Peril At End House

Peril At End House

Agatha Christie / Jun 03, 2020

Peril At End House Hercule Poirot is vacationing on the Cornish coast when he meets Nick Buckly Nick is the young and reckless mistress of End House an imposing structure perched on the rocky cliffs of St Loo Poirot ha

  • Title: Peril At End House
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: 9780006166139
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hercule Poirot is vacationing on the Cornish coast when he meets Nick Buckly Nick is the young and reckless mistress of End House, an imposing structure perched on the rocky cliffs of St Loo.Poirot has taken a particular interest in the young woman who has recently narrowly escaped a series of life threatening accidents Something tells the Belgian sleuth that these so cHercule Poirot is vacationing on the Cornish coast when he meets Nick Buckly Nick is the young and reckless mistress of End House, an imposing structure perched on the rocky cliffs of St Loo.Poirot has taken a particular interest in the young woman who has recently narrowly escaped a series of life threatening accidents Something tells the Belgian sleuth that these so called accidents are than just mere coincidences or a spate of bad luck It seems all too clear to him that someone is trying to do away with poor Nick, but who And, what is the motive In his quest for answers, Poirot must delve into the dark history of End House The deeper he gets into his investigation, the certain he is that the killer will soon strike again And, this time, Nick may not escape with her life.

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        Agatha Christie also wrote romance novels under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name Agatha Christie Mallowan.Agatha Christie is the best selling author of all time She wrote eighty crime novels and story collections, fourteen plays, and several other books Her books have sold roughly four billion copies and have been translated into 45 languages She is the creator of the two most enduring figures in crime literature Hercule Poirot and Miss Jane Marple and author of The Mousetrap, the longest running play in the history of modern theatre Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller was born in Torquay, Devon, England, U.K as the youngest of three The Millers had two other children Margaret Frary Miller 1879 1950 , called Madge, who was eleven years Agatha s senior, and Louis Montant Miller 1880 1929 , called Monty, ten years older than Agatha During the First World War, she worked at a hospital as a nurse later working at a hospital pharmacy, a job that influenced her work, as many of the murders in her books are carried out with poison.On Christmas Eve 1914 Agatha married Archibald Christie, an aviator in the Royal Flying Corps The couple had one daughter, Rosalind Hicks They divorced in 1928, two years after Christie discovered her husband was having an affair.Her first novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, came out in 1920 During this marriage, Agatha published six novels, a collection of short stories, and a number of short stories in magazines.In late 1926, Agatha s husband, Archie, revealed that he was in love with another woman, Nancy Neele, and wanted a divorce On 8 December 1926 the couple quarreled, and Archie Christie left their house Styles in Sunningdale, Berkshire, to spend the weekend with his mistress at Godalming, Surrey That same evening Agatha disappeared from her home, leaving behind a letter for her secretary saying that she was going to Yorkshire Her disappearance caused an outcry from the public, many of whom were admirers of her novels Despite a massive manhunt, she was not found for eleven days.In 1930, Christie married archaeologist Max Mallowan Sir Max from 1968 after joining him in an archaeological dig Their marriage was especially happy in the early years and remained so until Christie s death in 1976 In 1977, Mallowan married his longtime associate, Barbara Parker.Christie frequently used familiar settings for her stories Christie s travels with Mallowan contributed background to several of her novels set in the Middle East Other novels such as And Then There Were None were set in and around Torquay, where she was born Christie s 1934 novel Murder on the Orient Express was written in the Hotel Pera Palace in Istanbul, Turkey, the southern terminus of the railway The hotel maintains Christie s room as a memorial to the author The Greenway Estate in Devon, acquired by the couple as a summer residence in 1938, is now in the care of the National Trust.Christie often stayed at Abney Hall in Cheshire, which was owned by her brother in law, James Watts She based at least two of her stories on the hall the short story The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding, which is in the story collection of the same name, and the novel After the Funeral Abney became Agatha s greatest inspiration for country house life, with all the servants and grandeur which have been woven into her plots.During the Second World War, Christie worked in the pharmacy at University College Hospital of University College, London, where she acquired a knowledge of poisons that she put to good use in her post war crime novels To honour her many literary works, she was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire in the 1956 New Year Honours The next year, she became the President of the Detection Club In the 1971 New Year Honours she was promoted Dame Commande


    1. I always enjoy a nice Agatha Christie book. She can be relied upon to be entertaining and a bit tricky. Peril at End House is normal Hercule Poirot fare. The characters are mostly English upper class, the setting is an English country house and Poirot gently mocks nearly everyone. Interestingly even he seems to be initially confused by the situation as a murder actually takes place on his watch. Of course eventually he comes to grip with the proceedings and displays the murderer to great effect [...]

    2. I picked it up at random, and was wondering if I would get to read a decent mystery novel; I wasn't left disappointed. Agatha Christie can weave a mystery out of anything, I guess. She creates an atmosphere of certain mystery and unease that pulls all your attention and creates a craving to know more, thereby getting you hooked without letting you know . This one got me hooked from the first chapter. Until I finished. The solution is ingenious, and unprecedented. Recommended.

