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World Mart Government and corporate business have merged in an attempt to keep the country from going bankrupt the effects of global warming and antibiotic resistant disease having caused a full collapse in inf

  • Title: World-Mart
  • Author: Leigh M. Lane
  • ISBN: 9780615555744
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • Government and corporate business have merged in an attempt to keep the country from going bankrupt, the effects of global warming and antibiotic resistant disease having caused a full collapse in infrastructure The class divide has become profound, leaving most people trapped in an impoverished, working class world with little room for improvement Complacency and corporGovernment and corporate business have merged in an attempt to keep the country from going bankrupt, the effects of global warming and antibiotic resistant disease having caused a full collapse in infrastructure The class divide has become profound, leaving most people trapped in an impoverished, working class world with little room for improvement Complacency and corporate hierarchy control and confound the masses, run by the elite few, collectively referred to as Corporate George Irwin remembers a time before the Big Climate Change, back when the airlines were still in business and people still drove their own cars Sadly, his children have only known an indoor world of endless reconstruction, public shuttles, recycled water, and limited energy The world has changed much over his lifetime, but he still believes in the American Dream When an alleged terrorist act lands his wife in the hospital, however, George stumbles upon a Corporate secret that could mean the end of all civilization.

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        In addition to writing dark speculative fiction for over twenty five years, Leigh M Lane has sung lead and backup vocals for bands ranging from classic rock to the blues, dabbled in fine arts, and earned a black belt in karate She has a BA in English and graduated from UNLV Magna Cum Laude She currently lives in the dusty outskirts of Sin City with her husband, an editor and educator, and one very spoiled cat.Her traditional Gothic horror novel, FINDING POE, was a 2013 EPIC Awards finalist in horror Her other novels include the WORLD MART trilogy, a tribute to Orwell, Serling, and Vonnegut, and the dark allegorical tale, MYTHS OF GODS Her Lisa Lane books include the JANE THE HIPPIE VAMPIRE dramatic horror series and the REVELATIONS trilogy.


    1. (Would be 4 1/2 stars if I could!)World-Mart is the story of a very possible future reality – class segregation, failing energy supplies, food shortages, global warming, anti-biotic resistant viruses and governmental control over every action and choice made in life. Your background, upbringing and ability to follow without questioning dictate whether you thrive or simply survive in the world.This is a thought-provoking and quite frightening book. I particularly found the idea of euthanasia of [...]

    2. Very well-written, an all-too-real and all-too-close dystopian future that both chilled and infuriated me. Incredibly well thought out and very, very smart. I think everybody needs to read this one. Would go nicely on a shelf with 1984 and Fahrenheit 451. I highly recommend this one.

    3. Without giving anything away about the book. I will say that this is a book in the Classic Tradition that rivals Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock's old TV series. Any fan of Twilight Zone will enjoy this book. This book can stand with the Classics.

    4. World-Mart by Leigh M. Lane is dark, depressing, and vividly realistic. This is the world the folks in Wall-E escaped. The central family portrayed in the story is normalr the new society as Corporate has deemed. I could not get enough of this book. It made me want to go out and recycle, make a compost bin and just be more frugal. World-Mart packs an entirely different wallop and could sit beside any modern day horror tale.The central idea is that the world has become incorporated. We have creat [...]

    5. Enter contest here: thetbrpile.weebly/1/post/2It is difficult to talk about this book without giving too much away, but this was a compelling read that gripped me very early on. The characters are well conceived, the plot compulsively addictive and all in all the story flowed fairly well. That is not to say this book is not without a few flaws (a plot thread concerning one character's experiences of voices in her head is never adequately explained, the Deviants who seek to threaten the big Corpo [...]

    6. The climate changed. In addition, antibiotic-resistant viruses ravaged the earth. The corporation saves humanity, or does it? What happens if the corporation totally runs all facets of human existence? What happens to human relations? What happens to the way we love, worship, and live? The answers suggested by Lane in World Mart look a lot like where we will be in the not too distance future. In some areas, like the connection of education to class, it is simply a mirror of our present society.B [...]

    7. From the blurb, I expected a story with a much larger scope. As I think another review pointed out, by the time we get about halfway through the book, it becomes far more of a personal story focusing on the individual characters' lives, with the social implications becoming mostly backdrop. The writing was decent but could have used more polish; there was a lot of telling instead of showing, as well as some clunky passages and lines of dialogue that took me out of the story, and the point of vie [...]

    8. Book Title: "World-Mart”Author: Leigh M. LanePublished By: Cerebral BooksAge Recommended: 18+Reviewed By: Kitty BullardRaven Rating: 4Review: It has finally happened. The world has succumbed to a climate change and in an effort to keep it from going bankrupt, government and business have been completely combined. Humans are now treated as drones working in one large hive where thinking for ones-self and stepping out of line, are not tolerated. In this imaginative and interesting novel, Leigh M [...]

    9. Consider a world where the population is decimated by climate change and anti-biotic resistant germs. With food and power restrictions and where a corporate organisation controls everything from religion to the amount of water a household may use."World Mart" by Leigh M. Lane presents a view of what our own world might become in the not too distant future.This book for me was enjoyable to read even if it didn't have a happy ending.

