When You Come to Me

When You Come to Me

Jade Alyse Jade Phillips / May 29, 2020

When You Come to Me Young sweet and totally southern Natalie Savannah Chandler embarks upon her freshman year of college with only one thing on her mind get her degree and become a doctor Sure it seems simple in the gr

  • Title: When You Come to Me
  • Author: Jade Alyse Jade Phillips
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Young, sweet and totally southern, Natalie Savannah Chandler embarks upon her freshman year of college with only one thing on her mind get her degree and become a doctor Sure it seems simple in the grand scheme of things After all, she s got her family supporting her, and family is all that matters She is ostracized in her dorm for being just a little bit quiet and a lYoung, sweet and totally southern, Natalie Savannah Chandler embarks upon her freshman year of college with only one thing on her mind get her degree and become a doctor Sure it seems simple in the grand scheme of things After all, she s got her family supporting her, and family is all that matters She is ostracized in her dorm for being just a little bit quiet and a little bit conservative But that doesn t bother her initially Her roommate is loud and wild and white, drinks beer and has sex with her boyfriend They are polar opposites in every sense of the word But when Natalie decides to accompany her roommate to a house party off campus in a cozy house of blue siding, her world is turned upside down the moment that she s knocked unconscious with a flying beer bottle Yes, you read that correctly When she comes to in ways than one she is face to face with Brandon Greene, a preppy, oatmeal skinned New Yorker, with a loud mouth, a grand smile and an open heart Brandon makes his intentions clear from the beginning he is hopelessly in love with his girlfriend, Sophia, but does not want to marry her He does, however, want to be friends with Natalie Neither Brandon nor her curiosity about him make sense to her at all, and her sense of complacency begins to tumble as she and Brandon grow closer She s thrust into a love triangle that she wants no part of and suddenly, a streamlined future to success in the medical field is the last thing on her mind all she sees now is a shade of gray Brandon and Natalie have a powerful dynamic but can it stand the weight that time, spatial disparity and color have placed on them When You Come to Me is a sometimes humorous, sometimes dramatic take on the loss of innocence in its most colorful form.

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      • Jade Alyse Jade Phillips

        Jade Alyse was thrust into a world of colorful literature at a very early age, pouring through her mother s extensive book collection, absorbing and succumbing to the magic that it possessed Born in the sleepy, comfortable southern town of Winston Salem, North Carolina, to two young African American professionals in the mid eighties, Jade developed an amorous affection for family and the cultural ideals that were instilled in her at a very early age High spirited, pensive and observant, Jade s fascination surrounded the engaging dynamic between two people, and the entrancing beauty of a southern atmosphere Her writing has most frequently been described as vivid and illustrative and readers have been lulled into the picture she paints with each word.Jade can be seen most often with a notebook and pen in her grasp, jotting down phrases and ideas and names She takes these and pulls them into a vibrant semblance of congruency Even when she is not working on a novel or short story, she is always writing, always vigilant.Jade completed her first novel, When You Come to Me, in the winter of 2007 and it was most recently published this summer It highlights the trials and tribulations of an interracial couple attempting to exist in a small, collegiate Georgian town Jade Phillips first short story, Rusted Halo, was selected for presentation at the Creative Writing Workshop Weekend at California State University Fullerton in November of 2010.


    1. I'm pissed! I'm irritated! If I had paid for this book, I'd be calling the publisher asking for my money back and compensation for the time I spent reading through this nonsense!Five. Hundred. Sixty. Seven. Pages.Five hundred and sixty seven pages of back and forth.I love him.But I'm black.He loves me.But he's white.It's okay.It's not okay.I love him.But I'm blackDear god kill me now.I've been black all my life (shocker, I know).As a black person I can honestly say I was offended at all the frie [...]

    2. This is actually closer to 2.5 stars.I wanted to like this book. At times I came really close to loving parts of this book. There were points when the writing was lyrical, beautiful --- almost poetic even. And then there were times when I was snatched right out of the book by an awkward phrase or repetitive writer tics that felt like they were chipping away at my reading experience.But even that would not have registered too widely if I was able to disappear into the story. Sadly, I could not. I [...]

