Rapunzel, the One With All the Hair: A Wish Novel

Rapunzel, the One With All the Hair: A Wish Novel

Wendy Mass / Apr 09, 2020

Rapunzel the One With All the Hair A Wish Novel Rapunzel is having the ultimate bad day She s been stolen by a witch may have a ghost for a roommate and doesn t even have a decent brush for her hair Prince Benjamin s got it pretty tough too His

  • Title: Rapunzel, the One With All the Hair: A Wish Novel
  • Author: Wendy Mass
  • ISBN: 9780439796590
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rapunzel is having the ultimate bad day She s been stolen by a witch, may have a ghost for a roommate, and doesn t even have a decent brush for her hair.Prince Benjamin s got it pretty tough, too His father wants him to be kingly, his mother wants him to never leave her sight, and his cousin wants to get him into as much trouble as possible possibly with a troll apunzel is having the ultimate bad day She s been stolen by a witch, may have a ghost for a roommate, and doesn t even have a decent brush for her hair.Prince Benjamin s got it pretty tough, too His father wants him to be kingly, his mother wants him to never leave her sight, and his cousin wants to get him into as much trouble as possible possibly with a troll.Both Rapunzel and Prince Benjamin are trapped in very different ways Once their paths cross, well, that s when things get really strange.Journey back to the days when fairy tales were true with this fun and fresh spin on a timeless tale

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    1. "Rapunzel: The One with All the Hair" by Wendy Mass is part of the "Twice Upon a Time" series. Many authors have been rewriting fairy tales, and Wendy Mass is one of the successful ones. This story, which follows the Rapunzel tale fairly faithfully, deviates in that instead of the prince being blinded by the witch, he just has really poor vision and is practically blind without his glasses, which the witch breaks.The story is told from alternative viewpoints, that of Rapunzel and that of the Pri [...]

    2. Nowadays, everyone is developing parodies or twisted versions of old fairy tales. Among all these, Wendy Mass's 'Twice Upon a Time' series sticks out, and in particular the series starter. Complete with the original aspects of the Brothers Grimm story Rapunzel, and with Mass's own little touches, 'Rapunzel, the One With All the Hair' is truly unique. Wacky, fun, exciting, newI love this book. The one star is taken off because I believe Mass could've extended the story quite a bit farther, and sh [...]

    3. 3.5 I feel like this book was written just to write it if you know what I mean. Rapunzel had plenty of obvious opportunities to escape the tower .

    4. Wendy Mass' take on the classic fairytale is more true to the feelings that most teenagers would be experiencing after being kidnapped by a witch, forced in a tower, and ordered to "let down her hair." Mass also introduces a new character: the usually illusive Prince only characterized by his nobility, integrity, and good looks, becomes the gawky bespectacled Benjamin, a fan of adventure novels and staying in his room, has a habit of breaking glasses, and hates leeches, hunting, being regal, and [...]

    5. A middle-grade favorite. This series parodies typical fairy tales and makes them into new stories. Mainly these stories are just funny. It's a comedic romp that never stops being enjoyable. I also like that they develop the prince characters into goofy nerds. It's far more realistic and far less romantic. These stories manage to establish new, interesting dynamics for the prince and the princess.

    6. I started this as a read aloud for my son. I thought it would not be too girly, beause it tells the story of Prince Benjamin as well as Rapunzel. And I am right--it is not too girly. (Though I doubt many boys would pick it up on their own.)However, as a read aloud it sort of dragged. I stopped and read it silently to myself and liked it much better.

    7. This was a very good book that was never boring It is basically the story of Rapunzel (let down your long hair!) with kindof a twist, but not really, and it is viewed by both the point of view of Rapunzel AND the prince i highly recommend it!

    8. The characters were so drop dead dramatic, it was hilarious! Loved the writing! It's just too bad Rapunzel and Prince Benjamin don’t meet until the end of the story. I was hoping their individual stories would’ve connected sooner, that way I could soak up more of their sassy interactions. Hehehehe. :D

    9. The beginning and middle of the story was very good. The ending though was a little rushed and not as satisfying as I hoped it would be. The story was told in a humorous modern tone but, the story was still set in Once Upon a Time. Think Shrek the movie. Another problem is that the two major problems of the characters - Rapunzel getting out of the tower and Prince Benjamin rewarded a peasant have such obvious solutions it is wonder the characters missed them.Still, the characters are wonderfully [...]

    10. I wanted to enjoy this adaptation of Rapunzel by Wendy Mass. I'd read Wendy Mass and really enjoyed her work in the past. So my expectations were high, perhaps TOO high. Both Rapunzel and the Prince are on the young side--around the age of twelve. So this isn't a fairy tale romance that sweeps you away. (Not that the original story is oh-so-romantic. Far from it, as I see it. The Disney movie is another story almost!) Was I reading it FOR romance? Not really. That's not where I was disappointed. [...]

    11. this was possibly one of the most happy ending books of all time, i mean i imagined some things left behind. Such as Rapunzel's special spoon that she had got from the little green creature (who served her food when she was stuck in the witch's tower) (in which's name i cannot remember) but she got that saved in the end. The witch is gone all boarded up in the tower, the prince and rapunzel live happily ever after, she finally sees her parents again, and he/she sees the hermit, (who suprisingly [...]

