The Secret of Terror Castle

The Secret of Terror Castle

Robert Arthur / May 24, 2020

The Secret of Terror Castle The Three Investigators search for an authentic haunted house

  • Title: The Secret of Terror Castle
  • Author: Robert Arthur
  • ISBN: 9780394912417
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Three Investigators search for an authentic haunted house.

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        Robert Jay Arthur, Jr was a mystery writer known for The Mysterious Traveler radio series and his Three Investigators series of novels He is frequently confused with the film producer Robert Arthur, who was nine days older than mystery writer Robert Arthur, Jr.Robert Arthur, Jr wrote a number of mystery books, mostly for children, and he also worked on the anthology television series Alfred Hitchcock Presents.In the 1950s and 1960s, as an uncredited ghost editor, Arthur anonymously compiled than a dozen anthologies of mystery, suspense and supernatural stories which were purportedly edited by Alfred Hitchcock these books were authorized by the real Hitchcock but were entirely edited by Arthur, who typically included at least one of his own stories in most of the anthologies in addition to ghostwriting for each book a foreword allegedly authored by Hitchcock.Arthur, along with his writing partner David Kogan, was twice honored by the Mystery Writers of America with an Edgar Award for Best Radio Drama In 1950, for Murder by Experts, and again in 1953, for The Mysterious Traveler Robert Arthur, Jr died in Philadelphia in 1969.


    1. The Secret of Terror Castle is a book that kids and their parents will enjoy. It has all the elements that appeal to kids: a hidden headquarters with secret entrances, a reportedly haunted castle to explore, a fancy car to be seen in, a rival schoolmate to overcome, and of course the Three Investigators agency and all the adventures that await. It also showcases traits that parents desire their children to have: imagination, creativity, courage, intelligence, analytical skills, and teamwork.The [...]

    2. I loved The Three Investigators Series as a kid, and loved re-reading almost all of the 30-plus books as an adult. "The Secret Of Terror Castle" is a worthy introduction — full of spooky pre-Manson Family atmosphere in the Hollywood Hills, loaded with genuine mystery and populated by humorous but likable characters. Plus, you know Alfred Hitchcock himself. The story: Jupiter Jones and friends Pete Crenshaw and Bob Andrews (their ages are never given, but they seem to be about 14 or 15 years o [...]

    3. How can you not love The Three Investigators? When I was a youngster, I discovered the series at my local library. The Secret of Terror Castle was the first book in the series that I read. I was hooked. From that day forward, some of my best memories were plunking down in my dad's recliner on a rainy day and being lost in the boy detective's latest case. I wanted to be a fourth investigator. That secret hideout of theirs captured my imagination. I could picture what it would be like to open a se [...]

    4. I think as one grows older, more and more time is given over to nostalgia. And for a voracious reader, it is invariably connected with the books one read as a kid.The Three Investigators was the mystery series I really adored - for a long time I thought Hitchcock himself wrote them! I loved Jupiter Jones for his brains (and the fact that he was plump, like me), Pete Crenshaw for his brawn and Bob Andrews for his studiousness. I also loved their secret junkyard hideaway and the visiting card with [...]

    5. The Secret of Terror Castle is just about a perfect book for boys aged 8-15. Robert Arthur is a woefully neglected author of great skill, and some of his finest writing is on display in the Three Investigators series.This is the first book in the series, and as such it establishes many elements which were continued throughout. We're introduced to Jupiter Jones, Pete Crenshaw, and Bob Andrews, as well as a host of memorable supporting characters. And, of course, we are introduced to the host of t [...]

    6. 1. Išvažiuoji visam ilgąjam savaitgaliui;2. Pamiršti pasiimti savo knygas ir skaityklę;3. Ieškai ko nors - bet ko - paskaityti vietoje;4. Randi šitą knygą. Kas belieka. Bet iš tikro nebuvo taip jau blogai. Visai padori, kaip anksčiau rašydavo "vidutiniam ir vyresniam mokykliniam amžiui" skirta knygiūkštė. Nei labai blatna, nei labai išskirtinė, nu bet tokia plius minus "Plėšiko Hocenploco" lygio. Nu ok, gal šiek tiek labiau link minus, nors gal ir Hocenplocui aš tiesiog jau [...]

