Hyena Moon

Hyena Moon

Jeanette Battista / Apr 07, 2020

Hyena Moon Miami is still in the hands of the wereleopard clan Sekhmet s assassination has been dealt with and Samara s attempt to take over the city has been stopped for now But things aren t simple for Kess

  • Title: Hyena Moon
  • Author: Jeanette Battista
  • ISBN: 9781477477281
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback
  • Miami is still in the hands of the wereleopard clan Sekhmet s assassination has been dealt with, and Samara s attempt to take over the city has been stopped for now But things aren t simple for Kess, especially now that she has Samara s son, Rafe, to deal with While others see only a spy, Kess is determined to help the damaged young man abandoned by his mother.Rafe is tMiami is still in the hands of the wereleopard clan Sekhmet s assassination has been dealt with, and Samara s attempt to take over the city has been stopped for now But things aren t simple for Kess, especially now that she has Samara s son, Rafe, to deal with While others see only a spy, Kess is determined to help the damaged young man abandoned by his mother.Rafe is torn his mother left him in the hands of the wereleopards, presumably to die, but Kess has treated him like a guest than a prisoner But Rafe still feels a sense of loyalty to his werehyena pack, and he s uniquely placed to gather information that his mother will need if she ever hopes to take Miami Things grow even complicated for the young werehyena when Cormac s non were sister comes to town for a visit Rafe finds himself fascinated by the girl, finding and reasons to question his loyalty to his pack.Rafe knows his mother isn t done with Miami or Kess In the final bloody conflict between wereleopard and hyena, which side will he choose

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        Jeanette Battista graduated with an English degree with a concentration in medieval literature which explains her possibly unhealthy fixation on edged weapons and cathedral architecture She spent a summer in England and Scotland studying the historical King Arthur, which did nothing to curb her obsession To satisfy her adrenaline cravings since sword fighting is not widely accepted in these modern times she rode a motorcycle at ridiculously high speeds, got some tattoos, and took kickboxing and boxing classes She gave up the bike when her daughter came along, although she still gets pummeled at the gym on a regular basis.When she s not writing or working, Jeanette spends time with family, hikes, reads, makes decadent brownies, buys killer boots, and plays Pocket Frogs She wishes there were hours in the day so she could actually do of these things She lives with her daughter and their ancient, ill tempered cat in North Carolina.


    1. I enjoy a book that immerses the reader to well into the plot that you feel as though you are riding a emotional roller coaster. "Hyena Moon" did that to me. This book begins right as the previous book ends with Rafe being abandoned by his mother on Kess' doorsteps in hopes she will kill him. He is hurt, angry and confused but Kess does what she does best and shows him kindness to the dismay of Carmac her boyfriend.Finn has been given the charge to watch him in case he tries something devious. R [...]

    2. I would rate the third in the "Moon" series as a 3 1/2, just like the first two. It's equally good, if not a bit better. But again, no half star choices for us, so I'll give it a 4, as I think it deserves more than a 3.This series has been surprisingly entertaining to me. While I still wouldn't rank it with my all time favorite urban fantasy books, the characters are so likable overall that each book has pulled me in and kept me interested in finding out what will happen to each of them. I think [...]

    3. Just when you thought this series can know way getting any more better the author surprises you with your writing and makes it an awesome book.Its a very 'Goodread'.

    4. Of course this book leaves the reader desperately hanging on for the next book. Aside from that, I really enjoyed this part of the series. There's a lot of action, new alies are formed, there's a fair share of betrayal, new love interests and the testing of love as well as change for everyone. A little warning though, you may need a few tissues.

    5. The third book in the Moon Series. This book is written from Rafe’s point of view for most of it. He’s spent his life being abused by his sister and his mother she tends to take her anger out on him. When his mother takes him with her to a meeting in Miami hoping to push Kess into giving her control of the city she’s forced to choose between her kids. She ends up taking his sister with her leaving her son Rafe in Kess’s care to do as she likes. Living with Kess isn’t like living with h [...]

    6. The action of Hyena Moon picks up right at the end of Jackal Moon: Finn and Cormac are still in Miami helping out Kess (now head of the wereleopards) and Rafe, the abused and unwanted son of the Alpha Hyena Female, Samara, is living with them.Nobody trusts Rafe, including himself. Only Kess seems to want to give him a chance. How will Kess cope with Rafe, difficulties with Cormac's protectiveness, and the possibility of losing Miami to Samara?Well, I didn't get the closure I was hoping for in th [...]

