Finding Cassie Crazy

Finding Cassie Crazy

Jaclyn Moriarty / Nov 20, 2019

Finding Cassie Crazy Cassie Em and Lydia are best friends in Year at Ashbury High Ashbury students claim that all the kids at downtown Brookfield High are drug dealers and psychopaths Their English teacher encouragin

  • Title: Finding Cassie Crazy
  • Author: Jaclyn Moriarty
  • ISBN: 9780330364386
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cassie, Em and Lydia are best friends in Year 10 at Ashbury High Ashbury students claim that all the kids at downtown Brookfield High are drug dealers and psychopaths.Their English teacher, encouraging the Adventure of the Scary and the New and the Joy of the Envelope, starts a Pen Pal Project The hilarious letters between the girls and three unknown Brookfield boys leadCassie, Em and Lydia are best friends in Year 10 at Ashbury High Ashbury students claim that all the kids at downtown Brookfield High are drug dealers and psychopaths.Their English teacher, encouraging the Adventure of the Scary and the New and the Joy of the Envelope, starts a Pen Pal Project The hilarious letters between the girls and three unknown Brookfield boys lead to an escalation of the war between the schools, to secret romance, and to Cassie learning to face the dark fears that she hides from her friends.Finding Cassie Crazy is the brilliant sequel to Jaclyn Moriarty s bestselling debut novel, Feeling Sorry For Celia Told entirely in the form of letter, emails, diary entries, reports and notices on the school bulletin board, this fabulously feel good story is both funny and scary, happy and sad, and full of the confusions of teenage existence It is certain to gain this talented young author many thousands devoted fans.

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        Jaclyn Moriarty is an Australian writer of young adult literature.She studied English at the University of Sydney, and law at Yale University and Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, where she was awarded a PhD.She is the younger sister of Liane Moriarty She was previously married to Canadian writer Colin McAdam, and has a son, Charlie She currently lives in Sydney.


    1. Also known as The Year of Secret Assignments and the follow up to Feeling Sorry for Celia. (Don't you hate it when books have different titles for different countries?)I may hate the book having different titles in different places but that does not alter the fact that I loved the book every bit as much as I did Feeling Sorry for Celia. This author has a real talent for writing young adult fiction which is still totally readable by those of us who are no longer young! The book is in the format o [...]

    2. Every four years, I turn into this crazed figure skating fan. I remember the 2002 Winter Olympics in particular because I lived and died with Michelle Kwan four years earlier and 2002 was going to be HER year. In the long program, Sarah Hughes (aka Sarah Who?) skated first and threw down a flawless performance. Triple toe loop-triple loop, triple salchow-triple loop -- technically and stylistically, it was pretty damn perfect. However, with Michelle Kwan, Sasha Cohen and Irina Slutskaya still wa [...]

    3. If you have not yet read the brilliant Finding Cassie Crazy by Jacyln Moriarty, please do yourself a favour, stop reading this pitiful attempt at a review, and go track down a copy. Okay? Seriously, do it. If you’ve decided not to immediately take my advice and you’re still hanging around this page, alright, I’ll try to make it worth your while. So, here goes. Five Reasons to Read Finding Cassie Crazy (you really don’t need all five, any one of these will do, but whatever, I’m feeling [...]

    4. (Australian Title: Finding Cassie Crazy)For their grade 10 English class at posh Ashbury High, their teacher Mr. Botherit (!) has best friends Emily, Lydia and Cassy writing penpal letters to the English students at the rival public (therefore dodgy) school nearby, Brookfield. This is, in part, to help forge a bond between the hostile schools. Emily and Lydia, after a rocky start, form friendships of sorts with Charlie and Sebastian, while Cassie gets single line threats from the boy, Matthew, t [...]

    5. Favourite Quote: "I like the way you took that whole journey to Balmoral without looking at me once. But all the time I felt like you were crinkling the corners of your eyes for me."I ADORE this book. The Secret Year of Assignments is smart, warm and irresistible funny! This is the kind of book that makes you cheeks ache from smiling too much.The Secret Year of Assignments is written in letters, diary entries, emails, notices, transcripts, summons and more. It is not just one person story but ra [...]

