The Animal Wife

The Animal Wife

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas / Nov 22, 2019

The Animal Wife Elizabeth Marshall Thomas s first novel an international best seller drew praise of the highest kind Reindeer Moon deserves a place of distinction right at the head of the line of the great series

  • Title: The Animal Wife
  • Author: Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780395524534
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Elizabeth Marshall Thomas s first novel, an international best seller, drew praise of the highest kind Reindeer Moon deserves a place of distinction, right at the head of the line, of the great series of historical novels, wrote the late Joseph Campbell It was published in fourteen languages and won a Hemingway Award Citation.The Animal Wife may well rank by its siElizabeth Marshall Thomas s first novel, an international best seller, drew praise of the highest kind Reindeer Moon deserves a place of distinction, right at the head of the line, of the great series of historical novels, wrote the late Joseph Campbell It was published in fourteen languages and won a Hemingway Award Citation.The Animal Wife may well rank by its side, for this new novel shares half a world with its predecessor Whereas Reindeer Moon saw the life of prehistoric humankind through the eyes of Yanan, a gifted but rebellious woman, The Animal Wife, which takes place a few years later, is narrated by young Kori, a marvelous hunter, as prodigious in the chase as he is ignorant of the ways of women Yet Kori too is confined by his society, interdependent as it is with the world of animals.Elizabeth Marshall Thomas s greatest talent is to identify with, to become, an animal, as a great hunter does and animals provide Kori s people with nearly all their religious and spiritual symbols, nearly all their tools and weapons, nearly everything, except desire Kori is full of desire and aspiration the aspiration to be as great a hunter as his father, Swift the desire for a woman of his own.Few readers of this book will ever forget the scene in which Kori, hunting in strange country for the site of a mysterious campfire, finds, swimming in a pond, what he imagines to be an animal but which turns out to be a naked woman acting on instinct only, he instantly abducts her and makes her his wife.

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        Elizabeth Marshall Thomas is the author of The Harmless People, a non fiction work about the Kung Bushmen of southwestern Africa, and of Reindeer Moon, a novel about the paleolithic hunter gatherers of Siberia, both of which were tremendous international successes She lives in New Hampshire.


    1. 3.5 – 4 starsSociety, whether based on the family, the tribe, or even the nation, is a basic element of what makes us human. It is something that provides numerous advantages as the many can often accomplish tasks that the few would find impossible, not to mention the benefits of mutual support and community that society can provide. Nonetheless this human trait of grouping ourselves together has also led to many of the basic evils inherent in our nature and perhaps the greatest of these is it [...]

    2. This review applies to both, Reindeer Moon and The Animal Wife by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas. First, I have to say that as much as I love Jean Auel's "Earth's Children" series, these two novels are simply the very best fictional accounts of prehistoric life on the steppe-tundra of the Altai region of Siberia during the late-Upper Paleolithic, i.e about 20,000 years ago. The characters in Thomas's books are anatomically modern humans, i.e Homo sapiens, and based upon the lifestyles of the characte [...]

    3. Elizabeth Marshall Thomas writes with such authority and such power about a way of life that most of us now no longer know, or have any way of knowing, as the last of the hunter-gatherers and those peoples who still follow "The Old Ways" are almost gone. Her experiences with people who still revere nature, without converting it into a god (or God), but allowing nature to be simply what it is. She infuses her novels with this sense of what we would term religion, but is more of an "is-ness" than [...]

    4. Well told version of the ancient legend about the animal wife, captured against her will by an almost deliberately obtuse hunter and held until she manages to escape him and flee back to her ancestral home/original form. This version takes too long to get started: the animal wife doesn't appear until almost 40% through. Then it picks up the pace. And while historically accurate, it reveals how focused our predecessors probably were on killing and general brutality. The characters are believable [...]

    5. I so loved this book - along with Reindeer Moon - these are two of my very favorite books. I could not wait to finish - to see how it would end - as I read it so many years ago, I could not remember, but now I am so sad to have it ended. I want to keep reading. I just got her new book for my birthday - a memoir and I will be very anxious to start that. What a wonderful author!!! Loved this book.

    6. The Animal Wife isn't so much a sequel to Reindeer Moon (the last book I read, reviewed here), it's a companion book. It's set in the same place and deals with the same group of people. The only difference is that it's set a couple years later and that it's told from a boy's POV instead of a girl's.Turns out the gender of the character makes a big, big difference in how much I enjoyed the story. Set in prehistoric times (Siberia, roughly 20,000 years ago), of course women had few to no rights -- [...]

    7. I can't help comparing this book with "Reindeer Moon" which is Ms. Marshall's first book about the same territory at the same time where often the same people cross over into each book. I have to say, first, that Ms. M remains a genius at her ability to describe the world her characters live in. I also liked that this book is balanced against "Reindeer Moon" in the sense that it is told by a young man (Kori). His views of male life seem in many ways to be true. That is, the sense of camaraderie [...]

    8. Magnificent! Both The Reindeer Moon and The Animal Wife sweep the reader away into a far away time, when we were just another animal species. One can almost smell the flora and fauna these ancient people are part of.This volume imagines the world of migratory hunter-gatherers from Kori's point of view. It is the story of Kori, a young male, and his coming of age. Harsh lessons come to him in the end as his theft of a young woman from an alien people plays itself out. Revenge. Loss. Tragedy. Yet [...]

    9. A good read, but I read it right after a fascinating book 'The Fall' by Steve Taylor, which argued that early hunter gatherer societies were more egalitarian and less male-dominated and status-oriented than the society she portrays. The women seem quite under the thumb of the men here: hunters rule (even though male rule is much milder than it became in the ages of empires and warmongers). She says hers is based on the San (Bushmen) of the Kalahari, though relocated to prehistoric Siberia. But h [...]

    10. enjoyable novel, a bunch of anthropology and imagination put together into a story about a young man coming of age in prehistoric times. Wait how can something that be 'prehistoric'? Well, I guess there are few records of that time, but it was a part of history, was it not?I enjoyed this novel and it took me to far away and long ago and surprisingly coincided with my life while reading it and gave me a new, earthy perspective.

    11. I can't quite decide if I liked this book or not, but it was definitely interesting. Prehistorical from (I think?) the same period as Clan of the Cave Bear, with a quite similar view of the culture (which makes me wonder how much is accepted scientific fact and how much is just influences by the earlier book.) Makes me wonder if people really were that harsh back then, or if we just like to think they were less "human" than we are now because it makes us feel better.

    12. This is the third book I have read by this author. The first being Reindeer Moon, which was many years ago. I really enjoyed that book. This book was not bad but did not measure up to the Reindeer Moon in my mind. I did get better toward the end, and the very last few pages, entitled sources and acknowlegdgments explained things very well.

    13. I read this at least 20 years ago, just before jean Auel hit. I was a big fan of the prehistorical fiction genre at the time. But I still remember passages from this one. I might read it again. If I can find it.

    14. She is thought to be less than human, she does not speak their language, she does not know their customs, but she teaches them more of what they are, and who they are.

    15. Loved the book until the last chapter. It was so great I couldn't put it down. Then, I read the last chapter and it was kind of likerry and end we need to get this published.

    16. about primitive life. Interesting. Food, hides, everything divided up by lineage--which woman you were related to.

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