The Thirteenth Child

The Thirteenth Child

J.L. O'Faolain / Jan 23, 2020

The Thirteenth Child Immortal sidhe Tuulois MacColewyn is living rough After nearly two centuries of life as one of Faerie Queen Titania s prized wolves and a handful of years as a Roaring Twenties mob boss s favorite enf

  • Title: The Thirteenth Child
  • Author: J.L. O'Faolain
  • ISBN: 9781613720042
  • Page: 151
  • Format: ebook
  • Immortal sidhe Tuulois MacColewyn is living rough After nearly two centuries of life as one of Faerie Queen Titania s prized wolves and a handful of years as a Roaring Twenties mob boss s favorite enforcer, he s now exiled to New York, making rent doing dirty jobs for other fey outcasts He used to consult on the occult for Detective James Corhagen at the NYPD, but sinceImmortal sidhe Tuulois MacColewyn is living rough After nearly two centuries of life as one of Faerie Queen Titania s prized wolves and a handful of years as a Roaring Twenties mob boss s favorite enforcer, he s now exiled to New York, making rent doing dirty jobs for other fey outcasts He used to consult on the occult for Detective James Corhagen at the NYPD, but since their highly combustible friendship burned itself out a year ago, Cole hasn t heard from him.All that changes when Corhagen summons Cole right out of his shower and into the middle of a crime scene The NYPD is facing a rash of messy black magic murders, complete with exploding hearts and very little forensic evidence, not to mention the sinister disappearance of several half fey children However hard he tries to deny it and his inconvenient attraction to the sidhe Corhagen needs Cole s help A persistent police inspector rounds out the team, but when their investigation comes too close to the truth, suddenly it s their lives on the line With a powerful killer on the loose, Cole, James, and Inspector Vallimun must race against time to stop the monster out to claim the thirteenth child.

    The Thirteenth Child a fairytale opera by Poul Ruders The Thirteenth Child Greetings, and welcome to The Thirteenth Child webpage In April of , the Danish composer Poul Ruders finished composing a fairytale opera in two acts, entitled The Thirteenth Child. Thirteenth Child Frontier Magic, by Patricia C Wrede The Thirteenth Child tells the story of Eff Rothmer, a thirteenth child Her twin brother, Lan, is a double seventh child, a position of great magical power and potential Unfortunately for Eff, the thirteenth child is said to be cursed, hazardous to those around them, and even evil. Thirteenth Child Frontier Magic Oct , Eff was born a thirteenth child Her twin brother, Lan, is the seventh son of a seventh son This means he s supposed to possess amazing talent and she s supposed to bring only bad things to her family and her town. The Thirteenth Child Santa Fe Opera A paranoid king banishes his twelve sons in favor of Lyra, the thirteenth child When Princess Lyra learns about her long lost brothers, she embarks on a quest to find them Like all the best fairy tales, it has an enchanted forest, riddles, a handsome prince, a horrible mistake, and a nearly impossible feat for Princess Lyra to perform if everything is to be put right. Ruders The Thirteenth Child review Andrew Clements s Jul , The Thirteenth Child was jointly commissioned by Santa Fe and the Odense Symphony, and this recording was made in Denmark and New York in and , and released to coincide with the premiere BWW Review THE THIRTEENTH CHILD at Santa Fe Opera THE THIRTEENTH CHILD is a fine new opera that can again be seen at Santa Fe Opera on July , August , , and st Photo Ken Howard for Santa Fe Opera

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    1. 3.5 starsThe Thirteenth Child is the first in the series of thirteen planned books. I'm not sure how it was marketed, but it's obvious the publisher didn't do a very good job if so many readers expected romance and got urban fantasy instead. They didn't do any favors to the author and they also missed the opportunity to attract the new readers - those who prefer this genre over romance. I have to comment on something at the beginning because I've read the complaints from other reviewers. Like ma [...]

    2. 3.5OVER THE TOP is the first and last thing that comes to mind concerning this book. I knew two things going into this read from sneaking a peek at a few reviews: it was an urban fantasy in every sense of the word and not to expect any romance whatsoever. This was fine as I'm trying to stretch my fantasy limits and taking a break from romance can make going back to romance that much better.I have to agree with Feliz when she mentioned this book was crammed with just about every type of creature [...]

    3. There is zero romance in this book, so I went into reading this with expectations that were not met. Plus, Cole fantasises about a possible future with his (female) roommate and at the end he sleeps with another woman for comfort. Too many women for my taste. The urban fantasy part was ok. It seems the first book in a series, maybe I'll read the next, if it promises me romance.

    4. This is an incredible book and one that made me pull out a beaten soapbox I own. Let's talk about the book first. Make no mistake, this is an urban fantasy and one written by a good storyteller. The main character's voice was strong as were the secondary characters. There was action and the world building was tight. I'm going to recommend this book to anyone I think enjoys a good urban fantasy with a dash of spice to it.Now for the soapbox. This isn't a romance. This is one of many books slotted [...]

