Sophie and the Rising Sun

Sophie and the Rising Sun

Augusta Trobaugh / Feb 27, 2020

Sophie and the Rising Sun An unforgettable story of an extraordinary love and a town s prejudice during World War II Sophie and the Rising Sun suggests the small but heartwarming triumphs made possible by human dignity and cou

  • Title: Sophie and the Rising Sun
  • Author: Augusta Trobaugh
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An unforgettable story of an extraordinary love and a town s prejudice during World War II Sophie and the Rising Sun suggests the small but heartwarming triumphs made possible by human dignity and courage Publisher s Weekly.In sleepy Salty Creek, Georgia, strangers are rare When a quiet, unassuming stranger arrives a Japanese man with a secret history of his own he bAn unforgettable story of an extraordinary love and a town s prejudice during World War II Sophie and the Rising Sun suggests the small but heartwarming triumphs made possible by human dignity and courage Publisher s Weekly.In sleepy Salty Creek, Georgia, strangers are rare When a quiet, unassuming stranger arrives a Japanese man with a secret history of his own he becomes the talk of the town and a new beginning for lonely Sophie, who lost her first love during World War I.Middle aged Sophie had resigned herself to a passionless existence That all begins to change as she finds herself drawn to the mysterious Mr Oto When the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, Mr Oto s newfound life comes under siege his safety, even in Salty Creek, is no longer certain Sophie must decide how much she is willing to risk for a future with the man who has brought such joy into her life Visit the author at AugustaTrobaugh

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    1. Onvan : Sophie and the Rising Sun - Nevisande : Augusta Trobaugh - ISBN : 452283493 - ISBN13 : 9780452283497 - Dar 224 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2001

    2. This is a gentle, elegantly told story, almost Japanese in it's simple and lyrical telling. Mr Oto is a lonely American Japanese who has run away from his family in California and become a gardener for a Southern lady, Miss Anne, in a small seaside town in Georgia. Sophie is a middle aged lady who has spent her life unmarried taking care of first her mother and then her elderly aunts. They strike up an unlikely friendship but when news of Pearl Harbour reaches the town Sophie realises Mr Oto is [...]

    3. A beautiful book set in the Georgian town of Salty Creek, where we meet Mr Oto, an American of Japanese descent. He is employed my Miss Anne as her gardener. Miss Anne is an engaging character and Mr Oto is as unassuming as this understated novel. The other main characters is Sophie, who has spent much of her life caring for her mother and maiden aunts, she found love only to have it ripped away from her. Then she meets Mr Oto. A friendship forms. But it comes to the attention of Miss Ruth, neig [...]

    4. I had no idea what to expect from this Netgalley book. I knew the synopsis - basically that a middle-aged spinster forms a friendship, perhaps more, with the Japanese gardener working for a friend right at the onset of America's involvement in WWII; that could go any number of ways. The way Sophie and the Rising Sun went was utterly beautiful. Mr. Oto - and that is all I'm going to call him, as his given name deserves the reveal it gets - is a lovely, lovely character, a man who has done a bit o [...]

    5. If you're looking for a gentle, heartwarming love story this is the story for you. Don't expect any hot sex scenes. lust, or strife, just the tender approach of love for an unlikely couple. The story is well written and can be read quickly--a good choice for a rainy day. It's too bad they don't write stories like this anymore. Quite a gem!

    6. Oh, how lovely! This book will leave a smile on your face after finishing. I love all the dialogues: both the spoken and unspoken ones. It is simple and refreshing, a sweet love story without trying too hard. It is a novel with uncomplicated decisions from the main characters and it allows the readers to indulge on a basic blissful life. Oh, how lovely!

    7. There is nothing better than just stumbling upon a book while perusing at the library, knowing nothing about it, and discovering that you have found a gem. That’s how it was with this one—Sophie and the Rising Sun, which I only picked up because my daughter’s name was in the title. It turned out to be such a lovely story. It’s a quick read—only about 200 pages—perfect for a rainy day.

