The Wolf's Moon

The Wolf's Moon

PatrickJones / Feb 19, 2020

The Wolf s Moon In The Wolf s Moon author Patrick Jones creates a spellbinding tale of an ancient animal that haunts the foothill towns of Missouri s Ozark Mountains An unknown group of scientists has genetically e

  • Title: The Wolf's Moon
  • Author: PatrickJones
  • ISBN: 9781466360167
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
  • In The Wolf s Moon , author Patrick Jones creates a spellbinding tale of an ancient animal that haunts the foothill towns of Missouri s Ozark Mountains An unknown group of scientists has genetically engineered a Dire Wolf into the present day Allegedly extinct, the ferocious beast preys upon the innocent people of Maple Hills To hunt and kill the beast, the town folk wIn The Wolf s Moon , author Patrick Jones creates a spellbinding tale of an ancient animal that haunts the foothill towns of Missouri s Ozark Mountains An unknown group of scientists has genetically engineered a Dire Wolf into the present day Allegedly extinct, the ferocious beast preys upon the innocent people of Maple Hills To hunt and kill the beast, the town folk will have to rely on the tracking feats of Mark Lansdowne He is a reluctant hero, still mourning the loss of his wife to illness Relying on his rescue dogs and indefatigable hunting skills, Mark will set out on foot in search of the mysterious beast Yet the hunter s personal history and romantic entanglements will come back to haunt him during his search for the vicious animal.Accompanying him on the hunt is his pal Warren Skruggs, who knew Mark when he was known as Michael Linden, a chapter of his history that he prefer be kept to the past Adding to the intrigue are two beautiful, intelligent women who aid the hunter in his quest Their looks and smarts would make the Bond Girls envious but Mark is still a grieving widower, unsure of how to move forward With its mixture of high stakes hunting and personal and romantic intrigue, The Wolf s Moon is a page turner that will keep the reader captivated with its unexpected story twists The thriller suspense novel is a real story grounded in the life and folkways of the Ozark Mountains not just another unbelievable werewolf story grafted onto the romance of the South.

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        FACEBOOK FANPAGE facebook thewolfsmoon1TWITTER HANDLE twitter patrickjones56twitter LindenChronicle BOOK PAGE dp B0077F0DFI dp B0157GPKCE AUTHOR PAGE author thewolfsGOOGLE PAGE google patrickjonesthWEBSITE BLOG thelindenchroniclesPat Jones was born and raised in St Louis, Missouri His special interests include the science of paleoanthropology and archaeology.Woodworking is one of his favorite hobbies, with special emphasis on the unique grains and textures of various species of trees He and his wife, Sandy, thrive on designing and creating a flower garden of perennials, second to none Constantly evolving, the garden began as a way that he could surprise his wife on her birthday The rest is history The garden now spans one forth of an acre When their children graduated from school, the couple relocated to rural Missouri where they now reside with their four dogs The love of the area, in combination with the uniqueness of the people, provided the impedance for The Wolf s Moon.The sequel is already in the works and proves to be yet another suspenseful page turner Pat believes that there is a story in everything Everybody that he meets has their own special story one simply has to take the time to listen The story then writes itself.


    1. I tried to like this book, I definitely was into the premise. I think if it were written differently, it could have been very engaging. The story seemed very forced, it seemed like the author was specifically trying to include specific literary techniques, instead of just letting it flow naturally. Also, the plot seemed to stagger a lot, too much time was spent reminiscing. I can appreciate the character's feelings for his late wife, but that isn't the subject of the story. Too much time was spe [...]

    2. These Dire Wolves really did exist four thousand years ago. They are double the size of the grey wolf. Their bones were found in the La Brea Tar Pit in Los Angeles. Why did they become extinct? Who knows?Mark Lansdowne saw a sign saying Granny Barton’s Antiques. He was curious and stopped. He was just browsing when he spotted an old book and was drawn to it. He purchased it for five dollars and left.He was reading the book, when the dogs, he had three named after the Three Stooges, growled and [...]

