Foolish Games

Foolish Games

Leah Spiegel Megan Summers / Feb 21, 2020

Foolish Games Joie is a high school graduate that recently lost her father and ends up reluctantly trailing after a rock and roll band with her best friends only to find love in a very unexpected way She must avoid

  • Title: Foolish Games
  • Author: Leah Spiegel Megan Summers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Joie is a high school graduate that recently lost her father and ends up reluctantly trailing after a rock and roll band with her best friends only to find love in a very unexpected way She must avoid letting her mother know what she is up to, keep one friend from jumping from one frying pan into another while helping the other hook up with the love of his life and all thJoie is a high school graduate that recently lost her father and ends up reluctantly trailing after a rock and roll band with her best friends only to find love in a very unexpected way She must avoid letting her mother know what she is up to, keep one friend from jumping from one frying pan into another while helping the other hook up with the love of his life and all this while attempting to thwart a killer who is seeking revenge The dialogue is humorous, the characters engaging and the dramatic tension both romantic and murderous.

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      • Leah Spiegel Megan Summers

        An Edinboro University of Pennsylvania Graduate who once spent years drawing imaginary worlds and now writes about them with her sister, Megan Summers.


    1. Joie received the keys to a '68 Volkswagen Van that her father left her after he passed away. Never having really known her father, the van became nostalgic. It was the summer before Joie was supposed to go to college, but unsure with what she wanted to do with her life, or even if she wanted to go to college. Joie's two best friends already had their summer mapped out. Riley got a position writing show reviews for the famous Grimm Brother's band web site which included free tickets for the summ [...]

    2. 4.75 Stars :)”So take your place here next to meAnd I’ll take my place there next to theeAnd no matter how far we may roamIt’s by your side I will make my home”~ “Loving Wings” by Dave Matthews BandThe book began with a lyric from Dave Matthews. I knew immediately that I was going to LOVE this book. I seriously devoured this story. If it wasn’t for sleep, I would’ve read this in one setting. It was one of those non stop page turners. I kept thinking that it’ll eventually slow d [...]

    3. this was a fun book to read, with a boy-meets-girl, girl-hates-egocentric-boy, boy-hates-cynical-girl, but-secretly-they-wanna-tear-their-clothes-off plotline. I liked the gay best friend, and the romance interest. but there was SO much about this book that could have been better. The roadtripping aspects, music parts, the focusbut in the end it was the BELIEVABILITY that did me in.I mean, how many people are SHOT AT, almost KIDNAPPED and just get up and continue their daily business like nothin [...]

    4. 2.5 starsA good love story ruined by the far from good "suspense" plot.Joie's father has died recently and left her some cash and his van. Now, Joie has no idea what she wants to do with her life, so she decides to spend the summer with her two friends, Riley and Lizzie, "chasing" a band. A band whose singer is one J.T. Hawkins.Hawkins is cynical, tortured, disillusioned and in a serious need for inspiration. His band is not doing so well, and he simply can't make himself write any songs. It see [...]

    5. I saw this books many times and kept coming back to it, and finally purchased it, and I am sooooo glad I did. From the minute I started reading the booked I was entranced. I couldn't put it down!!! However when I started getting closer and closer to the end I had to put it down simply because I didn't want it to end. I was enraptured with Joie from the beginning and when Hawkins came to the scene I couldn't stop. I don't want to give to much away because I think EVERYONE should read this book, a [...]

    6. 4.25 StarsThis book took me by SURPRISE!!! I have never heard of this author or the book, but a friend said I had to read it. I was complaining about heroines in YA/NA books being idiots and she insisted that I read Foolish Games. Well, it did not disappoint. I LOVED the herione, Joie. Loved her. Smart, caring, loving and strong. Does not take crap from anyone. So the first half of this book I give 3 stars. The second half 5 stars, so that leaves me at 4.25 stars. Yeah, I really liked this one. [...]

