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Fade A former Navy SEAL who speaks perfect Arabic Salam al Fayed a k a Fade had been one of the deadliest weapons in America s arsenal until a mission gone wrong put a bullet in his back requiring risky

  • Title: Fade
  • Author: Kyle Mills
  • ISBN: 9780312934187
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • A former Navy SEAL who speaks perfect Arabic, Salam al Fayed a.k.a Fade had been one of the deadliest weapons in America s arsenal until a mission gone wrong put a bullet in his back, requiring risky surgery the government refused to pay for.Embittered by a wound that could one day immobilize him, Fade isn t exactly cooperative when Homeland Security insists on puttinA former Navy SEAL who speaks perfect Arabic, Salam al Fayed a.k.a Fade had been one of the deadliest weapons in America s arsenal until a mission gone wrong put a bullet in his back, requiring risky surgery the government refused to pay for.Embittered by a wound that could one day immobilize him, Fade isn t exactly cooperative when Homeland Security insists on putting him back on the payroll But they re not taking no for an answer and what is meant to be a foolproof deception turns into an explosive bloodbath.It falls to an estranged friend of Fade s named Matt Egan to clean up the mess made by his superiors But it isn t going to be easy because Fade is gunning for the men who set him up And Matt is at the top of the list

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        I grew up in Oregon but have l ived all o ver D.C Virginia, Maryland, London, W yoming My father wa s an FBI a gent and I was a b ureau kid, which is similar to being an army brat You tend to spend your time with other bureau ki ds and get transferr ed around a lot, tho ugh, I far ed better on that fr ont than m any others.One positi ve aspect of this li festyle is that you can t help but absorb an enormous amount abo ut the FBI , CIA, Spe cial Force s, etc Li ke most yo ung boys, I was endl essly fasc inated wit h talk of chasing c riminals and, of cou rse, pictu red it in the most r omantic te rms possib le Who wo uld have t hought tha t all this esoteric knowledge would end up being so useful I came int o writing from kind of a stran ge angle When I gra duated fro m college in the lat e eighties , I had th e same dre am as ever yone else at the tim e a corpor ate job, a nice car, and a hou se with lo ts of squa re footage.It turns o ut that no ne of that really su ited me W hile I did go for th e corporat e job, Id rove a bea t up Jeep and lived in a tiny house in a so so Bal ti nei ghborhood Most of t he money I made just kind of accumulated in my che cking acco unt and I found myse lf increasin gly drawn to the unc onventiona l, artisti c people w ho lived a round me I was comp letely ena d with anyone wh o could create so mething fr om nothing because I felt like it was be yond me.Enter rock climbing I d read an article on climbi ng when I was in col lege and t hought it looked lik e an incre dible thin g to do Someday, I told mys elf, I wou ld give it a try So one weeke nd in the early 90s , I packed up my car , drove to West Virg inia, and spent awe ekend taki ng lessons Unknown to me at t he time, t his would be the sta rt of ano bsession t hat still hangs with me today I began dating a girl who l iked to cl imb and we decided w e wanted t o live som ewhere wit h taller r ocks and m ore open s pace.Moving to Wyoming wa s the best decision we ever ma de The place is full of th e most ama zing peopl e You mig ht meet so meone on a bike ride and find out they w ere in the Olympics, or climbe d Everest, or just g ot back fr om two mon ths trekki ng in Nepa l In a roundabou t way, it was these people who made it possible fo r me to wr ite a nove l They se emed to ha ve no limi tations E verything was possi ble for th em and I w anted to b e that typ e of perso n, too.I was work ing for a little ban k in Jacks on Hole, spending my days maki ng busines s loans an d my afternoons and weekends c limbing F or some re ason, it f inally occ urred to m e that I d never act ually trie d to be cr eative Ma ybe I coul d make som ething fro m nothing Why not g ive it a s hot My first b right idea was to le arn to bui ld furnitu re That p lan had some draw backs, the most obvi ous of whi ch being t hat I m no t very han dy It was my wife who suggest ed I write a novel It seemed like a dum b idea, th ough, sinc e I majore d in finan ce and had spent my entire col lege caree r avoiding English c ourses lik e the plag ue Having said that , I couldn t complet ely shake the idea Eventually , it nagge d at me lo ng enough that I fel t compelle d to put p en to pape r Eight m onths late r, I finis hed Rising Phoenix a nd about a year a fter that I managed to get it published The succes s of Risin g Phoenix and my sub sequent books has allowed m e to make my living as a write r, which i sn t bad w ork if you can get i t Other t han that, my life ha sn t chang ed all tha t much Ag ing elbows have forc ed me to r eplace cli mbing with backcount ry skiing and mounta in bike ra cing I got the not so sm art idea o f restorin g an old p ickup to replace the dying Jee p And, I still live in W yoming


    1. This book left me anxious and at the edge of my seat. I loved the action, suspense, plot, characters development and everything in-between. Salam al Fayed (Fade) is a former Navy SEAL, a spook and one of America's best weapons against its enemies until a mission goes wrong and he gets a bullet in the back. Fade needs complicated risky surgery and his government refuses to pay for it, making him him feel disillusioned, betrayed and abandoned by his country and friends so he turns his back on his [...]

    2. Outstanding! 10 of 10 stars if you like good intelligence thrillers! 2007. I re-read this and 8 years later stands the test of time. I read Survivor, Mills story for the late Vince Flynn. Not near as good. I'm currently reading, "Robert Ludlum's The Patriot Attack," by Kyle Mills hoping its better than Survivor.

