger Zelazny ✓
      346 Neil Gaiman John Bolton Scott Hampton Charles Vess Paul Johnson Roger Zelazny
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        Neil Gaiman John Bolton Scott Hampton Charles Vess Paul Johnson Roger Zelazny Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Books Of Magic book, this is one of the most wanted Neil Gaiman John Bolton Scott Hampton Charles Vess Paul Johnson Roger Zelazny author readers around the world.


    1. Rather a who's who of the DC comic world of magic, mixed with a bit of real magic.What? Real magic? As in great storytelling, great art, a big portion of myth and a much more huge portion of fascination? You bet!A kid very much like Harry Potter might have been starts a journey of discovery, with four wise(ass) men from the magical side of Detective Comics, ostensibly to see if he wants to keep upon the path of a magical destiny. Give him the principles and a feel for the cost, show him the dark [...]

    2. Wow! I've already read another comic by Neil Gaiman but this is truly a piece of art!Timothy Hunter is a normal boy, or so it appears. Four men approach him one day - John Constantine, Doctor Occult, Mr. E and Stranger. Of all these characters I only knew Constantine. The four propose to show the boy the ways of magic and put a choice before him (to practice magic or to be "normal").The four issues of this book are the travels he undertakes with each of these "teachers".The first voyage leads th [...]

    3. the artwork in The Books of Magic is splendid, a real treat. John Bolton, Scott Hampton, and Paul Johnson create shadowy, smearily impressionistic, layered, slowly shifting, ambiguously dream-like imagery that throws everything into question, including the narrative itself. classic fairy tale illustrator Charles Vess brings his own unique and enchanting style to his piece; the results are quite different (reminscent of the stylized, now-retro illustrations in old children's books like The Wizard [...]

    4. Hmmm.I'm not sure about this one. There were moments when I had no idea what he was talking about. There were some really cool sections that got me thinking. Sometimes the font changed to a style that was difficult to read. Oddly, G and S looked alike. I own this, so I may have to try this one again at another time.

    5. 17th book read in 2015.Number 213 out of 445 on my all time book list.Follow the link below to see my video review:youtube/watch?v=Uqwko

    6. I once read a breathless and poorly written article about how this book totally ripped off Harry Potter. I mean, PLEASE: bespectacled English kid who can do magic? DUH. (That was the general gist of the article; it also pointed the plagiarism finger at Diana Wynne Jones for her Chrestomanci series. It's just a shame that online articles can't be physically ripped into tiny pieces and stomped upon.) Clearly, anything about bespectacled English kids who can do magic has to be stolen from Harry Pot [...]

    7. This book is magic, simple as that. A bit of a lengthy read, but you don't get the feeling of running around in circles or anything like that. It just flows effortlessly, despite being highbrow in some places, especially the last chapter, Road to Nowhere. (Reminds me to reread it) other than that, this is an amazing feat of textual magic.

    8. Long before J.K. Rowling ever wrote about Harry Potter, there was another owl-toting, bespectacled young wizard with a destiny. And somehow it doesn't surprise me that Neil Gaiman was responsible for that wizard's creation in "The Books of Magic." This brilliant four-part graphic novel is full of shadowy art, strange happenings and wild magic -- and while it was intended to be a story highlighting the more magical DC characters, it ended up taking a life of its own. Timothy Hunter is playing alo [...]

    9. 12 year old Timothy Hunter has been chosen by the Trenchcoat Brigade to discover the lands of magic. Will Timothy be able to choose if he wants to be a magician or not and can he handle the price of doing so? Read on and find out for yourself.This was a pretty good graphic novel by Neil Gaiman. The artwork is great too. It is done by John Bolton who did his book Harlequin Valentine and more. If you love whimsical stories by Neil Gaiman then be sure to check this book out at your local library an [...]

    10. I could not avoid this book any longer if I wanted to keep digging through the backlog of 90s Vertigo. It's just that I had no interest in it -- it looked at a glance like lazy writing covered by amazing art, and that Papyrus title font!It might have just been the font, honestly.Anyway, Books of Magic isn't that great. To be clear, the art is psychotically amazing, to the point that the production value might cheat you into forgetting that this was coming out in 19-friggin-90. Point of fact, San [...]

    11. *Book source ~ LibraryFrom :A quartet of fallen mystics dubbed the "TrenchCoat Brigade" is introduced in this first collection of the adventures of Timothy Hunter. John Constantine, the Phantom Stranger, Dr. Occult, and Mister E take Hunter on a tour of the magical realms. Along the way he's introduced to Vertigo's greatest practitioners of magic and must choose whether or not to join their ranks. The artwork is decent and the story is pretty good. Though I’m not sure I understood parts of it. [...]

    12. Un avis rara maravillosa. Me alegra haber leído este cómic que lamentablemente ya está descatalogado. He disfrutado de los cameos de Constantine, el Fantasma Errante, el Dr Occult y Mister E junto a Tim. Ah y no puedo olvidarme de Espectro, Dr Destino y los Eternos. Tanto si eres un aficionado del cómic con mayúsculas como de Neil Gaiman esta es una joyita que tienes que leer.

    13. Constantine, Mister E, Doctor Occult and the Stranger approach Timothy Hunter, a kid with a potential to wield very powerful magic. They intend to teach him in the ways of magic so he may be able to choose between a regular life or one where he can access magic. Other groups are interested in the kid too. As in they want to kill him, as does Mister E, but he goes along with the others. Each member of the Trenchcoat Brigade will take Tim to meet people attuned to various aspects of magic in the p [...]

