Sent i november

Sent i november

Tove Jansson / Dec 15, 2019

Sent i november Translated by Kingsley HartTove Jansson s Moomin characters and books are admired the world over In the United States the series beginning with Finn Family Moomintroll first published in English in

  • Title: Sent i november
  • Author: Tove Jansson
  • ISBN: 8203244947
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Translated by Kingsley HartTove Jansson s Moomin characters and books are admired the world over In the United States the series beginning with Finn Family Moomintroll first published in English in 1945 has accumulated generations of fans Since Farrar, Straus and Giroux began reissuing the books in 1989, grateful readers old and new have been thrilled to have the storiTranslated by Kingsley HartTove Jansson s Moomin characters and books are admired the world over In the United States the series beginning with Finn Family Moomintroll first published in English in 1945 has accumulated generations of fans Since Farrar, Straus and Giroux began reissuing the books in 1989, grateful readers old and new have been thrilled to have the stories available again At last the final installment is being published oddly, the only book that features none of the Moomin family themselves, though it does take place at their house There familiar characters converge Snufkin, the Hemulen, Fillyjonk, and others seeking out the Moomins welcoming company, only to find them absent All remain at the house, all have very different personalities that clash often, but something about their homey cohabitation during the icy winter changes each visitor in a gratifying way As The Times Literary Supplement put it, Moominvalley in November is possibly the cleverest of the Moomin books.

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        Tove Jansson was born and died in Helsinki, Finland As a Finnish citizen whose mother tongue was Swedish, she was part of the Swedish speaking Finns minority Thus, all her books were originally written in Swedish.Although known first and foremost as an author, Tove Jansson considered her careers as author and painter to be of equal importance Tove Jansson wrote and illustrated her first Moomin book, The Moomins and the Great Flood 1945 , during World War II She said later that the war had depressed her, and she had wanted to write something naive and innocent Besides the Moomin novels and short stories, Tove Jansson also wrote and illustrated four original and highly popular picture books.Jansson s Moomin books have been translated into 33 languages.


    1. What a weird little book!This was my first visit to Moominvalley and apparently, I picked the wrong month . . . just like all of the characters in this book. They show up unannounced on the Moomin's doorstep, expecting solace and cheer, and instead they find emptiness and despair in a bleak, lonely house. The fact that the owners are gone doesn't stop the uninvited guests from making themselves at home, raiding the pantry and tracking mud into the house. And yet, life seems meaningless. They wan [...]

    2. Possibly the most melancholy children's book ever written. While the Moomin stories all have a slightly unnerving, mysterious quality, but this one is outright existential.The idea is simple: What if there was a children's book where the main characters never showed up? Various supporting players from the other Moomin books converge on the Moomins' house, but they're just not there. Normally, this would lead to a quest story to find the family, but in his case, the Moomins are just away on a tri [...]

    3. If you like your children books to be depressing and bleak you couldn't do much better than Moominvalley in November. Edward Tulane, might have had it's moments of despair, and had an overarching sadness to it, but next to this novel it's pretty fucking upbeat. If Ingmar Bergman ever directed a children's movie it would probably be like this. Six depressed and solitary people separately decide to visit this one family that has always made them feel like life is worth living. Instead of finding t [...]

    4. A tender ode to the aura of autumn – drenched in reflective anticipations of the approaching hibernation and speckled with mysterious promises for new beginnings. Clever and wise.

    5. Last book of 2016 and last book on my other reading challenge (a book with the name of a month in the title)Moominvalley in November has a unique touch of sweet meloncholy, when you read it, you feel like missing a place you've never been.The moomin family isn't home, they went sailing. when few of their friends decided to pay them a visit, the valley and the house were empty, and all they were left with were their summer memories. As time (autumn) passes, they grew -somehow- attached to each ot [...]

    6. Pidin siitä, että tarina oli yhtenäinen eikä montaa pientä tarinaa. Syvällistä tekstiä, jota lukiessa ajattelee, että tämä pitää lukea uudestaan ajatuksen ja ajan kanssa.

