Wishes, Kisses, and Pigs

Wishes, Kisses, and Pigs

Betsy Hearne / Nov 19, 2019

Wishes Kisses and Pigs Eleven year old Louise Tolliver lives with her mother and her brother Willie in Tollivers Hollow Like any brother Willie gives Louise a hard time but the trouble really starts when Louise calls hi

  • Title: Wishes, Kisses, and Pigs
  • Author: Betsy Hearne
  • ISBN: 9780689863479
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eleven year old Louise Tolliver lives with her mother and her brother, Willie, in Tollivers Hollow Like any brother, Willie gives Louise a hard time, but the trouble really starts when Louise calls him a pig and he becomes one And that s not all Louise s father has been missing for seven years, and the locals are starting to wonder about Tollivers Hollow It s nowEleven year old Louise Tolliver lives with her mother and her brother, Willie, in Tollivers Hollow Like any brother, Willie gives Louise a hard time, but the trouble really starts when Louise calls him a pig and he becomes one And that s not all Louise s father has been missing for seven years, and the locals are starting to wonder about Tollivers Hollow It s now up to Louise to use her wishes for good and make right all that s gone wrong She uses her head, her heart, and a little bit of magic to bring her family back home.

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    1. This was one of my favorite books as a kid. It's heartfelt and well written, and is one I wanted to read again and again.

    2. I just recently finished Wishes, Kisses, and Pigs by: Betsy Hearne. This book is probably oe of the best books I have ever read in my life. Although the ending was probably my favorite part because Louise's - the main character - plan works out technacily perfect. in the beggining of this book Louise turns her little brother, Willie, into a pig and now has to do something to turn him back to a human being. This prosess doesn't work the first time, but the second plan tottaly worked. I can relate [...]

    3. So far this book (wishes, kisses, and pigs) ha sheen the best book yet this book Louise a young farm girl accidentally dose something to turn her brother in to a pig! So she and her mom have to find a way to stop peolpefrom taking a pig to slaughter. Some times I feel like there is nothing I can do just like Louise but this book so far is a fast pace fun book and I can recomend this book.

    4. My students in my room LOVE this book. makes me want to write a screenplay for it and make it the next big Disney Movie you see the actors/acrtresses who could play the parts as you read it Must read for your own kids or students!

    5. Wishes, Kisses and PigsBy: Betsy HearneReport by: Gracie SchlutzQ2 #3Star rating: 5 out 5 stars Because I found this book enjoyable and relatablePlot Summary:Louise is a farm girl who has lost her father but currently lives on a farm that they raise pigs. Louise lives with her mom and her brother Willie, her family loves pigs they have sows and little piglets running around the barn, which is always such a joy. But there was one night in particular that changed everything. Louise was sitting in [...]

    6. I think "Wishes, Kisses, and Pigs" is a great book. It can teach children to be careful what they wish for, especially when they are wishing on a shooting star. My favorite part was when at the end Louise made her final wish and everything went back to normal. Her dad who the family thought had left years ago came back to being a human . It turned out he was an owl this whole time because years ago he made a wish that he wanted to fly."Wishes, Kisses, and Pigs" is about a girl named Louise that [...]

    7. I chose this book, because of the title, I thought wishes, kisses, and pigs, did not go together, so I had to check it out for myself, and I was pleased with the outcome. In 'Wishes, Kisses, and Pigs," a girl named Louise wishes for her brother to turn into a pig, and her wish actually comes true. She now has to find a way to turn him back into a human, but she needs to keep in mind that wishes can me manipulative and tricky! My favorite quote from this book was "Star light, star bright, first s [...]

    8. Wishes, Kisses, and Pigs is a quick read, made more so by the author's style. She keeps you turning pages with her domino events and unexpected twists. Heavy on dialogue, peopled with caricatures, entwined with elements of classic fairy tales, this story is the perfect remedy for a rain day. I think it would make a superb read-aloud in the classroom. Firmly in the genre of magical realism, the book centers around Louise and her Mama and brother, Willie. They do all right, until the night Willie [...]

    9. Do wishes really come true? I sure hope so because i would love to make a wish right now. Louise and he brother had a little argument one night and she wished he turned into a pig, and guess what happens? He's a pig now. So now when you hear people say "Be careful what you wish for" you know what they mean. Now Louise doesn't know what to do. Especially since her father's been missing for 7 years and people are starting to suspect something suspicious about the Tollivars. Louise then says that s [...]

    10. This book was one of my favorite book since childhood,back in second or third grade.Louise, the main character of the story, is just like me.I said that Louise and I are similar because we both have a brother that is extremely annoying.But after I read this book, I learned something that changed the way I acted to my brother. This book was about Louise making wishes on stars, including the sun. But Willie, her brother, kept saying that she does not know how to make a wish. He made Louise very an [...]

