Married to a Stranger

Married to a Stranger

Louise Allen / Feb 21, 2020

Married to a Stranger A SHOCK PROPOSALSophia Langley s life is in turmoil When she learns of her estranged fianc s death in a shipwreck the last thing she expects is for his twin brother Callum Chatterton to make a shoc

  • Title: Married to a Stranger
  • Author: Louise Allen
  • ISBN: 9780263888041
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback
  • A SHOCK PROPOSALSophia Langley s life is in turmoil When she learns of her estranged fianc s death in a shipwreck, the last thing she expects is for his twin brother, Callum Chatterton, to make a shock proposal.Her inner romantic objects to a marriage of convenience and brooding Cal makes it very clear that s all it can be Yet to save her family Sophia accepts with trA SHOCK PROPOSALSophia Langley s life is in turmoil When she learns of her estranged fianc s death in a shipwreck, the last thing she expects is for his twin brother, Callum Chatterton, to make a shock proposal.Her inner romantic objects to a marriage of convenience and brooding Cal makes it very clear that s all it can be Yet to save her family Sophia accepts with trepidation and a highly inconvenient trembling of desire for her reluctant husband.

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        Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information This author also writes under the name Francesca Shaw.I have had my nose buried in a history book fact or fiction for as long as I can remember, but even important to me are the places and the objects that conjure up the past My first attempt at historical fiction at the age of eight was three pages of improbable medieval drama set in the local castle.With a degree in geography and archaeology I love to try and read the landscape and the buildings in it for clues about the past Virtually any place can trigger ideas for plots, but I am particularly inspired by Venice, Burgundy, Mediterranean islands and the Hertfordshire and Norfolk countryside.I live in England in a village in Bedfordshire with my long suffering husband He is not sure whether to be flattered or alarmed to be told he is the inspiration for all my romantic heroes Whenever possible we escape to our cottage on the North Norfolk coast where Percy, the bossy pheasant, allows us to share the garden.My resolution every time I start on a new plot is to plan it carefully, make copious notes first and write lots of drafts in a disciplined and orderly manner What inevitably happens is that the story starts to write itself in my head until it gets completely out of control meanwhile my study floor becomes a sea of open books, prints and maps and I am found sitting in the car at traffic lights, muttering dialogue At that point I have to start writing, knowing full well that the hero and heroine are going to take over and sabotage all my attempts at discipline It is, after all, their story.


    1. DNF.When she was seventeen, the heroine became engaged to the hero's twin brother who then traveled to India wihtout her to seek his fortune.TEN YEARS later, her betrothed (still not husband) died in a storm on the ocean (no body found, so I suspect he may rise again later on in the story. Just a suspicion, not a fact since I didn't finish the story).TEN YEARS. Do I need to say it again? Engaged for TEN YEARS. The best years of her life, her betrothed out of the country. She'd long fallen out of [...]

    2. The third and final book centering around a Shipwreck in the Miniseries: Danger & Desire, a trilogy billed as "Shipwreck, Scandal, and Society Weddings".In "Married to a Stranger", a marriage of convenience becomes something more, but neither party is brave enough to speak up.Ten years after the twins left for India, only one twin, the wrong one, comes back. Cal is finally a man with 27 years of age and he has a prosperous career before him, all that is missing is a wife. Sophia seems perfec [...]

    3. This book was just so much BLAH!!! There was just not much of a plot, at all! I couldn't believe that within the first chapter the guy proposes! The author couldn't have dragged out a little bit of a courtship there? At all?? Give me a break! The rest of the book was all about them adjusting to being married to each other and I tell you what it was pretty darn boring. There was no plot, beyond that at all I had no clue this was the third book in a series and you may think that I may have enjoyed [...]

    4. Really wanted to enjoy this after reading "One night with a rake", was sadly disappointed. I hate to be brutally honest, though wish there had been more to sink my teeth into. It sadly seemed to lack a plot and lacked chemistry between the main characters. To me it seemed she fell in love with him only a days into their marriage but how and why? What made her fall for him in such a short time considering he was closed off, reserved and practically a stranger? Unfortunately I found it boring, rep [...]