    7. I have to admit the five star rating is due mainly to the nostalgia of the book, but I just couldn't help myself. In this, the first book of the three investigators series, we are introduced to Jupiter, Pete, and Bob. These are three teenage detectives who form their own agency to investigate various crimes, and through a strange twist Alfred Hitchcock ends up as their mentor. Hitchcock appears in the stories as himself, so there's a bit of a real world feel to them. They have a cool secret hide [...]

    8. 702 - 2014Eaaa, Trio Detektif terbitan baru ini tidak lagi di-endorse oleh sutradara Alfred Hitchcock, melainkan Albert Hitfield. Siapa tuuuh? Anggap saja pseudonym-nya ya.Copyrightnya juga entah kenapa dari edisi Jerman. Tapi sepertinya terjemahannya tetap pakai versi lama karena nama Agus Setiadi, dan Jupiter Jones-nya tidak berubah menjadi Justus Jonas seperti versi Jermannya.Justus? Mendingan juga Jupe (tidak ada hubungannya dengan penyanyi dangdut tertentu).Betewe, review versi panjangnya k [...]

    9. I just reread this mystery I loved as a kid. The first Three Investigators mystery holds up well after all these years. In addition to being the great fantasy for kids (e.g. a secret hideout in a junkyard that was much cooler than my own middle school detective agency in a corner of my house), the spooky tone is the perfect level of spine-tingling without being too frightening, and the mystery is a clever one.

    10. Eines meiner Leseziele dieses Jahr ist es, alle drei Fragezeichen Bände von vorne bis hinten durchzulesen. Bisher habe ich mich nämlich um die frühen amerikanischen Bände, also die Klassiker, ein wenig gedrückt. Der erste Band jedoch hat mir viel Spaß gemacht, obwohl ich die Story als Hörspiel inn und auswendig kannte, und ich freue mich auf die nächsten Bände. Da das Hörbuch des Gespensterschlosses ja nicht als erstes in der Reihe erschien, erfährt man in den Hörbüchern nie, wie di [...]

    11. A great childhood book series I remember, although I never finished reading them all!In fact, I don't know how many I finished, but in my box of junk I found I still had 20 or so paperbacks I had tried collecting them all as a kid - so I could read them in order, but then since I never got the full collection, I stopped reading them what a wierdo little kid I was.The library always had the cool hardcover or paperback, my copies seemed like reprints, but at least the cover art was always a highli [...]

    12. I've been trying to remember what these books actually were for so long, I remember loving them as a child (especially the secret headquarters hidden in a scrapyard). Only found by chance, but it's so nice to know they actually do exist!

    13. 2008 review - A sterling, well-written story that sets the series off to a flying start. The characters are well-drawn, the locations ably described and the genuine sense of fear and spookiness, around Terror Castle, is well evoked. The story does feel a bit slight, but that’s only to be expected as the book needs space to set everything up. Well worth a read and the only thing that dates this (it’s 44 years old!) is the fact that a silent film-star plays a major part in it. A cracking book. [...]

    14. Loved this series as a youth but remembered it being a little scary at times. So I read this before recommending it and giving it to my 9 yr old son for Christmas. It was well written and fast moving action/adventure book - and not too scary for a (or at least my) 9 yr old. Surprised it is not available on kindle since it is relevant today. I found the book to be excellent for boys from 5th-8th grade (give or take). The protagonists are that age and the book (and series) does an excellent job of [...]

    15. Basically, what got me started on reading. This and Archie comics induced the love/hate relationship I have with wordlings now, a relationship that is strictly not platonic, I assure you.Throw Hitchcock into the mix, so very cool. Very original way to present a series.

    16. En los años 80 había toda una serie de cosas que me gustaban especialmente: el terror, el misterio, las explicaciones racionales, los grupos de investigadores lo curioso es que realmente los mayores representantes de aquello habían salido en los años 60. Pero en los 80 se relanzó casi todo en Tv y libros: Scooby-Doo, Los cinco, Nancy Drew Y en mi caso, especialmente, los libros de "Alfred Hitchcock y los tres investigadores".El autor, Robert Arthur, era un especialista en combinar terror y [...]

    17. A wonderful mystery. The Three Investigators are Bob Andrews, Pete Crenshaw, and Jupiter Jones. They are from Rocky Beach, a few miles from Hollywood.Bob is their researcher, Pete is tall and strong, so I guess that makes him muscle in the group and Jupiter Jones is the brains. They have their "office" at The Jones Salvage Yard which is run by Jupiter's uncle. It is in an old trailer the uncle forgot.Jupiter won the use of a Rolls-Royce with chauffeur, for thirty days. They used it for their fir [...]