    8. A very moving story about an extraordinary love and a town's prejudice during World War II. Set in the sleepy town of Salty Creek, Georgia, where strangers are rare, an unassuming stranger arrives; a quiet, Japanese man in his 50's, with secrets of his own. He becomes a new beginning for lonely Sophie, who lost her first love during World War I. She has resigned herself to a life of living alone, but that changes when she meets Mr. Oto. When the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, Mr. Oto's newfound lif [...]

    9. Lovely sweet story of two 50somethings finding love at the start of the second world war. The hero was an extremely mild mannered man of Japanese descent and the heroine was a spinster who had spent her whole life looking after her mother and aunts. Most of the story was told through the eyes of the hero. I really enjoyed how he felt so much for the heroine without even really knowing her. And after they met, he really treated her like a princess. I loved the description of the painting that he [...]

    10. This book made me feel.poetic. That doesn't happen to me a lot. It has romance, but not the butterfly in the stomach kinde actual learn what love feels like kind. The learning and growing and accepting and understanding that takes place in so many of the characters was really inspiring. There was nothing particularly beautiful in the book, but I would say it leaves you with a sense of beauty. True beauty. I loved how it switched back and forth between Miss Anne and narrator. By the end of the bo [...]

    11. Given to me by a friend from Spirit Moves to read. Most of the reviews seem to classify this as a gentle little love story. Love story, yes. Gentle? I'm not so sure, because I, for one, can't really glean the ending of the story. There are several secrets in this book and the answer to the final one isn't all that clear to me.The story takes place in a small coastal town in Georgia just before the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The gardener of a town matron (Miss Anne) is a quiet fellow named Mr Oto. [...]

    12. 3.5 Mr Otto is a middle aged man of Japanese ethnicity,although he was born in California and considers himself an American. Sophie is a middle aged spinster, having taken care of her mother and than her elderly aunts, and losing her first love in World War I. Taking place in a small town in Georgia, this is not a passionate love affair but a rather elegant one as is the writing in this novel. When Pearl Harbor is bombed all the small town stereotypes as well as the usual prejudices come into pl [...]

    13. I am really torn about this book. One one hand, I see a beautiful love story Oto loves Sophie right away, and his is a beautiful love. There nothing even remotely ugly about Oto. His love isn't one of those, "Oh my manhood stirred at the sight of her and I imagined myself" kind of loves. His love is pure, his character innocent and naive. Sophie, too, has a clean love for Otto. On the other hand, where the heck is this love coming from? Oto sees her and from then on, it's all about this weird cr [...]

    14. In 1943 a mysterious stranger aarriver sin Salty Creek, Georgia. Mr. Oto, a quiet, unassuming, ,an beomes a gardner for Sophie, who lost her love during World War I. Sophie has resigned herself to a life craing for her aging mother and aging maiden aunts. I agonized until Miss Sophie and Mr. Oto finally speak. To Mr. Oto, whose heart has been full from the moment he saw Sophie,it is a miracle. When the Japanese bomb Peral Harbor, Mr. Oto's new found life comesunder seige. Is any joy possible for [...]

    15. A quiet and introspective book. I picked this up expecting Southern gothic and instead received a delicate treatment of overcoming social barriers when a Japanese gardner falls in love with a hometown Georgia girl during the outbreak of World War II.

    16. 3.5 stars, but I'm feeling generous. :)Wow, just finished this today. I'd say this novel is more character-driven than plot-driven. If you're the kind of reader who enjoys getting to know the characters well over the course of a novel, then you'll enjoy this one. Trobaugh keeps a tight cast here, which I like because I think it's unnecessary when some novels start introducing random characters at various points just because. There's really 4 leads, maybe 5. The big focus here is on relationships [...]

    17. This story was so touching and surprised me with its depth. I have read several books by this author, but this is the best. I saw the movie first, on Netflix, and loved it, and knew there must be more details in the book. I was rewarded with a tender story of love, which developed in a Southern town loaded with prejudice, hateful suspicion of other races and even of people who have different lives and thoughts. I have lived in small Southern towns with these suspicions, and experienced that hatr [...]

