I'm Adopted!

I'm Adopted!

Shelley Rotner Sheila M. Kelly / Feb 24, 2020

I m Adopted Why was I adopted What was it like where I was born How did you find me Children have many questions about adoption With a perceptive text and dynamic photographs the creators of this book demystify

  • Title: I'm Adopted!
  • Author: Shelley Rotner Sheila M. Kelly
  • ISBN: 9780823422944
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Why was I adopted What was it like where I was born How did you find me Children have many questions about adoption With a perceptive text and dynamic photographs, the creators of this book demystify adoption for young children and celebrate the joy that comes with adding to a family.

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    1. I'm Adopted! by Shelley Rotner and Sheila M. Kelly is a non-fiction book that describes what happens when a child is adopted, how adoptions adds to families that are made up of people you love, and gives possible situations where a mother might give a child up for adoption. I think this book is related to my topic of families because it represents a family structure that many kids can relate to their own family and experience of being adopted and also provides information to kids who are not fam [...]

    2. Many children are adopted, and they are adopted for many different reasons. I loved this book!This would be AWESOME in the classroom to share with children about adoption and how it doesn’t mean someone’s mom just didn’t want them around. It is very informative and put adoption in a good light.

    3. Title / Author / Publication Date:I’m Adopted! / Rotner, Shelley. Kelly, Sheila M. / 2011Genre: NonfictionFormat: Picture Book – printPlot summary:Contains simple, conversational text to broadly cover how and why families are formed through adoption. It’s told plainly and generically allowing children to impose their own thoughts and experiences. Includes colorful, engaging photos that depict a variety of families, including multiracial families, gay and lesbian parents, single parents, on [...]

    4. Another photograph-rich picture book from Shelley and Sheila. Many types of families are shown (see also their "Shades of People" picture book), including single parents and same-sex parents. It's a sensitive book: "When people are unable to make a baby, or choose not to, they can adopt one."Domestic and foreign adoption options are shown. There's an important few pages on why mothers put their babies up for adoption:"It may have been because she was too young and had no one to help heror was to [...]

    5. This book is about real families that have adopted a child. The book talks about some of the reasons why people adopt and also some of the reasons why children are placed for adoption. It also talks about the different types of adoptions and questions that adopted children often ask. I love the pictures of all the precious children and families in this book! I also think this book addressed the reasons why a child is placed for adoption very well. That can be a touchy subject, but this book did [...]

    6. The strength of this text is its photographs. For me, that harder part is the language. Because it is so explicit, there is a TON of value in its directness, but it can also be a challenge when families don't use these terms and/or haven't had some of the conversations with their adopted or foster children that make the text connect in a positive, affirming way. There are some contexts in which this text is utterly perfect. There are other contexts where it must be used carefully and judiciously [...]

    7. I’m Adopted! By Shelley Rotner and Sheila M. Kelly is a book that focuses on photographs of families with adopted children. Text is short and to the point but I did notice that some of the vocabulary used while sharing the reasons that children are put up for adoption might be sensitive for some readers. This would be a great book to utilize when introducing the topic of adoption to young readers. Pictures are very diverse and very bright and colorful. I did like that in the author’s note at [...]

    8. Heavy on pictures and light on text, the straightforward , spare prose is carefully worded, clear, and empathetic. The most frequently asked questions regarding adoption are answered here. The overall tone is upbeat but still addresses some of the difficult reasons children are made available for adoption. The pictures depict happy children and families. Given the brevity of the text, the authors note that the book does not cover all adoption agreements. Still this perceptive volume is sure to b [...]

    9. Great book about an important subject. This book is heavy on pictures and light on text, though every bit of text is carefully worded and essential. This will be one of my first go-to books about the subject of adoption. The overall tone is positive despite the mention of some difficult reasons why children are adopted. The pictures are big and clear and depict happy children and happy families, and the most commonly asked questions regarding adoption are answered in text. The authors note that [...]

    10. Many of the different reasons children are adopted or put up for adoption, as well as what different families look like who do adopt, are explored in this nonfiction picture book that uses photographs of actual families. I loved this book for the simple and elegant way it explains adoption. I think this would be a great read aloud for a preschooler who was adopted as the text is minimal and the pictures take up most of the page.

    11. A basic introduction to the idea of what adoption is, and how adopted families come to be formed. Covers both international and domestic adoption. Plenty of bright, clear photographs of diverse children in happy families - this book should corner the market for introductory adoption books for young families or the early-education classroom for a good decade or so - at least until the photos begin to look dated.

    12. This book describes adoption, using real photos of adopted children and their parents. It explains how adoption works and some of the reasons it happens in simple, understandable language. The people photographed come from many different races and ethnicities, and many different situations. This book is a great resource for any child looking for information on adaption, or an adult who needs help explaining it.

    13. A good informational book about adoption. It's obviously for the younger set and is very heavy on pictures with simple text. This is a good book to look at with younger kids and to talk about the similarities and differences in adoptive families. I love that they cover international adoption as well as domestic adoption.

    14. I read this book to my daughter in her bedtime. Looking at the pictures, she seemed to contemplate. At the end of the story she said, "this book is way too sad to hear for the little children." I couldn't agree more. Sad reality it is, but I wanted her to understand everybody has a different background.

    15. This book truly warmed my heart, I loved the fact that they used pictures from actual families that have adopted. Also the quotes from the actual kids on various pages was an added bonus. It is truly a beautiful book.

    16. One of the best non-fiction books on adoption I've seen for the younger set. Straight-forward, clear-thinking and with lots of heart. An important book for libraries, classrooms, and adopted children anywhere.

    17. Simple, includes multicultural families/parents and queer parents. It's short on words, but the focus is the pictures- a great book for young kids, as they can revisit the book on their own often, due to the simple words and picture-heavy content.

    18. Love it for the photos of different kinds of families. Troubled by some of the phrases that seem to wash the pain out of adoption.

    19. Use this book when dealing with adoption and different types of families. Teach the students that each household is made up differently.

    20. A sweet book with lots of pictures of loving adoptive families. The text is brief but touches on some of the ways adoptive families work.The pictures were definitely the best part.

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