Alpha Dog

Alpha Dog

Jennifer Ziegler / Jun 03, 2020

Alpha Dog Seventeen year old Katie isn t used to being in control Her mother drives her crazy with her constant criticism and advice and her boyfriend of two years just destroyed her whole world by dumping her

  • Title: Alpha Dog
  • Author: Jennifer Ziegler
  • ISBN: 9780385732857
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback
  • Seventeen year old Katie isn t used to being in control Her mother drives her crazy with her constant criticism and advice, and her boyfriend of two years just destroyed her whole world by dumping her on her birthday It s just as well that Katie s headed to a summer program at the University of Texas in Austin at least there, she can get over Chuck at her own pace But ASeventeen year old Katie isn t used to being in control Her mother drives her crazy with her constant criticism and advice, and her boyfriend of two years just destroyed her whole world by dumping her on her birthday It s just as well that Katie s headed to a summer program at the University of Texas in Austin at least there, she can get over Chuck at her own pace But Austin holds its own challenges like Christine, a cooler than thou roommate whose rocker boyfriend is permanently camped out on the couch When Christine drags Katie to the city pound to check out a potential pet, it s Katie who s mesmerized by a pair of brown doggie eyes Before she can think it through, she s standing out on the curb with her adorable new dog, Seamus.There s only one problem Seamus is a holy terror He chews up the apartment, barks maniacally, terrorizes their landlady s cat, and seems destined to keep the cutest guy in their building at arm s length When Katie takes Seamus in for obedience training, she s told, You have to be the alpha dog The alpha dog The head of the pack Katie has never wielded much power before, but she finds that being top dog can be addictive Soon she s acting the alpha dog in every phase of her life, and nothing will ever be the same.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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      319 Jennifer Ziegler
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    1. What do you get when you have a misbehaving dog and a girl who needs to take control of her life? Answer: This funny self-discovery story. It was refreshing to see our protagonist, Katie, not be so put together. A lot of the time we encounter girls with lots of sparkly personality that are thrown some serious problems to get a story, not in this case though. Katie didn't have some serious life altering problem (well I guess that is debatable if you consider your boyfriend dumping you on your bir [...]

    2. A very good read. At first Katie seems to be a push over and that was a bit annoying, but as the book progresses she gets a backbone. The dog is a mess but she loves him anyways. The reason why I like the book so much is because the girl changes for the better because of her dog not because of a guy. It was refreshing I guess. The book has its funny parts and its touching parts too. I would not restrict this book to only dog lovers.

    3. For as long as Katie's lived, her mother has been controlling her life. Before Katie heads off to start classes in University for the summer and living away from home with a roommate, her life falls apart. Her boyfriend dumps her on her birthday and her friends are no longer her friends. In a way, getting away from home—and her control freak mother—is a good thing. She'll be able to reinvent herself in a new place. Pretty soon, Katie's doing things without consulting her mother—like adopti [...]

    4. A very good read, especially for the animal lover inside of us. Jennifer Ziegler brings out the best in the characters in my opinion. If you ever want a story about a dog that doesn't have a chaotic, sad ending; Alpha Dog is what you're looking for! Try it. You won't have any regrets.I'll be reading this one over and over.

    5. another book by jenny ziegler totally awesome, dude!!!!!READ IT!!!!!!!!! ps yes, i know sinead, she totally rocks

    6. Alpha Dog by Jennifer Ziegler is a story about a girl named Katie McAllister who goes to Austin for a summer college program. Her boyfriend breaks up with her on her birthday, and she eagerly goes to Austin to get over him. While she's there, she meets her confident, weiner dog-loving roommate Christine and Christine's musician boyfriend Robot, and the guy-next-door Matt. Christine drags her to a shelter so they can get a dog, and Katie ends up falling for a mutt named Seamus (pronounced Shame-u [...]

    7. Katie just lived throught her worst birthday ever. Her boyfriend Chuck just broke up with her on her 17th birthday. Her mom is controlling her life, and now she is going to a summer school in Texas. There, she meets her roomate Christine, who acts like an innocent sweetheart, but turns out to ignore any rule, inviting guys to stay in her apartment and is able to do anything she wants. Katie is stuck with her mom calling her everyday to make sure everything is alright, and has to talk to Christin [...]