    7. Here’s an offbeat selection for November. Strangely dark for a children’s book, it’s the last in the Moomins series. Tove Jansson said that after the Second World War she was depressed and wanted to write about something naïve and innocent. She wrote the first book of the Moomins series in 1945, about a family of hippo-like white trolls. The Moomins are well known and loved by many European children, but I suspect this book is more obscure and less lighthearted than the rest. Perhaps Jans [...]

    8. Tämä viimeinen Muumi oli niin kaunis ja kaihoisa, etten meinannut malttaa laskea sitä käsistäni. Eihän tässä, kuten oikeastaan Muumipapassa ja meressäkään varsinaisesti mitään tapahtunut, mutta Toven ilmiömäinen taito luoda hahmoja ja tunnelmia vei jälleen kerran mennessään. Tästä Marraskuusta tuli melkein yllättäenkin koko sarjan lempikirja, onneksi olen aloittanut nämä töissä satuhetkellä alusta, niin ei tarvitse muumeista muutamaan kuukauteen vielä kokonaan luopua. [...]

    9. This book so completely captures loss. Like everything Jansson writes, she reduces the plainest and most vital aspects of life to their component parts. Eloquent, mundane, and profound. It was delightful and it also broke my heart. "How can there be so many sounds in an empty house, Fillyjonk thought. Then she remembered that the house was full of people. But somehow she still thought it was empty."

    10. "The Hemulen woke up slowly and recognised himself and wished he had been someone he didn't know."Nobody writes about sadness with as much clarity as Tove Jansson. This is the ninth Moomins book. Over the series, the tone has grown incrementally more melancholic. So it seems fitting that, for this final volume, the Moomin family do not appear. It ends with an absence.This is not an adventure like Comet in Moominland or Moominsummer Madness. It's the story of a disperate group of characters findi [...]

    11. Det är som när man kommer hem till sin mamma men hon är ute. Huset är detsamma, bara lite mörkare och tystare. Och även om man tänder alla lampor och slår på radion är det liksom ändå inte samma sak. Det är lite ödsligt and liksom lite kallare. Man sätter sig ner på en stol vid köksbordet och försöker säga 'Jaha ja, pffft, dom kommer nog snart'Man dinglar med benen och försöker lösa lite i ett korsord men det går inte så bra. Man reser sig upp och gör en kopp kaffe, men [...]

    12. О, толкова прекрасна книжка за времето, когато есента си отива на пръсти и внезапно ти се приисква да се увиеш в пашкул! Муминското семейство отсъства, но в къщата им внезапно се появяват гости, които нямат друг избор освен да се опитат да си прекарат добре (заедно). Най-мила м [...]

    13. This is a wonderfully subtly book about the decay of Autumn and the change towards winter, about loneliness, fear, music, awkwardness, dementia, an old house, the wind at night, the darkness late in the year, the idea of the family, a sense of loss and waiting. A children's book written with the firm belief that children can accept all of these things.

    14. Was für eine riesige Mogelpackung! Wie kann das bitte ein Band der Mumins-Reihe sein, wenn die Mumins kein einziges Mal in der ganzen Geschichte vorkommen? Stattdessen sammeln sich zahlreiche Figuren wie der Hemul, die Filifjonka und der kleine Homsa im verlassenen Haus der Mumins und leben mehr schlecht als recht miteinander. Zwischen den Zeilen steckt hier ziemlich viel Herbstmelancholie, manchmal hatte ich sogar das Gefühl es wird das Bild einer Winterdepression gezeichnet, aber ehrlich ges [...]

    15. Tove Jansson är fantastisk. Tyckte inte riktigt om den här lika mycket som Trollvinter men den var ändå SÅ BRA. 4.5 stjärnor. Jag älskar Mumin.

    16. Moominvalley in November is the last book in The Moomins series and definitely one of my favourite books written by Tove Jansson. It is terribly underrated but I think it is easily the best in the Moomin series. It is a lot darker, harsh and mature as the nature is in November. I do think that it doesn't work well as a book for both adults and children as the other Moomin books do but I thoroughly enjoy the novel every time I reread it and would recommend to pick this up even if you have never r [...]

