Sunny Sweet Is So Not Sorry

Sunny Sweet Is So Not Sorry

Jennifer Ann Mann J. Albert Mann / Jan 26, 2020

Sunny Sweet Is So Not Sorry Masha Sweet wakes up on a Tuesday morning with plastic flowers glued to her head thanks to her little sister Sunny Masha would like to kill her little sister but that is not what happens next Instea

  • Title: Sunny Sweet Is So Not Sorry
  • Author: Jennifer Ann Mann J. Albert Mann
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  • Page: 162
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  • Masha Sweet wakes up on a Tuesday morning with plastic flowers glued to her head thanks to her little sister, Sunny Masha would like to kill her little sister, but that is not what happens next Instead, Masha ends up saving her next door neighbor s life, being quarantined with a deadly virus, and finally, bald as a ping pong ball on a city bench with no money But duringMasha Sweet wakes up on a Tuesday morning with plastic flowers glued to her head thanks to her little sister, Sunny Masha would like to kill her little sister, but that is not what happens next Instead, Masha ends up saving her next door neighbor s life, being quarantined with a deadly virus, and finally, bald as a ping pong ball on a city bench with no money But during her travels, she learns revenge is never Sweet.

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    1. I really loved the relationship between Masha and Sunny because even though they were terrible to one another, they really did love each other. I also loved that this book is now going to be a series, and that they are going to be even more stories where Sunny is awful to Masha but tries to make it right in the end. I think that this is a super cute and quick read, and is great for any one with siblings boy or girl.There were so many great characters in this book and a lot of lessons for the you [...]

    2. Sunny Sweet Is So Not Sorry is a funny and endearing addition to middle grade literature. Kids (especially older siblings) will be able to relate to poor Masha, an earnest, appealing protagonist stuck with a crazy cute, evil genius little sister. Readers will cringe with Masha as adults fall for Sunny's charm, and let her get away with everything. It's a big sister's worst nightmare! Mann manages to combine reality fiction, reminiscent of Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary with some preposterous twis [...]

    3. When Masha wakes up with her head glued to her pillow, and flowers stuck in her hair, she knows that her annoyingly precocious sister, Sunny, is to blame. She decides to stay home from school, which her mother says is okay. It's a good thing she does, because she's there when her neighbor, Mrs. Song, falls off her bicycle. Masha is able to call 911 and is there when the ambulance comes, but things get complicated. Sunny has come home from school, and both girls go in the ambulance with Mrs. Song [...]

    4. Sunny Sweet Is So Not Sorry by Jennifer Ann Mann (valeriemarchini)Masha never worried about going to bed with an evil genius living in the same house, AKA her younger sister, Sonny, until she woke up one morning with plastic flowers glued to her head.Sonny is a sweet, innocent, curious child who just happens to be a brilliant, budding scientist. And what would a scientist be without experiments? And every experiment needs a guinea pig or in this case, her older sister, Masha.But Masha is tired o [...]

    5. Masha believes her younger sister, Sunny, is an evil genius. The genius part is true and Sunny certainly loves to cause chaos and problems for Masha!Masha is an 11-year-old struggling to find her place in a world with a genius sister everyone notices and loves, despite her precociousness and uncanny ability to annoy her sister to anger. She believes she's the only one who sees Sunny for the evil genius that she really is. Add to that a new home and school with her recently divorced mom, and Mash [...]

    6. This book is SUPER cute. I read it to my girls and they loved it. My oldest said that she wished there was a movie about Sunny and Masha Sweet!Masha is an adorable character that has to put up with and suffer through the "experiments" of her evil genius of a younger sister. There were several times throughout the book that I laughed out loud. Sunny keeps making life more and more miserable for poor Masha, yet Masha proves to be a worthwhile role model as she continues to forgive and express love [...]

    7. Jennifer Mann’s debut middle grade novel is a fun introduction to Masha Sweet and her sister, Sunny. Sunny is a child genius, much to the horror of her older sister, Masha. Masha is usually the victim of Sunny’s experiments, which Sunny always seems to get away with. This time, Sunny has gone too far by using a super-strength glue to affix flowers into Masha’s hair. A hilarious series of events follows.Masha has a unique voice for a middle schooler, and one that makes the reader feel both [...]

    8. This book was so sweet! (No pun intended, okay?) Very light and funny at times, but definitely more serious toward the middle. I loved the juxtaposition of humor and depth. Readers will be laughing all the way through, but they'll also be able to identify with Masha's deeper feelings about her parents' divorce, her family's recent move, and fitting in at school.There were so many things to love about this book, and I especially enjoyed Masha's relationship with Alice. The story deals with compas [...]

    9. The voice is so strong—Jen walks this sweet line in middle grade between innocence and emerging maturity. Her protagonist, Masha, isn’t a syrupy sweet little girl: she’s got lots of attitude and a rich interior life. I love her little sister, Sunny—she kind of reminds me of Emma Jean Lazarus from Emma Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree. She’s hilarious with her spot-on comic timing, but what’s best is her insatiable curiosity and how much she interacts with her environment. Jen does a g [...]

    10. I started this book thinking it would be a cute story to read in my spare time, but the novel was much more than that. There was humor, emotion, and depth to the plot and the characters. I was laughing throughout it, but I also felt myself seeing the underlying love that was felt between the two sisters. This is a must read for anyone. I am eager for the next one to come out! I am in love with the crazy shenanigans of Marsha and Sunny Sweet. JUST KIDDING! I would never forget the absence of an r [...]