    7. If you haven't read the first two books in the series STOP RIGHT NOWDO NOT PASS GO, TURN AWAY WHILE YOU STILL CAN. . . ****SPOILERS CONTAINED****Rafe was left 'hostage' at Kess' mansion after a meeting w/ Samara (which she invited herself and an entourage to). Rafe doesn't know if she just threw him away expecting him to be killed or left him there as a plant to funnel intel back to her.Elenore, Cormac's 15 year old human sister, slips the leash and leaves NC for Miami w/o telling her parents. S [...]

    8. I liked this book better than jackal moonI was never completely a Laila fan. I grew to like her more towards the end. I was however was a big Rafe fan and enjoyed seeing him working though his terrible life issues and improvements happen for him as the book when along. Lenore was a spoiled brat but I appreciated it when she said that she was and showed signs of thinking of someone besides herself. For every person that asks how an abused wife goes back to her husband or why an abused child doesn [...]

    9. Hot freaking damn!Jeanette Battista is ONE GOOD AUTHOR!I LOVE, Love, love this series!This book was FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!I mean, where's all the love for this author?!?!?!?She's virtually unknown! Leopard Moon has less than 700 reviews and the other 3 books in this series have hundreds less than that - COMBINED!I am amazed that more people haven't given this series a try! I learned about it, here, on . Surely it has been recommended to others like it was to me?!?!?!?!?And she's still SELF-PUBLISH [...]

    10. Oh man, let me tell you how much I love this series! I read all four books in three days, which still include a full time 10.5 hour work day, and normal house chore, and building a house! This series has got me completely wrapped around its little finger! And book one starts the awesome journey, continuing right into book two and taking off with book three. Each book gets better and better.If I have to chose, I will say the most main characters are Kess, Laila, and a bad guy! No spoilers remembe [...]

    11. Hyena Moon picks up where Jackal Moon left off with Kess as the new clan leader of the leopards. Rafe is staying with Kess after being abandoned by his mother Samara, leader of the hyena pack. Samara is still fighting to gain control of Miami, but Kess & her crew are coming up with a plan to take care of Samara once & for all. Rafe was a very likable character, and I enjoyed seeing him grow throughout the story. Everything changed for Rafe when he met Lenore, Cormac’s younger sister. L [...]

    12. The fist book of this series got my interest. The second book I could of done without it was like reading some of my children's Disney story's This one the third in the series is amazing I had to know what was going to happen and was never disapointed Kess is tring to figure out a way to keep Miami with her packs dwindling numbers it a difficult thing to do and the hyenas are watching for there chance to take over and new love is blossoming while another may be fading never a dull moment loved t [...]

    13. The third book in Jeanette Battista's Moon Series continues the great writing and characters that make these books stand out in the YA marketplace. The plot picks up where book 2 (Jackal Moon) left off, with Kess and her werewolf bodyguards trying to hold off the Hyena invasion of Miami. The focus of this book moves more to the hyena castoff Rafe and his struggles with where his loyalties lie. There is romance, family drama and blood, lots of blood. Makes for a great read. Can't wait for the 4th [...]

    14. I liked this book a lot but I really didn't like Lenore. She is 15 (according to her an adult) but she acts like a brat and that doesn't really change. I never felt like she grew as a person or even apologized for the things she did. That being said the book was good. I enjoyed all the different characters POV's. I like the fact that every book in this series focuses on a different person but still has all the characters you love from the previous books. I was pleased with the ending and I recom [...]

    15. I didn't enjoy this book as much as the others, but I still enjoyed it enough to continue on. There was just something about the Lenore and Rafe relationship that felt unreal, contrived, forced I don't know. Kind of like I knew as soon as she was introduced that they were going to happen. Lenore herself was a dingbat. Just saying.

    16. After reading this entire book I find myself FURIOUS with the character Lenore. All things considered the next book better do some damage control for me because I dont like how everything ended and I really don't understand how why it was ended the way it did.

    17. I have to say that compared to the first two books in this series, this cover is by far the ugliest :( I guess I'm one of those people who get drawn into reading the book when the cover's cool looking. If I wasn't already reading this series I would have never picked this book.

    18. Once again a great book! I am really looking forward to seeing where the next book will take us. I hope we get to see Finn's story a little more or even Mebis'!

    19. I have enjoyed this series, moments when I needed tissue. However it doesn't end here with this 3rd book. There is another coming in December 2012. Can't wait.

    20. I really likes this one I was so happy that Rafe got his own book and a happy everafter. When I met him in Jackal Moon I wanted to save him then.

    21. I thought Rafe was a bit of an idiot, but in the end I liked him. I was really hoping cormac wasn't such a bone head And kess I and Finn are still THE BEST characters in this book.

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