    3. I got this book free from , and it is signed by the author. To start with the positives, I think Mr. Jones has some promise as a writer, here, and I have no doubt he takes pride in his work. He obviously loves his home area in the Ozarks, and the cover photograph (taken by Sandra Jones) is beautiful. He took the time to sign the book and send out copies for review. Most of the dialogue in the book is very natural and believable. There's a good story here, but I don't think the good story gets to [...]

    4. How can you tell that a book is going to be worth reading by the blurb:The Wolf's Moon is an adventure thriller set in the heart of the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. This action-packed thriller tracks a mysterious beast, stalking the innocent people in the town of Maple Hills. The main character, Mark Lansdowne, relentlessly tracks the beast as it stalks the town, only to find out that it has been extinct for literally thousands of years. Mark Lansdowne's past provides an element of mystery in it [...]

    5. A chilling adventure that leads the reader on a hunt for a terrifying killer. Patrick Jones weaves a web of intrigue and terror when a small town is best upon by an unseen killer. As it turns out, there is more to this tale than just murder, but ethical questions that must have answers. When you turn out the lights and hear a scratching at the door, you may reflect ton this book.

    6. Patrick Jones has create a world where a retired marine and his best friend live in a small town away from it all. Mark Lansdowne recently lost his wife and lives alone with his three dogs (named Larry, Curly, and Moe). Mark’s best (and only) friend Warren Skruggs must hunt down bioengineered dire wolves, who became extinct [by the book's definition] over four thousand years ago. When Mark is almost killed by his first encounter with the giant wolves, he hears his late wife’s voice tell him [...]

    7. First of all I was happy to discover that this was NOT a story about werewolves. Rather it’s about someone unleashing a genetically engineered wolf species that has been extinct for thousands of years upon the unsuspecting residents of a small Missouri town. The author did an excellent job of several things I look for in a good book. The imagery was vivid and made you feel as if you were there, the characters were convincing and easy to visualize plus I could even hear them in my head in some [...]

    8. This was a great book. Yes there were some parts of Jones writing style that drove me up the wall, very specifically that he was constantly changing points of view without any breaks to signify that he was doing it, so it was sometime hard to figure out who's point of view you were reading. BUT, and I meant to capitalize that BUT, past the stylistic problems the underlying story was cool, and the character of Mark Lansdowne was just plain great. There are a few characters that stick out in a lot [...]

    9. Part techno-thriller, part horror, and all entertaining, that’s the only way to describe Patrick Jones’ novel Wolf’s Moon. Mark Lansdowne, aka Mike Linden, lives with his three dogs in the small Ozark town of Maple Hills that’s not supposed to have wild wolves. But, when people start dying, with clear evidence that they’ve been attacked and eaten by some large carnivore, Mark finds himself thrown into the middle of a mystery that could lead to his death. But, Mark is not your normal vi [...]

    10. I enjoyed this thriller very much, would like to read more with these characters. Interesting premise and fast paced with good writing skills and character development. The body count was high and fairly graphic, but not overly so.It did, of course, require significant suspension of belief but the main characters were interesting and in most ways well developed. The small town feeling seemed realistic and the scenes in the woods were evocative.My biggest issue was that the romantic interestseeme [...]

    11. 'The Wolf's Moon' is the story of Mark Lansdowne and his battle against the vicious wolves who start to attack the residents of his town.There is a very old fashioned attitude towards male and female roles in this book. There were no strong female characters, the women were all gentle creatures concerned mostly with taking care of their men. The men were tough, action hero types. I like strong female characters so this was my main complaint with this book.The story is interesting but it did seem [...]

    12. The Prologue drew me in with little snippets about various characters, leading up to a spine tingling scene setting.Chapter One continued to lure me even further, with each following chapter taking me up and down the tension rollercoaster, not permitting me to put the book down until I'd finished it.If you like tense 'Creature Feature' stories, I can recommend this book.See my review also at:amazon/product-revie.on/Wolfs-Moon-Lind.on/product-reviews/.on/product-revi

    13. Wow. Can I end with that?This is one of those rare books that will leave me unable to start another for a day or two as I relive it. Very intriguing story in a "Ghost & The Darkness" kinda way unlike the average werewolf/vampire/monster novel, this is more terrifying in that it has a higher chance of actually happening. The fantastic character dialog left me cheering or chuckling on many occasions. My only minor nitpick is how a character could be referred by first name, last name or full na [...]

