Cat Coming Home

Cat Coming Home

Shirley Rousseau Murphy / Apr 09, 2020

Cat Coming Home That was no accident Escaping Los Angeles and theugly memories of her son s recentmurder Maudie Toola returns to her childhood home of Molena Point with her orphaned grandson facing the upcoming Chr

  • Title: Cat Coming Home
  • Author: Shirley Rousseau Murphy
  • ISBN: 9780061806957
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback
  • That was no accident Escaping Los Angeles and theugly memories of her son s recentmurder, Maudie Toola returns to her childhood home of Molena Point with her orphaned grandson, facing the upcoming Christmas holiday with trepidation But she is not aware that the small seaside village is being plagued by a series of brutal attacks on single women orthat the heartles That was no accident Escaping Los Angeles and theugly memories of her son s recentmurder, Maudie Toola returns to her childhood home of Molena Point with her orphaned grandson, facing the upcoming Christmas holiday with trepidation But she is not aware that the small seaside village is being plagued by a series of brutal attacks on single women orthat the heartless fiend who shattered her world hasfollowed her here.Feline sleuth Joe Grey and his cat pals have a lot on their dish this holiday season, and it overflows when an elderly wandering tomcat appears on the scene bearing an important message from a state prisoner for the chief of police But this lonely old cat also has a personal agenda as does Maudie Toola, who knows than she s telling about her son s killer.

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        Shirley Rousseau Murphy is the author of over 40 books, including the award winning Joe Grey cat mystery series and three other novels for adults, the Dragonbards Trilogy and for young adults, and many books for children She grew up in southern California, riding and showing the horses her father trained After attending the San Francisco Art institute she worked as an interior designer, and later exhibited paintings and welded metal sculpture in the West Coast juried shows Her work could also be seen in many traveling shows in the western States and Mexico When my husband Pat and I moved to Panama for a four year tour in his position with the U S Courts, I put away the paints and welding torches, and began to write, she says After leaving Panama, they lived in Oregon, Atlanta, and northern Georgia During that time she wrote her children s and YA books, winning five Dixie Council of Authors and Journalists awards.Murphy now lives in Carmel, California, to which she and her husband moved when he retired as Chief U.S Probation Officer for the Northern District of Georgia She has so far published 19 books in the Joe Grey series and is working on another She welcomes email from her readers, which can be sent to srm srmurphy or through the contact form at her website srmurphy.


    1. A fun new series for me and what a better way to start than with a feel good Christmas read. A small town is being terrorized by some strange events of vandalism that just don't add up. The locals are perplexed until some anonymous calls start coming into the police department and they are able to start to get a handle on these acts of violence. I don't think it is necessary to start this series at the beginning but it would help to get to know the personalities of these Katty cats better. I alr [...]

    2. CAT COMING HOMEBy Shirley Rousseau MurphyWilliam Morrow, 2010 (10/26/10)ISBN: 9780061806933CAT COMING HOME is an excellent addition to the mystery series featuring feline Joe Grey and his pals in a small town nestled among the hills next to the sea. Molena Point, California is home to a unique breed of cat, one that is capable of reading and speaking the human language. Please don’t jump to the conclusion that this must then be some implausible, cutesy tale of talking cats; it is not. The abil [...]

    3. Shirley Rousseau Murphy has garnered legions of fans with her cat sleuth P.I. Joe Grey and the feline he fancies, Dulcie - she’s sure to win more with the 16th in this award winning series, CAT COMING HOME. Murphy manages to fill her stories with sufficient amounts of mystery, mayhem and murder to satisfy and still keep it within the bounds of believable feline activity. (So says this owner of two cats who rule not only the roost but our hearts, too). Now, if there are naysayers claiming th [...]

    4. #16 Joe Grey/Dulcie, Molena Point, Northern California; fantastical cosy/PI. With a title like this and with such a cute, Christmas-y cover, you'd expect the latest in Rousseau Murphy's long-running series about the talking cats of Molena Point to be extremely sweet, adorable, in fact, and possibly the stories reminiscent of the later "cat who" books - simple, sweet, cute, right?DON'T BE FOOLED!Yes, the time frame is just before Christmas, and the setting is that impossibly beautiful, nearly imp [...]

    5. I have never read a Joe Grey mystery before, so, oddly enough the 16th book in this series is my introduction to them. What an introduction! Mostly, I've read cat mysteries where the cat gives hints that they know something is afoot, but never before have I read of speaking cats! It was such a unique and cute concept I let my curiosity get to me and kept reading. I've obviously missed many great plot lines and characters in the past, but this one was very enthralling. It's interesting to see how [...]