    11. This was a GoodReads 1st Reads. I absolutely LOVED Sunny Sweet is So Not Sorry! Absolutely loved it! :) It was so fun and engaging. I laughed, I mean really laughed hard on nearly every page! The writing was great, the pace, rhythm, and story were simply fantastic! I'm now a big fan of Jennifer Ann Mann, and can't wait to read her other work! Thank you 1st Reads! I love this program and love being introduced to new fabulous people and adventures. Highly recommend, to children of all ages. Finish [...]

    12. Siblings are often difficult, especially when the younger sibling is a know-it-all. In this case, that sibling Sunny is actually a genius, which seems to give her complete freedom to do horribly destructive things that have disastrous results for her older sister. I was so completely annoyed by this younger sister, which as I reflect is a good sign for the writer. I think I was more annoyed by the praise and permission granted Sunny from grownups. A good ending with hints of more annoyances and [...]

    13. Filled with lots of great moments between the main character, Masha, and her too-smart-for-her-own-good little sister, Sunny, this book follows the girls' through one very adventurous day. Masha faces scary situations, meets new people and gains new insight into life with her hardworking, single mother. All of this is handled deftly and realistically by Jennifer Mann. I can't wait to read the next book!

    14. A fun new series with Masha and her intellectually gifted and super-precocious little sister. Will be getting it for my 4th graders.

    15. One morning, Masha wakes up to discover that her younger sister, Sunny, a true evil genius, has permanently glued a bouquet of plastic flowers to her hair. When her mother discovers that they can't easily remove the flowers, Masha is allowed to stay home from school, but it's not long before her elderly next door neighbor has an accident. Masha and Sunny wind up following their neighbor to the emergency room, where a series of unlikely events leads to a madcap adventure involving a case of mista [...]

    16. Masha wakes up one morning with plastic flowers stuck to her head. Turns out her little sister glued them on during the night. Sunny is a genius and thought the flowers would help Masha make friends. After repeated attempts at home (washing, peanut butter, freezing) to remove the flowers mom gives up. Masha is allowed to stay home from school until they figure something out. Soon after mom and Sunny leave, Masha hears a racket and finds her neighbor collapsed in the street. She calls an ambulanc [...]

    17. It's something every older sibling can relate to--the annoying little sister/brother who seems to get away with everything. As a middle child who has been both the annoyer and the annoyee, I totally get the relationship between put-upon Masha and irascible genius Sunny as they repeatedly butt heads--but, when all is said and done, have a sisterly bond that transcends all.Jen Mann writes with great wit, invention, and charm, keeping us laughing at the girls' misadventures and guessing at what unl [...]

    18. A fun, humorous story about two sisters: Sunny, a 6 year old genius, and Masha, her older sister. When Masha wakes up with a head full of plastic flowers stuck to her head, she knows who to blame. The evil doings of Sunny have set off a series of events that lead the girls to the hospital. While there, Masha makes a few friends, Sunny realizes that not all good intentions are good, and both realize that sometimes it is good to have a sister on your side.Great story for those students who like re [...]

    19. Like Beezus and Ramona for a new generation (for example, Sunny keeps calling her sister's cell phone to annoy her.) Much like Beezus and Ramona, I of course sided with the older sister and worked myself into a fury at the younger sister. Anyone who was ever tortured by a younger sibling (or is currently being tortured, since this is middle grade!) will appreciate this.

    20. Sunny Sweet Is So Not Sorry is smart, funny, inventive, and consistently surprising. Just when I thought I knew where it was going, the book would take a completely different turn. The characters are appealing, and there's a terrific blend of total wackiness and heart. I can't wait to read more of the sisters' adventures.

    21. This is an "oh my goodness, I can't believe that happened" tale about annoying little sisters. It will appeal to those who like junie b. jones, ivy + bean, and clementine and give them a look at the older sister's perspective. This was a really fun if a little bit unbelievable read.

    22. First-person narrator effectively describes the psyche of her sister.Excellent vocabulary includes cornucopia, hexagonal, orthopedist, solubility.

    23. Wow, what a fun story! This is a great start to a series that readers will love! I can't wait for Sunny Sweet's next caper.

    24. This book was HILARIOUS! The voice was incredible, and the dynamic between the normal sister and the evil genius little sister kept me flying through the pages. Kids are going to eat this book up.

    25. Sunny is a evil genius she will create a robot then a army of robots in a snap😆😆😆☺☺☺😊😊😊

    26. I thought that Sunny Sweet is a good book for people aged 8-10. The book was great for those who want to read a funny, hooking, fictional book that makes you feel like you are a character. I read this book because my sister really enjoyed it, she literally couldn't take her eyes off it and neither could. I would reccomend this book people who wouldn't mind a bit of prediction. Thank you for reading y review. Hope you enjoy the book if you read it!

    27. The first in the Sunny Sweet series of books by Jennifer Ann Mann introduces readers to the voice of Masha, an 11-year-old girl with an incorrigible genius sister. Their relationship is in some ways a typical sister relationship and in other ways so unique. Mann is no stranger to sister relationships, growing up with three herself, and her knowledge of the intricacies of how sisters relate, share, and speak to one another is the foundation for this series that explores these sisters, Masha and S [...]

    28. This book for intermediate readers is enjoyable and, I think, a good book to offer to these readers. Sunny Sweet is an interesting, albeit not very believable, character. Her sister Masha is one that every older sibling will most likely be able to identify with--especially those who are 4 or more years older than their younger siblings.The plot was fun and believable--if not realistic. The characters were engaging. I definitely enjoyed reading it, and stayed up much too late to finish it once I [...]

    29. I really enjoyed this book. I have two daughters of my own and I am a divorced single parent. Reading this book kept a smile on my face most of the time. My two daughters have about the same amount of years between them and they have about the same personalities as the characters in this book. I look forward to ready the next two books. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity of ready your book.

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