    5. So-so m/m urban fantasy about an exiled sidhe living in New York City who gets called in by his "straight" ex to help the police solve a series of murders and child abductions. This had potential that wasn't realized due to clunky style and pacing. As with so many other releases from this publisher, it needed indepth editing to realize that potential. Also, be aware that there's virtually no romance in this one.

    6. What the hell happened to my reviews for this? For that matter, what happened to my reviews for the rest of the series? I definitely commented on how this book read like a repurposed cross-over fanfic between Laurell K. Hamilton's Merry Gentry series and Jim Butcher's Dresden files. Or at least, a blatant rip-off of Hamilton's Merry-Gentry-verse with bits of Dresden files thrown in. I sure as hell didn't remove them, so where did they go? And if they were removed, why was I not informed? I did e [...]

    7. The thirteenth Child is a hard one for me to rate. For a long while I really didn’t know what to think about it. It definitely wasn’t what I expected after reading the blurb, but that is not always a bad thing. I liked the fantasy elements and seeing mythical creatures like fae in a modern world (which makes it urban fantasy, I guess) can be very interesting. What stopped me from really liking it were three things: there was way too much violence for my tastes (I expected some, but not in th [...]

    8. Have to admit I'm a sucker for urban fantasy where otherworld beings live among us humans more or less out in the open and even better if the author is able to make the differences believeable not only in different looks and magical abilities. That is definately the case here: Cole is an exiled sidhe and we get to know right form the start that moral aspects and the pratical view on our world is different for fairies. It was fun to watch the clash of the human and sidhe point of views and the fa [...]

    9. This was a good start to the series. There's plenty of action, and a nice who dunnit. I liked Cole's character, he's very upfront and doesn't pretend; he can't be easily labeled as gay or straight, b/c he was involved in a threesome w/a woman and a man. And though he has a special connection with another female character, I think it was more like he envisioned this future with her b/c it would be easier and less complex than the one he has with James. But it's just an idea and not reality. Still [...]

    10. This story struck me as if it tried to pack as many creatures of the sidhe lore in as possible, including pizza-eating pixies, sidhe warriors, gods and goddesses, brownies, hags, witches, ghosts, then mixed it with a couple of closeted policemen, a little bit of shapeshifting and a whole lot of blood, gore, undeads, severed limbs and scratched-out eyes. The whole mix was spiced up with a pinch of mansex, even a threesome, which really didn't have much to do with the plot nor helped the presumed [...]

    11. Not quite 4 stars but is probably more than a 3 star read. As others have stated, this appears to be the first novel in an urban fantasy series. It can also be classed as a suspense/whodunnit novel as Cole, an exiled sidhe, becomes involved with a homicide/kidnap investigation that has fae or magical overtones. Unfortunately (for me anyway), it cannot be classed as a true romance novel. It soon becomes apparent that Corhagan, the detective who brings Cole into the investigation, has had a romant [...]

    12. While I agree that this book is more urban fantasy than strictly romance, it does contain a romantic conflict and hints at a possible romantic developement in the future - but be that as it may, I enjoyed this book a lot. J.L. O´Faolain is a new author (well new to me at any rate) and I was impressed by the writing and by the world building, that while working with known props of the fantasy genre, nevertheless put a new spin on the old fa(e)iry tale. I am definitely looking forward to more fro [...]

    13. What I like about The Thirteenth Child is that the characters are flawed, pretty violent plot and a death with enough of sex and humor to abstain this fast paced supernatural story from mainstream. The bad part is this is the first of the series (?).Imagine myself knocking the wall with the ending. When will the second be out?

    14. Yeah, that was a wild ride. The M/M/M scene was the cream in the jeans for me. Oh man, and the next book is coming out soon. Nice one J.L. O'Faolain.

    15. A Campy and Chaotic Great TimeExiled from Faerie for almost a century, full-blooded sidhe Tuulois MacColewyn is working in New York City, minding his own business and taking the occasional enforcer job whenever his funds start getting low or he's feeling a bit of ennui. He is, in fact, just washing off the effects of a job when an old friend grabs Cole's attentiond Cole himselfright out of the shower, and yanks him through a portal straight into an active crime scene.It's been a year since Cole [...]

    16. So, I went back and forth on this for a bit. I think if I was more of a pure fantasy reader I would have liked it more. I was looking for more romance than I got. Also in regards to that I had a hard time connecting with the main character and his involvement with others. I am use to romance and so the lack of that connection to "someone" created a bit of a hole in the read for me.I am trying to look at this past all of that. The plot was interesting along with the characters. I do feel that the [...]

    17. Despite the cover and a few explicit sex scenes, this was a pretty run of the mill urban fantasy and not a romance. I did laugh at the use 'his sidhehood', but I guess why not!

