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Frederick While the other field mice work to gather grain and nuts for winter Frederick sits on a sunny rock by himself I gather sun rays for the cold dark winter days he tells them Another day he gathers col

  • Title: Frederick
  • Author: Leo Lionni
  • ISBN: 9780394810409
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Hardcover
  • While the other field mice work to gather grain and nuts for winter, Frederick sits on a sunny rock by himself I gather sun rays for the cold dark winter days, he tells them Another day he gathers colors, and then words And when the food runs out, it is Frederick, the dreamer and poet, whose endless store of supplies warms the hearts of his fellow mice, and feedsWhile the other field mice work to gather grain and nuts for winter, Frederick sits on a sunny rock by himself I gather sun rays for the cold dark winter days, he tells them Another day he gathers colors, and then words And when the food runs out, it is Frederick, the dreamer and poet, whose endless store of supplies warms the hearts of his fellow mice, and feeds their spirits during the darkest winter days Federick s story will warm readers as well in this Caldecott Honor winning fable.

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        Leo Lionni wrote and illustrated than 40 highly acclaimed children s books He received the 1984 American Institute of Graphic Arts Gold Medal and was a four time Caldecott Honor Winner for Inch by Inch, Frederick, Swimmy, and Alexander and the Wind Up Mouse Leo Lionni died in October of 1999 at his home in Tuscany, Italy, at the age of 89.Leo Lionni has gained international renown for his paintings, graphic designs, illustrations, and sculpture, as well as for his books for children He was born in Holland in 1910 of Dutch parents, and although his education did not include formal art courses in fact, he has a doctorate in economics from the University of Genoa , he spent much of his free time as a child in Amsterdam s museums, teaching himself to draw.Lionni s business training gradually receded into the background as his interest in art and design grew Having settled in Milan soon after his marriage in 1931, he started off by writing about European architecture for a local magazine It was there that he met the contacts who were to give him a start as a professional graphic designer When he moved to America in 1939, Lionni was hired by a Philadelphia advertising agency as art director Later he became design director for the Olivetti Corporation of America, and then art director for Fortune magazine At the same time, his reputation as an artist flourished as he began to exhibit his paintings and drawings in galleries from New York to Japan.Lionni launched his career as an author illustrator of books for children in 1959 Originally developed from a story he had improvised for his grandchildren during a dull train ride, Little Blue and Little Yellow was the first of what is now a long list of children s picture books, including four Caldecott Honor Books.


    1. I thought I knew where this story was headed and then was totally surprised! Frederick and his family live in a rock wall near an abandoned barn. While Frederick’s counterparts spend the seasons gathering food in preparation for the hard winter, Frederick spends his days not working. I loved the illustrations and verse throughout.Written in 1967, Frederick won the Caldecott Honor award, and Lionni himself was awarded with both the Graphic Arts Gold Medal in 1984, and the Society of Illustrator [...]

    2. This is the best book in the entire history of planet earth. not only are the pictures of little paper mice awesome the story is about a little lazy mouse who keeps getting yelled at because he sleeps and just sits there all day. but he is day dreaming and then the mice are like WTF frederick, get your ass up and help, and he's like, no way, im collecting colors for the winters are grey. then in the end all the food is gone and frederick recites poetry and saves everyones life. BEST BOOK EVER.

    3. Lately, I have been re-reading many children’s books that I have not read since I was a child and “Frederick” is one of those books I have not read for awhile! “Frederick” is a Caldecott Honor book by Leo Lionni and it is about a laid back mouse named Frederick who seems to get out of his duties of preparing food for the winter, but ends up hiding an extraordinary secret!. “Frederick” is definitely a children’s book that children who love reading about poets cannot resist!Wow! I [...]

    4. با اینا زمستونو سر میکنم! #خطر_لو_رفتن_داستان :))وقتی موشهای دیگه در حال جمع کردن غذا برای زمستون هستن، فردریک صبح تا شب هیچ کاری نمیکنه، فقط نشسته و به قول خودش کلمات و رنگها و تصویرها رو توی ذهنش نگه میداره برای زمستون. وقتی زمستون میرسه اول همه چی خوب و خوش و خرمه، اما کم کم آذو [...]

    5. So the story goes that you have 5 mice. Four of them work their little mousey tuchas' off to gather enough food to eat for the winter and enough hay to keep warm. Frederick sits on his butt and does jack. When the other mice confront Fredrick, he tells them that he is collecting colors for the dreary winter days or that he is collecting words. So the winter comes and the other mice are generous enough to let Frederick eat their food and keep warm due to their collective gathering. Towards the en [...]

