The Return

The Return

Joseph Conrad Colm Tóibín / Jun 03, 2020

The Return An intense psychologically charged domestic drama The Return is a brilliant and haunting exploration of the insecurities that lie at the heart of human relationships When successful businessman Alva

  • Title: The Return
  • Author: Joseph Conrad Colm Tóibín
  • ISBN: 9781843910787
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Paperback
  • An intense, psychologically charged domestic drama, The Return is a brilliant and haunting exploration of the insecurities that lie at the heart of human relationships When successful businessman Alvan Hervey begins his daily journey back from the city, he has no idea what awaits him at home for there, on his bedroom table, is a letter from his wife, confessing her ultimaAn intense, psychologically charged domestic drama, The Return is a brilliant and haunting exploration of the insecurities that lie at the heart of human relationships When successful businessman Alvan Hervey begins his daily journey back from the city, he has no idea what awaits him at home for there, on his bedroom table, is a letter from his wife, confessing her ultimate betrayal she has left him for another man But no sooner has this awful truth begun to sink in, than Hervey finds himself face to face with his wife as she returns to make one last desperate attempt to save their marriage With their world in tatters around them, husband and wife are forced to confront the truth Acclaimed by F.R Leavis as one of the very great novelists in the language, Joseph Conrad is best known for his chilling work Heart of Darkness.

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        Joseph Conrad born J zef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski was a Polish born English novelist who today is most famous for Heart of Darkness, his fictionalized account of Colonial Africa.Conrad left his native Poland in his middle teens to avoid conscription into the Russian Army He joined the French Merchant Marine and briefly employed himself as a wartime gunrunner He then began to work aboard British ships, learning English from his shipmates He was made a Master Mariner, and served than sixteen years before an event inspired him to try his hand at writing.He was hired to take a steamship into Africa, and according to Conrad, the experience of seeing firsthand the horrors of colonial rule left him a changed man Joseph Conrad settled in England in 1894, the year before he published his first novel He was deeply interested in a small number of writers both in French and English whose work he studied carefully This was useful when, because a need to come to terms with his experience, lead him to write Heart of Darkness, in 1899, which was followed by other fictionalized explorations of his life.He has been lauded as one of the most powerful, insightful, and disturbing novelists in the English canon despite coming to English later in life, which allowed him to combine it with the sensibilities of French, Russian, and Polish literature.


    1. Bello questo racconto di Conrad, avrebbe potuto intitolarsi Scene da un matrimonio. Una coppia sposata da pochi anni -al centro dell’attenzione della società, ambiziosa e osservante delle convenienze, desiderosa di sfruttare ogni opportunità che una società vuota di idee o di emozioni ma ricca di rispettabilità e ipocrisia offre a chi ci si muove con attenzione a non rompere equilibri ma solo per farsi vedere- si frantuma, frana, crolla in un disastro di macerie consumando il dramma con po [...]

    2. “Self-restraint Is Everything in Life, You Know. It’s Happiness, It’s Dignity It’s Everything.”This is not just the story of a failed marriage, as which it might appear at first sight, but more the story of a failed philosophical epiphany, some sort of “I see the light” kind of thing – and it is also the first Conrad text I ever read which made me look with impatience towards its ending, albeit for the wrong reasons.On the surface level, we are told the story of Alvan Hervey, a r [...]

    3. Joseph Conrad was thirty-nine when he wrote The Return. Supposedly it was inspired by a lunch meeting with Henry James. Indeed, one can see James’ influence in the piece.Colm Tóibín, who wrote the forward in this edition, states that Conrad wrote that the story “embittered five months” of his life. Initially no magazine would print it; it first appeared in Conrad’s Tales of Unrest.The Return is unlike anything I’ve read by Conrad—no high seas adventure takes place in this slender n [...]

    4. I was strongly recommended this story by my sister and I really liked it. Though it might seem a bit different from Joseph Conrad usual topics, we have again the universal incarnated in the figure of the individual. I love the way you are carried through a tumult of deep feelings which take you to the very edge of existence. The relationships between husband and wife go farther and are trainsported to the ones among all beings within an apparently perfect society, suffocating and unbearable once [...]

    5. Quite a disapointment after the satisfying experience reading Conrad's 'Secrect Agent'. Short little book, even so couldn't wait to be done with it. It was however an excellent example of rambling on over an empty relationship, false impressions, poor communication, and blindness to a partner's needs and thoughts.

    6. No so much a novel as a short story about the end of a relationship. While I was reading it, I kept thinking it could probably be a successful one act play. Though, I think I would enjoy watching a play more than reading this book again.

    7. English review belowDesgarradora historia corta del magnífico Joseph Conrad. Es un vuelco al corazón, sobre todo, después de leer algunas novelas malas o simplemente entretenidas, como me había pasado. Es increíble que en tan pocas páginas se pueda concentrar tanta maestría, pero es que es Conrad. Y aunque me gusta el autor, no suelo volver a él, por la tristeza de la mayoría de los casos.En esta novela, nos encontramos uno de ellos, pero aunque no sea alegre, ¡merece tanto la pena! No [...]

