The One Worth Finding

The One Worth Finding

Teresa Silberstern / Feb 28, 2020

The One Worth Finding Summary Tara Sinclair pretty much turned her back on life after tragedy struck eight years ago including the BDSM club she used to frequent before limiting her actions to occasional unemotional whi

  • Title: The One Worth Finding
  • Author: Teresa Silberstern
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Summary Tara Sinclair pretty much turned her back on life after tragedy struck eight years ago, including the BDSM club she used to frequent before, limiting her actions to occasional, unemotional whippings at the Fever Pitch But the Domme inside her has to take the reign when the club s owner asks her to do a public scene of anal fisting, knowing when it comes to analSummary Tara Sinclair pretty much turned her back on life after tragedy struck eight years ago, including the BDSM club she used to frequent before, limiting her actions to occasional, unemotional whippings at the Fever Pitch But the Domme inside her has to take the reign when the club s owner asks her to do a public scene of anal fisting, knowing when it comes to anal play, Tara s the expert.Looking for the perfect sub to partner her, Fever Pitch s owner Jack Malcolm borrows Aaron Harte from a friend s club in L.A Harte is sweet, submissive and has a definite preference for backdoor sex, so he seems to be the ideal candidate He s a natural charmer, but at the age of 38, he finds himself looking for true love Playing around just isn t the fun it used to be any But since he s not that keen on pain, finding a Domme isn t all that easy.When Tara and Aaron meet for the first time, both know they might have found what they ve been looking for Unfortunately, Tara isn t truly free to love again WARNING this book contains explicit sex, very light BDSM elements D s and sex acts some readers could find offensive anal fisting f to m, pegging, rimming, enema, rough sex, public sex.This story is for ADULTS ONLY 43,643 words

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        I m a mother, a wife, an avid reader and writer of erotic romance.A Shakespeare maniac A theatre girl A director at heart.Exactly where I want to be D.


    1. Let me start by saying that BDSM is not my kind of erotica; I got prove of that while reading this book. I consider myself to be extremely open minded about everything; life is too short to place unnecessary limits on it and should be enjoyed always. In books, the only restrictions I believe in is age restrictions and that is only to keep innocence as long as possible, not to censure reading. Other than that I say bring it! I bought this book because it was recommended, and even though I was a l [...]

    2. No, no, no!!! It's such a weird book! I mean the sex scenes were delicious with all the kinky, dirty aspects. I'm a sucker for BDSM so when I found a book with FISTING as the main theme well, I dived right into it, and dived hard!But Now I know WHY I don't read MF books and WHY I prefer male authors of BDSM stories (no offense intended! It's just my personal taste!)I'm sorry to say that but it was too. sweet - yes, I think it's the best word to describe this story. It was too sweet, too sugar-co [...]

    3. This is a BDSM romance, but it is definitely a romance; if you put aside the sex (and there is a lot of sex), this is a story of two lonely people who are lucky enough to find each other and the baggage that gets in the way. I loved how the story introduced Tara and Aaron and built their backstories so the reader could relate to them. Tara is a strong Domme who has trouble finding men to satisfy her rather unusual preferences. And Aaron is a great sub who happens to want the same things Tara doe [...]

    4. I loved this book!! I am tired of seeing Dommes portrayed as cruel and uncaring. The storyline was riveting and it was well-thought out. The progression of 2 damaged people's lives as they are drawn to each other is compelling. Ms Silberstern put forth a caring and loving D/s relationship, although both were in denial. I hope there are sequels to this book as the owners of both clubs are just crying out for attention.

    5. 2.5 stars rounded up'He couldn’t wait a second longer or he would implode, die in a cloud of mind-blowing, dizzying ecstasy'In my opinion, this story is utterly cheesy and yet I kept returning to it with a kind of horrified fascination, unable to read too much at any one time because of the unabashed cheesiness; and yet sufficiently intrigued to know how the book might end.Aaron Harte is a sub with angelic looks and a kink for backdoor activities as the blurb describes it. Tara Sinclair is a D [...]