    14. Despite my geekiness, I'm a relatively new reader of graphic novels and manga. This means I missed most of Neil Gaiman's early works and I'm only now catching up. I've read a few reviews of The Books of Magic that suggest reading the Sandman series first but I didn't and that choice didn't seem to inhibit my enjoyment of this four part miniseries.The Books of Magic is a four part miniseries all written by Neil Gaiman with each volume illustrated by a different artist. They are a tour of the magi [...]

    15. I've always thought that this book's main strength was as a magical tour of the DC universe — Neil Gaiman's take on Marv Wolfman's History of the DC Universe. And, it's rather magnificent in that regard, recording everything from Arion to the Legion.But, it's also a great building block of the Vertigo Universe. It creates the Trenchcoat Brigade, introduces Tim Hunter, reinvents Dr. Occult, and revamps Mr. E. The third issue, on Faerie, is the best in this regard — and also generally my favo [...]

    16. Oh! The artwork in this is SO beautiful - for that alone I would recommend people read this!The story follows Timothy Hunter and his discovery of magic, through a 'magical mystery tour' as John Constantine so aptly puts it. He is taken on this tour by the aforementioned John Constantine, Dr Occult, Mr E, and the Stranger, in order to understand a little of the past, present and future of magic, as well as some of the other worlds which touch upon ours.The reason for this tour is to give Tim a ch [...]

    17. I first remember encountering The Books of Magic sometime in the mid-'90s, when I was just starting high school. I had exactly one comic from the series that I read over and over when I ran out of Sandman to read. Flash forward many, many years later and here I am with the power to purchase graphic novels for my library. Ordering a new edition of Books of Magic? Total no-brainer. At the age of 12, Timothy doesn't believe in magic. Then he's approached by some very strange and slightly sinister m [...]

    18. Overall rating: 4.5I regret leaving this unread on my shelves for 2 years. This was a complete joy to read. "The Books of Magic" is a story in three parts about a twelve year old Tim Hunter who must make a choice to join the magic realm and become the most powerful mage of this age. The kicker is that he is pulled strongly to both the light and the dark sides. The Neil Gaiman-y touch is that this graphic novel collection ends at the beginning of Tim's story. "The Books of Magic" features SO many [...]

    19. Nem vale a pena gastar muitas linhas com esta obra. Claramente a melhor da terceira série da Col. Novela Gráfica, instantaneamente a par do Mort Cinder (primeira série) como título favorito lançado até agora nesta excelente parceria do Público, que merecia maior adesão (os jornais precisam cada vez mais disto para saírem das bancas).O Timothy Hunter até parece o Harry Potter, podia ser um ponto de partida para os fans lerem a sua primeira obra de literatura. Conhecerem um mundo novo (o [...]

    20. NOTE: This is best read AFTER you've read the Sandman series. A great tale from my favorite part of the DCU - the magic, generally undead world (the one I lump Sandman, Swamp Thing, Spectre, Deadman, Constantine, the Demon Etrigan, etc), with some great characters that don't get a lot of facetime in other books. The art is phenomenal, and I got that great magical feeling I got reading books 3 & 4 of Sandman (my 2 faves). So if you liked that series, and want a little more, check this out. It [...]

    21. Yes the kid looks like Harry Potter and yes he has an owl and yes he is a wizard, other then that, this is not Harry Potter at all. This focuses on the magic of the DC/Vertigo Universe. It's more about the definition of magic according to DC/Vertigo. What really makes this book though is the art. I loved Vess's work the best. Only thing I don't like, this is a prequel to what later on became a series. Having read this now, trying to find the rest of the series isn't going to happen anytime soon. [...]

    22. This is one of Gaiman's criminally under-appreciated works, overshadowed by the Sandman series and more commercial successes. However, far beyond being a rip-off of T.H. White or a blueprint for Harry Potter, The Books of Magic serves both as an introduction to the occult and mystical side of the extended DC-verse and as a rumination on the power of magic, imagination, and metaphor.

    23. It was fun, but I just didn't find it intriguing the way I found The Unwritten. It felt a bit heavy-handed about it's ideas about other worlds and magic, like it was preaching to the choir. But I'm interested to see where the next author takes the series. It doesn't really indicate any direction at the end, it could go anywhere at all.

    24. ¿Había duda de que le iba a poner 5 estrellas a este cómic?Este es un tour por el (los) mundo(s) mágico(s), al mismo tiempo que un tour por DC Cómics/Vértigo. Lo curioso es que se puede leer casi en su totalidad sin saber una pizca de información de DC, e incluso sin creer en la magia. El objetivo de Gaiman es quitarte lo segundo y, tal vez, empujarte hacia lo primero. Este libro es magia pura.

    25. Skvělé připomenutí Knih magie, tentokrát v komiksové podobě. Tenhle grafický román přináší příběh první knihy stejnojmenné série z pera Carly Jablonski (která knižní sérii psala na motivy Neila Gaimana). Více v samostatné recenzi, nicméně tohle byl skvost - po obsahové i formální stránce. Sice tomu chybělo něco speciálního, aby si to zasloužilo plný počet hvězd, ale i tak to bylo fantaskní!

    26. Read this again after years have gone by. Still love it. Knowing what happens to Tim Hunter in the series after this mini-series, it is fun seeing his eyes being opened to possibilities. It was fun to go back

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