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Polterheist Some things should just stay in hell Esther Diamond s latest Manhattan misadventure leads her into the twisted realm of greedy heirs battling over a retail empire a series of heists pulled off by inv

  • Title: Polterheist
  • Author: Laura Resnick
  • ISBN: 9780756407339
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • Some things should just stay in hell Esther Diamond s latest Manhattan misadventure leads her into the twisted realm of greedy heirs battling over a retail empire, a series of heists pulled off by invisible thieves, and inanimate objects that grow fangs and fly through the air to attack a struggling actress who s just trying to earn enough money to pay her rent.Realizing tSome things should just stay in hell Esther Diamond s latest Manhattan misadventure leads her into the twisted realm of greedy heirs battling over a retail empire, a series of heists pulled off by invisible thieves, and inanimate objects that grow fangs and fly through the air to attack a struggling actress who s just trying to earn enough money to pay her rent.Realizing that magical mayhem is afoot, Esther joins forces with Dr Maximillian Zadok to investigate the terrifying manifestations at Fenster Co where Esther is working overtime as an underdressed elf Meanwhile, her tumultuous almost romance with NYPD s Detective Connor Lopez runs hot and cold and increasingly strange as he investigates the perplexing heists at Fenster s Semi retired hit man Lucky Battistuzzi is also nosing around, since the mob resents being implicated in these thefts.As an ancient Evil prepares to unleash hell on a night when darkness prevails and dimensional barriers crumble, Esther battles to save her friends from deadly peril, protect her city from demonic disaster, and collect her paycheck in time to make rent.

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        Laura Resnick is an award winning science fiction and fantasy author, the daughter of prolific science fiction author Mike Resnick She was the winner of the John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer in Science Fiction for 1993 She also writes romance novels under the pseudonym Laura Leone


    1. 3.65 stars rounded upOkay, let's see, quick recap Esther was temporarily working as Jewish elf (yes, Jewish) at Fenster & Co, an upscale family-owned department store for the holidays when toys were coming alive, with fangs and red eyes, and ready to kill Fenster customers. At first, Esther (and her friend, the 350-year old mage) thought it was a work of poltergeist but then they discovered it was something more sinister---------I was moving back and forth to rate this (since I needed a goo [...]

    2. If you like this series, I'm sure you'll like this book. I'm a fan, so I had fun. But I agree with Ami's review that it was definitely a case of rounding up from the upper 3 star range, for all of the reasons she listed. Please read the review, it says it better than I could. Overall, the book was fun, fast and silly without being too silly. Lopez wasn't annoying in this one for the first time for me. I loved having Lucky, the Gambello hit man, in it so much and I thought the way that he got inv [...]

    3. This series cracks me up. Oh i know that esther is alternately ditzy and astute, and that Lopez needs a hit upside the head to get with the program, but the dialogue in these pages is really good stuff. the plot lines can be thin, but I really enjoy the snarkiness and craziness of these books!

    4. Polterheist is the fifth book in Laura Resnick's Esther Diamond light and humorous urban fantasy series. Lots of fun and an easy read, not the usual dark and heavy urban fantasy that seems to be the norm.The basic premise is that Esther Diamond is forced to work at the department store Fenster's during the holiday season as a Jewish elf, since her usual "between jobs" work as a waitress is unavailable. So she endures the insanity of the holiday crowds with gritted teeth. But then inanimate objec [...]

    5. I spent the three days between acquisition and completion of this book reading the opening line aloud to various coworkers in an attempt to entice them into reading the series. Also, my new manager had her first true glimpse of "Ginger immersed in bookworld" when she tried to interrupt to ask me something during a lunch break. Yeah, if the book's entertaining, you're going to have to actually say my name to get my attention. Probably more than once.I love Esther Diamond. She remains a terrific c [...]

    6. I enjoyed this one much more than the previous. I liked characters like Saturated Fats and even Jeff making their comebacks. Esther is the straight man of the group and does best with a crew of wacky sidekicks.A surprisingly fast read.

    7. Full review here:jamesgenrebooks/2Overall, the book is a very funny and well written piece, although the reveal and resolution aren't particularly a surprise.

