Cowboy Casanova

Cowboy Casanova

Lorelei James / Feb 29, 2020

Cowboy Casanova His rough touch makes her lose control Rough Riders Book In Sundance Wyoming you can t throw a boot without hitting a McKay cowboy so Ben McKay is used to fading into the background Except on w

  • Title: Cowboy Casanova
  • Author: Lorelei James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • His rough touch makes her lose control Rough Riders, Book 12 In Sundance, Wyoming, you can t throw a boot without hitting a McKay cowboy, so Ben McKay is used to fading into the background Except on weekends, when he s Bennett, imposing Dom at The Rawhide Club, surrounded by a bevy of female subs eager for the attention of his long whip As for the curvy brunette eyinHis rough touch makes her lose control Rough Riders, Book 12In Sundance, Wyoming, you can t throw a boot without hitting a McKay cowboy, so Ben McKay is used to fading into the background Except on weekends, when he s Bennett, imposing Dom at The Rawhide Club, surrounded by a bevy of female subs eager for the attention of his long whip As for the curvy brunette eying him from across the room He ll eat his Stetson if she s the experienced Domme she claims to be Bennett offers her a deal he ll let her call the shots for one night But the next night he gets to prove to her how freeing it ll be when he takes the reins Ainsley Hamilton is amazed by how well Bennett read her every secret yearning during that one explosive weekend and she s stunned when they come face to face in their everyday lives as rancher and new bank president Now Ben s urging her to explore her submissive side outside the club, and there s something in his commanding gaze that makes it too easy to let him take control of her desires and her pleasure Can Ben help Ainsley overcome her fear that a relationship built on dark sexual appetites won t survive the light of day Warning This book contains a lot of kinky sex No, seriously, there s A LOT of kinky cowboy sex in this Rough Riders installment You ve been warned.

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    1. This book was perfect, it ticked all my boxes, rung my bells and definitely revved my engine. How could it not when it contained a hot cowboy, a hot nekkid cowboy, a hot nekkid cowboy with a huge man rod, a hot nekkid cowboy with a huge man rod and some rope and the expertise to use it to marvellous affect? It is like Lorelei James walked in to my dreams (the naughty ones!) and then wrote a book about it!After reading this book I now have a new addition to my harem: Bennett McKay, it was inevita [...]

    2. Disappointed. But not surprised by the disappoinment, since bdsm isn't my favorite to read about. But I was so hopeful after reading the superior Chasin' Eight (one of my favorites in this excellent series). I don't think Lorelei James has written a book where the hero is a true Dom and the heroine is a sub--of course all the McKay men are a little kinkybut an out-an-out Dom who belongs to a club and lives the lifestyle? I don't think so. I figured I'd give it a shot since her books are always e [...]

    3. BENG!!! a DOM McKay styleah panty melting!!! Ben is a Sexy, Naughty, Kinky ManO this is the kinkiest Rough Rider book yetere are some secondary cast who are not McKays who I wouldn't mind them putting their boots under my bed anytime and there are some scenes with other McKays that have become some of my favorite of the seriesd there is that one McKay that I would like to kick his tight assp.s. Yes I know I am the QUEEN of run ons and fragments Here is Kimber's full Cowboy Casanova Reviewd I agr [...]

    4. I thought this story was better than the last two, but there are definitely some problems. I did ultimately enjoy it and it was engaging in ways other than the erotic elements, but some things could have been better.This book has some very hot sex scenes, no question. But the BDSM scenario, unfortunately, didn't really break too much new ground for this series. When has a McKay not been dominant? Except for Keely who kind of shared dominance with Jack, but still we've seen variations of a lot of [...]

    5. Review posted: Happily Ever After - ReadsAhhhh, Ben. What a sweet, silent, strong hero. He’s often the forgotten McKay, a middle child who even in his early 30s, blends into the background at family gatherings and even just day to day. He works hard, he has woodworking hobbies that he’s proud of but doesn’t talk about and the only place he can truly feel himself is at the Rawhide Club, where he becomes Bennett and can let his Dom side out. Ainsley comes to the club with her friend Layla, a [...]

    6. 4 1/2 stars! Oh it's good to be back with boys of Wyoming! It’s like coming home, unfortunately there are no McKay’s where I live, so I’m thinking about moving. This installment in the Rough Rider’s series is about Ben and the lifestyle he lives outside of Sundance. He’s a Dom and very popular at the Rawhide bar. That’s where he meets Ainsley, sparks fly and they agree to exclusive sex play in a Dom/sub relationship for a month. The first half of this book is one sex scene after the [...]