    3. Peril at End House (Hercule Poirot #8), Agatha ChristiePeril at End House is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie first published in the US by the Dodd, Mead and Company in February 1932 and in the UK by the Collins Crime Club in March of the same year. The book features Christie's famous character Hercule Poirot, as well as Arthur Hastings and Chief Inspector Japp. Poirot and Hastings vacation in Cornwall, meeting young Magdala "Nick" Buckley and her friends. He is persuaded that some [...]

    4. Some books don't stand up to rereading. This is one of them.The characters are mostly a bit ridiculous (including Poirot's faithful sidekick, Hastings) & too many of them are very shady.There are too many coincidences.The crimes are too unlikely.Lastly not (view spoiler)[ one but two criminals are effectively let off the hook? (hide spoiler)]Poor show Christie - dashed poor show!

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    7. The best Agatha Christie novel I've read in a long time. Not simply because the mystery is so deliciously confusing and leaves Poirot 50 different shades of puzzled, not because we get to see a much more human and emotional Poirot, but very much because it has such a dazzling cast of characters, and reminded me more than anything of Paris in the 1920's. I was reading this and I really wanted to see the adaption of it on the big screen, because I had these great images in my head. Especially our [...]

    8. Ohmygod an Italian newspaper is publishing a series of 30 Agatha Christie's books, one per week, and some of them are books that cannot be found even in the best-furnished bookshops. OHMYGOD my life is complete. Finally a chance to complete my Poirot collection.(I got this one today. My preciousss.)

    9. وكلما ظننتَ أنك ذكيًاأتت أجاثا كريستي لتتلاعب بذكائك تلاعب القط بالفأروقت فى البداية في فخ الترجمة المعتاد إذ تحور العنوان من "خطر فى البيت الأخير" إلى"بيت الرعب"ثم إذا بالرواية على غير ما يوحي العنوان تمامًافإذا غضينا البصر عن صدمة العنوان الأولىفقد استمتعت بالرواية كثيرً [...]

    10. Another Christie reread. Hercule Poirot is vacationing on the Cornish coast. He has been rejoined by Captain Hastings who is temporarily back from his farm in Argentina. Poirot, even though he has stopped growing vegetable marrows(see The Murder of Roger Ackroyd), insists that he is still retired - he even refuses a government commission, much to Hastings's indignation. However, it seems murder will not leave him aloneMagdala ("Nick") Buckley, the owner of End House, is in trouble. Somebody is t [...]

    11. 4 Stars - Great bookThere's a reason Agatha Christie is dubbed the Queen of Mystery and this book shows readers why. I had forgotten just how good a Christie mystery can be. It's fully of intrigue and questions, intellect and even a little humor. Even if mystery isn't your genre you should give Christie a try - her books may surprise you.I don't have too much to say about this book other than it was just wonderful. It's a classic mystery and I couldn't ask for anything more. The writing is lovel [...]

    12. أربعة عناوين لقصص مختلفة، يحتويها الكتاب:١_ الصواريخ. ٢- الجريمة الكاملة. ٣- لعبة الموت. ٤- صندوق الشيكولاتة. كل منها مختلف الإسلوب و الحبكة أجاثا البارعة في جعلك مشدودا، حائرا ، شاكا في الجميع!

    13. Reference NotesSeries: Hercule Poirot #9 (1932)Narrator: HastingsRecurring Character: Scotland Yard's Detective Inspector James JappIntended Victim: Ms. Nick BuckleyVictim: Ms. Maggie Buckley (Nick's cousin)COD: GunshotSuspects:Mrs. Frederica "Freddy" Rice (Nick's friend)Mr. Jim Lazarus (Nick's friend)Commander George Challenger (Nick's friend)Mr. Charles Vyse (Nick's cousin)Mr. and Mrs. Croft (Nick's tennants)Mr. and Mrs. Wilson (End House's gardener and housekeeper/maid)Strange Fact: At one po [...]

    14. I almost never rate a Christie book lower than 4 stars, because I just love her writing. I won't go as far as saying she's the best writer in the history of the world, but she's a master of her genre and I always enjoy her books. They're such wonderful comfort food, enjoyable and untaxing to read but still with interesting and compelling stories that make you want to find out whodunnit.However I find Peril at End House is one of her less enjoyable books. I can't explain why. Maybe it's because I [...]

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    16. Peril at End House was a great mystery to follow. It did not pretended to be anything than a straight forward murder mystery. There was hardly any social commentary - and none of which I remember to be dubious (well, not as dubious as some of Dame Agatha's other ones), and I did not guess the murderer until the very end. It also had some of the delightful conversations where Poirot pokes fun at Hastings - either about his understanding of women or his admiration for the capabilities of English s [...]

    17. بوارو العجوز المسكين ، حين تستخدمه و تسّيره بنت (شيطانية) صغيرة ، لتحقيق هدفها الإجرامي !متى ؟ و كيف ؟ سينتبه بوارو إلى خدعتها ؟ :) كالعادة رواية مثيرة من روايات اجاثا كريستي ، و بطلها (بوارو) المحقق الخاص ، البلجيكي الأصل

    18. "Poirot," I said. "I have been thinking.""An admirable exercise, my friend. Continue it."One of the best of the Poirot cases, to be honest. That ending was so not what I expected. (Is it ever any other way with Agatha Christie?)

