Time Mends

Time Mends

Tammy Blackwell / Nov 18, 2019

Time Mends After a tragic accident leaves her battered heartbroken and alone Scout Donovan would rather hide in dreams than face reality But things are changing quickly in Scout s life Soon she s pulled back

  • Title: Time Mends
  • Author: Tammy Blackwell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After a tragic accident leaves her battered, heartbroken, and alone, Scout Donovan would rather hide in dreams than face reality But things are changing quickly in Scout s life Soon she s pulled back into the world of Shifters and Seers, with her best friend s fate depending on Scout s ability to protect her Can Scout pull it together in time to save Talley, or is the pAfter a tragic accident leaves her battered, heartbroken, and alone, Scout Donovan would rather hide in dreams than face reality But things are changing quickly in Scout s life Soon she s pulled back into the world of Shifters and Seers, with her best friend s fate depending on Scout s ability to protect her Can Scout pull it together in time to save Talley, or is the past too much to overcome Praise for Time Mends Stunning I didn t think it was possible to love Time Mends even than Destiny Binds, but add action, political intrigue and mounds of suspense to the witty dialogue and loveable characters and you ve got a sure fire winner on your hands Samantha Young, author of Moon Spell A brilliant display of talent Jackie at The Book Whisperer

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    1. Okay I really really really loved this book, but I am like utterly lost as to what Tammy is going to do!!! I went into this book thinking there is no way Alex is really dead. He HAS to be alive. Then I started accepting that he was really dead and totally fell back in love with Charlie & Scout. But the ping pong game of love those two decided to play was sooooooooo frustrating. Its an emotion that I love to feel in books, but I am like freaking out as to what she is going to do in book 3. Ar [...]

    2. Well, my heart still hasn't completely healed, but I've recovered enough from the loss of Alex to move on and enjoy this series. Still wish he didn't have to die, but I feel like I have some closure after reading Time Mends, along with a whole lot of new action and exciting twists to keep me very well entertained!!Time Mends starts out with Scout still in a deep depression over losing Alex, and oh wow did I feel it right along with her. She's badly wounded from the fight, and the wounds remain u [...]

    3. The second installment in Tammy Blackwell’s Timber Wolves trilogy is one word: stunning. I didn’t think it possible to love Time Mends even more than Destiny Binds, but add action, political intrigue and mounds of suspense to the witty dialogue and loveable characters and you’ve got a sure fire winner on your hands. Time Mends sweeps the reader up into the story just after the shocking events at the end of book one (I’m giving no Alex spoilers away… you’ll have to read the book to fi [...]

    4. Holy crap on a stick! What am i suppose to say after a cliff hanger like that?!I'm pretty sure i want to jump around fist punching the air and cry in equal turns. I was scared to open Time Mends for that one reason, i knew it was the be all or end all for me with this series. i loved every thing about destiny bindsd then Alex died and i cried right along with scout."how can i read the next book now?" i asked myself. with no Alex it just didn't feel worth it and if Tammy did something dangerously [...]

    5. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!! What the hell is going on here!! I am seriously stunned and shocked and left with more unanswered questions then I was at the ending of Destiny Binds. AND I LOVE IT!! Tammy Blackwell really knows how to keep readers intrigued and is unafraid to push the buttons and just when you think you've got things all figured outBOOM she just throws something in and changes it up. I am so impressed by her story telling and eagerness to keep you guessing. Destiny Binds killed me with su [...]

    6. RAWRRRRR!!! I hate endings like this! Lol, but I love this series!!! And I TRULY thought we would find out what happened to Alex!! I REFUSE to believe he's gone!! I still believe! Anyway, I liked how Scout stayed devoted to Alex. She wasn't all "Bella" about it and devoting herself to two people. She admitted that she loved Charlie but that it would never be the same because of Alex. And I don't blame the kiss; I felt like it was closure for her on that part of her relationship with Charlie. And [...]

    7. I don't want to bring myself to saying anything nice since my feelings are still hurting from Destiny Binds. (Hmph)However I am and then I'm going to cry like a little baby over Alex and all these characters I love so much.This book was good action packed Scout is Kick ass. I mean she actually kicks ass in the book I Love It! ~Here comes an Alex rant~Besides the KICKASSNESS I was so damn heartbroken, most was due to losing my favorite of all characters. But then to have to sit through Scouts dre [...]

    8. im on chapter 5 but so far its AWESOME! i cant seem to put it down. really looking forward to finishing it TODAY lol :)

    9. Wow! That was quite the ride! I love this series and can't wait for the next and final book, Fate Succumbs. It had everything I look for in a 5-star book:1. Likeable characters. 2. A dash of humor. Bonus: It even had pop culture references. I just have to love any book that references Monty Python and the Holy Grail. 3. I thought about the characters and even worried about them when I wasn't reading. It was very hard to put down.4. Surprises and twists. There were a few that I saw coming, but fo [...]