    18. I recently bought this book at my library book sale. I had no idea what it was about or who the author was. I was drawn to it - the cover, the feel of it in my hands. I rarely give a book my highest 5 star rating, but I have added this one to my list. The storytelling was so divine and compelling that I would read a few chapters, put it down to savor what I read, and come back to it later. I actually didn't want the story to end. I loved it! I know I will re-read this book many more times in the [...]

    19. Lovely story! I was entranced by the beautiful hearts of the main characters, especially Mr. Oto's. I enjoyed the feeling evoked of sipping iced tea on the front porch as old Miss Anne regaled me with this Southern tale . . . Love these quotes which those who've read the book might recall . . . "You should have seen their eyes!" "Sometimes I see Mr. Oto's face the way it looked when something especially beautiful bloomed under his care." ". . . And his nurturing her into the beautiful flower she [...]

    20. Quite a lovely read. It's a nice heartwarming story and a quick read. It's a beautiful insight into life in the south on Pearl Harbor day told in a very gentle way.

    21. A little over 4 stars. Sweet and lyrical book about tender love between a woman and a Japanese gardener during the war with Japan in WWII. Great exploration of prejudice, love, and loneliness.

    22. In the years preceding America's entry into World War II, a quiet Georgia town called Salty Creek is home to a peculiar and risky romance. For quite some time, only polite and brief exchanges were ever had between a spinster named Sophie and Miss Anne's courteous and enigmatic “Chinese” gardener, Mr. Oto. Miss Anne, a moral woman whose memories of the event are at the center of this tale, provides Oto with refuge after he arrives, disgraced, starving, and essentially dropped from a Greyhound [...]

    23. I was excited to see an Asian male/white female (amwf, as it’s known online) story pop up on Netgalley. They can be hard to find, and I thought the dual extra setting of the racist rural south and WWII would make it more interesting. I still don’t doubt that these positive things are what the author was going for, but it didn’t quite come through for me in the story.Trobaugh picked an interesting writing structure that I found worked well for the story. It’s a mix of an elderly Miss Anne [...]

    24. delicate as a paper craneSimply, yet beautifully, written and poignant, Sophie and the Rising Sun — a narrative, in the plaintive voice of various characters — takes place in a sleepy southern town in Georgia.Sophie, a refined southern lady and middle-aged spinster, finds she has depleted her “young and beautiful years” caring for her elderly mother and aunts, after her beau, Henry, never returned from WWI. Finds herself quite resigned to the idea of never finding love at her age, Sophie [...]

    25. Review first published on my blog: memoriesfrombooksSophie and the Rising Sun is a story of World War II - specifically of World War II right as the attack on Pearl Harbor happens. It is a story of that time but set in a small Georgia town. As such, it is period piece about the American South.Sophie is the town spinster with an overpowering mother and a lost love in her background. Ms. Anne is the one in town not afraid to do things a little differently. Ms. Ruth is the town busybody. And Mr. Ot [...]

    26. "Sophie and the Rising Sun" by Augusta Trobaugh is a bit like a haiku in novel form: brief, beautiful, full of symbolism and complex for its simplicity. It is romantic in the very best way, pitting the idealism of love against the cold realities of circumstance.Told in various viewpoints, the story places a not-quite-hopeless spinster and a middle-aged Japanese-American gardener in a small Southern town on the eve of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The author chose her setting in which dangerous pre [...]

    27. I am not sure what I was expecting when I started this book but what I got was a beautiful chaste love story between southern belle Sophie and Japanese American Mr. Oto. This was a beautifully written look at the south during the time of Pearl Harbor and everything changed for Mr. Oto and the women in his life his boss Miss Ann and his friend (and woman he loves) Miss Sophie. But this was so much more than a love story; it’s a friendship story and also a historical look at a very tough time es [...]

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