Of One Heart

Of One Heart

CynthiaWright / Jan 18, 2020

Of One Heart A BATTLE FOR POSSESSION in which the beautiful young French widow Michelene Tevoulere becomes the pawn in a royal scheme involving England s King Henry VIII and the court of France s Francois I A BATT

  • Title: Of One Heart
  • Author: CynthiaWright
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  • Page: 158
  • Format: ebook
  • A BATTLE FOR POSSESSION in which the beautiful young French widow Michelene Tevoulere becomes the pawn in a royal scheme involving England s King Henry VIII and the court of France s Francois I.A BATTLE FOR POWER in which handsome young Earl of Sandhurst is betrothed against his will to the bewitching Michelen but conceives an even grander plot to outwit the kings anA BATTLE FOR POSSESSION in which the beautiful young French widow Michelene Tevoulere becomes the pawn in a royal scheme involving England s King Henry VIII and the court of France s Francois I.A BATTLE FOR POWER in which handsome young Earl of Sandhurst is betrothed against his will to the bewitching Michelen but conceives an even grander plot to outwit the kings and test both Michelene s honor and her sensuality.A BATTLE FOR PASSION in which the splendid Michelene finds the very depths of her womanhood aroused and tormented by a man her body adores but her mind resists.A BATTLE FOR LOVE in which bestselling historical romance writer Cynthia Wright displays all her powers both as a marvelous storyteller and as a woman who knows the secret desires of women everywhere.

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        Cynthia Wright is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the two Rakes Rebels series, 11 intertwining historical romances starring the irresistible Raveneau Beauvisage families She has also written beloved series set during the Renaissance and in the American West Romantic Times Magazine hails Cynthia s novels as Romance the way it was meant to be Cynthia s newest novel is THE SECRET OF LOVE, set in 1808 Cornwall and France Lady Isabella Trevarre and Gabriel St Briac join forces and stir passions while searching for a priceless Leonardo da Vinci painting stolen by Napoleon s henchmen THE SECRET OF LOVE Rakes Rebels The Raveneau Family, Book 3 was published in December, 2016.Currently, Cynthia is finishing the story of Mouette Raveneau and Justin St Briac, her first older couple, who come to their tempestuous relationship with plenty of baggage, defenses, and hidden longings HIS MAKE BELIEVE BRIDE will be published October 12, 2017.Cynthia lives in northern California She enjoys riding a tandem bike and taking road trips in an airstream trailer with her Colombian born husband, Alvaro their corgi, Watson She is also devoted to her two adorable grandsons who live nearby You are invited to visit Cynthia s website where you can sign up for her newsletter and peruse the Books Page cynthiawrightauthor You can Like Cynthia s Facebook Author page here facebook cynthiawrighView her Behind the Books boards on Pinterest pinterest cynthiawright77 Rakes Rebels The Raveneau Family series 1 SILVER STORM Andr Devon 2 SMUGGLER S MOON Sebastian Julia 3 THE SECRET OF LOVE Gabriel Isabella 4 SURRENDER THE STARS Ryan Lindsay 5 HIS MAKE BELIEVE BRIDE Justin Mouette 6 HIS RECKLESS BARGAIN Nathan Adrienne 7 TEMPEST Adam Cathy Rakes Rebels The Raveneau Family intertwines with Rakes Rebels The Beauvisage Family series 1 HEART OF FRAGILE STARS a prequel novella to CAROLINE Jean Philippe Antonia 2 CAROLINE Alec Caro 3 TOUCH THE SUN Lion Meagan 4 SPRING FIRES Nicholai Lisette 5 HER DANGEROUS VISCOUNT Grey Natalya RENAISSANCE ROGUES St Briac Family 1 YOU NO OTHER Thomas Aimee 2 OF ONE HEART Andrew Micheline ROGUES GO WEST1 BRIGHTER THAN GOLD Jack Katie 2 IN A RENEGADE S EMBRACE Fox Maddie 3 THE DUKE THE COWGIRL Geoff Shelby


    1. I've given this a B+ for narration and a C- for content at AudioGals, so I reckon that's 3.5 stars overall.Of One Heart (originally titled A Battle for Love) is the second in Cynthia Wright’s St. Briac series and was originally published in 1986. It’s set in Paris and London in 1532/3 and charts the romance between an English Marquess and the beautiful young French widow he is ordered to marry, sight unseen. I am a big fan of the arranged marriage trope, and given I’m a bit of a Francophil [...]

