Katie and the Cupcake War

Katie and the Cupcake War

Coco Simon / Feb 25, 2020

Katie and the Cupcake War Sydney Whitman leader of Popular Girls Club has moved away Does that mean Callie will try to be friends with Katie again Just when Katie thinks things might get back to normal Callir announces that

  • Title: Katie and the Cupcake War
  • Author: Coco Simon
  • ISBN: 9781442453739
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sydney Whitman, leader of Popular Girls Club has moved away Does that mean Callie will try to be friends with Katie again Just when Katie thinks things might get back to normal, Callir announces that the Popular Girls Club is baking cupcakes for this year s school fund raiser Let the Cupcake War begin

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        Coco Simon always dreamed of opening a cupcake bakery, but she s afraid she would eat all the profits When she s not daydreaming about cupcakes, Coco edits children s books and has written close to 100 books for children, tweens, and young adults, which is a lot less than the number of cupcakes she s eaten Cupcake Diaries is the first time Coco has mixed her love of cupcakes with writing.


    1. I think that the theme of the book is treating people the way you want to be treated even if people don’t treat you the same. The reason I think so is that Katie (the main character) in the beginning did not want to stand up for her former best friend is because her former best friend was not standing up for her. However, at the end of the book, she changes the mind and stands up for her. She also felt better when she stands up for her former best friend. Also something really good happens to [...]

    2. Another solid Cupcake novel - each novel focuses on one particular girl and a problem she needs to work through in a constructive way.This time up it is Katie. Her arch nemesis has moved away, leaving her former best friend the leader of the PGC - but does she want to renew her friendship with Katie? If so, she has a weird way of showing it, competing against Katie and the Cupcake Club for the BEST cupcakes. Can she and Katie work it out, or at the very least call a truce?I love these books - an [...]

    3. I loved this book so much! It taught tweens/teens to stick up for people even if they are mean to you. It teaches you about friendship and to treat others the way you want to be treated. It was nice to see Callie and Katie friends again at the end. This book will be a reread at some point in the future. I recommend this book for ages 6+.

    4. This book was super good. The moral of the story was that you can be friends with your old friends and your other friends. Katie's grandma is having surgery and her mom has to help out. Her mom is making her stay at her friend enemy's house. They learn how to be friends again. It was a cute loving story. I recommend this book to any one that is having a bad friend, good friend situation.

    5. Katie and the cupcake war by coco Simons is a contemporary realistic fiction for ages eight through twelve years old. It's is about a young girl in a cupcake (baking) club. She is finding ways to confront and work out her friendship with another girl in the group that is her former friend.I enjoyed all aspects of this book. It had a positive message for not only young girls but all relationships. She takes a very mature route to working through the problem at hand.I absolutely loved they tackled [...]

    6. I do love me some Cupcake Diaries :) I FINALLY got this in at about 8 at night and drove home from work and finished it around 10. Oh, and I ate dinner in there. I get so dorkily excited when they come in! Josh just laughed at me.I liked that we finally get some resolution to Katie v Callie. I'm glad they discussed that being friends only outside of school or in certain situations is not being true friends. I was also glad to see the end of Syndey's reign (although I think a new mean girl is upc [...]

    7. I loved this book! Once I started reading I couldn't stop. I actually ended up reading it all in one day! I love how it changed everybody's point of view in every book. I love the interaction between all the characters and I love the personalities and strong character traits. I also think Mr. Wilson's spaghetti sounds very good! I enjoyed this book a lot and suggest it to others. -K

    8. This was a really great entry into "The Cupcake Diaries". The challenge of facing a former friend and competing against them in a contest; it's a lot for a preteen to handle. The story revolves around Katie and some of her trials and tribulations. I feel that some of the challenges that she faced were handled with care & empathy. Still going strong as a series.

    9. This is such a cute series! The start of another year of middle school, and Katie's cupcake club wants to win the fundraiser again. but will ex-friends cause trouble with their own brand of cupcakes?

    10. I really like this book because it tells the story of katie and what going between her and her ex bestfreind that left her hanging on the first day of school for mean girls but they do something to be at least good friends.

    11. this book sound will good who will win the cupcake wall and happy that sydeny is gone in this book but i hope callie come back to katie and if they pgc make bad cupcake and the cc make good callie would came back to katie

    12. I loved this book, but in a different way than I loved book #3, Emma on Thin Icing. This was less intense, but emotional. You could really feel Katie's pain so the happy ending was great. I was a big fan of this book!

    13. I thought this book was great because this book was about friendship between 2 best friends and they are going to have a war to see who hs the best cupcakes! This was a really exciting book.

    14. I thought that this book "Katie and the Cupcake War" was a very fun book. I like the all the (drama) between the cupcake club and the BFC. Katie and Callie were very intresing to read about.

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