Case Closed, Vol. 10

Case Closed, Vol. 10

Gosho Aoyama / Dec 15, 2019

Case Closed Vol Gosho Aoyama made his debut in with CHOTTO MATTE Wait a minute which won Shogakukan s prestigious Shinjin Comic Taisho Newcomer s Award for Comics and launched his career as a critically acclaim

  • Title: Case Closed, Vol. 10
  • Author: Gosho Aoyama
  • ISBN: 9781421503165
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gosho Aoyama, made his debut in 1992 with CHOTTO MATTE Wait a minute which won Shogakukan s prestigious Shinjin Comic Taisho Newcomer s Award for Comics and launched his career as a critically acclaimed, top selling manga artist In addition to DETECTIVE CONAN which won the Shogakukan Award for best Manga in 2001, Aoyama created the popular manga, YAIBA, which wonGosho Aoyama, made his debut in 1992 with CHOTTO MATTE Wait a minute which won Shogakukan s prestigious Shinjin Comic Taisho Newcomer s Award for Comics and launched his career as a critically acclaimed, top selling manga artist In addition to DETECTIVE CONAN which won the Shogakukan Award for best Manga in 2001, Aoyama created the popular manga, YAIBA, which won Shogakukan s Award for Manga in 1992 Aoyama s manga is greatly influenced by his boyhood love for mystery, adventure, and baseball and he has cited the tales of Arsene Lupin, Sherlock Holmes, and the samurai films of Akira Kurosawa as some of his childhood favorites.

    Case Closed, Vol Gosho Aoyama Mar , Case Closed, Vol Gosho Aoyama on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Ghastly beheadings, bloody murders, and coldhearted child abductions Precocious high school student Jimmy Kudo uses his keen powers of observation and astute intuition to solve mysteries that have left law enforcement officials baffled. Case Closed, Vol Gosho Aoyama Feb , Gosho Aoyama, Case Closed, vol ViZ, Two stories here, plus a quick third piece that relates to the greater story arc The first has Conan and Rachel at the house of one of Rachel s friends, where a number of old school chums are gathering it s cut off from the rest of the world, of course, and people start getting bumped off. Case Closed, Vol Gosho Aoyama Aug , Case Closed, Vol Gosho Aoyama on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Jimmy, Rachel and Richard take a vacation aboard a cruise ship, but little do they know that the patriarch of the wealthy Hatamoto family is about to be murdered.With the perpetrator still aboard ship can you figure out whodunit before Conan does Case Closed, Vol Gosho Aoyama Sep , Gosho Aoyama, Case Closed, vol ViZ, The resolution of the Conan s mother storyline, one of the best in the series so far, is followed up with a standard adultery murder mystery story, after which the series distinguishes itself again with the formation of the Junior Detective League, which gives us a little insight into Conan s classmates. Case Closed, Vol on Apple Books Jul , There s always tension when Conan teams up with Harley Hartwell, the other greatest teen detective in Japanand the only one who s still a teen But when the duo investigates a murder at a mansion, will Conan s shrunken state interfere with Harley s detective work And Case Closed, Vol Gosho Aoyama Jun , Gosho Aoyama, Case Closed, vol ViZ, Two mysteries here Conan, Rachel, and Rachel s father solve a mystery in an art museum, then Conan and the classmates we originally met in vol get tangled up in a hunt for an Italian treasure after a field trip Fast paced and fun, as all the Case Closed volumes have been so far.

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        Gosho Aoyama is a Japanese manga artist He is best known as the creator of the manga series Detective Conan known in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom as Case Closed.Aoyama made his debut as a manga artist with the work Chotto Matte which was published in the weekly magazine Sh nen Sunday on winter of 1987 Shortly after that, another work by Aoyama, Magic Kaito, was published on the same magazine.Chinese name QING SHAN GANG CHANGenpedia wiki Gosho_Ao


    1. Nahtlos schließt dieser zehnte Band an seinen Vorgänger an. Hier gibt es endlich die ersehnte Auflösung aus dem letzten Fall von Band 9. Und gleich geht es spannend weiter. In diesem Band gibt es einen "besonderen Gast", was mich sehr gefreut hat! Schade, dass es wirklich nur ein kleiner Gastauftritt ist, aber ich denke, wir werden ihn in einem der zahlreichen nachfolgenden Bände sicher noch einmal wiedersehen. Darauf bin ich jetzt schon sehr gespannt.Und gespannt darf man auch auf Band 11 s [...]

    2. Noooo!!! Hattori Heiji (one of my favorite characters in this series) is finally introduced, and they changed even his name (to a stupid one, too)! Oh, well, the Amaericanized names don't affect my enjoyment of the series very much. Though I do have to wonder why they bothered to change any of the names, in the first place. Not all are changed, just those of main characters, and the art is still left to right, rather than flipped to be more American.

    3. Heiji is hotter than Shinichi. Hihi! I think it's the way he dresses. Oh, well. Anyway I kinda doubt the key trick, I saw some variables that could make it fail when tested with the inspector. But I liked the cat and mouse game in the library case, although there's not enough cat and mouse, unfortunately.

