Gargoyle Girls of Spider Island

Gargoyle Girls of Spider Island

Cameron Pierce / Jun 01, 2020

Gargoyle Girls of Spider Island A bizarro twist on island horror stories such as Dagon Zombi and Brian Keene s Castaways Four college seniors venture out into open waters for the tropical party weekend of a lifetime Instead of a

  • Title: Gargoyle Girls of Spider Island
  • Author: Cameron Pierce
  • ISBN: 9781621050162
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback
  • A bizarro twist on island horror stories such as Dagon, Zombi 2, and Brian Keene s Castaways Four college seniors venture out into open waters for the tropical party weekend of a lifetime Instead of a teenage sex fantasy, they find themselves in a nightmare of pirates, sharks, and sex crazed monsters Oscar shouldn t have stolen his stepdad s boat, but he wanted to impreA bizarro twist on island horror stories such as Dagon, Zombi 2, and Brian Keene s Castaways Four college seniors venture out into open waters for the tropical party weekend of a lifetime Instead of a teenage sex fantasy, they find themselves in a nightmare of pirates, sharks, and sex crazed monsters Oscar shouldn t have stolen his stepdad s boat, but he wanted to impress Colette, who he has been pining after since their freshman year This vacation was the perfect time to let the romantic sparks fly With his best friend Allen and Colette s friend, Jane, the bitch tagging along, Oscar saw no way this trip could possibly suck His hopes die when they are hijacked by pirates Then their boat sinks and someone gets eaten by a shark Finally, stranded on a tropical island with an endless supply of rum, Oscar believes their epic weekend can finally begin But the island is populated by a savage race of beautiful women When night falls, these women transform into grotesque monsters unlike anything ever seen in fiction Pulp horror with a heart, Gargoyle Girls of Spider Island is the most deranged island horror story ever told.

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        Cameron Pierce is the author of eleven books, including the Wonderland Book Award winning collection Lost in Cat Brain Land His work has appeared in The Barcelona Review, Gray s Sporting Journal, Hobart, The Big Click, and Vol I Brooklyn, and has been reviewed and featured on Comedy Central and The Guardian He was also the author of the column Fishing and Beer, where he interviewed acclaimed angler Bill Dance and John Lurie of Fishing with John Pierce is the head editor of Lazy Fascist Press and has edited three anthologies, including The Best Bizarro Fiction of the Decade He lives with his wife in Astoria, Oregon.


    1. four rich kids on a yacht encounter some pirates. a shark and a horrifyingly tortured and raped corpse make surprise appearancese kids and the remaining pirate find a beautiful and mysterious island. and so our tale truly beginsis book is vile. if you like vile, you should read this book. I highly recommend it!if you like the human body - and other sorts of bodies - to be viewed as pieces of meat to be fucked with, carcasses-to-be, then this is also your book. have fun with it!there are surely s [...]

    2. As with my last review of "A Choir of Ill Children" by Piccirilli I will open this review by stating this is not a novella for the easily turned queasy group. The cover alone is quite the turn off, what a disgusting looking creature.The first half seemed different, definitely a different tone then what I have read of Pierce before, seemed like things were headed to a teenage hack and slash horror film direction. Then about halfway through things take a crazy turn into bizarro.First half, kids on [...]

    3. Cameron Pierce's Gargoyle Girls of Spider Island is probably the most immediately accessible of the Bizarro books I've read to date, and also the easiest to enjoy. It's a very straightforward contemporary tale, told in a linear fashion, by a comfortably reliable third-person narrator. Actually, if you ignore the sexually mutilated corpse in the closet of the pirates' boat, the first half of the story is pretty standard horror fiction. With coeds on a stolen boat, depraved (if somewhat inept) pir [...]

    4. When it comes to Bizarro authors, I think I finally met my match.A while back, I reviewed Ass Goblins of Auschwitz by Cameron Pierce. While acknowledging the author's awesome talent in descriptive writing I also questioned the choice for his story; an actual place that is still branded in the minds of older readers as a true horror. In my mind, wedding Bizarro gross-out fantasy with the concentration camps of World War II is exceptionally bad judgement.Pierce's new book, Gargoyle Girls of Spider [...]

    5. OKYou know what I think? I think Cameron Pierce was writing this book and about 1/2 way through said, "Fuck it." And he meant it. From about 1/2 way through, the story goes from being a merely adequately told tale about some young bucks who are stranded on an island to becoming a glorious gross-out sex bonanza, and it never looks back. I would give the first 1/2 of the book two stars. It just wasn't as good as I expected from Cameron. However, the second 1/2 earned the book two more stars, and h [...]

    6. this book wasdifferent. Not what I expected. Very good, but there was something about the last few chapters that left me scratching my head a little. I mean, this is Bizarro, and I am used to things turning pretty weird, but the thing about this book that was weird for me was not the story itself, but the tone. It changes completely for a handful of pages and becomes a bit disjointed and sarcastic. Don't get me wrong, it was funny, and it was Cameron Pierce, so it was awesome. The story made sen [...]

    7. Reading Cameron Pierce is always a treat and this book is no different. If you want to have fun, read Gargoyle Girls of Spider Island.

    8. Cameron Pierce is a sick puppy. Having read some of Pierce's previous work, I knew was to expect in terms of the violence, gore, and sexy stuff, an expectation that I did not have the advantage of when I read Ass Goblins of Auschwitz. In addition, his short story in Christmas on Crack should have cleared this up. Which made Gargoyle Girls of Spider Island a bit unexpected. Hold on. I'll explain in a moment.The story starts with four college students on break in the Caribbean in a boat being chas [...]

