Mrs. Tuesday's Departure

Mrs. Tuesday's Departure

Suzanne Elizabeth Anderson / Feb 29, 2020

Mrs Tuesday s Departure A heart wrenching historical novel spanning seventy years two continents an undying love that holds the power to create a safe future for a young girl This page turning family saga soars to a breath

  • Title: Mrs. Tuesday's Departure
  • Author: Suzanne Elizabeth Anderson
  • ISBN: 2940011834943
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Nook
  • A heart wrenching historical novel spanning seventy years, two continents, an undying love that holds the power to create a safe future for a young girl This page turning family saga soars to a breathtaking ending that redefines the meaning of love When Natalie and Anna, sisters and life long rivals, hide an abandoned child from the Nazis, their struggle re opens a star A heart wrenching historical novel spanning seventy years, two continents, an undying love that holds the power to create a safe future for a young girl This page turning family saga soars to a breathtaking ending that redefines the meaning of love When Natalie and Anna, sisters and life long rivals, hide an abandoned child from the Nazis, their struggle re opens a star crossed love triangle, threatening their safety and testing the bonds of their loyalty Hungary s fragile alliance with Germany insured that Natalie, a best selling children s book author, and her family would be safe as World War Two raged through Europe The Holocaust that has only been whispered about until now becomes a terrible reality for every Jewish family or those who hide Jews Beautiful but troubled Anna, a poet and university professor is losing her tenuous hold on reality, re igniting a dangerous sibling rivalry that began in childhood The streets of Budapest echo with the pounding boots of Nazi soldiers Danger creeps to the doorstep where the sisters disintegrating relationship threatens to expose the child they are trying to protect In one night, Anna s rash behavior destroys their carefully made plans of escape, and Natalie is presented with a desperate choice Interwoven with Natalie and Anna s story, is Mila s The abandoned child whose future Natalie lovingly imagines in a story about an old woman named Mrs Tuesday Mrs Tuesday s Departure is an inspirational historical novel spanning two generations and exploring the un breakable bonds of sisters.

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        I was born in Fort Lauderdale, attended the University of Michigan on an athletic scholarship for swimming and then worked on Wall Street I left the bright lights of the big city fifteen years ago and traveled the world I now live in the mountains of Colorado, where I pursue my dream of writing novels.


    1. 4 stars - English Ebook - I have dyslexia -- Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. King James Bible. 11.2 Hebrews - Mrs Tuesday has diarys of the sisters Nathalie and Anna. Heir sisters, twins, living in budapest. The book follows the lives of this two lady's and Mila, the daughter of the youngest sister. Time is around the occupation of Hongary. The youngest sister of Nathalie and Anna married a Jew and Mila, their daughter is also in danger of beeing t [...]

    2. Where I got the book: review copy from the author, thanks!This poignant tale, set during the German occupation of Hungary near the end of WWII, tells the story of widowed Natalie, her twin sister Anna, and their niece Mila. Half-Jewish Mila has been abandoned by her parents in their haste to escape the country, leaving Natalie to take care of her and Anna, who is sinking deeper into the fantasy world of her Alzheimer's. Forgotten jealousies resurface as Natalie turns for help to an old flame of [...]

    3. I absolutely loved this book. It brought all of my emotions of the holocaust and the atrocities that happened everywhere to the forefront.I have to say that the person that wrote the review stating she had a hard time putting the family tree together and could not figure out who Mrs. Tuesday was obviously missed a great deal of the book. It was well written and very concise to who Mrs. Tuesday was. Of course like all good holocaust stories the ending was not to my liking only because it brings m [...]

    4. This book starts off promising enough. The conflict of a family trying to flee the Nazis, of a mother abandoning her child, and of twin sisters who are rivals is well done. Yet, the second half of the book is almost too melodramatic and relies too much on coincidence for me to fully believe it. At one point, it even feels as if the characters are too radically different, and they even realize this.

    5. A heart-wrenching Christian historical novel and inspirational romance spanning seventy years, two continents, and a an imagined story that holds the power to create a safe future for a young girl during World War Two. This page-turning family saga soars to a breathtaking ending that redefines the meaning of love. When Natalie and Anna, sisters and life-long rivals, hide an abandoned child from the Nazis in Budapest Hungary, their struggle re-opens a star-crossed love triangle and inspirational [...]

    6. I had high hopes for this book. They were so disappointed. I'm confused by the high ratings others are giving this book because it was poorly written. Anderson had a great concept, I think, for this book but didn't deliver on it in any way. Set in WWII it is the story of a family trying to make an escape from the impending Nazi occupation in Hungary. I'm always up for stories from this time period. I find them fascinating. Natalie is the main character of this story as she is the adult trying to [...]

    7. It saddens me to start this review this way, but it must be done. This e-book was filled with grammatical and typographical errors. Until I was finished and read the 'About the Author' blurb, I actually thought that this book may have been written in another language and things went wrong during the translation. Simple errors such as “lead” instead of “led” (this occurs twice with little between) left me feeling like this was never edited, just spell-checked –if even that, as 'studyie [...]

    8. Mrs. Tuesday's departure is a good easy read on a drizzly Saturday afternoon. The writing style is easy to follow and simply written, making for a quick read. I was disappointed that the story was so short, as I would've liked to have delved a little deeper into some of the issues that I feel were at the heart of this story. I like the notion of "the wanted" as it brings reminiscence of the Nazi war which this seems to echo in many ways, and that was one of the strengths of the story: that it ha [...]