    2. Reading as part of the Lords of the Isles boxed set by Kathryn Le Veque, et al.When I read the premise for this book, I didn't think I would like it very much. Was I wrong! I enjoyed it so much that as soon as I finished it as part of this boxed set, I immediately purchased the first book in this two-book series. Looking forward to reading that book as well.

    3. Thank god I am finally done with this book. Wasn't it so very very long? I would have cut at least a third.All right, before I start on the litany of criticisms, two things biased me against this book, and I feel I must disclose them before you think I'm just ragging on that poor author: I bought this book in a boxet of "marriage of convenience" books, and though the characters are supposed to get married for convenience, they actually fall in love before that, with one of the parties not even k [...]

    4. I have a soft spot for historical romance, so this was a pleasant read for me. Sandhurst and Michelina are both very well developed characters, but I do admit there were definitely lulls in this read.This book was made up of four different parts. The first was excellently written (well, technically they were all excellently written, but the first part stood out to me). I found the last part of the book to be exciting and quick to read. The middle? I wasn't as fond of. It seemed like the length o [...]

    5. It had a great start. I followed it easily, but after the first part the second and third became a bore. The four part picked up just fine but the two in the middle left me just starved for something else. I loved the heroine and the hero was fair too. The story became sappy though and I felt the hero lost some of that spark after the first part. There was no comic relief, I wanted Anne d'Heill to get some punishment for her hand in the scheme. Sex scene were dull, brief, fair but hardly any siz [...]

    6. This is a book that I keep returning to over and over again, simply because it is so wonderful. It has the perfect mix of romance and intrigue, and it's all set during the reign of Henry VIII which is one of my favourite periods in history, so for me, this book is perfection.

    7. Not a favorite. Everyone was "clad" in something while exclaiming! Tough read to finish, which is very sad b/c I usually enjoy Cynthia Wright.

    8. I loved the first book in this series. This one fell flat. I never understood why the H & h fell in love. It happened too quickly, there was no chemistry, and the rest of the book was boring. :-(

    9. Oh sweet Jesus.Michelene is married to Bernard, an awful cheating asshole who's banging a married woman. His mistress's husband finds out, and manages to kill Bernard during a lancing "accident." Good times.Michelene, who thinks her husband was the best thing ever, is devastated. Her best friend Aimee invites her to go to the French court to take her mind off things, and Michelene agrees. While there she draws the eye of the French king, whose mistress Anne is super jealous. Anne manages to talk [...]

    10. Of One Heart is the second book in the St. Briac series by Cynthia Wright.Michelene Tevoulere is a French widow who is in attendance at the court of French King Francois the 1st. She isn't looking for love, but many men, not least the King, find her attractive and wouldn't mind a dalliance with her. King Francois' mistress feels threatened by Michelene and comes up with a plan to remove her from France and from tempting the King. The plot involves King Henry the 8th arranging for an English nobl [...]

    11. I read this book directly after, "You and No Other". I might have given it five stars had I read it first, but coming after Aimee and St. Briac, the book paled. I loved that Aimee and St. Briac had large roles in this book as secondary characters. I liked Sandhurst and I understood his reasoning in his deception. Micheline was a bit hard for me to like. I thought she lacked backbone and tended to wallow in self-pity. The story was well written and enticing, but I would have preferred a fiercer h [...]