    11. I learned a lot fronm this book. it is truely one of the best books I have ever read. It Basically has Three main charactors which are Louise,mama, and Willie. But some outher key charactors are Tom and Tod. The sory is about a girl who told her brother he was a pig while there was a full moon and hr turned into a pig. Now Louise has to figure out the trick to reverse the whole thing. Louise is definetly a dynamic charactor because at the beggining she can't stand her brother butat the end she i [...]

    12. Wishes Kisses and pigs By betsy Hearne is a great book. Its a fiction book.The book is basically about the main charactor, a girl named Louise and her brother Willie. Louise cant stand her brother and one night while she is enjoying a beautifal sunset Willie makes a comment about how it looks like smashed tomatoes. Louise got mad and called Willie a pig and he ran off. But when Willie doesnt show up for supper they start getting worried. But when a new pig shows up in their pin the next day Loui [...]

    13. The main character in this book is Louis Tolliver. She lives with her mom and her brother. Her father had disappeared a while ago. One day, Louis gets into a fight with her brother and she wishes that night, unaware of the falling star. The next day, her brother is gone, but a pig with blue eyes appears. Throughout this whole book, Louis tries to undo what her first wish had done, and winds up with a lot more than she started with. You follow her through an adventure full of wishing and hoping, [...]

    14. This book almost feels like an unusual American fairy tale to me. The story is fairly short and simple, and the tone is whimsical but a bit dark and mysterious too. The characters are likable(except for the two "villains"), and the story is overall written with warmth and humor.It did bother me that Louise and her mother so readily thought up and accepted the idea of Willie turning into a pig, because I would have expected them to dismiss the very idea as at least improbable. But then again, thi [...]

    15. Interesting… interesting, like, I have no idea how you dreamed up this plot… Louise declares her brother a pig under a dark night sky. In the dark night sky was the star that set this statement into reality. Yes, brother Willie is now a sow. Louise's father went missing several years back, so now the sheriff, who wants Louise mother's hand in marriage, is out to find her missing brother. The sheriff's twin brother is also bent on getting Louise's mothers' hand in marriage. Really odd dynamic [...]

    16. Wishes, Kisses,and Pigs, is a great book.The author is Betsy Hearne.It takes place in 1950's in Texas.The main characters in this are Julia and jacob.The book is mainly about Jacob get's lost.Julia find's the magic red circle's on the barn her dad's friend was telling her about and found out the pig was jacob.This book was one of my personal experiences.Some parts was mystery's you had to find out by keep reading.Once you start reading you can't stop because you feel like you need to find out mo [...]

    17. This BookCrossing book has been on my shelf for quite a while. After a string of three books I couldn't finish, I decided to go with something I knew I could. This was a very sweet story, and the dialog between the main character and her mother was hilarious, I thought. It's funny that I chose this book over others that I could have because the premise turned out to be very similar to another one I recently read, Well Wished. In this book as well, you have to be careful what you wish for. I also [...]

    18. I read this book about a year ago. Its funny because I don't really remember the books I've read, but this one ill never forget. It isn't what you would think it would be about, its one of those books where you can't think to hard about the title. I started it off, didn't like it, and I was bored out of my mind. Then it got to the good part, and things started to happen. It had me on the edge of my seat, never wanted to sop reading. It made me think about what was going on, not just knowing what [...]

    19. Interest Level: 3-6Reading Level: 4.6 Subjects:Wishes Fiction.Magic Fiction.Brothers and sisters Fiction.Pigs Fiction.Notes: After eleven-year-old Louise makes a wish on the first evening star and her brother turns into a pig, she uses wishes, kisses, and spells to try to put things right again.

    20. Silly little juve. fiction book. I really can't remember too much about it and I read it only a month ago. But it was a "Bluebonnet Award" nominee (best juve. fiction in Texas) I thought it was worth a go.

    21. This book is interesting in teaching you that wishes don't always work the way you plan them to. You should just work hard and don't leave it all up to someone else. Otherwise you will end up with a whole lot more trouble.

    22. It was good. I tend to read fast and skip things. I liked the idea and the story. I got a little confused by the ending-but maybe I'm expecting more then was intended or overthinking it. 4th grade to 6th grade level. Not much higher.

    23. Eleven-year-old Louise Tolliver lives with her mother and her brother, Willie, in Tollivers' Hollow. Like any brother, Willie gives Louise a hard time, but the trouble really starts when Louise calls him a pig -- and he becomes one.

    24. At first this book was really boring, but then when she started talking about the pig, and her life i started to get really interested. Now i honestly regret reading this book, because it really was a waste of time. But it's not at the same time.

    25. I thought this book is ok but once you get started it gets pretty good. Never mind the title because it just makes reading the book worse and it makes you not want to read, but once you finish the title makes total sense.

    26. This book was okay. If you're excited about a young girl and her mother trying to make their life go back to normalen you should read this book.

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