    8. If you like the Esther Diamond books, you will probably enjoy this one. I wavered between 2 and 3 stars, however, because as much of a fan as I am, it doesn’t mean I can ignore some of the glaring problems with the story.Esther is working a thankless, grueling holiday stint as an elf at a famous department store’s holiday floor when it becomes apparent that there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than one might expect. Shipments to the store are getting hijacked, the store’s owning [...]

    9. I've been a fan of the series, way back to the old days when Disappearing Nightly was published by a Luna Books, and I've suck with it ever since.Sadly, Polterheist is one of the weaker installments.It suffers from an interesting problem: it both drags and rushes.To explain, I have to describe the formula the series holds to. The books always starts with Esther, the narrator, revealing that something weird has happened, before explaining the events that lead up to the weirdness. After that, she [...]

    10. I love this series! And this was a fine addition to it. I saved it to read during the Christmas season, since that's when it's set, and I'm glad I did- it was a perfect light romp for a somewhat stressful time.I'm not going to summarize the plot. Just know that Esther is reluctantly working as Dreidle, the Jewish elf, in a big NYC department store's "Solsticeland" display. And then, as often happens around her, things start to go Horribly Wrong.Esther has no paranormal talents whatsoever, unless [...]

    11. In this, the latest Esther Diamond novel, out heroine is once again in-between acting jobs and her usual gig at Stella's is taken over by kids on holiday so she ends up working at a large department store as the Hanukah elf. SHe get s the job because a lot of previous employees in the holiday exhibit have left abruptly. As usual strange things start happening like elevators and animated trees attacking Esther and we find out that hell is coming to New York. With the help of Max, Lopez and others [...]

    12. Another entertaining entry into the series. Finding herself in-between acting jobs since the last book, plucky Esther takes a seasonal job as Santa's Jewish elf in New York's premiere department store. It's not the best job in the world but Esther still gives it her professional best. That is, until it becomes clear that something evil is lurking in the store's non-denominational holiday display, Solsticeland. To figure out what's going on Esther will need the help of her 300+ year old mentor, M [...]

    13. I could go anywhere from 3 to 3.5 stars on this one. Esther is working as an elf at Fensters & Co. (a big department store) for the holiday season and REALLY not enjoying it. Employees keep quitting unexpectedly and sometimes not even giving notice and there have been heists wherein someone is robbing the merchandise from trucks on their way to the department store. When a mechanical singing tree literally tries to eat her she knows something Evil is going on It felt a little lacking compare [...]

    14. The advantage to reading a series one after the other is the attachment to the characters is stronger. And the reader enjoys them so much, they feel a part of that life for a small while. Such is my case with the world in which Esther Diamond lives. I especially see myself as a regular customer in Max Zadok's bookstore. In "Polterheist", Esther balances her crusade against evil with a humiliating job as a Christmas elf in a huge department store. Personally, I've worked some pretty bad jobs, tho [...]

    15. I’ve been enjoying Laura Resnick’s tales of actress Esther Diamond, an actress with no supernatural powers whose various jobs put her into danger from the supernatural. She works with Manhattan's resident mage, Dr. Maximillian Zadok who, because of alchemic potion that no one has been able to duplicate looks only seventy but is 350 years old. Probably the worst place for a secular Jew to work is at a huge department store Christmas display. The one at Fenster & Co takes up a whole floor [...]

    16. In this 5th book in the series, Esther is making ends meet by working as an elf at Fensters & Co. department store. It is not the best job in the world especially since the other seasonal employees keep quitting without notice. As always whne Esther is around, all is not normal at Fensters and reports of strange happening start popping up. Then Esther is attacked by a singing Christmas tree and she can no longer ignore it. Something mystical is afoot. I just love this series. Esther is such [...]

    17. First off, let me be clear, I loved this book all the way to the last 20 pages then I found myself disappointed with the ending. Once again, Laura Resnick has crafted a wonderfull novel with just the right blend of insane agents of evil, super awkward heroines and obtuse detectives named Lopez to creat a charming tale full of wit and inteligence. All of this is great and wonderful up until the main plot concludes and we reach the last several pages of the book, where the ever annoying Esther/Lop [...]