    10. Not a good story.I loved the first book “Destiny Binds” - a lot of witty comments. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was because of the cliffhanger ending. This is the sequel. It’s boring. It’s like the author was forced to write something but didn’t have anything to write about. The main character is Scout. The shifter community is going to execute her for a crime that didn’t make sense. The evidence didn’t make sense. They accuse her of being a witch, but the witch part [...]

    11. WOW WEEEE I Love this series. Now waiting to find out how this will end. Excellent writing Tammy Blackwell. I simply can not wait till book 3! Tell medid book make you cryI mean reallyI was bawling and made me angry, who the crap does Mrs. Mathews think she is!!!!! Jase please tell me it is all in the escape plan. He really did NOT betray her right????!!!! Poor Charlie, will he be left dealing with the repercussions? Oh my Please do not take him away like Alex !!! And now Laimy you put me on a b [...]

    12. My goodness how I love Tammy Blackwell! I love her characters, I love the dialogue, and I love the balance of romance and action she weaves into her stories. Just as solid as the Destiny Binds so, if you haven't already, check this one out. Blackwell is one of my favorite new author finds of 2011/2012. Thank you for the wonderful series!

    13. 4.5 stars rounded up, but should be/could be a 5+.Where to start. I absolutely loved this book! This was such a great sequel to Destiny Binds. I loved being reacquainted with the foursome plus one of Scout, Jase, Charlie and Tallie, and even the parts that gave us Alex (which was extremely well done IMHO). I laughed and cried a lot while reading this book and though I kind of had a sense where the story was going, I was still completely enthralled by the book and we were given enough compelling [...]

    14. This is the second in the Timber Wolves Trilogy and picks up after the horrific change Scout and her stepbrother, best friend Talley, and step-cousin Charles went through at the end of the last book. I don't recommend reading it without having read the first in the series.Scout literally has to put her life back together. What happened to her boyfriend, Alex, in the last book has changed all her relationships. On top of that, she's having to deal with massive physical changes and a entre into a [...]

    15. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING & DREAMINGSHOCKERS, DRAMA, and a MASSIVE CLIFFHANGER! OH MY!I just finished Time Mends by Tammy Blackwell, and now I am dying to read the third and final book in the trilogy, Fate Succumbs. Honestly, I enjoyed Time Mends slightly more than its predecessor Destiny Binds, and I have a feeling that Fate Succumbs is going to be even better than Time Mends. Hopefully, Fate Succumbs will have all of answers to my growing list of questions (one big [...]

    16. 4 starsI’ve learned 2 things about Blackwell since beginning the Timber Wolves series: one, she doesn’t joke around. Two, she loves cliffhangers, cruelly so. And three (I know I can’t count), she can play my heartstrings like a violin. Holy crapballs but Alex is dead!! Like bona fide, Blackwell wasn’t just messing with us, but in-the-ground-dead. Call it a delayed reaction, memory suppression or selective memory, but it took me an embarrassingly long time to come to realise this. And whe [...]

    17. "Time Mends" was a much better read than the first book in the Timber Wolves Trilogy. The plot flowed more smoothly and there was less distractive scenes. Initially, Scout is awakening and attempting to recover from her attack in the forest and the death of her love, Alex by the hands of non other than her brother and childhood friend, Charlie. She is heartbroken, betrayed and angry. She wants nothing to do with either Charlie or Jase. However, the lover of her little sister, Angel is too much t [...]

    18. I am not sure where to begin with this book. It has taken a TOTAL twist and has gone somewhere that I never anticipated. This book left me wondering where in the world Ms. Blackwell can go from here! I am quite sure that she will give us a very satisfying end to the story, but, HOW?????????Scout's a wolf, Alex is dead, Charlie is different, Jase is a traitor, Talley is alone and Scout has to depend on Liam, of all people, for her survival. Scout's world is pretty much the opposite of happy. Heck [...]

    19. I was so torn throughout Destiny Binds. I loved Alex and Charlie and didn’t know how Scout could choose between them. I had a feeling that after the end of the first book that Time Mends would explore the other side of the coin. Even given how things went down. I was both sad and pleasantly surprised that the situation I envisioned wasn’t even a possibility. While I had loved the idea in book one, it no longer felt right in book two. (Wow could I be any more vague? Lol)I was blown away by bo [...]