    7. Story Rating 4 starsCharacter Rating 4 starsRomance Rating 4 starsHeat Level 4.5 starsOverall Rating 4 starsFirst off I have to say that BDSM romances are not my norm. I don't care too much for this theme and as I started getting into this book I thought I was not going to be a good read for me. As I kept reading I was pleasantly surprised that it did not bother me to the extent of not liking this story. Oh there were parts that I did not like at all but the good parts over road all of those. Th [...]

    8. This review was posted at Under The CoversHe's a, a good time cowboy casanova leaning up against the record machine. Oh sorry got distracted. But he IS a good time bad boy cowboy casanova leaning up against the bar looking sexy. *sigh* Ben McKay the things you do to me! First order of business, make sure you have the following things with you or handy before and while reading this book:* A few changes of panties* Your favorite BOB or significant other* A glass of cold water, or an ice pack will [...]

    9. FULL REVIEW on guiltypleasuresbookreviewsThings I loved about this book were Ben and Ainsley as a couple, the scenes with the family that reminded me why I love them all so much, the laugh out loud moments as well as the teary ones, LJ’s knowledge of the BDSM lifestyle with relation to the D/s relationship, the new characters we met, and always a favorite of mine—the panty blazing dirty-talk dialogue.Favorite Sexy Quote:BEN: "You know it’s not that civilized with me. Sex with me is raw, di [...]

    10. I don't want to give anything away, but I will say:1. There is a lot of depth to Ben McKay. Absolutely amazing character development. 2. The McKay family dynamics is absolutely fascinating, and Ms. James always adds different facets to their close, but complicated relationships. I cannot wait to see how the various storylines play out. 3. Love the underlying message of this book.4. There is always a reason for the direction Ms. James takes her stories, but I still want to kick a certain McKay's [...]

    11. Another great story about those hunky McKay boys.I really liked that this book showed a slightly older heroine and also that both the H/h didn't want to have children.This book also dealt with the feelings and problems of trying to hide a BDSM lifestyle from family and living in a small town where everyone knows your business.And then there is the cover of this book that is seriously smokin' HOT. Holy crap.I just love these books and never want them to end.

    12. No matter how hard you try to stick to a schedule when it comes to reading and reviewing, some books are those that you have to make time for. And for me, books from the Rough Riders series by Lorelei James are books that fall into that category. There is none who writes western contemporaries like Lorelei James does, a mix of out of this world scorching sensuality together with what its like in the West and the day to day grind of being a cowboy and part of a big family.So, if you are a fan of [...]

    13. *This “review” has no spoilers*, but you may be interested in what I have to say:I want to be totally honest: this is possibly one of the most complex books I have EVER read in my life (in romance genre of course). I would like to say it is shocking and outrageous, and mind-blowing, but I guess many of you have already made almost perfect reviews, and maybe Mrs. James never reads mine, so, at the end, I think its pointless to mention how much I adore her books, how I worship her absolute cre [...]

    14. I never thought that I would be able to pick just one but OMG was I wrong! Ben/Bennett McKay is my absolute FAVORITE of all of the McKay men!! It's always the quiet ones, right? Holy Crap, in this case, hell yeah! There is way more to Ben McKay than meets the eye and speaking of eye candyrry, I kind of digressed! Ben McKay leads a bit of a double life, while ranching with the family during work hours he likes to spend his play time at the Rawhide Club where he can unleash 'Bennett', the Dom! Thi [...]

    15. As much as I love this series and Ben McKay, I didn't quite feel the spark between him and Ainsley. I found Ainsley to be uptight and felt like she didn't let herself go enough to enjoy Ben. By gosh, if it was me, that man could have me on a platter any day!

    16. 2.5 stars rounded up.I rarely leave a review that's less than a three star read for me, but I felt I had to with this one because this book made me angry. Bottom line, I didn't like Ben. At all. And when he did the inexcusable just before the halfway mark in the story, I was done. I almost didn't finish the book. What he did to Ainsley and how he treated her in that scene pushed him from merely unlikeable to someone I disliked intensely. For him to use sex as a punishment when she was helpless a [...]

    17. Lorelei James sure can write about MEN hot, sexy, alpha cowboys at that! I cannot get enough of the way she writes This book was awesome Not fav cos Chase still wins, but still who knew quiet Ben/Bennett had it in him! This book combined my 2 fav things Cowboys and an Alpha Male so really what more could you ask for? I've never really quite understood the whole BDSM world but have aways had an open mind about it, personally not for me but lets just say that the one thing this series has given me [...]