    6. I finished re-reading this book for maybe the tenth or hundredth time on the airplane this morning.And I could write down some quirky anecdote about how I came across this book (because trust me, going on Barnes&Noble and ordering whatever looks mildly interesting always makes for a quirky anecdote :) or I could say how I first walked by Feeling Sorry for Celia about six times before I picked it up and then spent the whole afternoon torn between laughter and empathy, and then started writing [...]

    7. I liked this very much, but I didn't expect less after reading Feeling Sorry for Celia. It was partly hilarious, partly cute and chicklitish, partly insightful, deep and disturbing and always interesting and cleverly crafted. Highly recommended. What puzzled me first was the chronology. The novel consists of letters between three boy-girl-pen-pal-couples, diary entries, e-mails, unsuccessful efforts to fill a notebook for aspiring writers, special agent assignments, a court script and more. Occa [...]

    8. I ramble more about this book and Feeling Sorry for Celia here but this is the basic gist of itJo’s Official Rating.If the first half of this book was a person, I would send them a letter with (um this analogy isn’t going to work but I’ve already committed) an orange matchmaker taped to the bottom of it. Because they are my favourite.If the last few chapters of this book were a person, I would send them a letter with a lime Wine Gum taped to it. Because I’m not that fussed about them.

    9. Not only does she bring some of the best epistolary writing I've ever read and feature some of the best character voices in ya lit, here Moriarty offers up one of those wonderfully impossible friendships. Lydia, Cassie, and Emily are so in tune with each other it hurts, and I want to hang out with them. In terms of trios I'd like to join, they fall very close to the reigning champ of Harry/Hermione/Ron.They're wacky; they pull pranks; they swear; they keep secrets from each other; they mock thei [...]

    10. YEEESSS!!!! Well done, Jaclyn Moriarty! I had so much fun reading this book. Instead of spending all day cooped up inside the office I had to work outside and this (audio)book was the best type of distraction I could ask for. I kept laughing at loud and looking over my shoulder to check it anyone heard me acting like a loon. Even though I marked this book as 'chick-lit' I think it's more suited for younger readers, those just starting with young adult novels. Doesn't have any sexy scenes, it's f [...]

    11. An amazing book. Hilarious and sweet. Loved all the characters. LOVED the Australian setting too, and inspired me to pick up some more Australia-set books.After-the-fact thoughts on this book --When I think about this book, I want to:1) Cry -- because I can't re-experience the beauty/magic/charm of it all as though it was the first time.2) Hug ALL the characters.3) Re-read it. The whole thing.

    12. (3.5 stars) Despite the fact that I can't understand the reason for this novel (why would three girls be writing to three boys at a different school and why would Ashbury and Brookfield set up this penpal program? I don't buy the 'eliminating school rivalry' excuseWhat's the educational benefit?), I loved the friendship among Lydia, Cassie and Emily. Despite being all being the daughters of lawyers, they're all so wonderfully distinct, and I enjoyed reading how their three different corresponden [...]

    13. This and other reviews can be found on The Psychotic NerdThis was such a cute, fun book!I hardly every laugh-out-loud while reading a book and this was one of those book that you could hear me laughing constantly!If you want to read a book that's unique, funny, and just a cute contemporary I highly recommend this book! It will put a smile on your face and you won't want to stop reading!And, by the way, you don't have to read the first book before this one. This book is technically a sequel, but [...]

    14. What's not to love about The Year of Secret Assignments?! Jacyln Moriarty's writing style occasionally put me in the mind of Lemony Snicket minus the dark undertones. I enjoy stories presented in format that strays from the traditional chapter flow, and Moriarty does a good job of revealing the various characters' personalities through their letters and e-mails to one another. I know that a book has me under its spell when I am willing to sacrifice sleep on a school night to read "just a few mor [...]

    15. Awwww These Asbury/Brookfield books make me so happy. Who ever would have thought that epistolary novels could be so charming?

    16. My day started like this:I woke up(duh!(except I shouldn't duh considering you'd've had no reason to suspect that I'm not an insomniac)) to the sound of my personalized alarm clock- my mom, sorry didn't mean to talk about you that way but you kinda are, aren't you?-and I decided against taking a shower, as it had been barely seven hours since my last one. I got ready and all the shenanigans followed and ended with me parking my ass in my bus. Now, it might not seem like it considering my letharg [...]