    3. Salam al-Fayed (Fade),an Arab-American former CIA spook who has a bullet lodged very near his spine and is now retired, was approached by his old friend Matt Eagan and a Homeland Security Chief in an attempt to recruit him for a special team. Fade declines, but the Homeland guy, Hillel Strand, refuses to accept it. He decides to dig up some dirt to blackmail Fade in to joining them. Fade begins to set a trap for the Homeland guys that are sure to come after him. Instead, Strand sets up a phony s [...]

    4. Seriously??? all these rave reviews? This by the author who will take over writing for Vince Flynn's series on Mitch Rapp, Counter-terrorism Operative. We, in this household, love the series and Flynn's death was a shock and a loss to many of us. I wanted to see what Mills writing was like and picked this at random. I saw no correlation or similarities to Flynn's writing style by this example. What was expected from the reviews was a very serious thriller but turned out to be more of a spoof, or [...]

    5. I read this book to become a little bit familiar with Kyle Mills before the new Mitch Rapp release. Then I checked some of the two star reviews to see if it was possible they read the same book. This was a very exciting book! It start fast out of the gate and never stopped for a breath. There is never any doubt as to who the main bad guy is and who the good and bad good guys are. There is a secondary bad guy who plays into it in the end. Some of the lesser reviews seem to be due to the fact that [...]

    6. Best thriller I've read in months. Vince Flynn's style, great character set. Special opps retiree felt abandoned by our government because they wouldn't authorize the surgery he needed to remove a bullet lodged near his spine. Matt had tried to get him the help he needed but failed. Now Matt was working for a new homeland security division who was recruiting and Fade said no but Matts boss wouldn't take no for an answer and tried to black mail him into coming to work for them. It all when down h [...]

    7. My second book on CD. I had started it while on vacation and was so interested that I have continued with it each time I get in the car, driving around town. Talk radio is history!I really liked this story. I was very caucht up with the charaters and it had you on the edge of your seat throughout.Very well done. I would love to see it as a movie! (you know EVERYTHING I read has a movie conotation!!)

    8. really enjoyed this one. Tragically flawed main character, impossible situation, well written and a real page turner. al Fayed gripped my attention and I had a good time tearing through this one at a blistering pace. I have two back novels left of Kyle Mills to read then I will just have to wait ads new ones are written

    9. Great Book!!!!!As always Kyle Mills did a great job with this story. Can't wait to read Fade 2. Read all the Mark Banner series also. Just a really great story teller. Wil try to find the time to also read the Covert One series. Can't wait to see what he also did with Vince Flynn series. Big fan !!!!. Thanks, Carl Clause

    10. This is one heck of a read. I got caught up in the book and had to keep reading until the end. Unfortunately for me, the end was not what I wanted it to be, but such is the way with books and authors. I cried at the end because it did not go the weay I had hoped.A good read.J. Robert Ewbank author "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the 'Isms'"

    11. this book still troubles my dreams, perplexes my thoughts. the characters, story line, implications. it is complex and probably not for all - but if you like thrillers of a highly complex and tortured nature, this is for you.

    12. Awesome book!! I don’t think I’ve read a book that has kept me holding on with white knuckles to see what is going to happen when I turn the page . . . and then bring tears to my eyes. Great read--amazing story with well defined characters. Definitely a 10 out of 10 for me on this one!!

    13. This is a terrific book, even if a bit wrenching. Mills has a knack for complicated issues. Can't recommend it more.

    14. I've started reading everything by Kyle Mills. This book is great fun with lots of action. But it still ties everything together. Good plot and characters too.

    15. Former Navy SEAL - Salamal Fayed (a.k.a. "Fade") - Homeland Security insisting on putting him back on the payroll and the mess they create - Spell-binding Page Turner!

    16. One of his best stand alone novels. I just love the pace and tempo of his writing. It sucks you in and refuses to let go.

    17. Exciting funny unpredictable!Great character development! Solid story line and best of all the only true thriller that has made me laugh and then feel like crying! Thanks for great entertainment.

    18. Cliched, ending was predictable, and the entire thing felt like something inspired by Fox news. It has been a decade and I still regret reading it.

    19. SupenseIt was the type of story I could believe happening today Fade had become someone I could visit again and again

    20. A secret Department of Homeland Security is recruiting agents towork undercover in the Middle East and the director wants hissecond in command Matt Egin to bring aboard an old friend Salamal-Fayed better known as Fade. He's perfect for this job. A NewYorker an ex Navy Seal he's the son immigrants and he speaks perfect Arabic. The problem is that he's "retired". He got shotin the back in the line of duty and the Government refused to payfor the risky surgery. Now he lives like a hermit with a bul [...]

    21. About two-thirds of the way through the Fade character changed -- enough that I thought the writer's agent or editor said, "If we want to have this picked up by a movie studio as a screenplay, we need to model Fade to be more like Vin Diesel" The relentless bad luck and unhappy events in Fade's life make it almost a relief when the character finds release (i.e dies) at the end of the book. The female S.W.A.T. team police officer is left hanging -- a character the author may want to write more ab [...]

    22. I can not give eanough positive credit to this book. It was well written with good, well defined characters. The author had a extremely good story line and the book flowed very nicely.The book was both funny and serious. Such as fade (the main character) thought that he was under attach from home land sicurity so he proceeded to ( not knowing that it was just a local swat team who meant him no real harm) wipe out an entire swat team and blow up a sizable chunk of his house in a pair of Bugs Bunn [...]

    23. Mills writes a good thriller. Only a couple of the bad guys are really bad and some of the good guys are not good. The Special Forces theme kinda works but the Arab SEAL estranged from the SOF community doesn't really ring true. Guess he had to make a few politically correct points to be accepted on the author cocktail tour. The rogue military guy could have been of any background and the story would have worked. Mills depiction of the Washington bureaucracy and the Dept of Homeland Security are [...]

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