    18. Tuulois MacColewyn, Cole for short, is one of the fey. An sidhe, fairy warrior, one of the wolves of Queen Titania. Banished from home by King Oberon, he now lives in New York, and survives by taking odd jobs from various fey in the city. He is also an on-again off-again consultant with the NYPD on cases involving things that make regular detectives uncomfortable. But that relationship has been difficult of late. Strained. Especially since he fell out with James Corhagen, his old contact, someti [...]

    19. This urban fantasy erotica is the first in a series. The narrator is Tuulois MacColewyn, an exiled sidhe who usually just goes by the name ‘Cole.’ He’s been living in NYC since at the very least, the 1920’s after his exile. There are missing chunks of his back-story but we do know that he was Queen Titania’s ‘wolf’ and was exiled by Lord Oberon and that he has helped detective James Corhagen with odd cases in the past. The men have a tumultuous past and a great deal of sexual tensi [...]

    20. 5 HeartsFirst published at MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpressWhat can I say about this book except LOVED IT.? Cute Pixies, misunderstood Goblins, a Little Red Riding Hood with a basket full of weapons and a Troll with a cold and those are kinda like the Good guys? The opening scene shows you that this is not your usual paranormal fantasy where humans are sacred and the supernaturals have to take what they dish out. This book has its dark part’s, it’s ‘Oh riggghhhttt’ parts a [...]

    21. This is an entertaining, if imperfect, romp through paranormal NYC as seen through the eyes of an exiled sidhe. This reads like a first book, which I believe it is. And when you see terms like "meat tube" and "white-hot flesh rod", you've got a pretty good idea that you're dealing with a young male writer who might need to put a little more polish on his prose skills. Nonetheless, the book was much more humorous than I expected it to be, and it moved right along without noticeable dead spots in [...]

    22. I loved this.I normally run away at the mention of the Fey. I like fantasy in filmbut tend to be wary in print.But, I love Urban fantasy. Weird huh. Idk, I just like to have one foot in, and one foot out.This was great for me. It has a lot of fantasy, but it's also grounded.Yes, I can see Jim Butcher influence. The other influence, that others have mentionedI wouldn't know, since I haven't read them. But, it's an influence, not a fanfic or ripoff. I love Jim Butcher, so why would I dislike somet [...]

    23. This was a delightful surprise! I thought I was getting a gay romance, but this truly was an urban fantasy with a romantic element. That element is completely secondary as Cole and his former boyfriend are no longer a couple; Cole’s love life is left undeveloped until the end with a promise of more in the sequel. Moreover, the world-building is very creative with a familiar, but rarely used, element – the Sidhe. Most urban fantasies concentrate on the more common werewolves or vampires, but [...]

    24. This book was an excellent read. J.L. O'Faolain is a very clever writer. The story has a wonderfully designed fantasy setting in modern day New York City with all the creatures of the faerie world. I think this book could easily be made into a movie. It seems to be the beginning of a series and I really can't wait for the next book. There is a cast of fantastic characters including a weapons crazy Red Riding Hood and a spirit of a former sorcerer who was sealed in a spell book. There is an ongoi [...]

    25. Wow I loved this. I'm surprised at how much this rocked my world! I love me a good romance, but this is not that, The Thirteenth Child is a sexy urban paranormal centering on the fae world- I don't know if there are any other supernatural creatures in this 'verse but i'm cool with that. I am a huge Hollows fan and this felt very much like slipping into that kind of book- filled with paranormal mystery and intrigue- and OMG THE SEX. I plead temporary insanity but I was totally into it!! The thing [...]

    26. 3,75 starsThe mystery part was quite interesting, the sex scenes, well let's say I tried to skip them, because they sounded like something from a cheap porn movie. It's not a romance, I mean Cole has feelings for James, his old lover, who is still in denial, but he slep with a girl, with the inspector who joins them and James at the same time, then there is the consort, who also had sex with him. I hope that will get better in the second book, since he seemed to be interested in Joss, the former [...]

    27. This one was a hard one to rate, the plot was good but there was just things with the story that bothered me. Cole was a mess in my opinion, he didn't mind who he was getting it on with but at the same time it seemed like he wanted James/Corhagen (there's no romance really but the action/fighting kind of makes up for it). Also at the beginning the interchange between using James last name and first name was confusing especially since there was a good amount of "C" names in my opinion and a lot o [...]

    28. Really enjoy it. While I'll admit that the M/M aspect is usually not my thing, I still thought it would be worth giving a shot since I am interested in the urban fantasy sub-genre. Glad I gave it chance as I though the world created in the book was very cool and interesting. I thought the characters were engaging and interesting as well and I liked that the antagonist was a well-intentioned extremest.That said, the book is not perfect as there are some minor flaws such as:1. There are a couple o [...]

    29. Read for m/m team bingo challenge.Like some other reviewers said, this book had potential. The beginning was very interesting and I was hooked. So as the story progressed, when it didn't quite seem to reach its full potential that I felt was promised at the beginning, I was left disappointed. It wasn't that this wasn't romance. I enjoy urban fantasy and having read some of the reviews here before purchasing, I knew not to expect romance here. Still the couple of sex scenes present in the book ha [...]

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