    6. The harsh reality of this book is it's nothing memorable. The set up is ok. The writing leaves something to be desired. The characters are a wee bit annoying. The two protagonists are put together because of their compatible proclivities by their friends & coincidentally owners of BDSM clubs, one in LA the other in Seattle. Aaron is a straight submissive that has an anal fetish. He has a hard time finding a Domme that will fulfill his needs. Tara is just the Domme for him but unfortunately s [...]

    7. Finally! It's nice to read a femdom story where the woman wasn't a man-hating psychopath. This quite a lovely femdom story with some excellent pegging and fisting. Tara is a petite woman who commands with her quiet chilling presence. Or it could just be that she's dead inside. I get that she lost a husband that she loved deeply. After a while it just grated on me. She just couldn't get over it. Aaron was a sweetheart. I'd fall for him too. He's a sensual little sub, isn't he? I did enjoy each sc [...]

    8. Surprisingly good femdom story! I say surprisingly because I've tried several female Domme stories and, invariably, the women are messed up in the head. They often come off as cold, unfeeling, and harsh. The books also seem to be heavier on humiliation than I like. This one did not have humiliation and they were such a good match. She was competent and knowledgeable without being bossy, arrogant, or mean. I thought the story of finding someone who shares your kinks was memorable. The scenes were [...]

    9. 3,5 stars rounded up to 4 stars and all 4 stars are for the BDSM scenes. I love reading about Dommes worthy of the title (as opposed to abused girls who grow into psycho sadists who Dom as a means of revenge and disregard their sub's needs). Tara as a Domme and Aaron as her sub work well together and their connection is understandably instant and long-lasting - and holy crap hot - but the characters are so poorly sketched that I know I'd dnf this book or give it 1 star if the smexy smut were rem [...]

    10. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4I must admit I was a little apprehensive about reading this story when I saw the mention of fisting and enema’s, but always on the lookout for a good femdom type story I decided to take a chance.On the positive, the story was about so much more than the above. I loved the two main characters and that they found what they needed in each other. I am not normally a fan of insta-love but these two were meant to be together, it was beautiful.What I didn't like – generaliz [...]

    11. First off let me say dom-sub stories continue to fascinate me, but I'm ambivalent I can't decide whether they turn me on or put me off. And when I'm put off, it's usually the pain aspect the Dom (usually male) needing to inflict pain, of varying degrees, and punishment on the Sub (usually female. This, I struggle with. I loved this story, the dom is is the leading lady and the sub is the hero. Usually dom females in the books I've read are portrayed as sadistic bitches, Tara is warm, caring, and [...]

    12. A very narrow BDSM "kink" story that I didn't enjoy that much. A nice romance between a female Domme who was still grieving for her dead husband, and a veteran sub tired of the club life because no one really liked his "kink." His kink was of the anal variety and I guess I agreed with most of his prior D's, because I really didn't like the kink either, especially when performed publicly. Not a terrible book at all just not my thing.

    13. This was a meh read. This was used for challenge purposes only. I did not know I had this book. I liked the characters. I think that was the only reason I finished the book. However, the story seemed like it was forced. It is about two lonely people who love BDSM. To me, the romance was not up to its potential. I thought the book was boring at parts. I was happy at the end because they got a happy ending. Overall, a read that was not for me.

    14. I don't usually read books with Dommes and male subs, but I really enjoyed this one. I identified with Tara and her sense of loss and fear. I loved Aaron, and it's such a pleasure to read a book with a sub who knows what he's doing and enjoys it. The changing point of view worked well here, and the emotional depth was wonderful.

    15. This was something totally new I've read. o.O It was a weird book BUT, nicely written, not gory at all!Got the message out that there is someone out there for you, no matter how different you are.But still.

    16. I fell in love with this storyIt's about a sub, Aaron who has an extreme fetish of being fisted by a woman. He can't seem to find anyone who will even think of doing it to him. There comes an oppertunity from another club in Seattle where the club owner is having a New Years party and would like to showcase Aarons "talent" and has just the right Domme in mind. Tera is from the club in Seattle and has lost her will to Domme since the death of her husband/sub 8 years ago. The owner of the club ask [...]