    9. Ms. Anderson has given us a fresh glimpse of the holocaust of WW II. Hungary's fragile alliance with Germany kept Natalie, an author, and her family out of harm's way during most of the war. Now, as Hitler grows desperate at the conclusion of the conflict, so does the threat to the people of Hungary. Natalie's younger sister Ilona married a Jewish man, putting her and her 12 year old daughter Mila at risk. Meanwhile, Natalie's twin sister Anna, is falling into dementia. Ilona and her husband lea [...]

    10. Once started this book is hard to put down. At 250 pages it makes for a rapid read but one that grabs and keeps your attention. The length also makes the novel more approachable by middle school and young adult readers. It contains some violence but it is not gratuitous. The violence is part of the story and helps explain the actions of the characters.Mrs. Tuesday's Departure tells the story of a family of women, identical twins, Natalie and Anna, their younger sister, Ilona, and her daugher, Mi [...]

    11. Ms. Anderson has given us a unique and fresh viewpoint on the holocaust of World War Two in her historical novel MRS. TUESDAY’S DEPARTURE. The perspective is that of an atypical family unit, an all-female household, in a European city occupied by the Nazis. Kate and Lilly are identical twin aunts to their young niece, Mila, who was the recipient of a selfish deed by her mother, sister to the aunts. Ms. Anderson adroitly re-creates the fear that lurked everywhere among the occupied citizenry; f [...]

    12. Mrs. Tuesday's Departure was a Giveaway win. Thank you, thank you!!!!! I am thrilled to have received a signed copy of this book- the cover artwork was so cool, AND, I was pleasantly surprised to find a matching scriptural bookmark tucked inside. Yay! Now to the story itself. At first, I wasn't sure what to make of the short chapters. ( Each chapter is a few pages at most.) I found this somewhat distracting when first getting into the story. However, as I read on, the length of each chapter act [...]

    13. The story is set in Budapest toward the end of World War II and the Nazi’s are in town. It’s told primarily through the voice of Natalie who is desperate to get her family, especially her niece Mila, out of Hungary and to safety, but there is roadblock upon roadblock hindering her efforts, from her selfish sister (Mila’s mother), her twin, Anna who is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, thieves, Nazi’s and even her former lover. The fear, worry and a feeling of anxiety permeated th [...]

    14. Miss Anderson is an amazing author that gives you a look at the holocaust during W.W. 2 as it about to take over Hungary. This was a fast read, and hard to put downHitler's army knows that they are about to loss the war. So they start to push things up to round up the Jews. Hungary has had a fragile alliance with Germany which has protected Natalie who is a author of children's book and her family so far. She is trying to find a way for escape for her family and protect her young niece. Natalie' [...]

    15. I usually try to leave my editorial hat at the door when setting out my thoughts regarding a recent read so that I can concentrate more on the subjective side of the experience but in this regard I failed utterly. Although generally the writing was of a decent standard I felt that editorially the author rather sabotaged her own work.The first scene in any book is very important but here it gets broken up into little gasps of writing, breaking off incredibly after a page and half and stuttering o [...]

    16. This is a story that will grip your heart. A new perspective on the atrocities of Hitler. While I greatly enjoyed this book, the story itself has many errors, both in language and spelling. The story developed quickly and ended abruptly. It made me wonder if the author was working on deadline and just needed to be finished. I was also not a fan of the excerpts sprinkled throughout the book. They were obtrusive and would have been better served at the end.

    17. While I enjoyed reading parts of the book and found the story interesting, there wasn't enough attention given to character development. I was troubled by the way the author inserted the pieces about Mrs. Tuesday. This was a very awkward attempt to tie the story together and bring it to a conclusion. Start to finish would have been a more satisfying read.

    18. I thought the author had a good story line, but the writing was thin, the punctuation was lacking and it seemed there was just not enough thought put into the book. The chapters were too short. The passages where the author took you from the war and then into the future were not handled well; the reader couldn't tell who the characters were. I was disappointed with this book.

    19. An inspirational storyAn inspirational storyI am a believer and have my faith in God, but it was a story that makes you wonder if you have as much as Natalie

    20. I love historical fiction. And I love books that don't always give a happy-ever-after. Good characters, good pace, thumbs up.

    21. Over the years I have read a number of books set during World War II and the Holocaust but never one set in Hungary, which was initially allied with Germany. Natalie, her twin Anna, and their niece, Mila, are trying to survive the German invasion but they don’t realize the severity of what is happening all around them. Anna has begun an early descent into Alzheimer’s, and so it is up to Natalie to save her sister and her niece even when it seems like they don’t want to be saved. She has fr [...]

    22. There was a lot of promise in this story, with interesting characters who started to pull me in and then suddenly the book ended. I felt like the book was an outline for a novel, rather than the story itself, as it skimmed the surface. Reframing it as a short story kept me from being dissatisfied but leaves it as only "okay" in my mind.

    23. An inspirational ReadI enjoyed reading this book because it showed how people can face the most terrible times and rise above it. It shows the evil side of humanity and how their inhumanity can affect others. The characters were well developed and believable too. It raises a mirror in front of the reader which asks how they would react in certain circumstances.

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