Discount Armageddon

Discount Armageddon

Seanan McGuire / Jun 04, 2020

Discount Armageddon Ghoulies Ghosties Long legged beasties Things that go bump in the night The Price family has spent generations studying the monsters of the world working to protect them from humanity and humanity fr

  • Title: Discount Armageddon
  • Author: Seanan McGuire
  • ISBN: 9780756407131
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Ghoulies Ghosties Long legged beasties Things that go bump in the night The Price family has spent generations studying the monsters of the world, working to protect them from humanity and humanity from them Enter Verity Price Despite being trained from birth as a cryptozoologist, she d rather dance a tango than tangle with a demon, and is spending a year in ManhatGhoulies Ghosties Long legged beasties Things that go bump in the night The Price family has spent generations studying the monsters of the world, working to protect them from humanity and humanity from them Enter Verity Price Despite being trained from birth as a cryptozoologist, she d rather dance a tango than tangle with a demon, and is spending a year in Manhattan while she pursues her career in professional ballroom dance Sounds pretty simple, right It would be, if it weren t for the talking mice, the telepathic mathematicians, the asbestos supermodels, and the trained monster hunter sent by the Price family s old enemies, the Covenant of St George When a Price girl meets a Covenant boy, high stakes, high heels, and a lot of collateral damage are almost guaranteed To complicate matters further, local cryptids are disappearing, strange lizard men are appearing in the sewers, and someone s spreading rumors about a dragon sleeping underneath the city

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    1. Reviewed by: Rabid Reads4.5 starsI read DISCOUNT ARMAGEDDON over four and a half years ago when it was first released, and all I can say in regards to why I'm only just now getting back to it is . . . It was a casualty of Mt. TBR.And I am ashamed.B/c seriously, guys, this book screams, "JESSICA! I AM HERE FOR YOUUUUU!"No, really. It does. We all know that Fae are my favorite, and that Native American folklore is #2, but what doesn't come up very often is any random creature fest. This is b/c mos [...]

    2. Imagine you are a trained and experienced fighter being attacked by snake men. You know that if you lose, the scaly creatures are unlikely to be merciful. You are armed with knives, a machete, and a pistol. There is a significant ricochet risk, so you begin defending yourself with the cutting implements. Unfortunately, the edged weapons aren't enough, and you are going to lose unless you try the gun. Do youA. use the gun, despite the danger of being hit by a ricochet?B. lose?The main character o [...]

    3. BR with my MacHalo Freaks Shelly starting Sept 18, 2015.∞ Quick maths ∞✔ Wackiness + humour = +3✔ Cool female lead = +2✔ Ever-cheering, religious mouse colony = +1✔ Gorgons and bogeymen and cuckoos and dragons, oh my! = +1✘ Few but very Chick-Lit-like romantic bits = -1.5✘ Bland male lead = -2= 3.5 stars►► Not bad! It looks like this was pretty good! It looks like I want to continue with the series! It looks like I don't DNF all the books I read! It looks like there is hope f [...]

    4. *** 4 ***A buddy read with the Wednesday UF group at BB&B!!! Aeslin Mice, rejoice!!! I loved it!!! Yes, I know, I have been loving many books lately, but what can I say - I have been lucky to read good books as of late and I would never complain about that gift from the universe!!! This book was the best to fill in my need for quirky, monster filled, and cheeky!!! As opposed to the ones of dark, gritty and cruelly merciless I have been reading at the same time - thus I feel completely balanc [...]

    5. Reading with the UF group at Buddies Books & BaublesThat moment when you find a new Urban Fantasy Series that you love!!!With all the new Urban Fantasies that are seeming to pop up everywhere it is sometime hard to pick out the gems from the garbage. I’m so excited that I found something with so much potential that I have to *squee* in excitement.In a world of urban fantasy that mostly focuses on shifters and vampires this one decides to move out of that box and into the world of Cryptids. [...]

    6. Edit: I decided not to rate this since I didn't even finish half of it.DNF 33%. Oh dear. Please don't hate me, Sarah.I tried. I just couldn't get into this. It had so much potential. Part of it was funny and I loved the Aeslin mice who had been with Verity's family for generations. They talk and have rituals and celebrate EVERYTHING.I loved the various cryptids. I just couldn't get into Verity. Her career as a ballroom dancer bored me to death. I couldn't get into Dominic, who is someone sent fr [...]