    4. Proper review to followOne Word Rec.: READ Rating: 5 🔍🔍🔍🔍🔍Aoyama Gosho; DETECTIVE CONAN [Meitantei Conan #10]e/read online; genre: manga, mystery, shounen ; shelves: |comics, GN, manga, manhua, manhwa|General Synopsis:As mentioned above, I am going to write a proper review for this soon, but I have a few books ahead of this one in the queue, so I cannot stop reading DC NOW! That's sacrilege. I have decided to read all the chapters available up to now (we are almost to 1000!) As [...]

    5. I guess I could complain about the ridiculousness of how complicated these murders are (apparently there are a lot of very crafty killers in Japan) or how it's kind of silly how it seems like Conan is ALWAYS in the right place (wrong place?) at the right time (wrong time??). But I mean, that's what makes the series enjoyable, right? It wouldn't be a whodunit detective series if it was like, "Yeah, I was talking to my girlfriend on my car phone and totally not paying attention so I ran over this [...]

    6. The whodunnits in this series are usually fine, though they can vary from the clever to the ludicrous. But for my money, the thing that really makes a volume of this series stand out is when it delves into building the world around Conan rather than telling a disposable story that doesn't come back. And this is one of the ones I love best because it introduces us to Harley (goodness, it's so hard to stick to the English names), another young detective who not only gets compared to Jimmy on a reg [...]

    7. A fantastic look at modern crime and the criminal mind at its best and oddest levels. Jimmy Kudo is turned into a little boy and is under the alias "Conan Edogawa," where he must stay with Rachel and Mr. Moore in order to find out what the intention of the Syndicate is, and how Jimmy can find a cure for the poison they slipped him. A continuous series, which has no ended, and will likely go on for a very long time. Recommended for any mystery novel/story fan. A great puzzel series.

    8. The first story, about the drowning, kinda threw me at first. I felt like I was walking in on a story that had started in V9, which I had not read. But, it unfolded and went well. Well, as well as a story about murder can go. The other story was about a murder at a teacher's ski lodge. Richard Moore and his daughter and Conan were only there, because they had lost the keys to their cabin. But, things unfolded into this crime, and as usual, Conan solved it well.

    9. Gosho Aoyama, Case Closed, vol. 10 (ViZ, 1994)The usual; we begin with the solving of the cliffhanger from the last volume, then get one regular story, one Junior Detective League story, and the beginning of another cliffhanger. The regular story is the best of the lot, as it advances the overall theme of the books, which has been sadly neglected in recent volumes, but the JDL story is above average as well. Series seems to have gotten back on track, and none too soon. ****

    10. Ini komik pertama yang saya beli dengan uang saya sendiri tapi malah hilang gara-gara dipinjem teman saya.T^T. Conan adalah komik sepanjang masa bagi saya. Apalagi di sini, untuk pertama kalinya Shinichi kembali ke wujud semula. Kemunculan Heiji untuk pertama kalinya di sini membuat saya sangat terpikat pada sosoknya.

    11. Encore un très bon volume ! Conan a notamment résolu avec brio l'énigme complexe laissée en suspend dans le précédent tome ! En outre, on fait la rencontre de Heiji, un détective lycéen rival de Sinichi, puis on voit réapparaître brièvement un personnage rencontré dans le premier opus ! Définitivement, j'adore !

    12. akhirnya setelah sekian lama badan nya menyusut menjadi Conan,akhir nya dia kembali keukuran nya semula,yaitu Shinichi Kudo si Detektif dari Timur.Tapi walaupun berhasil kembali besar,Shinichi hanya memiliki beberapa menit sebelum badan nya kembali menyusut,sanggup kah Shinichi Kudo memecahkan kasus ini dengan seorang Detektif aneh dari Barat.

    13. This volume was pretty good. Definitely the high point was the diplomat's murder, during which Conan briefly transforms back into Jimmy Kudo and is nearly caught multiple times by Rachel. The other two cases in the volume were minor ones, but pretty good (although writing the name of your killer in your dying moments is a little crazy).

    14. Conan and his runny nose XDHattori Heiji looks like a major character, but he has only a couple of scenes, although he helps (not intentionally, and not unknowingly) Conan to regain his adult body for a bit of time.

    15. #Program BUBUPertama dibeli dan dibaca 30 Oktober 1997.Salah satu jilid yang dulu sering dibaca ulang, karena munculnya Heiji Hattori untuk pertama kalinya dan munculnya Shinichi Kudo dalam wujud aslinya untuk pertama kalinya sejak terpaksa menjadi Conan Edogawa.

    16. ini vol pertama yg saya punyahesuka bgt komik ini (semua vol) terutama pas kasus yg berhubungan ma jubah hitam

    17. The stories always have these interesting twists and turns and somehow is so addicting. Will not add anymore ratings of the similar books cos couldn't keep up with my fast reading pace

    18. It was sooo niceI'm sad that I can't continue this book anymore. Conan was soo smart and he could change back to Jimmy once>< I love it<3

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