    6. I hadn't heard of this author or series before I read this book--I grabbed it right before the library was closing without reading more than the inside flaps, thinking it might be a good quick read. I really enjoy Lilian Jackson Braun's The Cat Who series when I am in the mood for something lighthearted, and I thought this might be similarly enjoyable. If I had known that the cats not only talk but can also read and dial cellphones (and see clearly in color and enjoy eating spaghetti), I never w [...]

    7. Imagine a scenario where a few cats in the world can understand and speak human language, and even use a telephone, and you have the premise upon which this series rests. Sounds absurd I know, but this author has crafted the tale so well, in such a compelling mystery with interesting characters, that I found myself just going along with the idea. This is number 16 in the series and was a free Kindle book, but my appetite is definitely whetted to start with number 1 and catch up.

    8. The 16th book in this series, and a Christmas themed adventure, though Christmas is not the front-and-center theme. Because of the cats, many people might see these books as typical cutesy cosy kitty-cat mysteries — until they read one, especially this one that starts out with a particularly brutal murder. The arc of the book is the solution to that murder, plus the introduction of a new wise-old cat to the series. It is a very good read, if a little darker than some of the other books. There [...]

    9. After her son and his wife are shot, Maudie Toola returns to her childhood home of seaside village Molena Point to make a new life with her grandson. Is Maudie in danger because the shooter thinks she can identify him? Meanwhile, violent home invasions are plaguing Molena Point. I love this series because the featured cats talk and help solve crimes. This book features the added addition of a new tomcat and I hope he will stick around!

    10. Great readThis was a very good book. Loved the way the background was laid out. Cats can be very smart An warm companions

    11. This was by far one of my favorite Joe Grey mysteries so far! I am on to the next--Cat on the Money (short story) and Cat Telling Tales. I love the "new" cat and hope he stays around.

    12. A special mysteryA great who done it with plot twists to befuddle even the best armchair sleuth.New characters to enrich future books.

    13. A rereadI realized I had read this before but I enjoy the cats and the people so I read it again Great book

    14. I received this book as part of the First Reads program. I was quite excited to see it listed and was thrilled to be selected to receive a copy. As another reviewer mentioned, a book by Shirley Rousseau Murphy is an automatic purchase. I totally agree. I still remember the first in the Joe Grey series, Cat on the Edge. Having been a fan of Rita Mae Brown's pet mysteries, I was fascinated to find that Murphy's feline sleuths are not your average pets. Joe deciding to let his human know for the f [...]

    15. Book #6 ?Apparently there are 17books (so far) in this series. This book was free so that's why I got itI will go back and start at the beginning and read thru to current #17. HOWEVER, I almost trashed this book because the first chapter was poorly enter in kindle. Poor typing, sentences started in the middle or ending in the middle. Paragraphs starting in the middle, or ending with open sentence. And paragraphs repeating and out of order. POOR JOB . Again almost trashed the book but the second [...]

    16. A Wonderful Christmas MysteryIt's Christmas time at Molina Point, but all is not well. There have been a series of home invasions during which single women are assaulted, and the police cannot seem to stop them. Into this situation comes Maudie Toolie and her young grandson Benny who have been through terrors of their own. Benny and Maudi were passengers in a car during which Maudie's son (Bennie's father) was murdered by a passing motorist. The killer has not been caught and although Maudie has [...]

    17. A series of home invasions are occurring in Molena Point. There no clues,as to who is doing it. Two to four men break into a home where there is lone woman and beat her up and destroy the house. Someone is trying to hurt the MPPD and Max Harper. Joe and Dulcie are watching Ryan add a quilting room for a newcomer, Maudie and Grandson Bennie who recovering from a drive by shooting near Los Angeles.The cat realize there is strangle Tom Cat around but Joe and Dulcie are not interested as long as he [...]

    18. Joe Grey is a very special cat. He can speak to people and so can several of his friends but they are very selective as to whom they allow to know about their abilities. Joe and his friends are also great mystery solvers and in this case they are trying to find out who is attacking the single women in their village.Maudie Toola and her grandson are new to the village. Maudie's son and daughter-in-law were murdered a year earlier. She moved into town to get away from the memories and fears of her [...]

    19. This is exactly the sort of book that's fun to read around Christmas. It's a fairly standard crime novel, not too gory or violent, with a fantastical twist--the cat "detectives" can talk. Corny as that may sound and unrealistic as it is, it was a fun read. I've never read any cat-solves-the-crime sorts of books, though I know many exist, and I'm glad I finally did. Good for when you don't want something too involved or deep, but still interesting enough to sink your teeth into.It's by no means a [...]