    7. Knowing what I know of Urban Fantasy, I rarely expect anything more than snark, beasties, first-person hijinks, and plain simple fun. Most of the time, the hero is actually a heroine, of course, and there's usually a number of other tropes we can expect, such as three-way love stories including a vamp and a were. Fortunately for me, I've learned to really TRUST Seanan McGuire, for whether she's writing as Mira Grant or under Seanan, she has never led me astray or into three-way love stories, and [...]

    8. I've been immersed in serious literature, academia and non-fiction lately, so when the library found me a copy of Discount Armageddon, I promptly put everything down to read it. To be honest, my reading relationship with McGuire's works has been problematic, so this was escapism of the basest sort. While I find a number of her ideas fabulous, her heroines are often inexplicably stupid and the world-building inconsistent. So understand, if I had any expectations of Discount, it was that McGuire w [...]

    9. Unfortunately I’m feeling tired and a little under the weather, so this is going to be a very short review.I loved the world-building. It had a Men in Black vibe with all the weird and interesting monsters and how not all of them were evil, which was FANTASTIC.I loved the talking colony of Aeslin mice, who love rituals and celebrations. I would love a colony of my own who could hail me all day ;-D The Price family is awesome, especially the grandmother who continues to travel to hell to look f [...]

    10. I mean, I have not a TON of patience for Buffy-like cute blonde lead characters, but I can't deny that this book drew me in. The first 100 pages is a LOT of info dump, and it had my head reeling a bit, all the details in this magic-rich fantasy-character-alt universe, but something about the whimsey and the really grounded and amusing reality of the main character hooked me. I thought there were some potentially cliched relationships the author sidestepped quite well, and despite my confusion wi [...]

    11. Read my review below or at Badass Book Reviews (only my 2nd review at the blog so come show your supportease!!)Review below!When you think of the bogyman, you don’t normally think of him running a strip club named Dave’s Fish & Strips. How about those delicious sweet pastries you eat from your local bakery, is it the result of a talented bakery chef or a cryptid known as a Madhura?Verity Price doesn’t have to wonder about the bogyman or other monsters that we thought were only figments [...]

    12. Oh hell to the no!! Goodbye annoying book. Next stop - my DNF pile!I can't continue reading this crap-fest about a total idiot girl who loves to dance and manages to tell us about dancing every other sentence. I would rather run naked through the Walmart hunting aisle wearing a deer mask than read one more page about dancing.Yes, it's that bad.

    13. I've been carting this around for months thinking it would make good airplane reading; I was right. In general, urban fantasy is not my thing, nor is first person, but the first-person-smartass voice and the biological take on fantasy creatures won me over. It also helped that I had just visited New York City on book tour, so the setting amused me. (Every time I see Manhattan, I think, "Don't you people know that there's 3000 more miles of country to the west of you? Why are you all crowded up o [...]

    14. I haven't picked up Seanan McGurie well known October Daye series, so I came into reading Discount Armageddon a total newbie to this author. And while I was a little leery at first due to the very off leading back blub that did nothing for the overall kickass-ness that is this book.DA did have it's trouble at the beginning as your in need to swim the info dump to figure out who Verity Price is and her passion for dancing then trying live up to the family name of cryptozoologist and the red stamp [...]

    15. "Sure, you can take a heroic stand against the forces of darkness. Or you can not die. It's entirely up to you."Re-read 3/1/15Hrmm, you know, I hardly ever change my initial book ratings when I re-read a book and don't like it as much the second time around (which happens kind of a lot, unfortunately). I usually just keep that initial rating up anyway cuz, hey, that's how I felt when I first read it, so why not, right? But this time. . .I gotta say, this book really didn't hold up well for me on [...]

    16. Cute. Smart. Snarky. Exactly what is necessary for my Summer Festival of Fluff.“Never tell anyone to be careful, never ask what that noise was, and for the love of God, never, ever say that you’ll be right back.”Verity Price belongs to a family of cryptozoologists who have been studying monsters/cryptids for centuries, protecting humans from them and them from humans. Verity also has ambitions as a professional dancer and has moved to New York, both for dance opportunities and a little spa [...]