    18. 2.75 starsThis was not my favorite Lorelei James book. I did love being back in the Rough Rider world, but that wasn't enough to overcome the ugh factor(s). There were things that kept me from loving both of the leads. Here's one reason! (view spoiler)[He lies to her! Not an emotional evasion. A straight up lie, lie. (hide spoiler)]People make mistakes, and Lord knows I enjoy some messed up heroes, but I was turned off when that happened. I also appreciate another reviewer's comments when descri [...]

    19. I really wanted to love this book since I adore most of the rest of the rough rider series. But this just left me sad. Reason being, in the end I didn't trust Ben and therefore I didn't know why Ainsley was with him. Trust, as Ben admits, is the bedrock of a Dom/sub relationship but he wasn't honest with Ainsley on several occasions. Also since he'd been a Dom for 8(?) years, I couldn't rationalize his physical "use" of Ainsley to teach her a lesson. And she just forgave him -- he was off the ho [...]

    20. "So you like beatin' on women." -Dalton"Only if they ask me real nice." -BenHe he he he. That was probably the best line of the WHOLE book. I really enjoyed this book. We really haven't gotten to see much of Ben in the prior RR books up until now and I have to say that I really liked this one a LOT. I think that in the future, when I am thinking of my favorite Doms, Bennett will make the list. It was kind of a strange twist to see the author writing a BDSM book with an actual BDSM club in it a l [...]

    21. I was enjoying the book very much until the hero started second-guesing his Dom behaviour. WTH? I'm ok with his deciding to stop frequenting clubs. But couldn't the author create a conflict that didn't make the hero -suppossedly dominant- start feeling indecisive and ashamed? I was very disappointed with the incoherence in hero's character, a big flaw in my opinion, which spoiled this read for me. HERO is a Loner, feels invisible within his family and also different because of his kinky sexual t [...]

    22. I love the RR series! It's going to be a sad day when this series ends, but lucky for me I still get 4 more installments and I can NOT wait.Bennett McKay is one smokin' hot cowboy with a bag full of kink that will melt your panties off. I really liked the heroine Ainsley ( & the name too.) I wasn't sure how far into the BDSM lifestyle Ms James would take these characters into so I was a little nervous before I started to read CC, because I've never been into the 'heavy' BDSM, but it wasn't h [...]

    23. This was another great story in the Rough Riders series and really different from the others. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like this one, the hero and heroine meet and have sex within hours. That's not usually the kind of story I like, but in this case fit Ben's character and the story line. I like how she was still able to build the romance and love slowly. I ended up really enjoying this book.

    24. I don't really read BDSM. It's not my favorite genre because I just don't understand some of the mental aspects that are inherent in 'the life.' Ben McKay, I get. This was just the right amount of kink to make this an enjoyable read for me. Not so much that I can't relate, not so little it doesn't seem to fit the characters. It's just another shining example of Ms. James ability to develop characters I can't get enough of. Love it. If you haven't read this series, GET TO IT!!!

    25. Dear Ms. James,Since Ben is in my top 3 favorite men you must, must, MUST part him with the most amazing woman in the whole world! Nothing short from the best will do!With all my love and anticipation,MeP.s I am so looking forward to the cover! If it is anywhere need the cover of Chasin' Eight I will be so in love !

    26. Interesting take on their relationshipLayla irritated me in every scene she was inbut gotta say, sweetly Dalton has moved up on my listSo cannot wait for the woman to introduce Dalton the great big world!

    27. Another fantastic one! This series never disappoints! LJ is seriously amazing! I absolutely freakin loved Bend Bennett! I loved their story! Can't wait for more of these smokin' hot McKays!!!!

    28. Bennet McKay is hiding a part of himself from women, his family and anyone he thinks will find him to be in need or intervention. Used to being the peacemaker and blending into the background, he doesn’t buck the family politics. He finds comfort and acceptance The Rawhide Club as a Dom, but he hasn’t found a sub he wants to take on long-term or even to out his secret.Ainsley Hamilton is moving on after a bad divorce where she wanted to strike out sexually and spice up her marriage. After a [...]

    29. 1.5/5; 2 stars; CThis book started out ok as a kind of sweet BDSM style love story with two people trying to come to grips with their sexual nature within the tight constraints of a small western town. About 200 pages in it completely went to hell and many of the people in the story developed a personality disorder and started acting out of character. Dishonesty, manipulations, really inconsistent D/s moments and a lot of whining. The book would have been a lot better if the characters that were [...]

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