    7. When I first read the synopsis for this book I thought it was going to be a romance/erotica to rival Olivia Cunnings Backstage Pass, and I couldn't have been more excited about thatBUT I was so wrong.So beautifully wrong.While I kind of feel that the synopsis for this book is a little misleading I couldn't be happier about being misled. This book was a refreshing surprise, and I couldn't put it down!To set the record straight this is NOT an erotic read. It is however, a gripping suspense/romance [...]

    8. I LOVED this book. I love a book that starts off with H/h interacting within the first couple of pages and this one starts off with them interacting with each other right from the word go! Foolish Games is about a battle between a rock star and a young woman who is trying to find her next step in life. She just lost her father and her best friends convince her to follow the band across the states, since she is now in possession of a vehicle. As things between Joie and Hawkins escalate (they have [...]

    9. I had hope. I liked parts. I couldn't stop because I wanted to know what was going to happen but it just didn't sit right. I don't know how many times I was reading just scrolling along and then something MAJOR would happen no prep. Just BAM! Out of nowhereI tried to overlook it because I really wanted to like this book. But then IT JUST ENDED! Seriously just dropped. So I'm being generous and giving this three stars. I still liked it and I couldn't stop reading it but overall:

    10. Disclaimer: I received a copy of this novel from the publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.My Summary: The last place Joie wanted to be was stuck in an elevator with the Grimm Brother's Band but she couldn't just let Lizzie follow them back to their hotel alone, could she? Soon Joie and Lizzie are forced to be part of a huge scandal to bring up the popularity of the failing band, but things start to go bad when a creepy stalker begins harassing them My Thoughts: This book was s [...]

    11. I thought this book was ok. It had some nice moments and the internet exchanges were fun. The suspense portion was waaaaay over the top which took up 1/3 of the book. I felt a disconnect between Joie and Hawkins even after when they finally admitted to having feelings for one another. Also, Lizzie, the friend, was such a b*tch. I just don't understand why Joie, who has a strong mind of her own and who seems to be pretty smart, would be friends with such a person. That just annoyed me and didn't [...]

    12. I liked the beginning of this book quite a bit. The Pride & Prejudice influenced elevator scene hooked me with the snarky main character refusing to give a self-important musician the time of day. Then a suspense plot derails the story into a farce, which goes on for way too many pages. Worse, my early liking for the characters evaporated as they devolve into the worst versions of rockstar & groupie cliches. In the end its a surreal Lifetime movie drama with a side of girl ends up with a [...]

    13. Wow I never thought I'd enjoy this book. There's no steamy scenes but there are lots of romance oozing through the air - and I loved it.Easy and fun read that will leave you wanting more.

    14. Was surprised by how much I loved this book! I wasn't expecting much but truly loved it.I love the whole they-don't-like-each-other tension. Brilliant!

    15. One of the best "rockstar" books I've read! The author writes the romance with such effortless chemistry. I LOVED IT!

    16. LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! i was fed up with the book in which characters have the instant attraction.But this book was different and my fav. part lot of sarcastic comment exchange between the characters.

    17. Review posted here: offbeatvagabond/2012/03/indie-book-review-foolish-games-by-leahml Joie is fresh out of high school, she doesn't know what she wants to do now that she is out of high school. Her mother is scared that she won't make anyhing of herself. So for the summer, to get out of the house, Joie and her best friends go on a road trip to follow their favorite band. One of her friends, Riley, is a professional blogger. It is his job to write about the famous band. So one night while joining [...]

    18. Foolish Games is an amazing story that takes two people with secrets and haunting shadows, throws them together, creates tons of "push and pull" conflict and weaves an unforgettable tale that grips the reader firmly until the very end.I have to say that Foolish Games by Leah Spiegel has made my top favorite reading list of all time. This story is so much fun, the chemistry between the leading characters of rock star Hawkins and reluctant tour follower Joie is smoldering. There is suspense, roman [...]

