Deadly Fall

Deadly Fall

Ann Bruce / Feb 27, 2020

Deadly Fall The th Precinct Book WARNING Graphic language and explicit sex scenes M F LENGTH Novel words When his latest case falls on him and his partner quite literally Detective Nick Markov knows th

  • Title: Deadly Fall
  • Author: Ann Bruce
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The 19th Precinct, Book 1WARNING Graphic language and explicit sex scenes M F.LENGTH Novel 74,600 words When his latest case falls on him and his partner quite literally Detective Nick Markov knows the destruction of his car by a not yet cold body is the least of his worries The deceased is prominent businessman, Andrew Langan, and suicide is swiftly ruled out afteThe 19th Precinct, Book 1WARNING Graphic language and explicit sex scenes M F.LENGTH Novel 74,600 words When his latest case falls on him and his partner quite literally Detective Nick Markov knows the destruction of his car by a not yet cold body is the least of his worries The deceased is prominent businessman, Andrew Langan, and suicide is swiftly ruled out after Nick pursues the killers down twenty seven flights and loses them.To his superiors frustrations, Nick doesn t believe Langan s soon to be ex wife, Augusta, is guilty, even though she has motive, opportunity, no alibi and a shady past The only reasons Nick has for going against logical dictates are the feeling in his gut and the constriction in his chest.Augusta is thrust back into an unwanted spotlight and her quiet life shattered Then things go downhill In between dodging the media, she confronts muggers, kidnappers and goons better dressed than she With Nick Markov, who dredges up a past she d rather forget and feelings she d rather not acknowledge, Augusta must race to unravel her late husband s secrets before she finds herself skydiving without a parachute.This book was previously published in an altered form entitled Fall Dead by Cerridwen Press Ellora s Cave Publishing, Inc in 2005 and is revised.EXCERPT Damn it, Ethan, Nick Markov muttered, trying to steady his drunken partner and keep him from falling flat on his face and doing permanent damage to it Your wife s going to have my ass for this Ethan Murtagh s scowl bordered on a pout suited to a two year old I can walk on my own two feet, he said, his words only slightly slurred He stumbled, nearly taking them both down.Nick grunted and muttered, Right It was several frustrating moments before Nick managed to strap his partner into the passenger seat of the black SUV parked in front of the bar Ethan had been, once again, trying to drink himself into a stupor He didn t handle disagreements with his significant other well The current dispute was over the photographer who had shot his wife s swimsuit spread the previous week in the Bahamas You d better hope Torie s asleep when I get you home, Nick said, getting behind the wheel.A disgruntled sound came from the sprawled figure beside him Nick answered with a grunt of his own as he pulled out At almost one in the morning on a Wednesday night, it was relatively quiet in the Sixties on the Upper East Side, so it was a few short minutes before he was turning onto Fifth Avenue Deciding it wouldn t take long to get Ethan upstairs and into his nineteenth floor condo, Nick stopped the SUV in front of the building, killed the engine and flipped down his visor to display his credentials He released his seat belt buckle, then reached over for his partner s Ethan mumbled a protest, swatted at Nick s helping hand and fumbled with the door handle Suppressing the urge to roll his eyes, Nick grabbed a fistful of his partner s jacket Stay put, Nick said You open that door, you ll land on your pretty face and Torie will never forgive me Ethan fell back in his seat, head tilted back, eyes closed Satisfied, Nick opened his door, got out and made his way to the passenger side door Ethan didn t move when he pulled the door open Nick silently groaned at the possibility of having to carry his less than petite partner upstairs.

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    1. Deadly Fall started off with a thrilling chase scene in which detective Nick Markov and his partner witness the brutal murder of millionaire Andrew (Drew) Langan. Top of the suspect list is soon to be ex-wife Augusta Langan, a beautiful art history professor at NYU. But Nick doesn’t believe for one second she is guilty, and works to prove her innocence. The suspense thickens when another body is found, directly connected to Drew’s murder. Not sure if she can trust Nick, Augusta agrees to wor [...]

    2. Free on Kindle right now!Great action so fare only issue I have is the speed of the romance. I'm use to suspending belief to some degree when reading romance but the H/h's relationship went from 0 to 120 in less than a page! LOLFinishedgood suspense, great Hero, heroine was ok, steam was nice and hot but sadly, the romance didn't click for me.

    3. I enjoyed this one. The suspense moved and kept me interested. I liked the writing and the pacing of the story, but not so much the romance. The hero goes from lust to FOREVER LOVE in a very short time. While we often get an HEA in a matter of weeks in romancelandia, I just didn't buy it here. I couldn't figure out why he loved her. I'm not sure he even knew what he was talking about. Also, the sex was described odd to me. The H's actions are described as "his rough hands" "his tongue stabbed in [...]