    3. OMG this was the most frustrating story's i've ever read!! drove me mad, took so long to finally get together, then to get married and have sex!! (sorry no sexually active man would wait as long as Brandon did) and then the ending was AWFUL!!!! x x I really wanted to quit reading but thought 'no!' i'll finish it won't be that bad but omg i wish i hadn't bothered!!!! x x

    4. Thank God that I'm finally done with this book! I almost didn't finish it! It took along time to go nowhere with no conclusion. I have a hard time with an author who doesn't know the difference between "diluted" and "deluded"! Bad! Bad!

    5. Whewis book. I wanted to root for them but all I could say was, "Oh my God, this girl is bipolar! What the world?!" She was all over the place and I didn't like her. Now him, he was more likable but I just wanted to cuss both of them out! She just seemed to contradict herself. She doesn't want to introduce him to her family and his parents her mother have problems with them being together but she gets upset b/c he's concerned about what their mixed children will go through? Uhn?! Then, she says [...]

    6. wow what a long book! I liked it, didnt love it. Natalie omg she was pious and uptight and so over the top with her hysterics but she had some qualities that made her o.k. it felt like I was reading about 12 yr olds instead of college age almost adults! Brandon described as an " abercrombie white boy" had his own dramatic moments. The best parts were with the parents! I felt like a fly on the wall and it was ugly! I have a monster in law myself. Just when you think they had there shit together P [...]

    7. I wanted to love this book and at certain times I did. I just felt like it was missing something. I love the relationship between Brandon and Natalie but I found myself more interested in Scotty and Asha more, which is bad since the story isn't about them. I felt like this nook was so LLLLOOONNNNGGG! Im one for the long books as long a the story keeps up an interesting pace. I would skip the internal thoughts and heading straight for the dialogue. All the back and forth made my head hurt and in [...]

    8. I really wanted to like this book. I liked the characters Brandon and tallie. this was just too long and drawn out. they were on and off dough of this book and then the end happened and I found myself yelling WTF!!!!!!

    9. Ughwhere do I start? Too wordy, too much fluff, I HATE Natalie, I didn't really like Brandon??and to end it like that.ter 5 gazillion pages

    10. Open Letter to Jade Alyse:I just completed "When You Come to Me." Quite a compelling story! Some of your characters’ actions were a bit exaggerated and unrealistic for a non-comedic novel, but you are a very talented and ambitious young writer. I see your love of language and of storytelling in every line. However, as a fellow lover of language(s) and the words that make up good stories, may I offer some unsolicited advice? While you work on style, please, please, PLEASE (I beg you!) take a gr [...]

    11. WOWWhat a way to leave me hanging!! Even knowing the ending ends with a cliffhanger Id still read this book. Its up, down, happy, sad, frustrating and fullfilling all in one. I sincerely hope theres a follow-up.

    12. Wow, where do I start off with this book. First let me say I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I started this book. I love the idea of a forbidden romance, especially, with interracial couples.I read the synopsis of this book and I knew I HAD to read me.I LOVED this story. In fact, I found it to be the realest story on relationships that I have read in a long time.No this book didn't have princesses or princes.No this story didn't have werewolves or vampires or shadowhunters.This b [...]

    13. **SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW** This book was amazing, yes it was long and yes it had some typos but I didnt care still amazing! They went through so much together but it was all worth it Their love never faded away from each other. They both tried to move but there connection was too strong and they couldn't stay away. i thought that once they got back to together after Nat was with Anthony and Bran was with Sophia and that other chick that they would stop fighting and just be happy together. Boy w [...]

    14. Let me just start my review by saying if you want a new adult book that's all easy love, sweet, unicorns, rainbows, and happy endings this book is not for you. If you want a book that is real, emotionally raw, that makes you think, then keep reading. This book is based in college when black freshman Natalie Chandlers meet white boy junior Brandon Greene and oddly develop a deep friendship. This book spans over the course of several years between these two. Their trials are emotional and raw. The [...]

    15. *Possible spoilers*Personally, I absolutely loved this book. I admit at times it pissed me off with the way Brandon and Natalies parents acted or how Natalie couldn't possibly have Brandon as her love because she was black and he was white. But in all honesty, there are still people who act like that, even though it's now 2013 and in the book it was 2000-2007, but still I wanted to scream "get the fuck over it!!!!" and I wanted to throw my kindle. But through all that, I felt the heart ache and [...]