    17. I love Tove Jansson's Moomin books and discovered at an exhibition of her work in Helsinki that she is an even better painter. This quote clicked with me to reshape the structure of my coming book 'Burn My Letters' (see bit/burnmyletters)'There are those who stay at home and those who go away and it has always been so. Everyone can choose for himself, but he must choose while there is still time and never change his mind.'My only qualm with this book is that its sudden ending with little sense o [...]

    18. Sweet and melancholic book about creatures from the Moomin Valley trying to find their true selves. Never understood the Moomin magic as a child, and at least this one is really a book for adults, not children. Some deep stuff going on here. Listened to a beautiful reading by Tove Jansson herself. Listen here (in Swedish): areena.yle/1-4195039?autop

    19. In the previous book, the patriarch has a midlife crisis and moves the family out to a deserted island to allow himself to feel useful again. It doesn't work out too well, but the family manages to reach some level of peace and understanding of their surroundings by the end. Logically, they should return to their idyllic valley to prepare for winter. But when the six characters of the final book arrive at their house, all dissatisfied and searching for one thing or another, the family is still m [...]

    20. "On niitä jotka jäävät ja toisia jotka lähtevät, niin on ollut aina. Kukin saa valita itse, mutta on valittava ajoissa, eikä koskaan saa antaa periksi.”Kirja, joka pitää lukea uudelleen aina syksyisin. Mietteliäin, melankolisin, ja ehkä muumikirjoista selkeimmin "aikuisille suunnattu" kirja.Muumiperhe on lähtenyt (kukaan ei tiedä minne), ja koleaan, syksyiseen ja tyhjään muumitaloon kokoontuu erikoinen joukko muumiperheen ystäviä.Heistä jokainen käy läpi omanlaisensa identi [...]

    21. Wish I'd done this on the other Moomin books but some of my favorite quotes from this one:"All you have to do is walk out of the door with your hat on at a jaunty angle!""It's a little sad when you forget other people's names but it's lovely to be able to completely forget your own."

    22. Vet ikke hvordan jeg skal forholde meg til det faktum at jeg snart har lest alle mummibøkene. Sette meg ned å gråte, lese alle bøkene på nytt, tatovere en hemul bak øret?

    23. Sent i november tar sex stycken karaktärer sig till mumindalen för att hälsa på den älskade muminfamiljen, då de finner ett tomt hus. Dessa olika figurer stannar av olika anledningar kvar i muminfamiljens tomma hus, och lär sig inte bara leva med varandra, utan lär också känna varandras rädslor och ömma punkter. När man snabbt ska berätta om Tove Janssons karaktärer blir det lätt ganska platt; Den argsinta och viljestarka lilla my, dem självupptagna muminpappan, den virriga fili [...]

    24. Muumilaakson marraskuu on tunnelmallinen klassikko, johon on mukava aika ajoin palata. Luin sen nyt yhdessä seitsenvuotiaan Leon kanssa, ja vaikka teemat ovatkin aika riisuvia - muumitaloon saapuu joukko vieraita, joita tarkastellaan armottomasti - toimii kirja myös iltasatuna. Muumilaakso ja muumiperhe edustaa tässä teoksessa turvapaikkaa, jonne hakeutuu samanaikaisesti kylään Vilijonkka, Hemuli, Tuhto, Ruttuvaari, Nuuskamuikkunen ja Mymmeli. Kaikilla on hieman itsekkäät tarkoitusperät [...]

    25. This was ridiculously good - and smart. I cannot express in words how much I appreciate Jansson as one of those children's book authors who don't underestimate the intelligence of her readers. She dares to approach subjects that are dark and complicated and doesn't explain everything out, she lets her readers do the work themselves and find meanings that are valuable to them.I loved how she used Moominvalley as a metaphor: the valley represented happiness to all of the characters, but for differ [...]

    26. This is a review of the original Swedish, read by Mark Levengood. It's the last of the books in the Moomin series. It's a wonderfully sweet, sad and funny little story. Six characters from the Moomin books gather in the valley late one autumn to visit with the Moomin family, only to find them inexplicably missing. They each have their own image of the Moomins and the valley and come looking for answers to life questions, but instead are forced to find them for themselves.Hemulen, en homsa vid na [...]

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