    4. Actually 3.5 starsDetective Nick Markov is doing what things do and taking his partner home after a night of drinking. As Nick's getting Ethan out of the car, he looks up and sees a body hurtling for the roof of his car and someone stepping back from the shattered window. Giving chase, the detectives lose the suspect and prepare to get ready for the media circus when they discover the victim is one of San Francisco's prominent businessmen.The number one suspect is the beautiful and stubbornly in [...]

    5. The story opens as two off duty detectives witness a dead body crashing into Detective Nick Markov's vehicle. The victim, a highly successful, powerful and well-known businessman, seems to have been pushed from his penthouse apartment. His soon to be ex-wife could be a suspect, after all, they were getting a divorce because Augusta Langan's husband HAD been cheating on her and she would stand to inherit a fortune. Augusta steadfastly claims her innocence and Nick is instantly attracted to the ti [...]

    6. 3.5 stars I've never read this author before and this was a free offering for my nook, so I wasn't sure what to expect. It's a reasonably solid Romantic suspense story. I tend to be very hard on this genre, and this one was good but definitely had some problems. Augusta is a professor of Art and when her soon to be ex-husband is thrown from a balcony, she is immediately a suspect. Nick, the detective who just happened to witness the death, is also instantly attracted to her which causes numerous [...]

    7. If a murder mystery and some romance is your reading pleasure, you will enjoy this book. Augusta Langan is the prime suspect in the murder of her wealthy husband. Nick Markov is the lead detective in the investigation of the murder. It soon becomes apparent that Augusta's husband was not all he portrayed in his public appearance. Nick struggles to find the real murderer while fighting his increasing romantic interests in Augusta. You will need to read the book to discover the real murderer.

    8. This book took 2 days to read with family interruptions. I really enjoyed the family loyalty of Drew and the strength of Augusta. She had spunk,loyalty and the will to believe in her heart that Drew was innocent of any wrong doing. Nick, what can I say? To meet the number one suspect in a murder and trust his gut and loins to second guess the suspect and fall madly in love, hmm! Love it!Ann Bruce,You have my vote!

    9. This book was full of twists and turns. There was so much between the hero and heroine, they should've never gotten together, but they did and they made it work. I loved how they stuck it out thru everything and how the heroine finally decides to trust the hero with all of her secrets. The sex scenes were totally hot as well.

    10. The book has to be pretty good when the first line reads ;"When his latest case falls on him and his partner - quite literally- Detective Nick Markov knows the destruction of his car by a not-yet-cold body is the least of his worries." This story will keep you turning the pages to it's conclusion. On the Nook this eBook has 546 pages.

    11. Finally a good book! Nick was smoking hot and I really liked Augusta. It was some suspense and some sizzling love. And I totally adored that there wasn't any big misunderstandings or unnecessary angst between Nick and Augusta. And she was sane for most part. Totally worth reading and a real good kindle freebie. Yeey!

    12. 3.5 stars. I liked the suspense part quite a bit. I had a hard time with the unprofessionalism of Nick. You just don't sleep with your primary suspect. But I enjoyed the way that Nick and Augusta opened up to each other and shared. I did have a hard time with Nick's declaration of love after only a few days though.

    13. I bought this book after getting another title by Ann Bruce (Rules of Engagement). I really enjoyed her style and characters.Deadly Fall was interesting and kept me guessing. I was trying to figure out "who done it" the whole time. I loved both Nick and Augusta and I enjoyed their story immensely.I'll defiantly be reading more of Bruce's work in the future.

    14. Nook freebie. Starts with the murder of a young, rich executive who leaves a beautiful widow behind. The police thinks she may be responsible but he lead detective on the case isn't so sure. He also falls hard for the suspect and becomes involved with her from the start.

    15. What an excellent read. Great story and the romance was pretty steamy. I connected with the main characters and truly felt for them. I have already written down the author's other works and will be checking them out as well.

    16. To say Deadly Fall is fantastic is an understatement. The chemistry between Nick and Augusta is electrifying and there were plenty of twists and turns making Deadly Fall a fantastic read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17. Deadly Fall was excellent read. I had a hard time putting it down. I could not wait to find out what happened next. I look forward to reading more from this author.

    18. The loved the starting scene. The romantic suspense plot keepsnyou reading. I liked the family dynamic twist to the story.

    19. Really good. The story snags you in and it kept me on my toes. Suspenseful and it was free on . You can't go wrong

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