    19. End House looks like a haunted house, after all an old man the kids called Satan lived there. But, now his vivacious young niece is the owner. She’s done some improving inside the money pit.Meanwhile someone is trying to kill her. Why? Enter Poirot. He will find the answers and stop her murder. But who will be sacrificed?A good mystery, but since I figured it out early I’m not as impressed as I usually am at Agatha Christie’s twists. How cynical is that? Hahah!

    20. Okay and now I'm back into this wonderful mystery world again.Peril at End House is another wonderful Hercule Poirot mystery novel. However, it is completely narrated by Captain Hastings! Which I absolutely loved because I've grown very fond of Poirot and Hastings. Anyways, while the two of them are on holiday they end up meeting Miss Nick Barkley. First, I love that her name is Nick. She is also the owner of the End House - where several strange accidents occur. Poirot does his detective thing [...]

    21. “Evil never goes unpunished, Monsieur. But the punishment is sometimes secret.” ― Agatha Christie, Peril at End House#8 of 39 completed! While on holiday in Cornwall, the elderly Belgian detective who just can’t seem to retire, Hercule Poirot, meets flapper Nick Buckley, who has recently survived three near-fatal mishaps, including just narrowly being missed by a falling boulder, having her brakes fail, and having a heavy painting fall on her bed, and when they are discussing these occur [...]

    22. Nick Buckley meets Hercule Poirot and his side kick - Hastings, who narrates this ingenious mystery. Nick seems to be in danger and Poirot is determined to protect her from whoever appears to want her dead after he picks up her hat which has a bullet hole in it. She herself tells him about some lucky escapes from an assortment of potentially fatal accidents. Who could want her dead? Poirot and Hastings are puzzled.Gradually the evidence builds up which suggests Nick is in danger. Can Poirot prev [...]

    23. This one was very enjoyable. Poirot is on holiday (poor chap - never took a holiday that didn't turn into work for him!) and he comes across a vivacious young girl who has several attempts made on her life. Poirot steps into the scene but someone gets murdered by mistake. Eventually, the truth comes to light but not before a number of red herrings. The investigation gets more confused because there is a forgery as well. The plot was great and so were the characters. But what I really enjoyed was [...]

    24. Hercule Poirot and his friend, Captain Hastings, are relaxing peacefully on holiday in Cornwall. This soon changes when they meet a young lady at their hotel. She lives nearby and during a conversation she reveals some worrying information. Poirot's interest is sparked and he soon realises she is in great danger. Poirot decides he must protect her and begins investigations with Hastings help. This was a very witty, engrossing book with plot twists, amusing dialogue and entertaining characters. A [...]

    25. This is such an outstanding example of when the Poirot books work, they really work. You do get some overly description deductions, but honestly I didn't mind. I recall being floored as anything when the final solution came since I honestly didn't see it coming. Re-reading this for the second time was fun. I thought I had a paperback of this, but ended up just shelling out for the Kindle version since it's not in the Christie section on my bookshelves (probably in a pile of books somewhere in th [...]

    26. Peril at End HouseMy First Time!This book, I know, will always hold a special place in my heart because this is the first Agatha Christie book I’ve ever read! Okay, I don’t know if that’s really as *gasp* worthy as my (melodramatic) imagination wants to believe, but it’s a big thing for me, guys, okay? Of course, I’ve know about Christie since forever (and being a Doctor Who fan have been interested in reading her since “The Unicorn and the Wasp” (fantastic episode, absolutely sple [...]

    27. I caught only vague snatches of Poirot, televised versions, during my formative years. My parents, once in a while, pulled out their dusty videotapes with David Suchet; I knew the impressively-mustached face, was familiar with the smug French accent so naturally belonging to it. Until now, unfortunately, I'd never read any of Agatha Christie's Poirot. I was loyal to Sherlock Holmes, or so I thought. I had no idea what I was missing. Make no mistake, I still adore Holmes, but I also find I'm deli [...]

    28. From BBC Radio 4 Extra:Episode 1: Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot is on holiday in Cornwall when a bullet lands at his feet at the Majestic HotelEpisode 2: Hercule Poirot and Captain Hastings attend Maggie Buckley's dinner party and make a startling discovery.Episode 3: Hercule Poirot discovers the identity of the body - and then turns his attention to some old letters.Episode 4: Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot and Captain Hastings head to London to meet up with Chief Inspector Japp.Episode 5: Hercu [...]

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    30. This was a fairly enjoyable Poirot installment, with an interesting play on the typical formula. Poirot and Hastings start out on holiday, with nothing to induce Poirot (per his own proclamation) into taking on a new case aside from a bullet whizzing past his head. Of course, that very thing nearly happens, but instead of the egg-shaped head, the aforementioned bullet forces a hole through the hat of the charmingly modern young lady introduced as Nick Buckley. Missing her noggin, but doing just [...]

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