    8. When you know you've found the one, you'll know. In Alpha Dog, Ziegler writes the story of a 17-year old high school girl, Katie, who is maturing into a confident, independent and responsible adult. The story basically begins with Katie being dumped by her popular boyfriend, Chuck, on her birthday and just before heading off to summer school at a university. Katie, suddenly finds herself, friendless and lonely. (Her boyfriend was dating one of her friends). Anyway, after being dumped, she heads [...]

    9. A funny teen romance with a dopey dog at the center of the story: 17 year old Katie has left home for the first time to attend a pre-college summer at the University of Texas, Austin. Her mom's kind of a control freak so Katie jumps at the chance to move into an apartment with a punky party girl and her loud friends (unbeknownst to mom.) On a whim, Katie adopts Seamus, a pound pooch with pitiful, pleading brown eyes. Seamus has a tendency chew everything in sight, bark continuously, and scare th [...]

    10. Alpha Dog: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This was such a heart-warming touching story. While I was reading the end, I started to cry. When she didn't have her dog, neither did I, so I got out of bed and searched my house for him. We read the rest of this amazing story together. I love this book so much. It will always be one of my favorites. I'm a dog lover. All my love to all the dogs and people who truly care for their precious companions. Melanie E. Wallwood

    11. Amusing and sweet medium-length read!! It's a good length, and I recommend it for pretty much anyone. Brief Summary: Katie, the main character, makes friends and learns to stand up for herself after she buys a dog while at some summer learning classes on her own. Meet Matt, the guy next door (literally), her roommate Christine, and Christine's rock/punk boyfriend Robot. Plus the annoying cat Mrs. B and her owner, the old lady.

    12. I loved this book! It's about a young lady going to summer college classes before her senior year of high school. She is allowed by her overbearing mother to live in an off campus condo with another young lady. They end up going to a shelter to get her roommate a dog and she comes home with one! Let the adventures begin!

    13. This was a good book!!! It is a young adult book that I read in the fourth/fifth grade! It is about a girl who is going to college (I think!!!) and finds this really cute dog and adopts it, she couldn't help it!!!! But the dog is crazy and pulls her on walks, barks WAY too much, and eats anything he can get at!!!! How will she manage!!!!!!!!!

    14. I liked this book. It was quirky and made it very clear that owning a dog is a lot of responsibility and not to be taken lightly. With that responsibility comes great rewards. Unconditional love. Dogs are cool.This was also a learning to stand on your own two feet story. Growing up and dealing with life and learning to make your own choices.Great book for teens.

    15. This book was chosen in my book club since the chooser knows the author (local Austin). It was cute and fun but definitely written for teenage (or younger) girls. It's very PG and simply cutesy. I do like the love of the dog and her struggle with taming it. We have a dog, too, and so I understand the struggle of training it. A quick, fun read.

    16. You may think this sounds like a little kid book. But it's not. There is quite a bit of profanity and content. It's absolutely EXCELLENT despite that. There is a lot of romance too. And not little kid romance. I did not want to put this book down. Recommended to people 12+.

    17. I think that it's a good story about stepping away from people who aiern't right for you. And I think adding a crazy dog in there makes everything even better!!! :)

    18. I enjoyed it . It was very cute not sure if that is a good way to descibe a book but thats how i felt after reading it

    19. A great book for animal lovers and about becoming independant. Would have liked to get to know Matt a little more.

    20. this book is nice but i think the narrators ex-boyfriend is such a jerk! you do not dump your girlfriend: through the phone, an e-mail, a text, an IM, and even less on her birthday!

    21. Cute story about self discovery amidst a lunatic dog, a punk rock band, a moody roommate and a controlling mother. Not to mention the cute boy across the hall. Very fun.

    22. this is a totally AWESOME book i insist all girls should read it. it's funny, smart with a twist of the truth. five stars.

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