A Struggle of the Heart

A Struggle of the Heart

Marie Fostino / Dec 09, 2019

A Struggle of the Heart A young woman faces the age old dilemma what to do when you are torn between two lovers Annette a beautician in Norman Oklahoma does not believe she ll ever find love let alone two men who fall he

  • Title: A Struggle of the Heart
  • Author: Marie Fostino
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A young woman faces the age old dilemma what to do when you are torn between two lovers Annette, a beautician in Norman, Oklahoma, does not believe she ll ever find love, let alone two men who fall head over heels for her Aaron, a handsome and virile Native American with long dark hair and sensuous brown eyes, draws her to him like a magnet Tim, a good looking, happy gA young woman faces the age old dilemma what to do when you are torn between two lovers Annette, a beautician in Norman, Oklahoma, does not believe she ll ever find love, let alone two men who fall head over heels for her Aaron, a handsome and virile Native American with long dark hair and sensuous brown eyes, draws her to him like a magnet Tim, a good looking, happy go lucky fellow, is always there to help, care for and comfort her With Aaron, it is love at first site, while Tim grows on her over time How will she ever decide It seems at first that fate might make the decision for her when Aaron joins the army and is stationed overseas While he is gone, Tim fills the huge void left in her aching heart At the same time, Annette knows she must follow her own dream After the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, she yearns to find a fulfilling job helping others This leads her to begin emergency medical training and after that, to attend paramedic school Upon graduation, Tim asks for Annette s hand in marriage but what about Aaron, who just returned home from Afghanistan It is truly A Struggle of the Heart as Annette finds herself torn between two lovers.

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    1. A beautiful story and tribute to Oklahoma. What I loved most about Marie's story were how real her characters seemed. like reading a friend's first hand account. And the struggle Annette has to go through is instantly relatable to everyone who has ever been in love.

    2. A Struggle of the Heart is a Romance novel which delivers exactly what the title promises. A young woman, Annette, learns to live with the complications love brings as she tries to find her place in the world.The beginning is quite slow, but the main character is so likeable, you feel you should keep going to see where life takes her. I worried a little when Aaron was introduced because it seemed he’d been formed using the same pattern as Annette’s, but he soon developed into his own person, [...]

    3. A Struggle of The Heart is a beautifully written romance novel. The story packs a powerful message that any romance lover craves when they open a book. True Love. I am not a spoiler and I don't believe in giving a story away, but this book is a great read for a rainy day. It started out a bit slow for me, but I enjoy a fast paced read. The story was well written and Ms.Fostino really has a way with words. Her characters are well developed and you will find yourself asking which guy she should ch [...]

    4. If you're looking for a Notebook meets The Vow-type book, this is a great choice. Though the beginning is awfully slow, the author has obviously devoted an immense amount of time to character development, and the story itself is framed with a not-too-sugary romantic structure. I personally thoroughly enjoy books where the heroine must choose between Best and Best, and this captured every possible aspect of that choice. I hesitate to give anything away - no spoilers here! - but if romance is your [...]

    5. A Struggle of the Heart is a romantic tale that features a love triangle between Annette, Aaron and Tim. The story is written in diary form from Annette’s point of view. Annette is young and naïve and quickly discovers how heartbreaking romantic relationships can be. Young women experiencing this kind of scenario will easily relate to Annette and her personal struggle to choose between two men and which one will be the best for her. The author’s description of people and places is very deta [...]

    6. What a cute heartfelt story with wonderful characters. Annette and Aaron are love at 1st sight with some hidden secrets since he forgot to mention he was enlisted. They still keep the love going for awhile and then come in Tim who seems to be a better match. She faces a difficult decision on which man to pick in the end and which love is right for her.Wonderful character development, flows nicely together. Would for sure recommend to others who want a feel good book read for the night.

    7. This is a story of love and romance that is believable. Love lost, life changing events, passion, bewildering pain three good people who all deserve a fairy tale ending that can only be possible for two. Who would you pick?I think she made the right choice.At the end of the day, this story is a beautiful tribute to one of the Great American Tragedies.Read this! And have tissues handy!

    8. I think the title sums up this book perfectly. While it it's a touching story with happy times, it comes down to one major decision, a decision that is heart wrenching. The book reads kind of like a summary of the '90s for Annette. I'm not sure that that style of writing is necessarily good or bad, but it was different than many of the books I read. I liked how Annette's faith was woven into the story as something very important. As I traveled this journey with Annette, I found myself feeling wh [...]

    9. *A copy given by author, in return for an honest review.*☆☆☆☆☆ 5 ☆☆☆☆☆A book about falling in love, heartaches and finding love again.Annette is a hard working young woman, who works at a salon to save up for college. Not having her life figured out bothered her and she hoped to figure it all out soon. Then she met Aaron. A handsome man from the reservation, who wore his hair longbut looked so good on him. Aaron and Annette went on dates and found that it was really easy to t [...]

    10. Annette moved to Norman, OK with her best friend from high school to go to college. She is not sure what she wants to take so she decides to work in a little longer to save up a bit more money before attending school. Aaron is a walk-in customer who is gorgeous. He requests someone who no longer works there, and Annette grabs him. He asks her out immediately. They click so fast she wonders if "love at first sight" could be real. He tells her he was thinking about joining the army, but fails to m [...]