    12. Rapunzel is shocked to discover, on her 12th bday (henceforth to be known as "The Day of my Kidnapping") that she has been promised to an old witch in return for some measly herbs! The witch takes her to a tower but Rapunzel is not one to just settle for things, she Will find a way out! She can't give up now, especially with the help of her new friend Steve, there must be a way to foil the witch. Meanwhile, the slightly clumsy, but always kind Prince Benjamin is learning princely behaviors, tryi [...]

    13. The book Twice upon a time Rapunzel the one with all the hair. By Wendy Mass is a really good book because it shows both character’s point of view and explains both their feelings. The main settings in the book is the tower that Rapunzel is being held in the castle Prince Benjamin lives in and the forest that separates them the main characters are Rapunzel, Prince Benjamin , the Witch/ Mother Gothel , the Queen, Steven, the king and Elkin the main conflict is that rapunzel is stuck in a tower [...]

    14. I just couldn't put this book down. I loved how Wendy Mass told both sides of the story and wrote it from both Rapunzel's point of view and the Princes. From the beginning of the story to the end I was very interested with anything that had to do with either of them. This version of the story is now my absolute favorite. The way she captured and described the scenes helped me picture myself there in their shoes doing what they are doing. The Twice Upon a Time series is by far my favorite series [...]

    15. Although you might not realize it, there are always two sides to a story. Rapunzel is in a horrible situation. She was kidnapped by a witch and locked up in a tower that is in the middle of no where. There is nothing but a bundle of hay for Rapunzel to sleep on. On the other side Prince Benjamin is also having a bad time. His mother doesn't let him leave her sight, his father wants him to act more "royal", and his cousin keeps giving him trouble. One day on a hunting trip Prince Benjamin hers a [...]

    16. Rapunzel is kidnapped from home by an evil witch, because her father forgot to pay a debt. She is then locked in the top of a tower in a room with no door only a window, and a kitten for company. Benjamin is the prince, and heir to his father's throne. He is having a normal day of being taught the things he will need to know as king, when his troublesome cousin is dropped off at the castle for a few weeks. I first read this book in elementary school, and I loved it. The reader gets both sides of [...]

    17. ~Rapunzel: The One with All the Hair is the first book in the Twice Upon a Time series. Wendy Mass, the author of the book, makes you feel like you are actually in the fairy tale. The book includes magical adventures from Rapunzel and from the Prince. This story wanted me to read more at the end of each chapter because, it lefts me hanging, to find what will happen next.This story is not like you hear before, it is told in a totally different way.I could not but the book down,my mind was set to [...]

    18. The book Rapunzel by Wendy Mass is a wonderful story and is the first book in the Twice Upon a Time series. To begin, Wendy Mass is an amazing author,she is the one who got me into reading. The whole book is a magical adventure and is a little different from the other versions of Rapunzel.Personally this is my favorite version."Rapunzel" is still based on a charming prince, a princesswith all the hair, and a not so nice step mother. I thing this is the best version of Rapunzel because it was [...]

    19. I thought this book was hillarious! It showed a twist no one ever thought of even incorporating with the classic Rapunzel fairytale. In the story Rapunzel is a snotty brat who thinks only of herself. Her struggle with the prince is never boring and keeps you reading until the end. I would recommend this to everyone who just needs a break from reading difficult reads. You could read the story in a day but it's worth it. The prince and Rapunzel almost use eachother for their own reasons and in the [...]

    20. I don't understand the good reviews. Not a bit. This whole thing was dragged out, and some chapter had not but ONE SENTENCE. EVERY CHAPTER HAD CAPITAL LETTERS, JUST LIKE THIS. WOULD YOU JUST SHUT UP, PRETTY PLEASE? Honestly, the plot was OK, the story was OK. JustI didn't like it. It wasn't modern at all. Just a retelling of the same bland thing you can find in Tangled (Which is actually a lot better than this book)

    21. Ok, you THOUGHT you knew how the story of Rapunel went, but you only knew half the story. This was so cute and I highly recommend it to all middle school girls, my nieces included. Who knew a prince whose glasses keep braking could steal your heart? Who knew a bratty girl with long hair could be her own hero?

    22. It was fantastic! When you talk about Rapunzel, you usually think about the main character, Rapunzel. But this book shows that thing acually happen to the prince too. He has a personality in twice upon a time.The reason I think it is a very good book is because you get to see the prince's perspective aswell as Rapunzel's.

    23. I love this book it is so CUTE! Definatly read it it is one of my favorites. When I picked it up I couldn't put it down it was so good! It is a great mixture of fantasy, romance, humor, and sadness. I loved it Read it it is really good!- Daisy Bateman

    24. This was cute. It was something I've had on my shelves that I wanted to be sure wasn't full of garbage I didn't want my kids reading. It turned out cute if not slightly predictable. Good fast read thought

    25. Wendy Mass is quickly becoming one of the favorite authors in the library.This is the first of a new series. Benjamin: young prince who eventually rescues RapunzelElkins: Benjamin's cousin, one year olderAndrew: Benjamin's servant

    26. This story is really weird and not like all the other fairy tales its fuuny and unexpected i liked it alot because the writer was making fun of the way the fairy tale writers make the story so lovely and nice and he made the story the complete opposite!

    27. Fast and Fun Read. A new take on an old fairy tale. Artistic license has been taken to change the story and the language is fun and how teens would talk today. Must Read. Wendy Mass is taking fairy tales to a new level.

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