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Haywire A century ago super soldiers known as Titans drove alien invaders from the solar system and back to their home world Now the Titans have returned infected by a virus and compelled to destroy humanit

  • Title: Haywire
  • Author: Justin R. Macumber
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  • Page: 475
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A century ago, super soldiers known as Titans drove alien invaders from the solar system and back to their home world Now the Titans have returned, infected by a virus and compelled to destroy humanity Will a scholar, her son, and the only Titan able to resist the infection find a way to stop them and save humanity from its own greatest weapon Advance Praise for JustinA century ago, super soldiers known as Titans drove alien invaders from the solar system and back to their home world Now the Titans have returned, infected by a virus and compelled to destroy humanity Will a scholar, her son, and the only Titan able to resist the infection find a way to stop them and save humanity from its own greatest weapon Advance Praise for Justin R Macumber and Haywire Haywire is sure to satisfy cravings for Saturday matinee high adventure space fantasy Matthew Wayne Selznick, author of the Sovereign Era storyworld A thrilling chase through a superbly realized solar system Enhanced warriors, space pirates, galactic threats and make this a powerful debut from a strong new voice in speculative fiction Alan Baxter, author of RealmShift and MageSign An action packed sci fi thriller that will keep you up late into the night David Wood, author of The Zombie Driven Life and the Dane Maddock Adventures

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        Hi, I m the author of HAYWIRE and the forthcoming A MINOR MAGIC When not hard at work on my next story I host the popular Dead Robots Society podcast I and my lovely wife live in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex along with our motley pack of dogs and cats that we think of as our children I m also a co host on The Hollywood Outsider, a weekly podcast about movies and television.


    1. The summary doesn’t do this book justice – at all. Sure, it definitely is about a fight for survival against ruthless, crazed super soldiers, but I was surprised and really impressed that, somehow, Macumber also managed to seamlessly weave a crime caper, a historical mystery, and a pretty good space opera into it all at the same time, while also including quite a few human elements that made this book nearly unputdownable.Since I could probably fill pages with all the awesome stuff that impr [...]

    2. I’ve known about Justin Macumber for a couple of years, having been a fan of the Dead Robots Society podcast that he co-hosts. Until this year though, I hadn’t read any of his fiction. When I found out that he had a book called Haywire coming out I was naturally interested in what it was like. He had spent two years or thereabouts talking about writing, his progress and process, and interviewing some truly excellent people in the business. I wanted to know if any of that wisdom had rubbed of [...]

    3. 3.5 stars - I'm rounding down, but I admit, part of it was probably because I lost the momentum and the details from the first half of the book were not as fresh to me when I took such a long a break. I had to stop for the night and just got sidetracked with everything else.My friend had recommended this book to me so I can try an adult sci-fi novel. After reading Chapters 1 and 3, I was afraid I was in way over my head. Thank goodness the verbiage became easier to read, and I found myself enjoy [...]

    4. Hello Justin Macumber I think I love you.Of course, I mean that in a completely platonic, hero worship kind of way. Actually, I've been a faithful listener to his Dead Robots Podcast for a year or so now, and so I was getting regular updates about the release of this novel and what he thought about it as he went through and edited the thing before its release.Now, I've done the thing before where I either follow an author online, or listen to them via podcast before I read anything by them and i [...]

    5. REVIEW UPDATE!I completed Haywire by Justin Macumber on 26 March 12. I have had to revise this review from a 4 star to 5 star rating. The pace of action in this book is relentless! Sure there are a few moments of family and social interest between the characters to advance the human elements of the story, but after that it's screeching along again.Fans of the Dead Robots' Society podcast will recognize the names of Alliance Admirals in the book as Justin nods to his co-hosts Terry Mixon and Eliy [...]

    6. An enjoyable premiere novel from Justin Macumber. It's a quick and fun ride from start to finish, and there are many characters in this work that I would love to see in other stories, including the campaign of the Titans and maybe short adventures with the two misfit pirates.This feels like the original Star Wars: a tight rapid-paced joyride in what feels like a much larger universe. In the same vein, it's also a swashbuckling adventure and a good treatise on how our own hubris, when unchecked, [...]