    6. You read correctly. The book with the cute little poetic mouse holding a flower is maybe the only book to which I would give a one star review. This was on the recommended reading list for my four year old and I read it to him, excited because all the books on the list were so good. I'll have to start screening the picture books from now. This story is about a mouse who daydreams and writes poems while the other 4 mice in his small community gather nuts and straw for the winter. When the are all [...]

    7. This story is going to be my go-to every time someone accuses me of being lazy: "Jeremy? Why aren't you helping us lift this dresser onto the moving truck? You should at least do SOMETHING!""I am doing something--I am absorbing colours into my memory and composing a sonnet in my head.""Oh dear, Jeremy's trying to Frederick his way outta work again!"

    8. Although this book is delightful for the kids, Frederick really inspires YOU!I'm adding this review for the impact it has had on me as an entrepreneur, idea generator, and casual writer. I think Lionni wrote this book autobiographically as someone who was often focused on less tangible work (absorbing and imagining). While so many laborers around us do the "real work", we spend our time not conforming to the traditions: we generate free content, feedback, software, bug reports, etc and to many, [...]

    9. There are days I want to retreat to my pillow-and-blanket fort. I tend to like picture books on those regressions, either colorful cookbooks or cute children's books. And this book fell into my basket at the library. I was sure I read it before, but that didn't matter. I like it. I was going to put 4 stars because I felt it lacked a bit of--how can I say it--a punch. But after reading other reviews, I am giving 5 stars to support the book's "morals" or what some people call the lack thereof. So [...]

    10. **** Caldecott Honor (1968) ****nice little story about a seemingly lazy mouse who uses unique ingenuity to keep he ans his fellow field mice warm during the winter.

    11. InhaltUm sich auf den beschwerlichen Winter vorzubereiten, sammelt eine kleine Familie Feldmäuse Vorräte in ihrem Versteck an. Mit einer Ausnahme: Frederick sammelt lieber Sonnenstrahlen, Farben und Worte. Anfangs halten sie ihn alle für sonderbar und wenig hilfreich, doch als der Winter zuschlägt, werden Fredericks ganz eigene Vorräte zu kostbaren SchätzenMeine BewertungEs gibt wenige Geschichten, die mich so lange begleiten wie „Frederick“ von Leo Lionni. Ich erinnere mich noch gut a [...]

    12. While the other field mice work the summer away gathering food for winter, Frederick sits on a rock by himself gathering the sun’s rays, colors, and words for the cold, dark, and long winter days that lie ahead. When all of the food has run out, Frederick’s “supplies” and poetic words warm the mice and bring them comfort.Frederick is a truly inspirational story about the power of imagination that is sure to capture the heart of its readers, young and old alike. Receiving the Caldecott Ho [...]

    13. One of my favorite children's books. Frederick sits and daydreams all day while the rest of his mouse family is busy collecting fruits and nuts for the coming winter. When they ask him what he's doing just sitting there, he answers that he's busy collecting colors or words for when there are none. Finally the winter comes and the rest of the mice are feeling down because of the dreary weather, and Frederick is called upon to give them some of what he'd been collecting all that time. He tells the [...]

    14. My niece and I both loved Frederick! When Frederick was telling his siblings to close their eyes and imagine the sun and the colors, my niece took his suggestions to heart. We live in the grey Pacific Northwest, so we totally identified with what cloudy, colorless winters are like! With her eyes closed, a little smile came onto my niece's face and she said, "Mmmm I *can* feel the sun! And the colors *are* beautiful!" We both smiled at the end of the story, and agreed that it's a pretty great boo [...]

    15. 3.5 out of 5It's like "The Ant and the Grasshopper" fable, except the "grasshopper" turns out to be right. HmmIn any case, I am not a huge fan of construction paper illustrations, but I loved these :)

    16. Drei Sichtweisen auf einen Klassiker:Es gibt immer mehrere Interpretationsmögichkeiten einer Geschichte, beim Kinderbuchklassiker Frederick drängen sich zwei verschiedene auf.1. Jene, die das Buch zu einem Klassiker machte. Die Menschheit braucht Farben, Poesie und Träumer und selbst die bravsten Arbeiter können ohne Poesie und die Geisteswissenschaften nicht dauerhaft überleben und glücklich werden. Wenn die Zeiten hart werden, dann helfen einem Träume, Philosophie und Gedichte, diese Ze [...]

    17. I think I knew the end of the story, but surprisingly it was beyond my imagination =D The story makes me smile. I like it when Fréderic's friends always ask him what has been done and never put down on him but believe on him. I am so sorry to Frédéric because I had negative judgment in the beginning of story. This book give me a lesson, to have a positive minds whenever I meet somebody do something differently from majority or even seems did not do anything because I don't know the reasons be [...]