    14. As a former resident of Missouri, I appreciated the attention to places and settings in this thriller. There are really three mysteries here: a) what's REALLY hunting down rural folk and feeding on them? b) Who wanted to restore an extinct species s of wolf and release them in rural Missouri? c) Who really are these homespun guys who have spook-type weaponry to re-extinguish the wolves with? Two of those questions get answered in this love story-horror-thriller-mystery. Just the right yuck facto [...]

    15. The book The Wolf's Moon is the first book I have read by Patrick Jones. This is a very impressive tale. I enjoyed it immensely. The story was very believable. It builds up the main character Mark (aka Mike Linden) gradually introducing the other players. There seems to be problems with wolves, very large wolves, in an area that hadn't seen a wolf in decades. People begin to disappear. The authorities deny the wolf problem and put the blame on feral dogs. Some secrets are just not to be kept.

    16. This was an amazing book, the characters were real and you could identify with them through the whole book. Mr. Jones keep you turning pages to see what turn he had in store for you next and I must admit that some where not what I had expected. Well written and I look forward to seeing more from Patrick Jones in the future. He has found a devoted reader!

    17. Full of suspense, adventure and a touch of romance, this is a great read that takes you into a supernatural experience and doesn't let you go until the last page. I enjoyed the author's writing style right along with the story.I felt the characters were believable as they face something none of us would care to,

    18. I got this as a free book from a link on Facebook but would have gladly paid full price. I was captivated right from the beginning. I Loved the characters and the friendships that were formed. I can't wait to read the next adventure for Mark. I have become a devoted fan. Thank you Patrick Jones :-)

    19. First of at least three, and I enjoyed it very much. Different in the werewolf genre and a lot of wonderful character developments. Even minor characters were developed well. Sometimes I get minor characters mixed up because there isn't any real defining thing about them, but that isn't true here.

    20. Loved the story! The characters were engaging, and the suspense was kept high throughout. Combining elements of a number of action-related genre's, Mr. Jones has given us a very entertaining read. Definitely can't put it down once you start.

    21. Thank You Patrick!This was a GREAT READ! I started reading on Friday afternoon, had I started earlier I would have finished it in one setting. Definitely a page turner. I look forward to more of Mike Linder's adventures.Jan O'Kanejanokane13@aol

    22. Really enjoyed this novel it was a bit different from what I usually read and I'll be looking for more from this author. Made locking up the chicken coop at night a little more exciting

    23. Enjoyed this story. Probably meant more to me since I live in the area that the book was written. Everytime my dog sniffs the air I think of the wolf.

    24. This is a 3.5. I really like the YA books by Patrick Jones as do many, many teens and adults. When I put this on my to-read list, I didn't realize it is a book for adults and is self-published. That means it really needed an editor so the interesting and inventive story could shine through. Because the premise was good, the book kept me up late so I get to the resolution. I don't know that all readers would be as patient with it, though; I am a fan, which means I read it with a generous mindset. [...]

    25. This is the first book in what will become the Linden Cornicles which will be an ongoing story of Mike Linden a former black ops member and obvious good guy. This story opens with Mark Lansdowne (the undercover identity of Linden) living a solitary, retired and much-saddened life with the passing of his loving wife Glenna a year ago. Mark’s only real friend Skruggs is the only one keeping a check on Mark’s well-being. As two friends are want to do they share simple pleasures of a good drink [...]

    26. As rare as antiquities may be historyIs the discovery of a knowledgeable author crafting a world class novel that is both faithful to the setting and accurate in even minute details of the geographical and climatology effects on the situation and characters of the storyline.I admit being biased by a long military career and living almost all my life in Missouri while visiting most of the rivers for canoeing and trails for hiking. I cannot claim to be a hunter, but accept its appeal to others. I [...]

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