    18. As luck would have it, I picked this up the week before Christmas without knowing it was a Christmas book, so it it got some bonus points right off the bat. In this one Esther is working as a department store elf Dreidel, Santa's Jewish elf. There are, of course, multiple elves and Santas on the payroll, such as Diversity Santa, Naughty and Nice, and so on, and Esther has to call in some of her associates from previous volumes to help in the investigation of the apparently haunted store. It's a [...]

    19. A hilarious urban fantasy with a light-handed romance. Esther Diamond is an actor working as an elf during the holiday season to pay her bills. Something isn't right at the super department store, though. Something more than just drag queen Santas and scantily clad elves. When a tree in a display tries to strangle Esther, she knows for sure something evil is loose in the store. It's hard enough surviving the holiday season, never mind having some creepy supernatural thing trying to kill her!A gr [...]

    20. I like this series and characters, but I do find myself slightly exasperated by what seems to me like an inordinate amount of time spent explicitly establishing (often repeatedly) characters' thoughts/motivations/previous escapades etc. I also feel as if it was a little slow getting started; the "action" advertised in the plot teaser on the back of the book didn't occur until several chapters in. In addition, the on-again-off-again romance is a bit frustrating, though the ending of this book is [...]

    21. If you don't mind a book that within the first couple chapters has you laughing so much you're afraid you'll choke on your lunch and don't care that people are staring at you from other tables because you can't keep the laughter inside, then you want to read this book. I've enjoyed Esther Diamond's stories as she battles EVIL as only a true New York actress could, but this one was the very best so far. And I'm pretty sure I'm falling for Lopez too, although the ending has me wondering if he's th [...]

    22. I tore through this in one sitting because of the conversational style and my preexisting love for the characters. Esther is once again between real jobs and of course the supernatural finds her in her temp job. I love the idea that a department store at Christmas is a hell mouth because retail can be a hellish experience for all involved. There were great moments between Esther and Lopez as well. My love for this series did not diminish with this installment and I will definitely read the next [...]

    23. I like the way the setting changes from book to book in this series, due to Esther's career as a struggling actress. This time around she plays Dreidel, the Jewish elf at a department store's Solsticeland display. The feuding family running the department store, the sheer number of Santas (Moody Santa, Diversity Santa, Drag Queen Santa, etc) and the tight spots Esther gets into while trying to stop Evil make for a fun read. Fave moments: meeting Lopez's parents, or maybe his Santa phobia the who [...]

    24. Another great installment of the Esther Diamond series! What? You haven't read these yet? Go pick up Disappearing Nightly. I'll waitEven though this one ended abruptly (or maybe I wasn't ready for it to end) and I figured out who the bad guy was halfway through, I still enjoyed this book. I love Esther and Lopez's relationship as well as her friendship with Max. And the new characters were wonderful.Now, can we please find out what's going on with Lopez and his mystical power?

    25. Funny as usual, but this time the "catch up readers who haven't been reading the series" parts of the novel dragged a lot more than usual. Not sure why that is.I was 50% into the book and I still didn't feel like much progress had been made.Also, it was a bit predictable, so much so that when I figured out who was behind everything early on, I dismissed it as "no, that's too obvious" and figured it was something else.That being said, there was a surprise or two, so that did help.

    26. Meh. The writing's pretty good, and the plot is okay. The characters are a bit thin, and there's a bit to much exposition. The scene where Esther meets Lopez's parents is hilarious. But ultimately the book suffers from rather unexciting peaks. For example, I thought it was very strange that the author has you follow the main character at the climax, when she isn't even present during the major conflict.

    27. I love Esther Diamond, and Laura Resnick is one of my favorite authors. Unfortunately, POLTERHEIST is not her strongest book. I laughed out loud many times as I read it, but I found it uneven and overlong. That said, I definitely will buy the next Esther Diamond novel because it's a great, well~written series.

    28. Not as good, perhaps, as some of the previous books in the series, but maybe that was due to the fact that I read it in the spring and the story takes place right before Christmas. As always, Esther saves the world in a skimpy costume with the aid of her friends, and the return of Lopez is always welcome.

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