    20. Starting with the previous book, I have noticed a change in the style of Murphy's writing. Most notable, is the use of profanity among the characters. Granted, it is light cursing (e.g. "hell" and "damn"), but it is not the kind of writing I expect from this author. It began as a characterization technique. The villain was mean enough, and apparently uneducated enough to have to resort to this type of language. However, in this book, it has escalated to include characters such as Dulcie and Joe [...]

    21. What can I say but another adventure for Joe Grey and his special cat friends who can comunnicate with their people. This time a woman and her grandson return to Molena Point after her son and his wife are killed one night on the road in Southern California. The only witnesses were the grandson, his step-sister and his grandmother but none can remember seeing who shot the parents. House breakins are happening in broad daylight and the victims (women) are beaten severly. Nothing of value is reall [...]

    22. I am a sucker for Christmas novels and this has an added bonus as a cat mystery. But, I was sadly disappointed with this novel. The story moves too far from reality. As a cat an owner and lover, I understand the unique personality of a cat. Murphy presents cats with more intelligence than the humans in the story. Lilian Jackson Braun presents a more believable story with her "the cat who" series. Many times, the dialog is confusing, who is talking, the cat or the human. Also, the agility of the [...]

    23. Next in my Christmas cozy quest, I present “Cat Coming Home,” by Shirley Rousseau Murphy. This is part of a renowned series and Murphy is a nine-time Cat Writers’ Association Award winner (did you know there is a Cat Writer’s Association??? There is!!!). I got halfway through before giving up. I love “The Cat Who” books and talking cat detectives at Christmas sounds cute, but the story was dull and often grim. As an audio book, the dullness was exacerbated by a dull reader. It's well [...]

    24. i just found out i won this. cant wait to get it and start reading! looks really cute!while this book may be better suited for a younger reader, i am enjoying trying to figure out where it is taking place. i live what must be nearby on the central coaste cats need to have better eating habits, the meals dont seem healthy for cats, even talking ones!glad it had a good ending. page 62 gave a clue about the location of the village, but i dont think there is really a place there. the author lives in [...]

    25. I had read several of the Joe Grey mysteries before and missed them, so I searched the library for some I had not read. I enjoyed this one a lot. I not only love the talking cats and their tracking dog friend Rock, but the residents of the village of tiny Molena Point, CA seem like friends. It is amazing how much action there always is in such a tiny place! Misto, the aged yellow cat, was an interesting addition to the kitty crew. I hope to see him again and hope Kit finds the feline soul mate s [...]

    26. Not the best Joe Grey but I always enjoy visiting Molena Point. For a holiday entry this was very low-key holiday-wise apart from lots of friends & family gatherings. Many bad guys got comeuppance but enough loose ends were left to pick up in future volumes. Enjoyed the appearance of new cat, Misto, and hope he will lead us to more background on the race of speaking cats. [must re-read Catswold Portal!] Looking forward to more Joe Grey books.

    27. This book was a little slow for me. The plot was pretty generic aside from the coincidence of everyone knowing each other. It's better written for pet lovers, especially cats, then it is for mystery lovers. I did have some trouble following the characters and their background but that's more because I haven't read the rest of the series and catching up on each character would most likely slow the book down even further.

    28. Okay, this is the series where the cats talk. If you can't deal with that, don't read the series. I happen to find it intriguing and fun. The idea that in this electronic age cats could call in tips to the suspicious police chief without being nailed is maybe more unbelievable than the talking cats, but hey. It's all in good fun, and Joe Grey, Dulcie and Kit rule the roost. This particular entry, put out in December, 2011, is one of the better ones in the series.

    29. Another terrific entry, the 16th, in the delightful Joe Grey series, which is one of my favorites. These books are auto-buys for me! This one is set at Christmastime, with a series of brutal home invasions in Molena Point interrupting the festivities. I love the regular characters, both feline and human, all of whom are likable and intelligent, and the story is suspenseful, enchanting and heartwarming. A great read for both cat lovers and those who enjoy a good murder mystery or thriller.

    30. A new series for me, the premise is a little tricky to wrap my brain around. I enjoyed it - but was also really aware of having to suspend disbelief. I'll try another in the series to see if the scenario grows on me. The plot was good, although everything is so contingent upon the basic scenario with the animals that it was hard to separate my raised eyebrow from the story-line.Even so, a solid 3 - and the audiobook narrator did a great job.

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