    5. I can't believe I actually read this book. The plot was horrifically boring. I felt no chemistry between the characters. It seemed forced in writing the whole way through. A story of girl who is betrothed, to a twin, and he dies so the brother marries her out obligation or love? It could have been better. Way better.

    6. This is the third installment of Danger and Desire series. This where we learn about what happen to Callum Chatterton. In the first book, we learn that Daniel drown in the sea. So, we have Callum dealing with the aftermath of the wreckage. We would know that Callum was suffer from PTSD, however, back then it wouldn't diagnois and they would get over it. Well, Callum has decide to do his duty and take care of his brother's bethrothed. What better way to do that than to marry her? Sophia Langley h [...]

    7. For once I read a series in correct order the first time around. And I must say that I wasn't expecting much for Callum. Perdita and Alistair, Averil and Luc were just so intriguing, but Callum came across as staid and solid. For this reason, I was even more pleasantly surprised. I found that his strength and solidity were a vital part in the narrative. His control made the change of falling in love more believable, and the plot that much more acceptable too.Sophia is wonderful. I felt for her. [...]

    8. Marriage is hard work, but Sophia Langley and Callum Chatterton have decided to make a go at it. A decade earlier Sophia was betrothed to Callum’s twin, Daniel, before the two brothers set off to make their fortune with the East India Company. Callum, however, is the only brother to return. Pushed into the married through a combination of necessity and obligation they muddle along as best they can, each hoping to find contentment—love seems out of the question, though desire sparks before th [...]

    9. This was pretty good. I loved the characters and their personalities. This was a good book with plenty of emotions, a little heart-wrenching, some good humor, some 'people' I wanted to definitely smack upside the head (or simply step on their skirts. would have been more satisfying seeing their faces for thatah ha ha), a few moments I wanted to knock the leads heads together, great friends, and a sweet and happy ending. Good for cuddling up, snuggling in and relaxing with something interesting t [...]

    10. I enjoyed the first two books in the Shipwrecks trilogy enough to anticipate the third. Unfortunately, I was highly disappointed. I honestly never connected with Cal and Sophia, which made it difficult for me to enjoy their story. The conflicts that threaten their happiness throughout the book never felt big enough to be the cause of such dramatic separations. The only saving grace of this book was the ability to revisit the characters from the first two books in the trilogy.Final thoughts: If y [...]

    11. Good read. The heroine got engaged to the hero's twin brother years ago and has fallen out of love with him since, but her family has been living on her expectations of marrying, so when the fiancé dies, they're in trouble. The hero's proposal would help, but she's not sure she should. But of course she does. It's a good story, but there are some leftovers from earlier books that didn't mesh real well in this one. Still, it's a good story.

    12. Miniseries: Danger & Desire"Allen delivers a lovely, sweet story demonstrating how strangers can build a relationship based on lost love. The gentle, yet powerful emotions of a grieving brother are sure to touch readers, as will the budding romance between him and a shy but emotionally strong woman." RT Book review, 4 stars

    13. This is the first time I've read this author and would definitely look for more from Louise Allen. So many people I know roll their eyes if you're reading a Mills and Boon book but I always enjoy those that I do read, and I must say I don't read that many. They are inexpensive and reliable as a quick and easy read.

    14. A good, quick romantic read. I love a dark, brooding, mysterious hero and this book delivered on that. In the middle of the book I was begging for the characters to just communicate with one another and finally they did and the ending was good.

    15. Third in the series that I started reading in the middle. This had a lot of elements to recommend it, but was let down by the circumstances of the misunderstandings between the various characters. I'd have prefered more emphasis on the hero and heroine's interests in art.

    16. One more 19th century story with a overdose of decorum obsession. I'll never get the reason behind this menace.Like real decency was not good enough and they needed to be chained by iron rules, unfit for any human being.Well, they certainly ruin my mood

    17. I wish there was a little more detail, but I found these characters' lack of communication far more realistic and understanding than just about any other romance book that I've read!!

    18. Une romance historique sympathique sans être transcendante. On passe un bon moment.Ma chronique : songedunenuitdete/2013/06/

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