The Stake

The Stake

Richard Laymon / Jun 04, 2020

The Stake In an abandoned hotel in a California ghost town horror writer Larry and his friends make a chilling discovery By chance they stumble across a naked woman in a coffin with a stake driven through her

  • Title: The Stake
  • Author: Richard Laymon
  • ISBN: 9780312060169
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In an abandoned hotel in a California ghost town, horror writer Larry and his friends make a chilling discovery By chance they stumble across a naked woman in a coffin with a stake driven through her heart Was she a vampire or the victim of a gruesome murder

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        Richard Laymon was born in Chicago and grew up in California He earned a BA in English Literature from Willamette University, Oregon and an MA from Loyola University, Los Angeles He worked as a schoolteacher, a librarian, and a report writer for a law firm, and was the author of than thirty acclaimed novels He also published than sixty short stories in magazines such as Ellery Queen, Alfred Hitchcock, and Cavalier, and in anthologies including Modern Masters of Horror.He died from a massive heart attack on February 14, 2001 Valentine s Day Also published under the name Richard Kelly


    1. When a horror author and his wife, along with their friends, visit Sagebrush Flats, a ghost town near their home, they stumble upon a truly bizarre discovery - the withered corpse of a woman with a stake driven through her heart. Was she a vampire? The only way to find out is to pull the stake, see if she reanimates.The blurb on the back of this delightful novel ( in my opinion, one of Laymon's best) has to be one of the worst I have read This book has several storylines woven together, and it t [...]

    2. Here's the thing about Richard Laymon. He writes AMAZING horror stories. Where he loses me though is in the weird, creepy, and borderline pornographic sex scenes that he injects throughout these amazing horror stories. I would enjoy his books ten times more if the perversion wasn't so pervasive. This had all of the makings of an incredibly entertaining reada group of adults stumble upon an abandoned hotel while exploring a local ghost town. Inside the hotel they discover a human body with a stak [...]

    3. Most people select Richard Laymon's books because they want something fast-paced, incredibly violent, and action-packed.Such people are likely to be disappointed by THE STAKE.I, however, fall within the cadre of Laymon fans who consider this his best work. It's nice to see Laymon take his time with a story for a change, to fully flesh out his characters and really make readers invested in what happens to them. And the best part of the novel is that it's surprisingly meta, especially coming from [...]

    4. As a huge horror fan I am ashamed to admit that this is my first Richard Laymon read. For years I have seen his books in stores and I have heard that he is a great horror novelist. However, for some reason I never read one of his books before now. This won't be my last read by Richard Laymon either.The Stake begins with Larry, his wife Jean, and another couple (Barbara and Pete) exploring a ghost town in Sagebrush Flats. In an abandoned hotel they find a woman naked in a coffin with a stake in h [...]

    5. Not only is this a compelling horror novel, but it gives a great deal of insight into the writing process of a masterful horror writer.

    6. This is my first Richard Laymon book and it probably won't be my last. Although I don't think I've ever read anything so cheesy and I'm almost ashamed to admit that I enjoyed this. The main story line is that of horror-writer Larry, his wife Jean, best pal Pete and the latters wife Barbara. In a ghost town they find a casket, in which is a body with a stake through the heart. Later Larry and Pete return to retrieve the body. The idea is that Larry will write a non-fiction horror (vampire) story [...]

    7. Otra deliciosa historia de horror serie B, o Z, de las que nos tiene acostumbrados Laymon, donde no faltan las adolescentes libidinosas en apuro ni las situaciones más grotescas o asquerosas, o los asesinos en serie. Novela de vampiros sin vampiros. Es todo real, o todo existe solamente en la mente calenturienta del protagonista? Me gustaron los giros que fue dando la historia, a pesar de ponerse pesada por momentos remontó bastante hacia el final y eso hizo que le diera una estrella más. Fin [...]

    8. Τι να πώ γι αυτό το βιβλίο. Είναι από τα πιο ζοφερά βιβλία που έχω διαβάσει. Αρκετές φορές σκέφτηκα να το αφήσω και να πιάσω ένα άρλεκιν για να αγαλιάσει η ψυχή μου. Αλλά και πάλι δεν ήθελα γιατί το άτιμο το βιβλίο είναι πολύ δυνατό. Σε πιάνει στην παγίδα του από το λαιμό, πνίγε [...]

    9. I've read a little less than half of Richard Laymon's 30-plus novels, so I can't say this with complete confidence, but this book is Laymon's crowning achievement. Unless I read something else by him that completely amazes me the way this book did, I'm giving this one the title. And that's saying something. Books likeEndless Night ,In The DarkandOne Raint Nightreally blew me away. Laymon, when he is at his best, is one of the most interesting, demented and fun horrors writers I've come across. W [...]

    10. Another preposterous load of nonsense from the master of that particular genre. Laymon had an uncomplicated style that is easily digested and fun to read. The Stake doesn't have a lot of horror in it, but the other Laymon hallmarks are here - female body parts in starring roles, unbelievably stupid characters and one extremely annoying one. Of course, all are essential to the plot. Laymon definitely falls into the guilty pleasure category and I really shouldn't be enjoying his books so much, but [...]