    8. Alvan Hervey regressa a casa do trabalho e descobre uma carta escrita pela mulher colocada na sua cama, apesar de esta supostamente chegar à hora de jantar. Ele lê a carta e abre-se um abismo a seus pés: após cinco anos de casamento, vai deixá-lo por outro homem.Mais do que um drama doméstico, esta história retrata a crença num modo de vida idealista que é destroçado, até onde um pode ir no relacionamento quando o outro deixa de se rever nesse ideal e como o casamento pode ser um veí [...]

    9. Having come to respect this famed author, I was insistent on reading more of his work and without any specific recommendation, discovered this early piece.Purportedly hated by Conrad, I consider The Return to be a brave and honest account of a man’s well contained vulnerabilities.Conrad captures the thoughts and actions of an isolated and somewhat oblivious man upon his return home and his actions upon reading a letter left behind for him.The young married Alvan Hervey seems to have regard for [...]

    10. Alvan Hervey arrives home from work and discovers that his wife has written him a letter, even though she knew he'd be home for dinner.He reads it and the ground opens up underneath his feet.It seems Joseph Conrad gets a mention in every book on writing I've ever set my eyes on,so I felt it was almost my duty as an aspiring writer to pick this up when I came across it at my local library. It's only a small book so I was able to read it in a couple of sittings and it'sabout time I read another 'c [...]

    11. I share deeply the hiden fear of Conrad where he is always in doubt if he could express himself in a proper way through another langauge than his motherland’s. بازگشت از شاهکارها، و اصولن از کارهای بزرگ کنراد نیست، ولی مثل هر داستان دیگر او، از موضوعی بکر و شگفت انگیز و تازه برای دوران کنراد، برخوردار است. زنی به شوهرش خیانت می کند، اعتراف می کند [...]

    12. “Pensó en ella desde todas las perspectivas posibles, salvo desde la fundamental. Pensó en la muchacha bien educada, en la esposa, en la persona culta, en la señora de su casa y en la dama de alcurnia; pero ni una sola vez pensó en ella simplemente como una mujer () Se revelaba así su fracaso, un fracaso inequívoco, pues él no habia sabido observar, precaverse, distinguir”.*****“Recordó todas las calles, las calles elegantes que había recorrido de camino a su hogar, todas las casa [...]

    13. Probably the first thing I've read of Conrad's. I was glad it was only a short story as the writing is very intense and I'm not sure I could sustain interest in the narrator's head for much longer. Having said that I did enjoy it. Despite being over 100 years old the sentiments behind it could be transfered to today, although I doubt that many 'modern' people have similar views on how to live. Although it depicts a few hours at the end of a day, and the end of a relationship, it's really about t [...]

    14. One of the best stories by Joseph Conrad written. Unlike many of the reviews found here this story is not about a domestic drama and the end of a relationship. That would be an extremely surface level interpretation of the story incongruent with the themes that Conrad writes about in other works.What the story is about is a belief in an idealized way of life that is shattered, and whether one can go in with a relationship knowing that their partner no longer perscribes to that ideal.The answer f [...]

    15. A remarkably modern-sounding item--especially for 1897. The intro says it was influenced by Ennui James, but fortunately he manages to avoid that glutinous style. The final sentence especially is chilling--and a surprise. And not a ship or sea swell in sight!--amazing. Of course, any ancient treatment of this subject matter is likely to seem a bit antique and silent-movie-ish; but it really wasn't bad in this instance--it all seemed pretty natural (and Lord knows I've seen a lot worse).

    16. After my not-so-great experience with Conrad's Heart of Darkness a few months ago, I was pleasantly surprised by this short story. It deals with themes different from his other work's, which might be why I enjoyed it so much. I wouldn't say it is a "page turner", however, the descriptions and the way the author dealt with the emotional turmoil felt by the main character compelled me to keep reading.

    17. "She had no gifts. What was she? Who was she? She had no love and no faith for anyone. To give her your thought, your belief, was like whispering your confession over the edge of the world. Nothing came back - not even an echo." One human's struggle trembles, falls, and arise again in a matter of day. Short read good for all those who loved and found no truth in their beloved.

    18. Oh, wow. Now, Conrad isn't my favorite most of the time, but this story (and it must be read slowly) is amazing. It is brutal and explosive in understated ways. You have to take your time with it, reading each word and thinking about choices. What I love best is how Conrad slices through the sham of late-Victorian narrative and life. Such a painful read. Butwow.

    19. I like Joseph Conrad's writing style. But, this story just felt like it was lacking somethingIt was a interesting piece of work though. I definitely wouldn't call this a novel. More like a short story.

    20. I have read few novel and stories by Conrad, but this one is unique in special way. depiction of tension and conflict of emotions in speeches of the characters especially in the speeches of male character is so fascinating.

    21. A Masterpiece. Coming from a conservative environment very similar to the one he describes I can relate very well to a story like this, and I find astonishing the level of precision and accuracy of his insight. Should be a required reading for every human being, like everything from Conrad.

    22. En esta novela se puede apreciar a Conrad enseñando a hacer una novela burguesa intimista a todo el mundo. Y ya cuando empezaron los demás a intentar, mejor se fue al mar a hacer sus historias.

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