Gallows Pole

Gallows Pole

J.D. Rhoades / Feb 20, 2020

Gallows Pole Someone is killing entire families forcing fathers to hang their wives and children before taking their own lives How does the killer do it And what is the meaning of the small iron horse the killer

  • Title: Gallows Pole
  • Author: J.D. Rhoades
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Someone is killing entire families, forcing fathers to hang their wives and children before taking their own lives How does the killer do it And what is the meaning of the small iron horse the killer leaves at every murder scene FBI agent Melissa Saxon and her handpicked team are racing against time to solve the mystery before families die.Former anti terrorist opeSomeone is killing entire families, forcing fathers to hang their wives and children before taking their own lives How does the killer do it And what is the meaning of the small iron horse the killer leaves at every murder scene FBI agent Melissa Saxon and her handpicked team are racing against time to solve the mystery before families die.Former anti terrorist operative Colonel Mark Bishop and the survivors of his command think they know One of their own, a stone killer who calls himself the Hangman, has come out to play, and he s trying to draw out not only Bishop, but his former comrades the elite team known as Iron Horse.Only the Horsemen can stop one of their own But the team is disbanded, the survivors scattered Bishop himself is tormented by guilt for the things he had to do to keep one of his men from suffering an agonizing death Their adversary is not only a skilled assassin, but a master at creating fear Behind the scenes, shadowy and powerful figures pursue their own plans for Bishop and the Hangman.Mark Bishop, Melissa Saxon, and the last of the Iron Horsemen will have to use all their courage and every resource, including an array of high tech weapons, to stop the Hangman What they have to do will put everything they ever believed in to the ultimate test and push Bishop to the edge of sanity.

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        J.D Rhoades is America s foremost writer of the genre known as Redneck noir, and his biography reads like Tobacco Road as written by Hunter S Thompson Rhoades never knew his parents he was found abandoned on the steps of a cut rate Filipino tax preparation service in Slidell, La As a child, he was bounced around between a series of orphanages, reformatories and opium dens His first brush with the law came when he shot a man in Reno just to watch him die He was seven years old at the time.Rhoades first turned to drugs at the age of five, when he discovered you could get high by snorting Nestle s Quik through a rolled up copy of Highlights magazine Since then, he claims to have ingested marijuana, peyote, heroin, psilocybin, uppers, downers, screamers, laughers, dried banana peels, glue, paste, mucilage, LSD, DMT, STP, ABC, CNN, TLC, Sterno, Drano, Bondo, Ketamine, Dopamine, glucosamine, Ovaltine, and Krispy Kreme.He hit rock bottom when he did all of them in the same night and woke up two weeks later, hanging upside down by his knees from a tree limb in Duluth, Minn and singing an aria from Die Fledermaus In German, a language that he does not speak Rhoades is rud to have once killed a stripper with a fondue fork and disposed of the body using an electric pencil sharpener over a period of 14 hours.Ii is not known whether the rumors are true that Rhoades kidnapped the Lindbergh Baby, nor can reports that he was the shooter on the grassy knoll when Kennedy was shot be confirmed He does, however, know Tom DeLay personally Biography contributed by James Frey


    1. I enjoyed reading J.D. Rhoades' previous novel, GOOD DAY IN HELL, and so I wanted to check out his new ebook, GALLOWS POLE. It's an adrenaline-driven, rollicking adventure thriller, remindful of Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt or Lee Child's Jack Reacher, only better written. Colonel Bishop and his Iron Horse special ops military squad use the latest warfare technology, including Lot Seventeen. Read their "A-Team" exploits to find out just what that secret stuff is, and how it works. How can you but n [...]

    2. Okay, it's another J.D. Rhoades thriller about conspiracies, corruption, a super secret special ops unit and a powerful mind controlling drug that ends up in the wrong hands, (is that the way it always goes with powerful mind controlling drugs?). This is no cozy mystery. The body count is high and the plot is all about the search for a serial killer who murders entire families, including the children. I've metJ.D. Rhoades and he seems like such a nice guy. Makes you wonder how he comes up with s [...]

    3. J.D. Rhoades's Gallows Pole gets the adrenalin pumping from the very first page. Rhoades not only gives us a tight, suspenseful plot, his prose style is economic and full of quiet confidence, and you know you're in good hands the moment you start reading.

    4. J. D. Rhoades is a fellow North Carolinian like myself. I started following his writing early on and have never failed to enjoy his books. Mostly set in our state, his characters, both the heroes and villains resemble folks I have known or read about in local papers.His characters are not perfect, not supermen, well mostly, but trained individuals with their own set of flaws like most of us. That they manage to overcome them speaks for a rare strength and determination that most of us wish of ou [...]

    5. All in all not a bad thriller involving what is left of a covert operations team. Some of the members of the team are flawed. One has placed himself in a self built military style prison. He believes he is guilty of war crimes. Of course it wouldn't be a thriller if he didn't come out of self exile to get involved in chasing 'The Hangman", also one of the former team members. Hangman just happens to be running around the U.S. hanging whole families in an attempt to get Bishop (the exile) to come [...]

    6. This is a story that grabs your attention from the start and will keep you reading well into the night. It's a fast-paced and exciting story that I couldn't put down. A great reason to buy an ereader. Download it today!

    7. Action and more action.This was a light but pretty satisfying read laced with heroes, villains and conspiracies and oh, I loved the zombie juice.A former operative from a top secret 'off-the-books' bunch of special forces dudes goes off the rails and is killing whole families. His former commander knows who it is because of the signature of the crimes. Unfortunately the FBI is also chasing this guy. Little do they know what they're up against, mwah ha ha. So the special forces dudes have to kind [...]

    8. “Making people nervous is what we do.” – Bonaparte SimsThere’s a lot for people to be nervous about in author J.D. Rhoades’ newest novel, Gallows Pole. For starters, there’s a killer striking families nationwide, leaving in his wake a scene so disturbing it rattles even seasoned law enforcement veterans.Entire families are being hanged in a methodical fashion, the father apparently made to be the executioner for his wife and each of his children in turn before taking his own life. Ye [...]

    9. Another explosive thriller from author J.D. Rhoades, "Gallows Pole", is a non stop hair on fire that never lets up for a breath action thriller. An U.S. elite group of soldiers molded into a team working for national security in Iraq has part of a key mission jump off the rails. This group only known as "Ironhorse" works for an unnamed government agency and reports to a bureaucracy above all of our pay grades. After the botched mission, Lt. Colonel Mark Bishop forces his remaining men to built a [...]

    10. I am a big fan of J D Rhoades. This one is full of mounting thrill. Maybe it was just me but there were alot of players and it took a bit more effort to keep their positions in the story straight. The story is intriguing and different and I did enjoy it. The ending was a bit cheesy ( sorry) but not bad as it leads you into the next book, if I'm not mistaken. Which I'm looking forward too.

    11. I hate to repeat myself, but with J.D. Rhoades, I just have to. Another set of characters that deserves a series. There's action, humor and suspense. A very good plot and characters that just leap off the page and grabs us.

    12. This was a very good mystery about black ops and the corruption that can occur. This team of men went through hell but supported their leader, Mark Bishop. Throw in a female FBI agent and her team and you have a group that gets their man. I rated this a 4.8.

    13. Excellent read! The characters were likeable and very intelligent. Couldn't help but stay up half the night finishing it. So far I've rated every Rhoades book I've read with 5 stars. Looking forward to the next one. Jim read this one on 5-29-14 and rated it 4.5 stars.

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