    17. Finding Cassie Crazy is about 3 best friends, Cassie, Emily and Lydia who attend a made-up, private, very well-to-do school in Sydney’s north west somewhere near Castle Hill. As part of year 10 English, they undertake something named the ‘Joy of the Envelope Pen-Pal Project’, which is all about no one taking the time to communicate properly anymore and everything taking two seconds via text or messenger or email. Cassie, Em and Lydia have to write letters to three boys from the famed Brook [...]

    18. Agent in-charged : Natasha Anne A.K.A : NatshaneSpecial Covert Operation Assignment: Review Operation Description: Write a review for this book that made you laughed like crazy in the middle of the night. Warning: May contain inappropriate words for young children. Synopsis: Three Girls, Three Boys, Two Rival schools. This could get Messy. The Ashbury-Brookfield pen pal program is desinged to bring together two rival schools in a spirit of harmony and the 'Joy of envelope'. But when Cassie, Lyd [...]

    19. Do yourself a favour and read this gem. You can thank me later.If you’re still here and reading this pathetic excuse for a review, then I might as well make it worthwhile and humour you with the following:1. Jaclyn Moriarty and All Her Glory: Can we talk about how wonderful Moriarty’s way with words is? Because it is wonderful—she’s wonderful. She mixes genuine characters and witty, laugh-out-loud dialogue into a realistic yet quirky and hilarious novel. Oh, Jaclyn Moriarty, you slay me! [...]

    20. I came across the name of this Australian writer on E. Lockhart's website. If I remember it right, she named Jaclyn Moriarty as an inspiration for the format of her own Ruby books. Of course, being as huge of E. Lockhart's as I am, I simply had to eventually check out Moriarty."The Year of Secret Assignments" is a book written entirely in the form of letters, notes, e-mail messages, etc. I love this format and it definitely makes the book one easy, quick and entertaining read. The story itself i [...]

    21. This is one of those books that just makes you smile for so many reasons and sometimes for no reason at all other than you just love it that much. The characters are quirky and funny and the format allows readers to truly get to know them. I love most of all the steadfast friendship the three main girls have and that absolutely nothing ever gets in the way of that. My only complaint is that the end was wrapped up a little too quickly for me - I wanted to know more and I wasn't ready to move on. [...]

    22. I adore this book. I've read it soooo many times. First I checked it out from the library at least four times. Since then, I've bought it and still read it constantly. It's one of my favorite chicklit-but-not-really-chicklit books. It's an intriguing plot line, well-written, and definitely funny. It's the perfect borderline between cheesy/mystery/light romance. I really love The Year of Secret Assignments.

    23. This took longer to hook me than the first book in the series (Feeling Sorry for Celia) had, but I ended up absolutely loving it. It was funny, compelling, romantic, sometimes scary, and in the end a really powerful look at grief, too. A really wonderful book. (And you don't need to read this particular series in order, btw - this was completely stand-alone.) 4.5 stars

    24. Again, it wasn't necessarily the time for this reread, but it sounded good when I picked them out of the book boxes. I didn't find it as easy to accept the reasoning behind Cassie's behaviour, but love the way the girls care for and protect each other.

    25. I need to buy a copy of this that I can doodle little hearts in and pass around to all the younger teen girls I know. Just fun, relaxing, and I wish I'd listened to my friend who used to cart this around in high school and read it back then. I needed that.

    26. Wonderful book!Recommended by Allie the great. Approved by DawnMarie the wife of Chester. All wonderful things. Letting you know I ate Chester. And don't get to know Mattew Dunlop. He's a traitor!! You'll see when ya'll read the book.

    27. I really enjoyed this novel because it's a fascinating use of mixed media (and I imagine that it would have been even cooler if they'ed arted it up like Illuminae) The characters are spunky, and they come to life through Moriarty's lively letters. She uses other types of communication too, likehilarious form teacher messages and 'court' proceedings, Lydia's notebok and so on. I gues what was lacking was a motivation for 'Matthew'. We don't get to see inside his head, which I wish we could have d [...]

    28. The last time i had so much fun reading a YA book was during "This Lullaby" by SD. This book surpasses that book in entertainment clearly. I just want to say that YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING. There are letters, emails, noticeboard, a legal what was it called? Yes transcript of proceedings. It was the best part of the whole book.Th [...]

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