    20. The end of this book has made me bereft! What about Alex, Charlie, Jase, Talley and Liam? How can this end well? What was Jase up to? What did the Seer's see when they touched Scout and why wouldn't they tell their queen? Who is Lilith? I can't possibly be expected to wait for the next book right? The middle, however, was not short on chuckles (and I am not someone who hands out chuckles lightly). Some of my favorite quotes:" 'What is it with girls and vampires?' Charlie asked, trying to smile. [...]

    21. Personal Note to Reader: I lost my dog 4 days ago very unexpectedly He was only 6 years old :'( The first few chapters were emotionally hard to get through given the subject. I know a dog isn't a person, but the gaping hole in my chest doesn't know the difference. If you've recently lost someone, be it a person or animal member of the family, have the tissues ready! That being said Oh my gosh What is with the endings of these books? When pray tell will the third book be released because I need i [...]

    22. Time mends was even better than Destiny Binds, once I saw that it was published I had to vae it in my kindle, and well I just devoured the whole book in a couple of hours. It was that good!I just love Scout! She's the best with all her sarcasm, she's just all the fun in the book!Ohhh Alex, how I missed him, and I just felt like Scout, believing that he's still there with her.The second book starts just where the first one left, and we see how Scout is recovering from the accident, while Jase and [...]

    23. Destiny Binds was an exhilarating supernatural love story that left readers in despair. The loss of Alex was a paramount moment that left readers questioning the future of the Timber Wolves series. Book Two, Time Mends is a mixture of redemption and survival that will transform the series. Blackwell slowly progresses this novel allowing the necessary time for grief and growth following the tragic conclusion of the first novel. Rest assured that this progression is steady and soon readers will fi [...]

    24. 2015 re-read challengeFor this review and more, pop by my blog - Drugs Called BooksWarning: This review will contain spoilers for the first book in the series. DO NOT read if you haven't read the first!“Tony Stark over Bruce Wayne, but Batman trumps Iron Man.” --First paragraph of Time MendsAfter the shocking and devastating end to Destiny Binds, I really wasn't sure what's going to happen with this book. Am I going to like it, after having my heart broken and gutted out with the ending of f [...]

    25. I loved reading this continuation to the Timber Wolves series. So in this book, Scout is still totally heardbroken from the tragedy in the 1st book (not specifying for those who have not read). She dreams of Alex constantly and talks to him, they hang out and all; she isn't sure if the "dream Alex" is real or not, but doesn't care as long as they're together in some way. When the first full moon after the 'incident' tragedy comes around, she starts going through a very painfull 'Change'o a Wolf. [...]

    26. After the heartbreaking ending of Destiny Binds, we find Scout mourning the loss of Alex and recovering from her injuries. When she thinks things can’t get worse, she realizes that she is more apart of the Shifter world than she previously thought. Scout, Charlie, Jase, and Tally find themselves in more trouble than they could have imagined. Good - I cannot say it enough. Scout is a badass. She’s hilarious, sarcastic, and genuinely cares about people. This pretty much sums up why I think I [...]

    27. An absolutely fantastic series. Great characters, great plot, great romance and werewolves, always a plus for me. Scout is an awesome mc. I loved her after just a few pages, and she just got better throughout the book, her character grew so much. She looks odd. She has white, white blonde hair, extremely pale skin and eyes the colour of ice chips, which gets her a lot of negative attention. But this doesn't bother her, she takes it all in her stride and gets on with it. She's snarky and sarcasti [...]

    28. Ak som v prvom diely autorke vyčítala prílišné využívanie žánrového klišé, v Time Mends sa už nemám na čo sťažovať. Vzhľadom na naozaj prekvapivý koniec sa hádam ani nedalo žiadne aplikovať a mám silné pochybnosti, že existuje vôbec dostatok precedensov na to, aby takéto klišé mohlo vzniknúť. Napriek tomu som očakávala vývoj udalostí istým smerom a tu na mňa autorka znova vytiahla eso z rukáva (z tej ženy sa tuším stáva Joss Whedon ya urban fantasy auto [...]

    29. Time Mends is the follow up to Destiny Binds, and let me tell you, Tammy Blackwell did not dissapoint with this one. I was quickly wrapped up with Scout’s story after her immense heartbreak. As she is dealing with her very tough emotional problems, she is suddenly thrust into a situation with the Shifters and Seers that you really do not see coming. The story is fast paced and action packed which leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat wanting to find out what happens next.This is one of t [...]

    30. This book? Totally made of awesome and win. I am so totally in love with this series it's crazy. I had a feeling that wolf would be who he turned out to be. I still hate what happened to Alex. But two major developments I was so not expecting.Scout's new state as a Pack Leader totally came as a surprise. Not to mention that all of the trouble that came with it. I was glad sh was able to make up with Jase and Charlie as difficult as that was for all of them. But then came that accusation that got [...]

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