    18. Cute story of a happy little mouse family. In this story Frederick the mouse sat staring out at the meadow instead of helping collect food for the winter. He gave his family excuses not to help with the food. Instead he said he was collecting sun rays, colors, and words for the winter was gray and cold. After the mice eat all their food asked Frederick to share his collection. IN the end he did and helped the mice forget the cold of the winter.

    19. Frederick is the story of a mouse who spends his days observing the scenery, the sounds, the smells of the world around him as his family collects food in preparation for the long cold winterAs winter arrives, the family of mice retreat to their hideout in a stonewall, where they share food and stories. However as winter progresses and the food runs short, the mice become sad and withdrawn. Frederick shares with his family tales of the wonderful scenery, warm sun, colorful flowers and more that [...]

    20. This simple fable involves a mouse, Frederick, and four other unnamed members of his family. They live in an old stone wall, near an abandoned farm. As winter approaches, four of the mice work hard gathering food for their survival. Frederick gathers survival materials of a completely unexpected, unusual nature, providing a wonderful twist to this popular fable.The Kindle edition re-creates print versions, featuring Lionni’s simple, beautiful collages. Illustrations clearly support the text, w [...]

    21. Fucking lazy ass Frederick pretends to be self-invested in poetry, and wisdom. His words enlighten and comfort the other rats in cave in the midst of winter lacks of food and warmth as an excuse of doing nothing (literally nothing, only whining and being so poetic dumb ass) while his other rats were working their ass off to gather food and prepare for the shelter because they are less smart than the fucking poet named Frederick is. So unrealistic and morally relapsed. This book smells like a pol [...]

    22. The story is cute, but the moral is flawed to me.I think the book would have worked better for me if one of the mouse (a leader mouse?) was able to foresee that they wouldn't have enough food/warmth to last through their winter if they don't start saving on it, which gives an opportunity for Frederick to share his harvest. Thus, with combination of limited food sources and their ~+*imagination*+~ the entire family of mouse made it through the winter together. I don't buy the idea that people (or [...]

    23. Frederic is possibly the first book that ever disturbed me. My first grade teacher read it to us one afternoon. I was a child who had grown up on such stories as The Little Red Hen ('You didn't help me harvest the grain; you didn't help me bake the bread; you will not help me eat the bread.') and even at that age, I believed in the power of hard work (or at least the necessity of it.) Frederic is a story about a family of mice who prepares for the winter by gathering various supplies, all of the [...]

    24. We've read several books by Leo Lionni and can appreciate his skill with both writing and illustrating stories. We compare his works with those of Eric Carle and Tomie dePaola. This is an interesting tale about skills and needs. While other mice are busy foraging for winter provisions, Frederick is storing up his words to be able to entertain the group throughout the long, cold, gray winter. While this skill might not be appreciated by many industrious societies, it seems to work here. We enjoye [...]

    25. I just happened to pick this up at the thrift store today for my 3 yr old. I skimmed the first few pages and thought that the illustrations (and content) looked great. My assumption was that this was a book about a little mouse who didn't help get ready for winter - and would then suffer SOME repercussions for his selfish/lazy actions.Nope - it was all about how he was an artsy slacker who everyone came to appreciate when they were starving in the dead of winter. What kind of lesson is this book [...]

    26. I am a writer today because of this book. I remember reading this as a kid, seeing Frederick soak in the sun and colors around him while the other mice toiled away. I instantly realized -- that's the job for me! That's not being lazy. That's using your head. Besides, its Frederick who saves the mice colony in the end. When they run out of supplies, it's Frederick's words that help carry them through to Spring.Great book. Great story. Great author and illustrator. Get this book for any budding ar [...]

    27. Lionni's signature cut paper illustrations probably felt more creative when first published; now they feel a bit stiff. Still, the story of Frederick is winner. All summer, the other mice are prepping for winter while Frederick sits on his duff soaking up sun, memorizing colors, and storing away words. Clearly he's one lazy fellow! But a fun twist at the end has all of the mice hailing him as their hero.

    28. A simple and beautifully illustrated book about Frederick the mouse who does not help his fellow mice prepare and gather food for winter because he is a poet who instead captures sunlight and colors. The colors are bold splotches that show the changing seasons. Frederick's body language shows how he is separate from his community. Yet the book resolves with Frederick reading a poem to his fellow mice, which shows that all community members bring value.

    29. This is a cute story about a little mouse that did not help his family gather food for the winter. Instead he gathered his own "supplies" which consisted of the warmth of the sun, the colors of the world around them, and words to fill the silence. At the time his family does not appreciate that he is not helping them gather food, but once they see what he contributes to their winter hibernation, they appreciate him much more.

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