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Agincourt Agincourt is a concise history of one of the most extraordinary battles in history

  • Title: Agincourt
  • Author: Christopher Hibbert
  • ISBN: 9781842127186
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback
  • Agincourt is a concise history of one of the most extraordinary battles in history.

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        Christopher Hibbert, MC, FRSL, FRGS 5 March 1924 21 December 2008 was an English writer, historian and biographer He was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and the author of many books, including Disraeli, Edward VII, George IV, The Rise and Fall of the House of Medici, and Cavaliers and Roundheads.Described by Professor Sir John Plumb as a writer of the highest ability and in the New Statesman as a pearl of biographers, he established himself as a leading popular historian biographer whose works reflected meticulous scholarship.


    1. Read By: Patrick Tullblurbs - One of the great triumphs of British warfare, there can be few victories so complete, or achieved against such heavy odds, as that won by Henry V on 25 October 1415 on the fields of Agincourt. Christopher Hibbert's compelling account of the utter defeat of Charles VI's army at Agincourt combines historical accuracy with a lucid and forceful narrative style.Not an important piece about the times.

    2. What could have been a historical novel was turned into a history class with too many battle details. I could go into battle myself after trudging through 450 pages of medieval war and little else.There are characters in this story, very interesting characters, that could carry this novel I think, but they are only heard for a short time and then we are plunged back into battle. Nick Hook is a knight in battlefield training. He has as companions a girlfriend, a very funny priest, and an even fun [...]

    3. Too much war!Ha ha, just kidding. But it's not the sort of novel I usually go for. Audible was having a sale so I figured I'd pick up a few interesting sounding book recordings.The writing is crisp and you get a real sense of what things were like back in 1415. You also get a good rendering of the events leading up to this curious battle. The outcome of the battle was a surprise, to be sure, but the explanation goes a long way toward making it understandable.Anyway, it was a quick "read" and I'm [...]

    4. I read this for a paper for my Medieval England university class. Don't be deceived by the recent publication date on this book; a closer look reveals this book was originally published in the 1960s. Hibbert is yet another English historian writing from a predominately English perspective about the Hundred Years War - in this case, about the Agincourt campaign including the siege of Harfleur. These campaign-specific books of about 150 pages seem to have a certain popularity for the American Civi [...]

    5. Christopher Hibbert was an excellent writer of popular history and this is a fine account of the Agincourt campaign. More recent scholarship has amended our understanding of some of the particulars so it is worth reading this book in conjunction with Matthew Bennett's, but the story has never been told more colourfully.

    6. This was the best, most concise history that I have read of Agincourt. It does not go into great detail, but if you want to understand what happened, and why, this is the book. It gives you a picture of the knights in their heavy armor, falling over one another in the battle, and how long the "lining up" of the formations must have taken. The author also does a great job of pointing out that fighting is what men did then, as a way of showing their abilities, everything else was just waiting unti [...]

    7. 5/5 stars for what it was: an insightful, engaging history of the battle at Agincourt. I learned a lot and plan to read more by this author in the near future. 2/5 stars based purely on my enjoyment of it compared to, say, my enjoyment of Harry Potter. Not really a fair comparison, but there we are. Good book, recommended.

    8. How could an author go wrong? Use a lot of primary source documents, toss in a bit of Shakespeare and you get a very informative, creative read.Hibbert interwove official dispatches with chroniclers' accounts to present a clear picture of what happened at Agincourt.Certainly enjoyed this fast read.

    9. My review is solely for the audiobook presentation as narrated by Patrick Tull which (I must point out) rhymes with "dull". Is it decent text by a boring narrator or a boring text narrated by a decent narrator? No clue, but I was completely unriveted. I can neither recommend nor discourage any written text versions of this book, but I do not recommend the audiobook.

    10. I found this book a clear and concise treatment of the battle of Agincourt. It seemed to me to be straight-forward and well-researched. It didn't move into the realm of speculation, but used original sources to come to its conclusions. A good overview of the battle that changed the early 14th century.

    11. Really clear and easy to read after all the other sources I've read for my Agincourt paper. If you're interested in the time period or have to write something about Hnery V or the Battle of Agincourt, I'd definitely check this one out. Really 4.5 stars.

    12. An interesting account of what happened in 1415 and why it happened, with insights into the character of Henry V, the logistics of raising an army, and the experience of the common men-at-arms.

    13. Interesting, conversational and concise history of one of the most surprising battles in history. Whether for the historian or the Shakespearian, a fun read.

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