    12. Part of a Marriage of Convenience boxed set. This is an oldie - originally published in 1986. Too old school for my taste. We are told ad nauseam how beautiful and intelligent the heroine is and yet, she does nothing other than mope, be sad, be fooled, and despair. The hero carries on a 4 year affair with a married woman, is so immature he thinks nothing of his responsibilities as an aristocrat, and is basically a whiny, lying jerk. Don't care for either. And that's the plot. She's stupid but be [...]

    13. As always Cynthia Wright writes a brilliant story. I've read every book she's written I think and I've never been disappointed.

    14. OF ONE HEART, formerly known as A BATTLE FOR LOVE, is the second book in Cynthia Wright's Renaissance Rogues (St. Briac) series. Aimée and Thomas from YOU AND NO OTHER are secondary characters, with Aimée being Michelene Tevoulère's best friend. That said, OF ONE HEART does stand alone.Young widow Michelene Tevoulère and rogue Andrew Weston, Earl of Sandhurst and future Duke of Aylesworth, become pawns of the French and English courts. Anne d'Heilly, long-time mistress of King François, wan [...]

    15. 3+ starsI liked this second book, especially since we get to see Aimee and Thomas again, albeit for only a short time. But while this book has it's own unique story, much of it is predictable. Except how they got to the end, which makes it very entertaining, overall.I was a bit over Hero's moaning, groaning, and agonizing about the Heroine, though. He's putting on a charade, pretending to be a painter rather than the nobleman that our Heroine has never seen but has agreed to be betrothed to. And [...]

    16. I would give this a 4.5 if possible. When Andrew Weston, Earl of Sandhurst is given orders by his king, Henry VIII as well as his father to marry a woman from the French court, Michelene Tevoulere, he devises a plan to meet her first. Traveling with his friend to the French court, he claims to be a painter. When asked to make a portrait of Michelene, they begin to get to know each other. Michelene led a very sheltered life. When her husband dies, her closest friend, Aimee and her husband, Thomas [...]

    17. This book was long. Almost too long. The HEA came at about 80% or so in but there was still almost 2 hours (according to my Kindle) of reading left. Huh? And I had probably read almost 4 hours to that point. So there was this chunk from that point to the last 45 minutes of reading that was mostly filler. It was interesting filler and I did enjoy reading about the MCs' happiness together, but I also had to push through to the end. I knew there was to be one more set of conflicts for the happy cou [...]

    18. I originally read this when it was published as “A Battle for Love” in 1986 in paperback. I loved it then. I just re-read the updated “Of One Heart” and I love it now.Micheline is sweet and very sheltered, if slightly misguided in her views on love. Andrew is a walking talking dichotomy about his arraigned marriage to the French beauty. In spite of the machinations of certain high players in the court of François I, Micheline and Andrew manage to find truth and love. But, that is just t [...]

    19. More like 3.5 stars for me. I did like it, but not as much as the first novel in this series. I was pleased to be re-united with Thomas and Aimee from You and No Other.Of One Heart is a re-updated version of “A Battle for Love”, which was originally published in 1986.Given that these titles were written well over 20 years ago I do believe they stand the test of time. At only $2.99 on Kindle you really can't pass them by.I think this one didn't appeal to me as much as the first was because it [...]

    20. A good book. I am disturbed that the h had no one she could trust in England. Surely she could have made even 1 friend?? But given the era, perhaps this should be expected. However the book was truly fascinating. I enjoyed all of the events in France. The sojourn to England felt as though it could have been a separate book. The change in location marked a transformation from romance to mystery/suspense. I wish I could give a separate rating to each part. Overall, the book was well written. The c [...]

    21. Yet another amazing book by Cynthia Wright. I think I loved this one even more than book one. The was romance and mystery. This book kept me guessing until the very end. I highly recommend this series if you enjoy a good historical romance.

    22. Kindle/ had a deal on a collection of 4 Summit Author books called Marriage Of Convenience: Cry Uncle, Falcon's Fire, A New World, and Of One Heart.

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