    9. After the third time I started this book, got about five pages deep and decided that I just wasn't in the mood for a pulpy romp yet, I finally found the there's-a-car-on-fire-and-I-just-can't-look-away point. What ensued left me assuring myself that my fear of large aquatic bodies is totally justified because boating adventures almost always end in catastrophe. This one, for example, began with a pirate chase and ended with a dude eagerly anticipating his future as a necrophiliac. The rest of th [...]

    10. A small group of teenagers set sail for a short vacation only to crash head first into disaster. They wind up stranded on an island in the middle of the "Spider Web" which is a fictitious equivalent to the Bermuda Triangle. This sets the stage for the rest of the story with an "anything goes" kind of attitude. Yeah, things get crazyry crazy.The characters are well thought out and while dealing with the issues at hand also deal with internal issues stereotypical to any graduating teen. Love, lust [...]

    11. I also took notice of the abrupt shift in tone halfway through which Rob and a few others outlined in earlier posts. I think the tone shifted for the better.Gargoyle Girls of Spider Island starts as a soft, safe deserted island story until the eponymous life forms of the book's title show up to begin wreaking havoc on everyone's reproductive systems.If I had to point to exactly where the book shifts gears, I would have to say it's when the sexual frustration of the situation begins to affect the [...]

    12. Holy crap! What did I just read.Well in my honest opinion one of the damn finest, entertaining, fast reading books I've jumped into in sometime (not to be confused with Jeff Burk's Cripple Wolf that has been placed at my number one spot for best books in the last few years). Well, honesty again, isn't everything Eraserhead and all their various sub-publishing houses put out about the same. Fun quality read after fun quality read.I'd only read one other book by Cameron Pierce, Ass Goblins, and th [...]

    13. Cameron Pierce was one of the first bizarro authors that I read, starting with Abortion Arcade. Since then I have read a few more of his books and stories, each one has been original and entertaining. Gargoyle Girls of Spider Island followed right along with everything else I have read by him, but I think this may be my least favorite of his books. This was still a good read, entertaining and imaginative in a bizarre and grotesque way. The book starts out like a B-rated horror movie, with a few [...]

    14. I'm not going to get into a story summary, as many other reviewers here have done a fabulous job of it already. I will just cut to my feelings on Cameron Pierce's latest workIn agreement with a few of the other reviewers, I felt this book was disjointed and rushed (at least the later half). This is the fourth Pierce book I have read, and this one seemed to stray from his usual writing. I wouldn't have minded it except that, while the first half was almost too tame for what I would normally expec [...]

    15. Before getting this book I had yet to read anything from Cameron Pierce but in the pursuit of find more good authors I was willing to give him a go. Gargoyle Girls of Spider Island is his 7th bizarro fiction novel and is the latest released so far.[return][return]The story starts off more like a regular horror story where four teens end up being stranded on an island with lots of rum after they get attacked by pirates. But around half way through the bizarro starts to kick in when they discover [...]

    16. Gargoyle Girls of Spider Island is a deserted island horror story. A group of horny, drunk teens gets stranded on an island after their boat is attacked by pirates, and the natives are all kinds of horrible. It might sounds like a pretty clichéd story, but in the hands of Cameron Pierce it is anything but clichéd. And that trashy b-movie feel reads very well. I actually read this on the beach in Key West. The overweight tourists seen from afar started to freak me out.This book really felt more [...]

    17. Note to self: Don’t get stranded on Spider Island. My fear of spiders has nothing to do with this. In fact, I’m not sure if there was even a spider mentioned. There were, on the other hand, plenty of naked Island women, insane violence, and creatures with more vaginas than you can shake a stick at. Not that I recommend shaking a stick at those vaginas. My suggestion is that you should avoid them altogether. This book on the other hand should not be avoided, as it is a must read for the bizar [...]

    18. I'm totally a lightweight when it comes to gross, disgusting things. As a result most of this book made me nauseous. I liked Pierce's writing style initially, and I had some idea of what I was in for considering the summary and cover, but not enough of an idea by any stretch of the imagination.Personally I would just not recommend this title to anyone, but I'm sure it will appeal to fans of a more extreme bizarro than I tend to gravitate towards.

    19. For spotty, mouth-breathing, 30-somethings living in their parents' basement. Honestly if you love low-brow, splatterpunk this is the book for you. If you fear women and female sexualityis is the book for you. If don't care about character development, dialogue, style, or dramatic tensionis is the book for you. If you are a so-called Bizarro aficionadois is the book for you. My rating says it all.

    20. This was an absolute fun book to read, and I had a great time immersing myself in it. The story builds gradually, then maybe around a third of the way through we begin to see things happen that make you kinda scratch your head. So now we start getting a little curious about what's going to happen here. A short while later all hell breaks loose, then it becomes a non-stop hurricane of chaotic misfortunes until the end. This one definitely rates 5-stars for the entertainment value alone.

    21. I enjoyed this, it was fast, breakneck almost throughout most of it. The characters were kinda shallow, but it suited the novel. Beasts were interesting, and disgusting and honestly I knew what I was in for so it was entertaining. Good stuff for sure.

    22. One of Pierce's best. Loads of gore, sex, and unrequited love. It's a mixture of hardcore horror and bizarro, and takes a turn for the surreal near the end. It makes for a weird (and well-told) story that's a solid entry to any reader's bizarro library.

    23. I kind of know what to expect from the synopsis but it took me deeper into the DARK world that bizarro fiction (cameron pierce) have to offer. I cringed, disgust at what the story offered and at most parts i was unsettled. Serve me right for reading this book.

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