    16. I'm giving it 3 stars because it was good at times and it was a really good idea and storyline plot But I don't know, PERSONALLY I just got frustrated with Natalie. I couldn't understand her and her way of thinking It was really frustrating and close to the middle my interest just wound down and I decided to stop al together since I have other books that I'm more interested in.Another thing I found weir in this book was the author's style of writing. Like another reviewer said, it was sometimes [...]

    17. This was my first book by this author and I was thoroughly surprised. Brandon and Natalie meet by chance, a very funny chance. He pops her in the head with a beer bottle while drunk and so begins their very odd and sometimes one sided friendship. Brandon is in a relationship with Sophia when they meet. He loves her but doesn't want to take the next step with her. Natalie doesn't want to be his friend but she ends up listening to his rants and raves about Sophia and some how they become thick as [...]

    18. I adored this novel. Being a fan of authors such as, Abbi Glines and J. Lynn, I received a different type of reading experience. I loved the length of the novel. It wasn't fast paced or a lengthy series of sometimes connecting or not connecting stories. The author gave me a story worth losing sleep over. A story where I wasn't always sure where she was leading me but I trusted her and I continued to follow. It was refreshing that while the Natalie and Brandon did end up together, the story didn' [...]

    19. I loved this Dang book that is why I am so disappointed with the ending.I would have loved a happy or even a sad ending so I could reminisce on the good times but not to end it at all Noooooooo I was so ooooo angry. I kept replaying the end as if I missed something maybe I lost a digital page.I love the chemistry between characters and family members. I just hate the ending.I loved the book with all my heart but I feel the characters are lost in cyber space waiting for their ending to be written [...]

    20. This book captured my heart as soon as I started reading. I love Natalie and Brandon, they're a couple that seems to be brought together by fate and love. Their ups and downs had my heart going up and down constantly. Though I knew with each down, there would be an up soon to follow. I dream of finding someone like Brandon. I'm sure plenty of guys, dream to find someone like Natalie as well. I noticed there was a second part, which I'm dying to buy and read. I hope to read more books by Jade Aly [...]

    21. Honestly I had to force myself to finish this book. I didn't like it very much, I didn't like the main characters as I found them both to be very juvenile and selfish. The main thing that annoyed me though was the grammar! There were so many mistakes as the author continuously used "his" instead of "he" or "him" and also often used "he" instead of "she" which made some parts difficult to understand. Despite this the story was OK but I am so glad I didn't pay for this. I'd give it 4.5/10.

    22. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed by this book. What could have been and was a very moving love story was muddled by over description, constant cat and mouse chase , and having to know what they're thinking alllllll of the time. But I'm not going to lie to you and say that I didn't sop this story up like a biscuit does gravy because I'm a sucker for romances. However it left a bit of an unpleasant after taste though. And there were a lot of pages, like a lot lot.

    23. This book was a freebie from . It deals with the 7 yr relationship between a African American girl named Natalie from Georgia and a White boy from New York (Brandon) who meet at college. It deals with the problems that could occur being in a inter racial relationship. I found Natalie to Be full of drama and looking for it. She got to be annoying at times. I liked Brandon character most of the time. Story had somewhat of a cliffhanger.

    24. Worst book I ever read to date. Long and not worth the wait. Ending was awful and the story did not live up to the rating. Don't bother! Swim away, far far away. I am not entirely sure as the the point of this authors vision. I'm sure they thought this was a work of art. Sadly this lacked in all areas. Only positive was the characters were authentic.

    25. this book had a good beginning and it had potential, however it could have been shorter and not so back and forth. it was a good story line, love the best friends become more stories. it is just the I'm black, he's white, the parents don't approve. too many issues. this could have been a 200 page book instead of over 500 pages.

    26. This one was a tough one to read. My goodness !! I didn't want to not finish it so I pushed through and kept at it. They were cute kids and it was a nice story but there was no need for the length of the book I am almost positive it could have been a whole heck of a lot shorter. anyways glad I finished and on to the next one

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