    19. This was the first book I had read by this author so I really had no idea what it would be like when I started reading. It’s certainly a long one! I love me a good long book though so I was really glad to get started on it.This book was a little hard to rate for me. There were parts that seemed to drag a bit and other parts that I was so glued to the book I literally was walking around with my Kindle just plastered to my face (I walk with it rather close to my nose). Sometimes I would be readi [...]

    20. Foolish Games was a great read for me. It had everything! Super hot rock stars, mystery, suspense, best friends (both great and evil), life changing events, and lots of opportunities for three just graduated teens to become adults. Mix all that with an original (although slightly predictable) plot line and a romance almost every girl has dreamed of and you've got yourself one sweet treat. Joie and her friends Riley and Lizzie are following the Grimm Brothers Band around on their summer tour. Ril [...]

    21. My favourite scene is when Joie pretends to be Hawkins:Grabbing the damn thing [guitar]out of his hands and swinging it over my shoulder, I was in full strut modewhile Hawkins laughed. “I am the shit.” I nodded. “Bow down.”It's a good book with a sucky, unrealistic, WTF ending. This book is about a roadtrip with two crazy rock group fans and one pessimistic almost cynical heroine, Joie. She's not at all fanatical and is practically babysitting her travel companions. Joie takes care of th [...]

    22. This book is one of my favorites. I love that its a longer ish book, so it takes me a little longer to read even though I could read it in a day. I LOVE the romance in it between Hawkins + Joie and their love / hate relationship at the beginning / middle. Then there is the suspense part. The 'grimm reaper' will keep you on the edge of your seats, needing more. The storyline seems kinda cliche at first, teenage girl following a band, but it's really not. at all. It's different than most books w [...]

    23. I really like this book except for the editing errors. Anyhow, I love the characters, J.T. and the Grimm Brothers Band. Joie and her BFFs (Riley is great but Lizzie is such a cunning b***h). I think Joie should have put Lizzie in her place earlier in the book. I love the banter between J.T. and Joie and their tweets and blogs about/against each other. Their love and hate relationship is very entertaining. The books starts as a fun, light hearted romance but it has suspense in it too, like when t [...]

    24. I don't know what's wrong with me!! Because lately I've been crying in a lot of the books I'm reading, and I cried in this one too!! I'm not even sure if it's worth it, but I'm sleepy as fuck so that might be the reason.Hmmm to put it simply, I loved this book! It made me laugh, swoon, and scared the crap out of me in the last 40% or so. I would definitely recommend people to read this, I seriously needed something like this after reading captive in the dark, and I'm supposed to be doing the boo [...]

    25. Based on the cover, I thought it was a typical teen love story.I say that the book is well written because the author was able to evoke the right feelings or perception for each character. I was annoyed with Liz and was touched by Riley loyalty. The writer was able to establish the characters really well that the flow of the story is believable and engaging.I liked that it is a mix of love story and mystery since I tend to favor the latter. I did suspect Cyrus as the Grimm reaper. At first I tho [...]

    26. The writing style of this book has potential, her characters were engaging and I identified with them, however, there were jumps that I just couldn't follow and I just don't get texting rather than ringing in an emergency situation. Many times the characters did something outside of their relationship and I though - why? Within the relationship it was good but the story just wasn't enough.

    27. Really enjoyed this one. The relationship between the h/h was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the humorous tone the book was written in. It almost had a chick-lit vibe to it, although it was definitely more romance oriented.

    28. This book was witty and suspenseful! I fell in love with the characters and couldn't put the book down. An easy read and unpredictable ending.

    29. I don't know what I was expecting with this book, but I loved it. Reading this was a breath of fresh air for me. The characters were fantastic, Main character Joie is your typical girl next door. I could relate to her on so many levels, she is such a down to earth likeable character. Joie's best friend Riley is gay, super hott with a double T, honest, likeable guy. I think every girl needs a friend like Riley. Lizzie is a long time friend of Joie's, I think everyone has at least one friend like [...]

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