    11. Annette had grown up in a small town and was very close to her parents. After high school she moved to the city to attend college and share a house with her best friend. Working as a beautician, she never expected to find love strolling into her shop. Aaron was a very handsome and wonderful man. She fell in love immediately. They shared everything. Then Aaron told her he signed up to join the Army. While devastated, Annette supported his decision. She never dreamed her life could change so drast [...]

    12. "A Struggle of the Heart" is an emotional and enjoyable read about Annette Ferrari andchoices that she makes in life and love. Marie Fostino provides atremendous amount of insight to help readers truly understand the growthand transitions Annette goes through. Although there were a couple basicerrors, in the novel, the overall direction and underlying plot is simplynot lost. I enjoyed the historical reference to the events in Oklahomabecause they helped to make the novel that much more relatable [...]

    13. A struggle of the heart is a beautiful read that makes you think about the choices that define your life and help make you the person you are meant to be. Can a devastating incident impact your life so much it can show you what you are meant to do with it? Can heart break lead to happily ever after? For Annette Ferrari the answer is yes. Leaving behind the small town of Lawton, Annette heads to the city in search of herself. In the journey to find out who she wants to be Annette falls in love, g [...]

    14. I loved this book because I felt that I was reading the authors adult life story as opposed to a story they wrote. It was if we were sitting chatting over coffee or wine. Annette met her gorgeous Native American Aaron when he walked into the salon she worked at, and it was immediate attraction. They were falling in love fast, but unfortunately he had already signed up for the Army and was shipping off to boot camp soon after. She threw herself into her studies to be an EMT and that took her mind [...]

    15. This book had me gripped from the word go, I was totally hooked and could not put it down. It told the story of Annette, a young lady who fell in love and had her heart broken. Then through the tragedy of a bombing in her local city, decisions were made which lead her to a different path. I was really involved with the characters, which were very believable. Being a health care professional myself the intensity and stress of going through medical school, I could really relate too.The book was ea [...]

    16. of the Heart (Kindle Edition)This is the first book I have read by this author. It is listed as romance - which it most definitely is, but it would, in my opinion, be very well suited to the Young Adult genre.First love. Annette and Aaron. Perfectly matched. Aaron is sent to Afghanistan with his army unit. The horrors of the Oklahoma bombing persuade Annette her future lies as a paramedic.Their letters are full of love and longing. Then they stop.Then there came Tim. Respectful, compassionate, c [...]

    17. This book is so sweet, just a beautiful portrayal of a first love. I related to the independent nature of Annette, leaving her home town to go off to school and working at a salon to pay her own way. Aaron's courtship of her from fishing to feeding ducks rang with a simple honesty of young love. I cried right along with Annette when he told her he enlisted. Then the Oklahoma City bombing and how that event changed the course of her future was so well done. I remember that day and Marie Fostino's [...]

    18. This book started out slow for me and I didn't feel a connection to the characters throughout. However, I think with some edits this could be a real gem. My biggest issue was I felt like the story was told at me and didn't let me paint the picture for myself. I don't know if that even makes sense I'm also not trying to be petty either but the bold print threw me off at first but I eventually adjusted.I'd definitely suggest giving this book a try and leaving an honest review. Not all books are "5 [...]

    19. I liked the characters but there was no real story here. The first half of the book is a lot of backstory and a ride through a couple's dating life with little to no conflict. Mid-way through, the action picks up when Annette and Aaron are separated, but even through the more tense moments, the story is told and not shown, distancing the reader from the emotion. A conceptual edit would have strengthened the plot and improved the flaws. Formatting is off since the entire text is in bold, which ma [...]

    20. A struggle of the heart was a beautiful love storyi loved Annette& Aaron so much The first time they met was electricHe followed his dream of going into the army but when he lost his leg he couldn't face her because he didn't want her to pity himWhen Aaron came back Annette was with Tim. I was rooting for her and Aaron but it wasn't to lastShe found the man she was meant to be with forever what a breath taking moment for them

    21. A Struggle Of The Heart is a good read. I found that it started out slowly, but grew more interesting with each page. The destiny that life has set for all of us can be an interesting and surprising one. Marie definitely shows how circumstances can change in a moment and how the heart is capable of holding love for two different people in two different ways. A good read!

    22. A Struggle of the Heart by Marie Fostino is a good read. As always, Fostino deals with some difficult subjects on a YA or NA level in this book. The struggle is real, for Annette, and more than she can handle at times. She is blessed with a terrific support system that keeps her on the right track. A wonderful HEA ending.

    23. Great book, great romance, not over the top sexy so it is suitable for teen readers as well as adults.From start to finish the author keeps you guessing as to who will be picked in the end. I was disappointed but that's personal preference.Well written and well edited, I highly recommend this book.

    24. I loved this book it gave me ALL the FEELS right in the gut! Its well written and full of emotion! Cant wait to read more by this author!

    25. Awesome Sauce!This book is amazing! The story line the characters! I fell in love with Aaron! As usual you did an awesome job! THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU! ♥️

    26. Love itLove itloved this book. twists and turns throughout the book had me not able to put this book down. loved it

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