    10. A look at the close future of a world destroyed by climate change with corporate elites controlling the masses through regulation, ignorance, and efficiency. A probable scenario which may happen if society is not converted from expansion toward sustainability.

    11. Frighteningly wonderful. It freaked me the hell out and I hope that our society never becomes like it. Good job!

    12. If you know of Jane Elliot's famous blue eye/brown eye exercise, or if you are familiar with the Dr. Seuss book, The Sneetches, you won't be able to help manifesting them in your mind when you read Leigh M. Lane's new dystopian work World Mart. Yet, to leave the comparison at that would be to summarily undervalue and oversimplify the work that Lane has given us. World Mart is a solid dystopian novel that fully exercises the classic elements of dystopia, while weaving some nice themes of family s [...]

    13. Leigh M. Lane creates a fascinating anti-utopia reality in "World-Mart" which is reminiscent of Orwell's "1984" and Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451". Her novel traces the disintegration and destruction of an "average" family in a nihilistic world where society has collapsed and the planet is now run by a futuristic kind of corporation. The personal stories of the individual main characters -- husband, wife, teen-aged daughter, young son -- are certainly engaging and capture the reader's attention. Si [...]

    14. This is one suspenseful and powerful book, once I started it was too scary how believable this story could turn out to be. Illness is all over and there seems to be a new strain of the flu every couple of years. It has even gotten to the point that some doctors are afraid to prescribe antibiotics at times. This is one of those books where you sit back and wonder how far into the future we can go before something like this can really happen. The government in this book and all of their control wa [...]

    15. The only reason this story got one star was for the premise--it is a fantastic idea, frankly, one I wish I had come up with first. And one I wish the author had taken to an editor, and not chosen to self-publish.I love the idea that in a a future world we are run by corporations or the government, from what we can become to how we are defined (though the idea was already done in Huxley'sBrave New World), and that climate change has forced us to live underground. Theses ideas are original, and I [...]

    16. When I first received my copy of WORLD-MART personally from Leigh M. Lane, a new friend and fellow author, last year, I assumed the novel was a satire of Wal-Mart's exploitation of their low-wage employees. I expected and anticipated that. However, I did not expect it to be a Dystopian tale involving a family consisting of George, Virginia, Shelley, and Kurt Irwin who are systematically broken up after Virginia is presumed dead after an alleged terrorist act lands her in the hospital. The class [...]

    17. Although the story itself was five stars, there were some imperfections. There was quite a lot of telling, rather than showing, which at times put me off from reading. There were a few misspells and grammatical errors.Before agreeing to read the book for a review, I read a review that stated this novel was just a commentary of the author’s rants on the success of businesses, loathing of America, etcetera. After reading, I disagree with that review. World-Mart brings me to mind of The Hunger Ga [...]

    18. A slightly interesting book that leans heavily on dystopian themes without developing a sensible story. Many pieces were at least moderately enjoyable, but they never developed into a cohesive whole. The last few chapters or so read as though the author suddenly realized they had no real end in mind and began to rush to get things over with as quickly as possible. The ending is like a bad, lazy knockoff of a Twilight Zone episode, and will induce eye rolls.Looking back at the title and cover as [...]

    19. The world-building was very, very good--and the first half of the book was teeming with images of an earth that was no place any of us would want to live. It began as a perfect cautionary tale for humanity. But, I think what didn't work for me was that the rest of the book got caught up in too narrow of a plot focus. The dystopian world was so incredible that, perhaps, it added to my disappointment in the lack of character depth. And the plot in the second half was riding on the characters. In t [...]

    20. When I started reading this book I thought it held promise. A dystopian world run by a faceless corporation, and a deviant sub-culture fighting to overthrow the prejudice that oppresses them. Good, right? The problem is that the characters and the story were so poorly developed that it's nearly impossible to care about any of them. This book may have been salvaged by a good copy editor, not to mention a proofreader, but ultimately I don't think the author was diligent enough in developing the wo [...]

    21. This book was interesting. It's probably closer to 3.5 stars than actually 4 but what the heck. The future is now - and it is different. Cars and planes are obsolete. There is a strict class system. The story follows one family and their story as the world makes yet another global change. The premise and plot were interesting. The first 3/4th of the book were compelling an worked fine. The author clearly had some issues trying to finish off the story but by the time you get there you are pretty [...]

    22. Ms. Lane has given us a look at our future It looks much like the tale told in the book "1984", and yet quite different.An outstanding tale 5 stars

    23. An interesting take on a possible dystopian future akin to that of Fahrenheit 451 or 1984 sees a world with climate change run amok, natural resources spent, and a near history of pandemic. An oligarchy, awkwardly dubbed The Corporate, maintains a severe caste system with its own easily discernible untouchables known as "deviants." Between these 2 social layers lie 2 others: the Corps [of lower and middle managers in a world of bureaucracy] and the Mart [of lower tiers of white collar workers]. [...]

    24. Some time in the not too distant future the corporate world and government have become one and the same, antibiotic resistant diseases have wiped out many and global warming has wreaked havoc on the world we know. Society has been divided into the Corp elite and Mart underclass, ruled by the secretive Corporate. The lowest of the low are deviants, widely held to be inferior criminal types. George and Virginia, who have some memories of life as it is now, are fortunate to be part of the Corp, and [...]

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