    18. Not something I would ever, ever pick up of my own inclination, this is a teen age boy detective story (the first of a series) of the 60's that my husband said rocked his little teenage heart back in the day. I have my own son who is a "mini me" version of his dad, so I always get any books Dad remembers reading in his youth. I was getting bored (again) with Adam Bede and treated myself with this bit of Halloween-appropriate fluff. Funny thing, it's not fluff. Teen novel, yes, but not fluff. The [...]

    19. Pertama kali baca Trio Detektif pas masih SMP dan lanjut beberapa judul saja karena keterbatasan koleksi perpustakaan SMP/SMA dengan seri ini. Kalo beli sendiri masih mikir-mikir Tapi yang pasti buku ini mengesankan karena saya suka cerita teka-teki. Akhirnya, sekarang coba koleksi dan baca lagi, mulai seri pertama, Misteri Puri Setan.Awalnya saya tidak terlalu berharap banyak dengan teka-tekinya karena niatnya hanya ingin bernostalgia, tapi ternyata petualangan masuk Puri Setan bisa bikin deg- [...]

    20. I have read almost all of the books in this series, I will slowly add them all to my list. "Slowly" because I don't want to spam anyone by adding them all at once.These books made my childhood. I really think that they shaped me into what I am today, so I'm very thankful to my local library for carrying these when I, in the tender age of 10, decided to start borrowing books (using my dad's card, no less; of course, he knew I was using it) I have a few favourites in the series, they will get a 5 [...]

    21. This book really brings out the ingenuity, doggedness and sheer courage of the three investigators Exploring a haunted castle is a terrifying experience, which leads most visitors to the castle rushing out and tearing down the steep, boulder strewn path, and the three young detectives do the same. But what makes them different is that they return again and again in broad daylight and even late at night, facing weird music, floating phantoms and icy blasts of air, and even a rockfall, which burie [...]

    22. This holds up exceedingly well to childhood nostalgia. There are few stretches of plausibility, and evoking the effects of early films and the transition from silent to talkies was anachronistic at the time, aiding its aging gracefully.The deliberate advanced vocabulary is distinctly more advanced than what I’ve run across in my re-visitation of Trixie Belden. The pacing and tension is excellent, as is the debunking. I am buckled in and ready to keep going through the series.

    23. Sometimes revisiting a childhood favorite (movie, book, recipe) can harm those good memories if it's not enjoyable as an adult. Re-reading this book was a pure delight. Just as I remembered it to be: Hardy Boys with the fun spirit of Scooby-Doo. If you loved this series of books like I did, I can tell you, it's safe to go back and enjoy reading this again.

    24. I read the all of the Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators books as a kid. I found three books in the series at a second hand store. After reread The Secret of Terror Castle I have to say it still holds up. To be fair, the 4 stars may have more to do with my nostalgia that anything else.

    25. Baru baca seri pertama Trio Detektif yang diterbitkan ulang Gramedia ini. Masih menarik. Meski bagi saya saat ini ceritanya mudah ditebak. Tapi, seri ini dulu pernah menghibur saya di tengah suntuknya belajar wkwkwk

    26. Membaca kembali seri ini ternyata tidak memunculkan efek istimewa sebagaimana saat membacanya dulu, ketika buku ini masih seharga Rp2.500 dan iklannya terpampang menggoda di majalah Bobo.

    27. Buku pertama sekaligus kasus pertama dari Trio Detektif, cukup menarik. Hanya saja ada satu perbedaan mencolok dari buku cetakan lama (saya baca yang sampul ini, cetakan pertamanya tahun 2014), Alfred Hitchcook menjadi Alfred Hitfield di buku ini. :)

    28. This is an interesting and fun read. If you are having a difficult time getting your little ones to read and they happen to like mysteries then this is the book for them. There are some twists and turns, it keeps the mind going, and it holds the reader interested. I highly recommend this book for everyone. I really liked how the three investigators look into everything, they aren't afraid to show that they are scared, and they support one another. They help show that friends come in all shapes a [...]

    29. I remember avidly collecting volumes in this series when I was 10, but never completing the set. Now I have them all in epub format and will work my way through. Terror Castle (and presumably all the others) hasn't aged well, but it brings back fond memories. I suspect my abiding interest in secret passageways owes a great deal to Jupiter Jones' 3 Investigators headquarters hidden away in the family salvage yard.

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