    17. Just makes 4 stars. It was pretty good although a little cheesy. I wasn’t convinced by the romance. Everybody who reads this loves the Aeslin mice and I did too. Hail! There are a wide variety of cryptids in this book which made it a bit different from other Urban fantasy series and there’s a great guide to North American cryptids at the end of the book. I still prefer the October Daye series by this author and also her work as Mira Grant.

    18. 3-1/2 starsThis was super-cute and fun, with lots of great one liners. But at the same time, I found it a little slow paced. Proper review to come if I can find the time.

    19. I'm sure you're probably stunned to find out that I *LOVED* a Seanan McGuire book. Oh, wait, no, nevermind. You probably expected that, since I 100% fanboyed over October Daye (#tybaltmeOW).I read this little gem with my Wednesday UF ladies (and one or two of us gents) over at the Buddies Books and Baubles on , and I'm so glad we picked this to be our next series read.This series has weird. It has fun. It has dangerous. It has weird. It has exciting. It has sexy. It has weird. It has strip-club [...]

    20. This was so cool!!! My favorite characters: Verity, Sarah, Istas and the mice :D

    21. Contemporary fantasy is one of the fastest growing genres within speculative fiction today. Urban fantasy, in particular, has seen an increase in sheer numbers of authors and stories, to the point where some ideas have been recycled so much that various incarnations are either too similar to fully enjoy or have become stale.Don't take this to mean I dislike urban fantasy; nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, if you look at a genre breakdown of my reading material, you would find tha [...]

    22. Verity Price comes from a long line of cryptozoologists and has spent her entire life learning about the numerous types of cryptids (supernatural creatures) who live hidden amongst us. Her family used to belong to the Covenant of St. George but once they realised that not all cryptids are monsters and that they deserve the chance to live peacefully amongst us they parted ways with the organisation and set out on their own. Now the Price family focus on helping the cryptids stay hidden and making [...]

    23. Buddy read with the awesome Wednesday UF group over at BB&BIt's again time to start a new UF series with my friends and because we all loved Toby Daye we decided to give Seanan McGuire other series a chance. At first I had some doubts because the reader is thrown into the deep end with no explanation. It takes time to orient yourself in this new world. But once you get into it it's pretty awesome. I love the plethora of different sentient species that co-inhabit Earth in this world. And the [...]

    24. If you don't take this book too seriously (why would you? It doesn't take itself seriously), you will enjoy it. Most of Discount Armageddon is a lot of fun. Different species and their customs, mystery of who is taking all those cryptid women, funny quotes from various members of Verity's family before each chapter (even funnier if you'd read about those people before), the fact that there is nothing instant in Verity and Dominic's first meeting (unless you count let's kill each other one of tho [...]

    25. No matter how many times I stray from the path, I am constantly reminded why urban fantasy is my jam. The good kind of urban fantasy that is. Like this one. It was so good! Guys, I think I'm in love. Imagine the world where every day you get to be celebrated by the religious mice population, your grandma is a neveraging hell-hopper and your cousin is a telepath.I'm down for that party. Maybe dragon princesses would let me hang out in their nest with all that gold and I can get me one of those pe [...]

    26. I figure by now, people realize I love Seanan McGuire. She's a consummate storyteller, one who can wrap an audience into a tale and leave them laughing, gasping or gaping on the other end, in person and in her writing. While her stuff isn't particularly deep or lush, it's smart and it's always a rollicking ride.This book is no different. It's fun and clever. However, I just don't like urban fantasy. I keep trying, honestly I do. But the whole package of solving a mystery in a city with fantastic [...]

    27. Reason to Grab your earbuds and listen to Discount ArmageddonThe tale takes place in an alternate world where paranormal creatures live amongst humans. The Covenant of St. George has spent centuries destroying these creatures. The Price family used to be members of this secret organization until Verity Price's great-grandfather while doing research about the creatures broke from the group. This family and the friends they have gathered along the way call themselves cryptozoologist. They study [...]

    28. When I was in the second and third chapters of this book I honestly wasn't sure how it was going to go for me. I was confused and lost and more than a little irritated. There was a serious dearth of information and it was getting old, fast. So here's something that I found on Seanan McGuire's website that I think would have helped me, at least a little. Also, the reassurance that Chapter 4 is the turning point - or at least it was for me.Cryptid, noun:1. Any creature whose existence has been su [...]

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