    7. ********* Winners********This book was a thrill to read! Right from the beginning it got my attention and I was unable to stop reading it. I loved how the author provided us with each characters different point of view. This book contained everything a sci-fi fan would love to read including pirates, aliens, outerspace, and so much more. I also loved how the author provided crime in this sci-fi book. All in all, this was a great read and I highly recommend everyone to add it to their to-read she [...]

    8. Justin Macumber's Haywire is a fast-paced space adventure that explores what can happen when the technology we use to protect ourselves is turned against us. While it has its ups and downs, the characters and their relationships layered over a humanity-threatening conflict makes this book well worth reading.The opening chapter fell flat for me, and I was a worried that it wouldn't live up to expectations, but once I dug in a little deeper, I became thoroughly absorbed in the story of teenaged mu [...]

    9. Justin offers a free sample pdf on his website. I was one page in before I went and bought it. The action mixes well with emotional attachment to the characters and his SciFi tropes are used well. The Titans are fierce soldiers with awesome fight scenes. His use of nanotechnology is creative and integral to the story. Shawn, the main character, starts off as a young man more interested in his band and seeing his girlfriend than visiting his mom. I enjoyed the process of his feelings changing tow [...]

    10. I'd consider myself a huge fan of sci-fi and this one ticked all the right boxes for me. Enhanced super soldiers? Check. World-threatening danger? Check. Cockney space pirates? Err Sure, why not! Check. What stuck out most was that, unlike a lot of other sci-fi novels, the characters weren't buried under blocks of world building text. They shine and have some great quips and moments. Haywire manages to deliver not only memorable characters, but also great world building, and for that, it deserve [...]

    11. I don't always give a written review of the books I read. I've been torn ever since I gave this book 4 stars. Now that I see the author seems to be interested in what his readers say (I can understand and will likely be the same way if I ever finish my book). So, I've decided to come back and give some details, but without spoilers.First the reason for 4 stars. The book was great action and I had a hard time putting it down. I enjoyed the character of Artemis/Rachel (I actually pictured her as Z [...]

    12. I've always been a big fan of larger-than-life sci-fi stories and space warfare, and "Haywire" is no exception. I've also long retained an interest in nanotechnology, so this book caught my attention on several fronts. This book kept me turning pages - always a good sign - and wanting to find out where the story was going. Because of my experience with the genre and having read hundreds and hundreds of sci-fi stories, I was pretty sure I knew where this story was going, once I got the background [...]

    13. 1) Rating: 4 out of 5 stars2) Genre: Sci-fi3) Synopsis: Titans (nanobot enhanced super soldiers) disappeared 100 years ago fighting of an alien race that almost whipped out the human race. The Titans are coming back to earth but not for a victory party. They are coming back to finish off the human race.4) Feelings: Justin R. Macumber is the host of one of my favorite podcasts (Dead Robots’ Society). When I first heard about his book on the podcast I liked the idea. The idea of nanobot enhanced [...]

    14. Take elements of Stargate SG1, Firefly, BSG, Fifth Element, and Terminator - run them through a blender, then through a sieve and you get Haywire.The Titans, an unethical creation by a mad scientist, were man-kind's last hope when the Hezrin attack Earth and it's solar system. Now it's been 100 years and the Hezrin have been defeatedor have they? Their final dying act was to infect the Titans with a virus. Now, the titans are on their way back to their creators with one objective - destroy!I had [...]

    15. HaywireBy Justin R. MacumberAfter hearing the trailers for Haywire over many episodes of The Dead Robot Society I decided that it deserved a read. Actually it didn't take that much persuasion as I'm pretty big into Space Opera, techno thriller Science Fiction with lots of military action thrown into the mix. Hmmm.Super-soldiers have been developed, to fight off an alien race bent on annihilating humankind, by a mad scientist who is long gone with his technological secrets. In the course of preve [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this book! I wouldn't know how to describe the plot and don't want to give any spoilers so I will just say that this is an action-packed, very Battlestar Galactica-esque page turner that involves pirates, alien races (well, sort of), technology. It has it all - drama, intrigue, and lots of action. My only complaint is that I didn't get to read it as fast as I wanted to. The book is hard to put down! I really don't have any complaints or things I didn't like about it so I guess t [...]