    17. I usually don't read femdom books but all this anal play which happens in this smutfest picked my curiosity. The heroine is described as small and elf-ish which made it all the more absurd that she called the just shy of six foot hero "little one". Endearment or not, it sounded ridiculous. Furthermore, what I look for in any romance I read - no matter if it's a BDSM or vanilla story - is a strong hero. He doesn't always have to be of the alpha variety but a@sholes as well as boring guys that tic [...]

    18. I loved this story. Tara is not a sadistic domme. This is a wonderful debut for Teresa. I hope she continues to write. Aaron sneaks right under Tara's radar and before you know it feelings between them start to build. The sex scenes were wonderfully crafted. The emotion in the fisting scenes was surprising. You could tell that Tara and Aaron really had formed a connection. This is a romance, and a love story. The deviant sexual practices take nothing away from that, in fact I think it adds to it [...]

    19. WowI've never read anything like this, it is very, very anal-centric while being strictly m-f. I know, right? I never even considered that (this much) anal would be sexy, just not my cuppa, but hell, it was. Graphic and filthy, yet tender and lovingg. Note, I am strictly a voyeur in this area.I loved this book, it had m-f romance, a good storyline, it was kinky as hell, AND it was femdom.which is hard to findL the characters were adorable, including the supporting cast.I highly recommend it and [...]

    20. This was a wonderfully sweet story. Tara has been grieving eight years for her husband who died in a car crash. Aaron is 38 and waiting for the right woman to snatch him up. The problem is Aaron is looking for a Domme willing to satisfy his need for anal play. When he is invited to Seattle to perform a scene with Tara- he knows he's met the woman of his dreams. This was my first Domme story and I am not sure if she is a typical Domme but I really enjoyed this book. I look forward to reading more [...]

    21. This wasge-worthy. Sex is not love, all they did was have sex and say they were in love, literally after five days, fist in arse and love is all in the air. Romantic.

    22. Looking for a novella, I kindly asked GoodReads for a recommendation. This ditty popped up and I was immediately on alert because…well let’s be honest that cover is ‘interesting’. Then I needed the extra push and asked the ladies on the blog and here I am reviewing a story about anal fisting. But it’s not just that it’s that the anal 'fister' is a Domme and the fistee' is a male. The content is in the blurb so I can’t claim surprise but I still expect a story that I can believe and [...]

    23. Wow! So this was a little outside of my comfort zone. Both the h and H had what I might consider an extreme anal fetish. Ooof those scenes made me squirm and sometimes not in a good way. Generally speaking, I love anal play and was purposefully looking for those kinds of books when I found this one. BUT what took this book to 5 stars for me was the absolutely wonderful love story between two great characters. Aaron jumped off of the page for me. I loved his personality, his dialogue, everything. [...]

    24. By the end of the read, I was likeTHATS IT?!?! Flipped more the next paged theres is none more!! The problem I have with this book was I needed more of Tara and Aaron but as dissatisfied as I am, I also think it best how the author had ended it. The story and characters was well written and the scene play was describe well that portrayed trust between a Domme and a sub which strengthened by the chemistry and feelings that turn up even more beautiful and one of kind unique love from my eyes . Thu [...]

    25. Let me start this by saying this is not the types of story I usually read. I don't usually read Domme stories. I like my men to be in charge. However, after ready different things about this book I decided to give it a try.I'v vacillated between 2 and 3 stars on this one. On the one hand I really liked the characters in the book and I found myself rooting for them. I also found myself crying at one point in the book as my heart was breaking for them.The sex scenes didn't do much for me as they'r [...]

    26. I found this book on the recommendation list from and I was totally allured by the cover. Generally, I am not a fan of both the short stories and the bdsm. But this is how I believe the bdsm should look like in the short form. First, this is not about the sadist and masochist relationship, there is no pain at all, I mean the physical one. This is about dominance and submission in the sweetest form I have ever read. And it's all about the feelings and emotions, and not about the sex. The sex, al [...]

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