    11. First published back in 1990, by the time Laymon knocked out `The Stake' he already had a fair old number of well received novels under his belt. The tale finds itself predominantly focused around the character of Larry Dunbar, a horror writer of varying success, who as of yet has not quite broken through to the best sellers list. Larry Dunbar was obviously based on Laymon himself at this stage in his career, which adds an obvious warmth to the characterization as is so often the case with one o [...]

    12. There's a sexual peccadillo or technique called "edging" which basically involves bringing yourself or your partner right to the edge of climax and then backing off multiple times so that when release finally comes, it's incredible. THE STAKE is essentially the literary equivalent of edging. The climax of the book is a foregone conclusion within the first hundred pages or so, as Larry Dunbar, a horror author and (one supposes) a thinly veiled version of Laymon himself, discovers a desiccated cor [...]

    13. This is another book I would have to include on the shelf I keep considering adding."horror sort of".Let me first say that if you aren't familiar with the writer the synopsis of this book may mislead you. So I will try to correct any misconception/misperception. I found very little about this book "horrifying" in the classical sense. The book's short synopsis leads one to believe that it's about a woman's body found with a stake through the heart and whether or not she's a vampire. That is a par [...]

    14. A group of friends find a corpse with a stake in it. Is it a vampire or is it not? Only one way to find outpull the stake. Buuuut you’ll have to wait until the end of the book to find the answer to this question and the craziness that happens leading up to that moment is what makes this book so fun. I loved it. It’s like watching trash tv or a cheesy horror flickyou can turn your brain off, relax and just be entertained regardless of its flaws. (Those flaws being horrible dialogue, unnecessa [...]

    15. Although boring at times, this book has such a bizarre & unique premise, I simply HAD to finish it to see how Laymon was going to tie everything together. Two adult couples, suburban neighbors, find the body of a young woman who has been dead for near 20 years with a stake in her chest. A slain vampire or the victim of murder by a madman? The entire book surrounds this mystery as the body is "stolen" later by the guys and hidden in the garage so the resident author can use it for inspiration [...]

    16. I really, really liked this story! I've only read a couple of other Laymon books, and so far, this is my favorite.This is classic horror, not a typical vampire story. The pacing kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next. Is the body that Larry Dunbar, his wife and friends found, the body of a vampire? We follow the mystery with Dunbar as he finds out who she is and who may have put the stake in her. He tells himself that he's doing the research to help solve a horrendous crime and to [...]

    17. Nice combination of a vampire and violence-crime novel. It starts off as a typical vampire hunter story, then road trip with a horror writer in a horror story writing about it etc, then a coming of age story, several things that are combined quite nicely. There are at least 2 characters well made, the writer and his daughter. There's an issue of the flow of the action as there's isn't much at some point and then bang it happens. Also the villain doesn't make much sense, although I guess most cri [...]

    18. Der Klappentext verspricht eine spannende Vampirstory. Larry und seine Freunde finden in einer Geisterstadt in einem verlassenen Hotel eine mumifizierte Leiche in der ein Holzpfahl steckt. Sie beschließen den Sarg mitzunehmen und den Pfahl herauszuziehen Klang für mich nach einer tollen Ausgangssituation und ich war gespannt was danach passiert. Leider ist dieser Klappentext weniger die Grundidee zu diesem Buch als das Buch selbst. ;) Die ersten Seiten lesen sich super, ein Prolog der viel ver [...]

    19. I'd heard from countless Laymon fans that THE STAKE is one of his best works. After reading it, I have to agree wholeheartedly. This is classic Laymon with a bit more character development than usual. You really wind up caring about the protagonists. And as always, there's a villain or two that are so despicable, you can't help but hope they get their much deserved slaying. There are two plots that at first seem unconnected but collide in one of my favorite endings I've read from this author. Hi [...]

    20. Laymon proves himself the master of horror suspense on this one, starting slow and giving you just enough to hook you, prolonging the payoff. And just when you think there'll be no horror to the tale, he comes up with a slam-bang ending that's so unpredictable it's pitiful. Genius work.

    21. No wonder Dean Koontz and Stephen King praised this book; The Stake was an incredibly eerie and well-written vampire novel with haunting imagery and complex characters. It's really creepy and definitely worth reading.

    22. Maybe my favorite Laymon novel I've read so far. Nice twist on the vampire tale especially in these days of glitter-coated vamps.

    23. This would make a solid screenplay. There's sex, vampires, and a mystery -- enough twists to keep things interesting -- and a believable protagonist.

    24. One of Laymon's best. The whole 'is it or isn't it a vampire' keeps the reader on their toes. The characters are all believable and well crafted.

    25. This was my eighth Laymon book and out of the eight it had the best character development and best story telling, just not my favorite story.

    26. The Stake is a vampire novel that really isn't a vampire novel. If you're looking for traditional bloodsucker fare then this isn't the book for you. Laymon tries a different approach to the whole vampire legend and in the hands of a more able author it may just have worked. Unfortunately, under Laymon's pen The Stake ended up as a drawn out damp squib of a book.The story starts off with Larry, his wife Jean and their two friends Pete and Barbara taking a detour to a deserted ghost town on the wa [...]

    27. Full review here:jamesgenrebooks/2If you're wanting something that will hold your attention but not really require much thought, give Laymon a try.

    28. An incredibly good and engrossing read for me, although it’s somewhat of a slow book, it wasn’t boring at the least, it kept me on my toes till the very crazy unexpected end, Loved it

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