    17. Hurray for Haywire! Haywire is filled with characters that you can love, and some you can love to hate. From the very beginning I was drawn closely into the book in an immersive way that only good story telling can do. Justin Macumber has created an amazing world made up of people with fantastic abilities and visionary technology. The story is well crafted and emotionally charged with a detailed eye on the characters. Each one you meet gets a little piece of your heart as you learn about them, a [...]

    18. Intense and nicely constructed plot. Titans who were once our salvation now became our destruction. The way the story is told reminds me a little of Michael Crichton books, but with more sci-fi twist to it.

    19. Good read that really pulled me in. I am not a big fan of sci fi usually but I found this book hard to put down once it started going along. Has lots of action including gunfights, hand to hand and full on spaceship fleet battles. Give this book a read you wont regret it.

    20. It isn't quite fair, but Haywire puts me in mind of the Fifth Element. It certainly isn't as goofy, but Haywire certainly has the same love of big action at a badda-boom pace. (And it has an actual ending!)

    21. I really enjoyed this adventurous space opera. It was fun and exciting. It left me wanting more stories of the Titans and their foes. How about a volume (or more) on the back-story?

    22. I loved this book. It was a very fun read set in an exciting sci-fi universe. I recommend this one for anyone who enjoys fast paced action mixed with a healthy dose of sci-fi and a bit of horror.

    23. This book was awesome! Once I knew the characters I loved it every step of the way. I was intrigued right off the bat with the awesome sci-fi world and action. Then it changed pace as I met new characters. It didn't take too long before all their worlds collided in one crazy, awesome, and fun story. I was not bored once in this tale. Even early in the book when I was getting to know the characters and the crazy adventure hadn't started yet it was really well paced and a nice way to get to know t [...]

    24. Like science fiction? Are you a fan of old school action/adventure stories? If this is you, Haywire is a must-read book. This story is science for the sake of fiction, and that's what makes it shine. It's a fast paced novel that doesn't get bogged down in the technical aspects of space travel or try to sell you on the plausibility of technology that exists in this futuristic look at our world. The story doesn't spend time explaining the politics of the future or try to tell a less that subtle ca [...]

    25. I enjoyed this book, except the ending; I knew it had to end that way, and why, but that didn't mean I had to like it. All the same, there wasn't a moment I wasn't invested in the story and eager to find out what would happen next.So why only three stars? Four is my usual high rating; almost never do I give five. One star is removed for "margin of error." I removed an additional star for a reason that has very little to do with the quality of the book, per se -- although I did notice some grievo [...]

    26. Science fiction can be a very mixed bag. It's not my favorite genre, mainly because when authors bring in starships, space battles, and futuristic tropes, characters seem to disappear from the stories. Luckily, Justin Macumber doesn't skimp on characters in favor of technology or world building.The story has many different plot lines that ultimately intersect into spectacular conflict. Cyborg-soldiers who were sent off to destroy humanity's greatest enemy were all but forgotten and faded into me [...]

    27. Macumber delivers a light action novel with just enough character depth to keep us involved for the whole story. The setting and central conflict of the novel will be familiar to any fan of the sci-fi genre: mankind's technology for waging war has gone awry and now threatens his very existence. We've got habitats on Earth, in orbit, on the moon, Mars, in the asteroid belt and so on. Near space is settled. Tech is abundant and cheap. Pirates and colonial rebels provide a dash of pulp-action flavo [...]

    28. A quick action packed read. There were some things I liked and there were some things I didn't, all in all I was glad I read it. The Titans were an interesting idea, a group of super soldiers designed to save Earth only to be infected with a virus that turns them against it. I liked the strained Mother-Son relationship and some of their banter early on particularly Chapter 6 was fun to read. Most of the dialogue was serviceable and some of it felt really wooden. Sean was annoying but in fairness [...]

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